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The DoJ's antitrust lawsuit against #Google triggered an avalanche of pearl-clutching editorials from establishment lawyers and economists who argue that such a move is both counterproductive and legally incoherent. 1/ 'What a Funny Little Government,' Horace Taylor's 1899 edito
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
These Very Bad Takes are only to be expected, since they emanate from ideologues who volunteered to serve as Renfields for vampiric monopolists. 3/
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I understand the intense feellings on either side of this issue,

but if the news are telling you that Roe v Wade was settled law or that it would stand forever they are lying to you

Roe had a many rather large weaknesses, & its incredible it lasted as long as it did
Roe v Wade was always fragile,

Ginsburg said in a 1992 lecture that “doctrinal limbs too swiftly shaped, as experience teaches, may prove unstable”… @MrAndyNgo @MrAndyNgo @MattWalshBlog @lizzywol @wil_da_beast630 @Timcast @QTRBlackGarrett @libsoftiktok
isn't a rightwing talking point either,

many lefty outlets & journos pointed this out over the years, its a common belief taught in law school & discussed in congress & legislatures across the country

just not something they like to talk about openly…
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🧵 1/4 The Four Horseman of the #RoeVsWade prolife moment:

1. Harry Reid for tanking the filibuster. Thanks, Harry!
2/4 @LeaderMcConnell for tanking petty Stasi operative Merrick Garland. Thanks, Leader!
3/4 #RBG herself who so wanted @HillaryClinton to nominate her replacement she refused to step down. Her hubris gave us #ACB. Thanks, Justice Ginsberg!!
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I think I need to go to law school. It might be a bit late to be #RBG & make it to SCOTUS… but seriously, it is all about the courts, the law, legal precedents.

Or maybe I just need to make myself small/silent enough to be able to fit into a government job again?
As hard as it is for me to stay in government long term given all the regulations that box you in/tie you up

plus needing to be a public servant to serve every taxpayer, even the ones you don’t agree with/like

Despite that, you *can* have an impact…small things at scale matter
There are times like this I want to be a cat & have 9 lives because there SO too many things I want to do…

…even though other times I am like, okay, how long exactly am I supposed to serve in this life because I am exhausted. (Albeit I did just recover from anemia.)
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Here is my weekly @townhallcom Column ✍️

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Right: Roe v. Wade was always destined for the Scrap Heap🗑️… @benshapiro @AbbyJohnson @madelineorr #conservative #elonmusk #abortion #prochoice #roe #RoeVWade #RoeOverturned
May be hard for my friends on the left to hear this,

our whole lives we've been told how important Roe v Wade was in giving women the right to abortion via a right to privacy

But this was fiction, the only question for Roe v. Wade was when it would be overturned, not if.
whatever ur opinion on abortion,

Roe v Wade was objectively bad law built upon the weakest case constitutionally

As RBG predicted,
Roe was always eventually going to be overturned… #politics #RoeVWade @CathyYoung63 @MrAndyNgo @ConceptualJames @amber_athey
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Today, I filed the #RBG Act to remove barriers to accessing abortion care in North Carolina. Our state has the fourth-highest number of restrictions in the country. These barriers serve no medical purpose. Instead, they interfere in decisions about whether & when to have a child.
The #RBG Act will expand access to healthcare, which is especially important during a pandemic. The public health crisis has limited access dramatically at a time when family planning is more important than ever for many people. #ReproductiveRights
As #RBG stated, the decision to have a child is personal. "...when the government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human responsible for her own choices." We must allow women to make their own decisions, free from interference. #ncpol
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I was at the UN right after the #GulfWar. I had something dreadful to say abt #SaddamHussein on a daily basis, which he deserved b/c he invaded #Kuwait. The Iraqi media compared me to an unparalleled serpent. I happened to have a snake pin, and wore it to my next meeting on Iraq.
The press asked me about it, I thought, “Well, this is fun.” On good days, I wore flowers butterflies & balloons, on bad days, all kinds of bugs & carnivorous animals, as an additional way of expressing what I was saying a visual way to deliver a message.…
I had an arrow pin that looked like a missile. When we negotiated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty the Russian foreign minister asked, “Is that one of your missile interceptors you’re wearing?” And I responded, “Yes. We make them very small. Let’s negotiate.”
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So excited. Starting now, the world premiere of #MyNameIsPauliMurray at @sundancefest.
#PauliMurray was another among a litany of women like Ida B Wells, who many don’t know also challenged segregation in public transportation years before Rosa Parks #MyNameIsPauliMurray
Born in #Baltimore, raised in Durham, NC. Her mother died; her father institutionalized. Raised by her aunt (a teacher) in Durham. “The classroom was my second home.”
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.@SpeakerPelosi retains her gavel with 216 votes.

Dem Reps. Lamb & Golden voted for other people, while Reps. Slotkin, Spanberger & Sherrill voted "present."
House makes it official: @SpeakerPelosi elected with 216 votes to keep her gavel.

#117Congress #OpeningDay
So, in his House speech, is McCarthy going to say anything about #Georgia today?…
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THREAD 📌 In 4yrs NO ONE reached out to Hillary voters. We were treated to endless interviews with Trump supporters, but never a word from the people who were cheated out of a president. For 4yrs we were terrorized by the Trump regime and its racist, misogynist, abelist policies.
For 4yrs Republicans and their enabling cohort in the MSM lied to us and about us and never gave us a platform to refute their claims. They continued their assault on Hillary Clinton, whose only seeming crime was calling out white supremacy and institutional racism and misogyny.
While countless Black men, women, children and #disabled were murdered by police, the GOP either sat silent or demonized the victims. While sick and disabled Americans were desperate for #healthcare, Trump and the GOP drove an assault on the #ACA, #Medicare and #Medicaid.
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From our first issue brief by Kristina Silja Bennard back in 2005 (!) on the confirmation hearings of #RBG and answering questions while maintaining judicial impartiality (1/21)
Read the entire ACS issue brief here… (2/21)
Bennard: The hearings for #RBG in 1993 provide a good example of how a nominee balances her obligation of impartiality with the need to shed light on her fundamental views (3/21)
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⚠️ IMPORTANT re the Trump/GOP lawsuit to strike down the #ACA:

--Yes, the case will be *heard* by the Supreme Court on Nov. 10th.
--However, the actual *ruling* in the case isn't expected until next spring.

1. First, this means the *2021* Open Enrollment Period, which starts on *November 1st*, is still on and 2021 policies *should* still be valid thru the end of next year.

2. More importantly, it buys Dems time to make the case moot--but ONLY IF THEY WIN A TRIFECTA THIS YEAR.
If Dems #KeepTheHouse, #FlipTheSenate *and* #KickTrumpOut, they should time to pass & sign a simple bill which would do one of three things:

1. Reset the federal penalty to $1 or higher,
2. Explicitly state the mandate is severable, or
3. Strike out the mandate language itself
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The #WomensMarch2020 is set to start in 40 minutes.
Here’s a look at a couple of signs from demonstrators who got here early.
#CountOnUs @wusa9 @womensmarch
Something that’s new this #WomensMarch2020 - masks and hand sanitizer.
This family came from Boston to attend the Supreme Court protests as well as today’s @womensmarch. Their mother says this is her daughter’s third #WomensMarch and her son’s second.
#WomensMarch2020 @wusa9 #RBG #johnlewis
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“Judge Barrett. Is it illegal to intimidate voters at the polls?” @amyklobuchar

“I can’t apply the law to hypothetical facts. I can’t answer questions like that”

Wow! #AmyConeyBarret refuses to acknowledge the fact that voter intimidation is illegal #ACB
Earlier today, Judge Barrett - Trump’s selection to replace #RBG in the Supreme Court - refused to say #DonaldTrump doesn't have the Constitutional power to unilaterally delay the election.

He does not have that power.
“And so by malice, stealth & brutishness a pattern is set. Less & less transparency. Less & less scrutiny. Less & less accountability. Until they’re entirely unleashed to bundle aside the truth & speak only their truths."
(Emerson Warner)
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We need to talk about just how corrupt we've allowed #democracy in #America to become, to the point it isn't democracy in many respects. And we need to stop #partisan squabbling and get to fixing it before we end up a one-party state, like #China. Thread👇
In 2019, writing the decision for Common Cause v. Rucho, Chief Justice Roberts closed off the federal courts as an avenue for addressing partisan #gerrymandering, instead telling citizens to propose state constitutional amendments.
In many states, with statehouses #gerrymandered beyond reach of the people, or otherwise beholden to special interests, these citizen-amendments are the only avenue left for addressing #democracy reform and other policy concerns.
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It is positively hilarious that Donald Trump would be fear tweeting that Dems will pack the court. It is exactly precisely entirely what he and #MoscowMitch have done for four years. We are way beyond the kettle/black thing.
The utter contempt #MoscowMitch has for the will of the people who want the next president to nominate a replacement for #RBG is staggering. He would rather lose the Senate, and WH than give up his chance for a 6-3 SCOTUS. People are already voting!
22 DAYS FROM ELECTION DAY is the hearing for a supremely unqualified nominee. Amy Coney Barrett will forever be associated with the WH event Dr. Fauci says is a super spreader. Was Lindsey Graham exposed? Is that why he won’t test for covid? It is all so sickening.
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“The danger he poses is related to past dangerousness he has shown in terms of verbal aggression, boasting about assaults, paranoid reactions… This is a national security threat and the White House has a credibility crisis.” @pttrn_ntgrty #The25thFor45

“It cannot be that here and now in 2020 we allow the government of the people, by the people and for the people to perish on this earth. No, it cannot and it must not… WE WILL VOTE.” @JoeBiden in Gettysburg

“The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem, and the FBI wants to do something about it, but President* Trump doesn’t want to talk about that. He doesn’t keep the country safe.” @GenMhayden @RVAT2020

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We have reached the nadir of lawless, reckless conduct by the Repub Senate leadership - which has relinquished any claim to integrity & responsibility in its zeal to rush through the confirmation process to fill the seat left open by the passing of #RBG.…
First, this nomination should never have moved forward. It is not only that we are in an election year. Or even just the staggering hypocrisy of Republicans’ refusal to abide by the rule they created in 2016 to deny even a hearing to Judge Garland.…
We are in the middle of the general election with record numbers of voters voting early (as here in Illinois and Virginia) and by mail. The presidency and key Senate races hang in the balance.
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What was late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's role in the Jack Kirby family settlement with Marvel over character copyrights? Supreme Court procedure may be arcane at times, but the smallest moves by a Justice can have a major impact. #rbg #RIPRBG #scotus
The Kirby case involved the right to terminate transfers of copyright, which enables creators to reclaim material decades after selling it. Lower courts agreed w/ Marvel that Kirby’s material was work made for hire, which meant it was never owned by Kirby & couldn't be reclaimed.
Because the case was being appealed from the Second Circuit, covering New York, it fell under RBG’s purview - Justices manage cases based on the appellate courts to which they are assigned. ...
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Dr Justice S Muralidhar, Punjab & Haryana HC and Senior Advocate Meenakshi Arora to speak on “Forging your own path.”

The discussion is being hosted by the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum.

The talk will start at 5 pm. Image
Session begins

Advocates Mrinalini Sen and Saumya Tandon will be moderating the discussion.
Dr Mercy Debra and Daisy Hannah perform an instrumental version of the hymn "abide with me", which Tandon recalls was Mahatma Gandhi's favourite hymn.
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#RBG taught us to stand up to sexist ghouls. Now that she's gone, misogynists are twirling their gross mustaches, gearing up to replace her legacy with an anti-abortion extremist!
Said anti-abortion ghouls have started their crusade with a nationwide clinic troll-a-thon called "40 Days for Life." #My40Days
In this annual event, hordes of uninvited Catholic hatesplainers "stand guard" outside of abortion clinics for 40 days and 40 nights. Really, it's just stalking. #My40Days
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#SCOTUS up first.

What does Trump mean Democrats didn't have the election with #MerrickGarland?

@BarackObama was in the White House!

#2020Debates #2020Debate #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
.@JoeBiden insists should wait on #SCOTUS confirmation & see the outcome of #2020election.

If #Obamacare / #ACA struck down, what happens? Women's rights fundamentally changed.

Not appropriate before election.

#2020Debates #2020Debate #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
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Typical income taxes:

Teachers paid $7239
Firefighters paid $5283
Nurses paid $10,216

...and Donald Trump paid $750.

That is unfair by any measure.

#VOTE @JoeBiden #TrumpTaxReturns
“Who do you owe the money to? Do you owe debt to ANY foreign nation? Do you owe anybody money who is impacted by any decision you make as president* of the United States? WE NEED TO KNOW THAT.” @KamalaHarris

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It's disheartening to see the "Pro-life" response to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death. It's very clear that the folks who think RBG was a vehement "baby killer" have never heard of the name Susan Struck.
#RBG #NotoriousRBG
In the 1960s & 1970s, before Roe vs Wade, abortion was not only legal on US military bases, it was actively ENCOURAGED and basically mandated. Yes, really.
#RBG #NotoriousRBG
Captain Susan Struck was a combat nurse in Vietnam. When she got pregnant in 1970, the Air Force starkly gave her two choices. Get an abortion or be discharged. Struck wanted to keep her baby. So she was kicked out of the service.

#RBG #NotoriousRBG
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