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1. My heart breaks for our country. What's worse is I knew this was coming for my entire life. How? I was forced to become one of them for 3 yrs.
I was a "Soldier of God" to take down the civil rights of the 50s & liberal rights of the 60s. -- Ask me anything about that plan.
2. I'll start off:
Q. What are the basic teachings in a far-right fundamentalist school (cult)?
A. Rich white healthy straight men are blessed by God to lead this nation. Everyone else must serve God by serving these leaders. Laws are created to support the leaders & empires.
3. Q. What is the basic fight? Why do they not help those who are suffering?
A. To them suffering on Earth is only temporary. If they hurt others to fulfill the plan, then it's God's will. The only way a person can stop hurting is to turn to God to go to heaven & suffer no more.
4. Q. But what happens to those who are suffering from the actions of the far-right Christians?
A. Either those people accept Jesus and suffer no more with their glory in Heaven, or they go to hell to suffer forever. -- Those inflicting the pain truly believe it's a holy war.
5. Q. But what about whne the Bible says we are supposed to love one another?

A. Many Christians use a circular argument. "If I love you, then I want you to do exactly what I think you should & that is to go to Heaven. If I don't save you, I don't love you. - It's abusive love.
6. Q. But what about abortion?

A. Far-right Christians have found the one dividing argument which they can use as a "love statement" instead of racism. But they don't care about the mother or the child (welfare laws prove this). They only care for votes.
7. Ask Amanda Anything about extreme Christian religion and how the hell we got here! 💙

I know most folks are in shock at our nation, so this is a great chance to lay it all out. We can't fight an issue until we understand the issue.
8. This statement by @79topper is true. An entitlement to them is wrong because it helps the poor, sick, & undesirables. Bail-outs for the normally white rich businesses, farmers, & CEOs, is seen as supporting righteous people who are doing God's work.
9. To keep the Q&As straight, I'll keep them in order.
Q. About Amy Coney Barrett?
A. She worships with People of Praise, which is not a religion or denomination, but a branch of a religious sect. Her faith is much how I grew up. Strict male dominated.

10. This article is correct. -- We were literally born for this time in history. We were trained hard each day that we were "Soldiers for God" and "others" did not matter. LGBTQ were an abomination to god, minorites were less than, & women are servants.
11. Q. Thank you @ZinteLovelace for asking "How did I break free."
A. I cry when I think of this. Originally I broke free by constantly fighting back in small ways. Until one of the leaders told my parents "I was not correct for their program" cont..
11. Part 2: Being rejected from a cult-like religious environment, after years of being with these people is harder than you can imagine. These were my friends and family. I wanted to leave, but I also wanted to remain friends with some. That could not happen. It was not allowed.
11. Part 3: @ZinteLovelace , somewhere deep inside (I don't know where), I found it in myself to be free and alone and be happy with that. -- But breaking away from the mind -fuck of it all? I'm 51 & I work on that each and every day. -- I'm still not completely free from it.
12. @ZinteLovelace asked about sexual assault in a tight religious organization. There always seems to be more than reported and it's never just once. This is my #metoo moment which occurred at this religious school (I've had more moments since then)…
13. These are very good points by @evosketches . We've watched the festering of hate & determination to erase civil and female rights since the 50s and 60s, but they fought mostly underground, in churches, schools, and private clubs such as #CNP.

13. part 2 - Those of us who knew what to look for saw it brewing up from below, but soon others were hit with the realization these groups needed to be taken seriously. Today wasn't a fluke. Truth is, it was a well laid out attack plan which was put into place decades ago.
14. Here is a #thread I started a few years ago. It contains some information which was shocking for those who didn't know what was about to go down. Don't just read the first ten tweets, also read all the additional information I added later on. #CNP

16a. Q. from @4GWDOTDOTDOT

A. What you're seeing is a yearly event that started with constant humiliation about what we liked in this world and about our bodies. The best analogy to current times is the religious hate for Harry Potter & Disney movies.

16b. Q. from @4GWDOTDOTDOT

A. We were taught to hate anything of this world & to hate our bodies. Sex was only for marriage & children. No pleasure. What you are seeing is the burning of clothes, music, art, books, comics, & anything which could harm our Christian minds.
16c. Q. from @4GWDOTDOTDOT
A, Now, don't get me wrong. There are things I didn't let my children see when they were younger, but I taught them right from wrong, not to hate the feelings they had when they felt something when seeing art, listening to music, or watching a movie.
16d. Q. from @4GWDOTDOTDOT

A, That is the deeper mind-screw that cult/ or far-right religious organizations do to a person. Instead of teaching right from wrong on a personal level, they teach hate and destruction on a societal level. - If they can't watch it neither can you.
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