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1/ 🚀 The Power of Saying NO 🚀

One of the things I learnt off late is that you have to say NO to a lot of things as a leader which you would have done in your early professional life! This is imperative for your company's growth and prioritization. A 🧵

#timemanagement Image
2/ Ever felt overwhelmed with countless tasks and projects piling up? 😰 You're not alone. A recent study revealed that majority , >70% of us struggle with time management 😱.

#PowerOfNo #TimeManagement Image
3/ But, fear not! There's a secret weapon that can help you regain control: the power of saying NO! 🙅‍♀️

Curious? Let's dive in! 🤔

#SayNo #Productivity
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🚨 Today is the day!⚡️ARE YOU READY?

At 14.00 (CET) 🕑 we’ll kick start our final #SHERPAconference in Brussels at @EU_CoR!

If you couldn't make it and want to know what our speakers are saying, join us with the hashtag #SHERPAconference.


DM of #RegionalDevelopment @EU_CoR member @radim_srsen, Mayor of Dolní Studénky 🇨🇿 welcomes the #SHERPAconference attendees. He highlights the added value of projects like #SHERPA to bring together policy, science and society for better rural policies. Image
Now it's the turn of the coordination team! 😊

📢 Olivier Chartier and Elodie Salle from @Ecorys open the #SHERPAconference presenting general information on the project, its methods, MAPs and, of course, the objectives and results achieved so far. Image
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Hello, Connections! Welcome back to my weekly column #ATHCOriginal #AskATHC. Today, I want to discuss a rather controversial topic—#Women.

#UnitedShowbiz #Gender #eqyality #Education #womenempowerment #TedTalk #Inspiration #Movies
Last week, I discussed #ContentWriting, but today's topic is different. Before going further, I want to declare outright that I am not a feminist or atheist. I am just a pragmatic, who sees a glass & water as two distinct things rather than seeing it half-empty or half full.
World has moved forward. Girls have gone to space! But culture, religion, ethics, & social evils continue to haunt girls worldwide. I don't want to talk about India, you've plenty of cases where women face atrocities almost every single day here. #RuralIndia #WomenLifeFreedom
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Diversity is an ongoing commitment, fostering inclusivity requires continuous effort & awareness. Let's make #WordCamps more representative & inclusive!
#RepresentationMatters #WordPress
A 🧵 following up the #WCLisboa #Diversity panel w/ @zetaraffix & @JhamileAbuabara
🌟 Proactive Outreach & Engagement:
Reach out to underrepresented communities, organizations and individuals, encouraging them to submit talk proposals and participate in the speaker selection process to amplify diverse voices on stage!
💪 Mentorship Programs:
Establish #Mentorship programs to support and guide individuals from underrepresented groups who are interested in speaking at #WordCamps. Pair them with experienced speakers who can provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the process.
🧵 3/12
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Buckle up, crypto enthusiasts! 🌟 Prepare to witness the meteoric rise of @zethan_dao, the ultimate game-changer in DeFi and blockchain technology.

If you want to know how to be eligible for their airdrop (it's gonna be huge), then read to the last tweet. Let's Ride!!!!🚀💎 Image
♦️About @zethan_dao: Zethan is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on Zksync powered by Zethanx NFTs.

It's an excellent place for Web3 gaming enthusiasts. ♻️

#ZETHAN offers a variety of decentralized fun and addictive Skilled web3 games that will keep players entertained.
♦️Ecosystem: @zethan_dao is a comprehensive ecosystem that offers a range of mind-blowing features, all aimed at empowering users and reshaping the future of finance! 💪

♦️ZETH Token: The heart and soul of the platform, $ZETH fuels the entire ecosystem. Image
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#longcovid : key article @TheAtlantic
Recognize and accept LC.
Developing so many qualities/knowledge/skills to recover by being able to take on the essentials and live differently with adapted projects.
It is a powerful experience.
Despite a weak, fragile, limited and
painful body, I feel stronger
I had to do this because I lacked so much energy and I had to save the indispensable
1️⃣ finally learn to hear and respect my body's needs
2️⃣ in order to avoid PEMs (…) I had to plan my days and weeks accurately so that the
the activity load was compatible with my resources, but also / and above all, because this first point was simple for me, to listen to my emotions but choose to react to them in a healthy way (thus re-programming the drivers which until then had largely conditioned my
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Menschen mit einem #Förderschwerpunkt - egal welchem - sind meistens auch Betroffene einer #Mehrfachbehinderung.
Sie haben nichtmal die gleichen Chancen & Möglichkeiten wie Menschen mit einer sichtbaren/deutlichen #Behinderung.

Während #Inklusion MmB eine Hilfe sein kann, ist ⬇️
sie oft für Menschen mit FS E/S/L ein Hindernis. In der Praxis sieht das dann so aus, dass ihnen unterstellt wird sie seien asozial (FS E), mundfaul (FS S) oder denkfaul (FS L).

Die #AgenturFürArbeit vermittelt sie in Reha-Maßnahmen & sie _müssen_ das Angebot annehmen, denn ⬇️
sonst nimmt die AfA sich komplett raus und der #Betroffene ist völlig alleine. Es wird kein Versuch gestartet für den 1. Arbeitsmarkt. Die #psychologischeUntersuchung der #AgenturFürArbeit hat zB. kein angepasstes Testverfahren für Klienten mit #LRS. ⬇️
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[Scaling A Team]

Building a team that can scale large infrastructure projects requires a multi-step process.

Here are 8 steps you can follow: in 2017, Chad Everett Harri...
[Building the Culture Before Hiring is Critical]
Step 1.
When creating a team to build large scale facilities, the culture must be established first. This sets the tone for who is hired and ensures everyone is aligned from the start. #CultureMatters #TeamBuilding
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1/ #Bitcoin has been praised for its decentralized nature, which allows for greater freedom and autonomy for users. One group that can particularly benefit from the use of Bitcoin is refugees. #bitcoin #refugees
2/Refugees often find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to accessing financial services. Bitcoin, as a decentralized digital currency, does not require identification documents or bank accounts to use. #decentralized #financialservices
3/ Bitcoin allows for greater financial privacy and security. Transactions on the blockchain are recorded, but the identities of the parties involved are not. This can be especially important for refugees, who may be concerned about persecution. #privacy #security
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#neurodiversity #leadership #Empowerment
🧵1/12 Today was my work business area's conference. I was asked to speak about #ADHD and empowerment and how my boss and I work to create a good environment for me. Below is a little of what I covered.
2/12 I realised that usually if I talk about my adhd it's from the perspective of the people I'm addressing, the symptoms they see, and that I'm basically justifying and trying to apologise for my adhd symptoms, like interrupting or being loud.
I didn't do that this time.
3/12 I talked about how lucky I am to work for an employer who cares about inclusion and removing barriers. About how that wasn't the norm for most ND people. I told them that even in this environment, the behaviours of individuals can undo the good work an organisation might do.
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*EMERGENCY* The landlord of #RonsPlace is selling the building, meaning this unique #artenvironment loved by our patron #JarvisCocker may soon be smashed apart and lost forever. We can’t let that happen, and need your help to make sure it doesn’t…1/4 Plz RT Ron's Place patron #JarvisC...
#RonsPace is an internationally acclaimed #OutsiderArt #ArtBrut environment with huge potential to contribute to the cultural life of #Birkenhead, #Wirral #Liverpool and beyond. 2/4 The spectacular Lion Room d...
We want to use Ron’s Place to inspire #creativity and enrich lives. Times are becoming increasingly grim in the UK. Making and engaging with #art can help us all navigate these changes, giving a sense of #hope, #community, #empowerment +#wellbeing 3/4 This artwork created by Iai...
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*EMERGENCY* The landlord of #RonsPlace is selling the building, meaning this unique #artenvironment may soon be lost forever, smashed apart and magnolia'd. We can’t let that happen, and need your help to make sure it doesn’t…1/4 Plz RT The spectacular Lion Room dominated by a fearsome roaring li
We want to use Ron’s Place to inspire #creativity and enrich lives. Times are becoming increasingly grim in the UK. Making and engaging with #art can help us all navigate these changes, giving a sense of #hope, #community, #empowerment +#wellbeing 2/3 Egyptian scenes and hieroglyphs adorn the hallway. The hall
#RonsPace is an internationally acclaimed #OutsiderArt environment with huge potential to contribute to the cultural life of #Birkenhead, #Wirral #Liverpool and beyond. 3/4 This artwork created by Iain Jackson was inspired by motifs
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"When my friend booked an Uber for me on the last day, this lady came to pick me up. After the ride started, I noticed a kid sleeping in the front seat. I could not resist asking:
Ma'am, is that your daughter?
Yes, sir, my daughter and she is on vacation now; hence I am working and babysitting together.
I was curious, so I wanted to know more.

Her name is Nandini, and she drives a cab in Bangalore.
She wanted to be an entrepreneur and started a food truck a few years back with all her savings. But then covid hit, and she lost all the money she had invested.

Post that, she started driving a cab.
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Was bedeutet eigentlich #vulnerabel ?

Das Adjektiv "vulnerabel" kommt aus dem Latei­nischen und bedeutet "#verwundbar" oder "#verletzlich". Als vulnerable #Bevölkerungsgruppen versteht man in der Ent­wick­lungs­zusammen­arbeit Menschen, die nicht in der Lage
sind, #Herausforderungen aus eigener #Kraft zu #bewältigen, und daher unter #Krisen besonders leiden.

#Armut ist eine häufige, meist aber nicht die einzige Ursache für eine besondere #Verwundbarkeit . Auch #politische und ge­sell-­
schaft­liche #Benachteiligungen und #mangelnder Zugang zu einer #gleichberechtigte Teil­habe (#Partizipation) macht Menschen verletzlich.

Zu den besonders vulnerablen Bevölkerungs­gruppen zählen #Frauen, #Kinder und #Jugendliche ,
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@dasmaran @CynaraKV @henrikgrunnet1 explain if it is possible to talk about sex and violence through a constructive lens. #Violence #Gendergap #ViolenceAgainstWomen #IJF22
@dasmaran : "It is important to stand up in a conservative country like Indonesia to make women feel empowered and to make them understand that they can navigate the whole world" #empowerment #womenpower
Secondo @CynaraKV i giornalisti non devono più limitarsi a descrivere il problema, ma devono occuparsi e agire personalmente per trovare delle soluzioni.
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#Service #Fellowship #Ministry
Life events, concerts, workshops, #empowerment

Love and Faith bring the community together.… ImageImage
Since the church has reopened, surveys and guidance from community members of various affiliations and faiths, have helped guide the programming.

The church has reestablished a faithful presence, and become a resource for those in need.

From pantry item distribution

(2/n) Image
..taking place Tuesday and Friday, distributing groceries (no prepared food is given out), joining many other grocery distribution points across the city during this particularly difficult time

(3/n) Image
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Sauf improbable coup de théâtre, la nomination de @Cheydema à la tête d'@orange devrait être annoncée dans les tout prochains jours

Auj patronne Europe de @SchneiderElec , les conditions de son départ et de son arrivée doivent encore être précisées

Cela portera à TROIS, le nombre de #femmes à la tête d'une #entreprise du #CAC40

@cathmacgregor chez @ENGIE depuis le 1er janvier 2021
@Estelle_Veolia chez Veolia à été nommée début janvier 2022

#Mixité #Diversité #ÉgalitéFH #Empowerment #RoleModel
✅La part des femmes à la tête des plus grands groupes mondiaux cotés en Bourse reste faible mais progresse

⚠️Sauf en France qui accuse un important RETARD, selon une étude publiée en novembre 2021 par le cabinet @Heidrick & Struggles

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I used to dream of that fairy tale story, where I get to wear a princess dress n walk down the aisle.

I was sold by that “dream” as a little girl. The notion of as a woman, u need a man to fulfil these “fairy tale” dreams, IMO, is a way to take away a woman’s personal power.
But NOW, time’s changed.

I reclaimed n recreated my identity.

WE as a woman, we can do whatever we want without another person’s approval.
I can wear a wedding dress on just a regular day.
I can wear a princess dress whenever I want just bcos I want to look n feel beautiful
You don’t need anyone to say YES to you.

You don’t need anyone to approve of you.

Because YOU approve YOURSELF.

It is your thought of who YOU that matters.
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#CoachingNuggets🧵from reading 3 more chapters of James Flaherty's 🔥book on Coaching:

1. It's easy for a coach to slip into more familiar roles (for me that is #mentor & #educator)-resist that pull.

2. Coaching is "mutual"-it goes both ways (trust, respect & free expression).
3. Trust is a gift that we can give to people. We can make up our mind and do it. It is not something compelled or "earned".

4. A #coach must bring 3 things: openness (no withholding, no judging), listening (beyond auditory) and absolute confidentiality.

🧵2/5 Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash
5. Practical tips for better coaching relationships:

a) Say what you will do, do it, point out you did it, repeat
b) Share you thinking process and analysis openly
c) Change in response to feedback and speak truth to power

These seem very applicable #Leadership as well!

🧵3/5 Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
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"The International Agricultural Trade and Development Group (IATD), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, in partnership with Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan & University of Khartoum, Sudan, concluded the Summer School Sudan 2021 on “Agricultural and Food Economics
Simulation Modelling and Policy Analysis” with a generous fund from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Our member @zuhal_elnour was a part of the teaching team of the program.
The summer school covered various topics including the foundations and theories of agricultural and food policy, in addition to the quantitative analysis of policies using partial and general equilibrium models.
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اختتمت المجموعة الدولية للتجارة والتنمية الزراعية (IATD) ، Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin ، ألمانيا ، بالشراكة مع مؤسسة البحوث الزراعية ، السودان وجامعة الخرطوم ، السودان ، المدرسة الصيفية للسودان 2021 حول "اقتصاديات الزراعة والغذاء
ونمذجة المحاكاة و تحليل السياسات "بتمويل سخي من هيئة التبادل الأكاديمي الألمانية (DAAD). كانت العضوة لدينا زحل النور Zuhal Elnour جزءًا من فريق التدريس في البرنامج. تناولت المدرسة الصيفية مواضيع مختلفة من بينها أسس ونظريات السياسة الزراعية والغذائية
، بالإضافة إلى التحليل الكمي للسياسات باستخدام نماذج التوازن الجزئي والعامة. هذا البرنامج له أهمية أساسية للاقتصاديين السودانيين وصانعي السياسات في مجال الزراعة ، خاصة خلال هذه المرحلة الانتقالية الحرجة التي يشهدها اقتصاد البلاد.
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Chess Grandmaster Anna Muzychuk, on refusing to play in Saudi Arabia.
'In a few days, I'll lose two world titles, one after another. Because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. I refuse to play by special rules, wear abaya, be accompanied by a man,
—-> Image
so I can get out of the hotel, so I don't feel like a second-class person.

'I will follow my principles and not compete in the fast chess and blitz world championship where in just 5 days I could have made more money than with dozens of other combined tournaments. —->
This is all very unpleasant, but the sad part is that no one seems to care. Bitter feelings, but I can't go back.'

Anna Muzychuk
#genderequality #principles #values #humanrights #saudiarabia #women #men #chess #individual #empowerment
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📢 Congrès #SETE2021 #SETE21 cela reprend aujourd'hui ! Intervention-débat "L'ETP : où en sommes-nous ?" avec le Pr Rémi GAGNAYRE depuis 9h. La suite de ce congrès dans ce fil 1/n #educationtherapeutique #ETP
[Pause café] Nous reprenons à 10h #SETE2021 #SETE21
Les prochaines sessions 👇 #SETE2021 #SETE21
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