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Lets all admit superbowl ads are actually trash, ok?
Why are these medieval people in this beer ad talking about who they would have to eat when they have a giant barrel of corn syrup that could probably sustain them for like a decade?

They're making a Fast and Furious movie without Vin Diesel?? this is 100% B.S.
Wow, the law and order guy just STABBED NBC IN THE BACK.

top 10 anime betrayals.
hmm, I thought this was going to be a Coke ad but it was actually a pepsi ad

Plot twist.
Lol, an ad about how scary cloud surveillance is in order to sell a cloud surveillance app.
T-mobile Spends $4 million to run an add with the production values of a cheap buzzfeed clickbait video.
Audi sucks buy a Tesla. #Murica.
Is there any reason to run this many beer ads during the superbowl?

Okay this is actually a game of thrones and it's pretty good.
Mexico trying to destroy more millennial finances by promoting avocados.
I haven't been paying much attention but no one's scored a touchdown yet?

exciting football.
hmm, i had no idea google translate existed thanks for the update. totally worth $4 million to tell me about this.
All German cars suck ass. Germany is a failed state.
I don't care enough about this detergent ad to slam it but it sucked.
Can't even remember the name of the detergent now.
This toyota ad is is the most generic "inspiring sports" ad ever.
this penut ad sucks. Total garbage. Nothing interesting to even say about it.
Are they re-using the old friends set for this matt leblanc show?

Actually I don't care.
this chunky style milk ad was funny.
Cruses are for the most boring people on the planet.

You really want to be stuck on a boat with the worlds most boring 10% of the population?

You do not.
Galaxy brain Spock
this ad will be good if it turns out to be OJ
Jordan Peele twilight zone promo. Meh.
This is some seriously boring sports.

Like. there's like 30 seconds of people shoving each-other for every 2 minutes of ads.
Literally two minutes of nothing before more ads.
that turbotax ad is a perfect example of an ad that's just about being memorable but actually being boring and sucking.
Never buying stella artois again after that lame ad.
this sprint ad is just a bunch of random stuff with no purpose whatsoever.
Some of the earlier ads were OK and I was just joking around but these later ads have just been complete garbage. Nothing interesting can even be said about them really because they're so meaningless.
If too many men on the field is only a 5 yard penalty, why not just put 20 guys on the field and run for like 40 yards, - 5. = 35 total?

That's how wallstreet works.
lol this game is so boring.
Wow someone actually caught a pass.
wow the balance changes they made between the AFC and NFC really made the game dull.
Why does young sheldon look like he grew up in the 1960s, isn't he supposed to be like 30? Boomer mindset is out of control.

That show would be a lot better if it were set in the 80s.
Damn I prefer fake news CBS.
Love to shed my exoskeliton like a lobster.
this pizza hut ad just sucks. Uninteresting.
Appreciate the anti-vaping message
This country needs more vape shaming. Thank you tobacco settlement
Why are they having an ad for football during the superbowl.
Football is boring as hell and this ad isn't changing my mind.
Where the hell is the chapo livestream?
All I see is some gamer playing the same boring video game they've been playing they've been playing the entire time
oh I had to reload
Lol, I apparently accidentally split this thread 14 minutes ago because i had an old version in an open thread. Last 14 minutes of dope tweets bashing superbowl ads here:
Anyway Chapo has apparently listened to Jordan Peterson and rejected postmodernism for their halftime show twitch.tv/Chapotraphouse
who's this race traitor? #Kaepernick
The new supra is just a rebaged BMW.

A german car.
ADT ad is boring and if you buy one you're a paranoid loser who probably post about every black person you see on nextdoor.
No idea what alica keys was talking about I was too busy tweeting and listening to the chapo stream twitch.tv/Chapotraphouse
Aaron Sorkin write this CBS news ad?
This ad pretending kids give a shit about golf.
Don't visit texas you'll be killed by a MAGA Chud.
Don't user uber it's owned by the saudi government. If you use uber your miles are converted into dead Yemenis
New Uber reward program every 300 trips you get to bonesaw a saudi dissident
what the hell is this ad for?
Lol, wtf? buy a US made Kia.

This is a very socialist ad, celebrating the workers. Only good ad this superbowl.
Micheal Buble sucks.
Micheal Buble selling generic pop. Fuck off.
Love to watch old white dudes scowl. Scintillating television. Def worth $4 million for an ad.
The chapo guys are jacking my swag by making fun of ads.
Is T-Mobile just running it's regular ads on the superbowl?
Wix is just a squarespace ripoff.
Hmm, netflix is doing one of those nature shows.
A lot of robot themed ads. they all suck.

I don't really keep all these beers straight but I heard a lot of them are made from cornsyrup so I'll skip it.
An ad for the cops. Sweet.
Oh it's Verizon doing an ad thanking the cops after they cut off bandwidth for first responders in the California fire. arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20…
missed most of the 'devour' ad googling oppo on Verizon. Whatever it sucks don't buy it.
Chapo livestream "the Superbowl is proving defense is cool again" (or something like that)
NFL is trying to steal some of that 'scoring no points' style that makes soccer the world's most popular sport.
this ad for toothpaste sucks. it's stupid. It's just designed to be memorable by being annoying. worst of advertizing.
chapo stream "this is making a great argument for the abolition of the NFL"
Lol, guy got hit in the back by the football.
lol someone almost scored a touch down but the ball slipped out of his hand. LMFAO.
Only interesting thing to happen this game that I've seen so far.
Rooting for this game to tie 3 3
Amazon prime sucks.
me: "So someone made a ripoff of Hanna"
Amazon: "It's hanna, the TV show."
Me: ruined my joke!
anyway looks like crap compared to the movie.
Something mildly interesting happened but it was flagged.
they made a TV show about racists on nextdoor.
CBS sucks.
Alexa sucks.
Amy Pohler sucks.
lol this ad for kredit karma is all about being a slave to finance capital. Fuck credit scores they're all invading our privacy, first heads in the guillotines IMO.
Libby Watson says people who like superbowl ads should be rounded up and put in camps on the chapo stream.
Matt Christman: "I really want to assassinate the president now"
Ad trying to make gaming woke.
I can't even remember the ad i saw between that xbox one and the beer one.
Another verizon ad kissing cop ass.
What the fuck is this?
Fuck burger king.
Fuck budweiser I heard they use corn syrup
Damn someone scored a touchdown, ruining the perfect no-scoring run.
Alexa sucks.
That alexa ad was another example of an ad that does nothing interesting just is annoying and weird in order to be memorable. Completely forced, unsophisticated humor.
damn had a chance to tie it back up again and they failed.
Hmm, close to getting a touchdown to tie it up again.
they making a fucking ASMR beer ad?

Fuck this shit.

Fuck Michelob. never buy it ASMR sucks ass.
Colbert sucks now.
Hmm, sports are happening.
Ad juxtiposing war and the civil rights movement.

this another verizon ad?
oh no it's this wapo ad?

Oh god it's turning their reporters into fucking troops. Here are martyred reporters.

"Democracy dies in darkness"

Does Mackenzie Bezos own half the wapo now?
Wow third field goal this game.

Definitely the number one thing people tune in to see during a football game.
Jeff Benzos.
Lol, apparently Warhol wanted a McDonalds burger and was pissed they brought him a Burger King for that shoot - but decided to eat it because was in a hurry.
Throwback to my most recent viral meme
On the chapo stream they're proposing the football league with a proletariat and bourgeoisie teams instead of breaking up by geographic region.

sounds interesting.
🌽🌽🌽 HELL 🌽🌽🌽 YEAH. 🌽🌽🌽

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