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K-Rail and Railway Board's history of approving projects without proper ground surveys & feasibility studies

With Railway Board still dragging its feet about rescinding the In-principle Approval for the K-Rail plan, it is necessary to ask why Railway Board refuses to learn..
.. lessons from its fiasco in Himalayas where since 1997, Rly Bd approved alignments for as many as eight new line projects in the challenging landslide-prone terrain without any ground surveys, on just paper alignments.

My post in the link above contains a detailed account.... ImageImageImageImage
..The latest victims of this approach are the plan for the semi-highspeed line in Kerala & the strategically important Bilaspur-Manali-Leh line.

#KeralaSemiHighspeedProject #Kashmir_rail_link #Chenab_Rail_Bridge #Ruling_Gradient #AlignmentSurveys #GeologicalSurvey #railwayboard ImageImageImage
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Will Rly Board go on giving in-principle..1/3…
..approvals in future also to projects involving this magnitude of public expenditure based on such fraudulent, concocted & cooked up feasibility reports?
.. 2/3

#AlignmentSurveys #IR_EngineeringCode
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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar to hear plea by Kerala govt today to maintain water level in Mullaperiyar dam at 139 feet in view of incessant rains in the State. 139 feet is the height which was ordered by SC during 2018 floods. #Kerala #keralafloods
Adv Wills Mathew: Due to heavy rains in Kerala, water levels in Mulleperiyar dam has risen. Life of people is in danger. matter needs serious consideration

Justice Khanwilkar: let us hear the other side
ASG Aishwarya Bhati: the report of the expert committee is placed on record for your kind perusal. #supremecourt #Mullaperiyar
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"ഒരു ദുരിതത്തിനിടയ്ക്കാണോ രാഷ്ട്രീയം പറയുന്നത്.....??"
എന്റെ ഓർമ്മയിൽ ഫേസ് ബുക്കിൽ ഇത് ആദ്യമായി കേൾക്കുന്നത് ആദ്യ പ്രളയത്തിൽ സമയത്താണ്....
ആലോചിച്ചപ്പ ശെരിയാണ്....
ഇപ്പോഴാണോ രാഷ്ട്രീയം പറയുന്നത്....??
യുഎഇ കൊടുക്കാമെന്ന് പറഞ്ഞ 700 കോടിയെ കുറിച്ചായിരുന്നു അന്ന് 1/n
#KeralaRains Image
"ദുരിതത്തിന് ഇടയ്ക്ക് പറഞ്ഞ രാഷ്ട്രീയം..."
അങ്ങിനെ ഒരു " 700 കോടി വാഗ്ദാനം" യുഎഇ നടത്തിയിട്ടില്ലെന്നും അത് പിണറായി വിജയൻ ഉച്ച ഉറക്കത്തിനിടയിൽ കണ്ട പകൽ കിനാവ് ആണെന്നും പറഞ്ഞതായിരുന്ന് അന്ന്

"ദുരന്തത്തിന് ഇടക്ക് പറഞ്ഞ രാഷ്ട്രീയം"....
#Kerala #KeralaFloods2020 #KeralaModel Image
കമ്മികൾ മാത്രമായിരുന്നില്ല , കൊങ്ങികളും , പ്രമുഖ "നിഷ്പക്ഷ യുക്തരും" ഉൾപ്പെടെ എല്ലാവർക്കും ഇല്ലാത്ത ഒന്നു കിട്ടാൻ പോകുന്നെ എന്ന് ആവേശം ആയിരുന്നു....

സംസ്ഥാന ദ്രോഹി ചാപ്പ ..
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The Swarajya CEO is defending the indefensible step of the centre to deprive #Kerala of flood relief assistance. He says Kerala didn't have floods in 2019. So, it doesn't deserve any relief from the centre. In this thread, I shall try to show how wrong he is. #KeralaFloods 1/n
The actual rainfall received in Kerala during the South-West monsoon season (1 June to 30 Sept 2019) was 2300.2 mm as against the normal rainfall of 2038.7 mm (+12.8 per cent departure from normal). 2/n ...
Though the monsoon was delayed, there was an extreme rainfall event between 8th and 10th of August 2019. As a result, Kerala received large excess (+123%) rainfall during August 2019. In August 2018, it was only +96% excess rainfall than the normal. 3/n ...
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We've been seeing -- and continue to see -- heavy rains, flood and landslide in August. Is this the 'new normal' and is India ready for it? Short thread from the ET Magazine cover story (Link: ) 1/n
Scientists are loathe to ascribe one particular event, like one particular flood, to climate change. But what they do say, based on data so far, is that:
1. Days with moderate rainfall are decreasing, days with heavy to very heavy rainfall are increasing 2/n
2. Due to global warming, the atmosphere's capacity to hold moisture and the rate of absorption of moisture are increasing. This means that combined with the formation of a low pressure system (which is normal), when it rains, it pours 3/n
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#KeralaFloods Saturday: Water receding in parts, including from Kochi airport, but floods far away from over. Rescue and relief operations going on across the state. CM says: 80 landslides. 42 deaths, 11 in Wayanad alone. 108138 from about 30000 families in relief camps.
CM: In Wayanad, rains have reduced, but it is supposed to intensify after noon. 24990 families are in relief camps. Banasura Sagar dam shutters will be opened after 3pm (Saturday). Will release water moderately, but people on both sides of the river bank should be vigilant.
Kerala to airlift food supplies. CM: In Malappuram, 200 families and some officials are stuck. There is no difficulty for getting food supplies now, but we are expecting trouble over the coming days. Bcoz the connectivity is cut. We will need to airlift food using helicopters.
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#Keralafloods19 22 people killed so far, 22000 in 315 relief camps (more than half of them in Wayanad), says CM. 24 landslides so far. Trains cancelled in Alappuzha. Kochi airport shut. Banasura Sagar dam, biggest earthen dam in India that will flow more water to Wayanad, opened.
Kerala may get a breather as the current incessant rains are likely to subside after Saturday. But the worst may yet to come. From 15 Aug, another spell of extremely heavy rains expected. In its favour, 7 big dams are at 30% of their storage capacity, as per the power board KSEB.
Nearly all of Kerala's major rivers— Bharathapuzha, Chaliyar, Meenachil, Periyar, Pamba— are breaching banks. News channels showing visuals of low lying areas in all of northern districts and Idukki in shoulder-high waters or impacted by landslides.
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A heavy landslide has been reported in a spot in #Wayanad's Meppadi region where locals say had a housing colony of plantation labourers. Many are feared missing or dead. #KeralaFloods
Visuals broadcast by regional news channels, said to be obtained from the locals, show a temple, mosque and some vehicles washed away in the landslide. The casualties are not yet known, two units of NDRF team reached the district, said revenue minister E Chandrashekaran.
The locals saved three people, but the location is apparently proving hard to reach even for the officials as the landslide has affected connectivity, he said. P Suresh, a Wayanad native and a panchayat member, said there could be a dozen families, including children, on the spot
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Thread 👇🏽

What a year it’s been for the Indian media -- resignations at ABP News, Cobrapost’s stinging Big Media, #MeToo and, of course, prime-time propaganda that played out as news.

Here’s a look back through some pieces on @newslaundry .
There was the annual Bhima Koregaon celebration with which came the annual reminder why Big Media either doesn't get caste or refuses to get it.…
.@thetribunechd came up with an excellent story on #Aadhar breach and was served an FIR for its pains.…
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IMD started issuing alerts "be prepared" from August 8! "For action" was issued on August 9.

At least glad that IMD admitted that their alerts were that close.

Also thank you for not claiming that they have issued alerts for "extreme rainfall" and only "heavy rainfall" then
I scanned all those reports of this regional office issued. NOWHERE I SEEN AN EXTREME RAINFALL EVENT ALERT. Each Monsoon season IMD used to issue HEAVY TO VERY HEAVY RAINFALL alerts and small reservoirs used to spill and the spate will be comfortably negotiated by the rivers
Please understand the nuances. We can negotiate a heavy rainfall event, whatever allowances in the dams and river channels are sufficient to negotiate that one. You will see some flooding, may be a knee deep one & dams spill w/o any problems
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It's not rain..Blaming it on opening of Dams...

See the rainfall in mm in KSEB dams between 14 to 17 of August 2018

This is almost one third of the total rainfall Kerala used to receive for an entire year!

But blame it on dams!!
14 means 14/08/2018
15 means 15/08/2018

They are not 2014 or 2015

And great IMD was clueless about this extreme rainfall which poured in this 4 days between 14-17 August 2018!!

800 mm to 950 mm.

Can you believe it?

It's all in public domain too
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#KeralaFloods #KeralaFloodRelief
#Kerala #RebuildKerala #rebuildingkerala

Fighting the flood

A handy list from Society for Emergency Medicine - India

Prepared by Dr. Danish

Your house isn't your home anymore...

But let us help each other to rebuild...
1. Enter your hiuse at moening itseld when there is daylight.
2. Do not take children and elderly when you enter your house for the first time.

3. While entering make sure to wear thick boots or shoes as most common injury is trauma from sharp objects.
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Implement Gadgil panel report: BJP (2013)… | BJP State unit president V. Muraleedharan has said that his party wanted the Madhav Gadgil committee report on Western Ghats conservation to be implemented instead of the K. Kasturirangan report
‘The protests over the Centre’s move to implement the Kasturirangan report are politically motivated. They are being orchestrated to disrupt the Sabrimala pilgrimage.’
Blood will spill, warns Catholic Bishop (2013)… | Mar Remegiose Inchananiyil, Bishop of the Thamarassery Diocese of the Catholic Church in northern Kerala warned the Central and State Governments on Thursday that “blood will spill”
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I am really unhappy with the way a section of the society conducted itself, including verified accounts during #keralafloods. This is a time of introspection or bonding, not blind hate. I beg everyone not to consider any of these persons seriously over any topic down the line.
Let me post a few of these. No country can survive with such a level of hate. It's up to you to decide whether you want to build the country or widen the fault lines. And remember, with power comes responsibility.
Comparing cross-govt interactions with a calamity. @DeShobhaa, what are you implying by this?
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Kerala is striving together as a fraternity to overcome the catastrophic flood. However, we have noticed that some are trying to malign this great effort with misinformation in the form of fake messages on social media. #KeralaFloods
Police have been instructed to take strict measures against such cyber offenders. Also Spotted some fraudulent messages/posters with altered CMDRF account numbers as well.
Kerala is exhibiting monumental strength to bounce back from this tragedy, and anyone who is trying to disrupt it will face serious consequences.
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#KeralaFloods might hv an astral connection, as it is believed #Kerala d land of #vamana celebrates every yr #Onam around this time, Onam falls on d birth #constellation of vamana i.e #Shravana nakshtra in which we had d longest total lunar eclipse of this century on 27/28 July
Like at a personal level for one who is born or associated with shravana constellation or Nakshtra d #Eclipse affects individually similarly it affects a region in this case #kerala at a mundane level astrally on human affairs that runs across d southern belt of #westernghats
Also #Kerala is a land blessed by d #serpents & d reason for its fertility is directly related to d blessings bestowed by #Nagas on #Parasurama in a barren land infested with sea salt, hence not respecting d blessings by cutting down forests on large scale in d name of developmnt
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Forget the "national media". The nation's medium is WhatsApp.
Please feel free to use this image and forward far and wide (link redirects to CM's Disaster Relief Fund).
Please RT. #KeralaFloods
Here is another image with the request text embedded in it. Just save image / download, and send to your whatsapp groups. Please RT. #KeralaFloods
Here's the text I am using in sending Whatsapp messages (use with images above):

Dear Friends, Kerala is reeling under possibly the worst natural disaster and floods in a century. Please help by donating your money and time in this hour of need. 🙏
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#KeralaFloods #Monsoon2018 Its time weather enthusiasts recall the peculiar cloud formation seen throughout South India on 27-28 Feb 2018. Its impact date starts on 8th August. Read my blog posted then… @parthasri201475 @ChennaiRains @RainStorm_TN @jnmet
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Please donate generously to the CM's distress fund. All UPI addresses and QR codes can be found on the link below. - #KeralaFloods
If you prefer donating via Paytm, here's a direct link to the account. #Donate #KeralaFloods
3. You can also buy supplies directly from Amazon for the wishlists set up by NGOs like Goonj, habitat for humanity, and world vision India. Open the Amazon app, click on the banner and buy stuff for the NGO of your choice. #KeralaFloods #Donate
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It started heavily even in Thiruvananthapuram. Heard that Mudirapuzha arm of Periyar receiving heavy rainfall and Madupetty Dam shutters are opened. Mullaperiyar is at 136.60 ft at 12noon today. #KeralaFloods
The water from Madupetty Dam will flow through Munnar to Kallarkutty and Lower Periyar Dams and will join Bhoothankettu Barrage in Periyar River..
Mudirapuzha arm of Periyar is used to receive heavy rainfall. This sub basin along with Mullaperiyar catchment created great havocs in 1924 and 1961 floods.
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