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1) So, moment of seriousness here.

The Notorious RBG... is not dead. But she probably soon will be.

Here's my thoughts, from my (admittedly limited) knowledge pool, as well as inferences and the references to inferences from others.
2) First, my personal knowledge base. She had lung cancer, and is recovering from that surgery. I worked for a few years for a DME provider, (durable medical equipment), which focused around breathing equipment, ie oxygen concentrators.
3) As such, I interacted with a LOT of patients in rehab centers, nursing homes, etc. I would interact with them repeatedly, as I was one of the people who would act as a point of contact for them to ensure they had all the supplies necessary and for troubleshooting.
4) Ok, yes, it was a call center, but I would like to take some small amount of pride in that it was a call center in which people knew their shit and we knew we were helping people breath. Kinda fucking important.
5) Anyways, the long and short of it is, I would interact with a LOT of people who were in circumstances often rather similar to what RBG is going through recovering from her surgery. Enough that I'm able to detect patterns and such.
6) Now, I believe it was one of the cates brothers, either @drawandstrike or @CatesDuane (can't find the thread), who brought up the idea that right now both the President, the Dems, and SCOTUS are all working in tandem to HIDE RBG's actual condition.
7) They're doing this specifically to prevent journalists on both sides mobbing wherever she is right now on a perpetual 'death watch' to report the minute she passes away. This has the side effect of creating a kind of Schroedingers Cat effect, but the alternative is far worse.
8) Furthermore, both sides have every incentive to cooperate in this obfuscation. Pelosi, Schumer (who you'll note didn't play a big part in the Kavanaugh shitshow), and other corporate neoliberals have finally acknowledged that the far left has gone absolutely batshit.
9) Pelosi dumping on AOC's Green New Deal is the clearest sign of this split yet. There's no love lost between the factions. Schumer has no ability to wrangle Feinstein, Booker, or Harris in the Senate at this point, and is being forced to take the heat for their antics.
10) And this is what I get for trying to scan through their histories rather than just looking right at the top LMAO
11) Anyways, there's also the fact that there were SEVERAL security incidents and a few people injured by the left's protesters during Kavanaugh's hearings. That may happen again anyways, but if it starts before RBG even passes away, all of that blowback falls on the Dems.
12) The GOP, on the other hand, is trying to avoid a repeat of the Kavanaugh hearings, which means if RBG dies they need a quick nomination-hearing-confirmation process, even if they have to bumrush through it, before the far left has time to mobilize to DC.
13) That can't happen if its RBG deathwatch for months straight, with the left primed and ready to send a bunch of nigh-homeless paid protesters to camp the halls of the Senate.
14) Now, back to my personal knowledge.

One of the TOUGHEST aspects of that job was the eventual moment I'd call in to the rehab center in question, or I'd be talking to one of the patients, and it became clear that death was near.
15) Now, I'm a numbers guy at heart, and a lot of working in call centers was because my social skills were so incredibly low that working in such jobs was necessary for me to build up my social skills. But, even there, I would retreat into numbers to deal with the stress of it.
16) Given her age, the surgery she had, and how long her status has already been left completely and utterly in the dark...

She's not going to come back to the SCOTUS. She's the first SCOTUS judge in history who, for all intents and purposes, may not be CAPABLE of resigning.
17) Now, the fuck do I mean, capable of resigning.

Here's what I want you to do. Take a straw. Hold your nose. Get your lips wrapped tight around that straw. Then breath through it until you start to black out, track how long it takes.
18) That near-moment of blackout?

That's probably what RBG is going through nonstop right now.
19) The important thing here is there's no mechanism for forcing a SCOTUS judge to resign. There's nothing which causes medical disqualification or anything of that nature. RBG is currently unable to properly perform her job and unable to resign.
20) Note, I say CURRENTLY. There was perhaps a brief window of time after her surgery where she was capable. Note that there is often a fair bit of lag time between arguments for a case being heard and the decisions being released. Her votes on those cases are probably legit.
21) However, I'm going to refer to Body Language Ghost here on youtube. I timed the video to the SCOTUS entering the SOTU. Notice how much she talks about the stress on the faces of all the justices.
22) My hypothesis, given what I know of elderly people recovering from lung surgeries and the context clues available, is that for a time immediately after the surgery, RBG may very well have been recovering, as @JackPosobiec noted about her being seen at physical therapy.
23) However, in the past 2 weeks or so, she took a turn for the worse. This happens. There's all kinds of variables that factor into whether someone at her age can recover. Sometimes, shit happens.
24) To answer this question, which is important: People in the midst of that situation often don't know or don't accept when its become critical.
25) I can't tell you how many people I would talk to one month saying how they were going to get up and march out of the rehab center one week be dead when we reached out to them next month.
26) And again, the problem becomes, there's no precedent. There's no mechanisms. There's nothing forcing the removal of a SCOTUS judge, and the debate itself before she even passes away would be so ugly, so divisive, that it may be the end of the country as we know it.
27) RBG is to the Democrats a living saint. And honestly, disagree with her opinions all you want, she personally has never been touched by a scandal (at least, not that I'm aware of. Media blackouts and all that shit lol). The far left, who deify her, may not ACCEPT her removal
28) You saw what they did with Kavanaugh? Now include actual terrorist threats and actions. There would be no coming back from it. Why do you think the SCOTUS justices were so stressed? Why do you think both the Dems and the GOP have a blackout on her location and condition?
29) They know, and I'm pretty sure, that she's not going to make it to 2020. I would tentatively, given the lack of ALL OTHER INFO SO I MAY BE WRONG DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER, that she might not make it to June.
30) So... just keep it in mind. Right now, there's nothing anyone can do about it. The best solution really is to just sit tight and let it play out. /end
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