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Buckle up folks. Making good on my promise from last week. Got a bottle of Shiraz in me, so here we go... #Aliens
Given Cameron inherited this franchise from Scott, its arguably one of the most respectful sequels you can imagine.
I love this shot. Maybe my fav shot of the movie. Timeless effect plus it kinda looks like a xenomorph initially too. True art.
The cat's survived. Which is the main thing.
The matte hasnt aged that well but is still a work of real art.
Paul Reiser. You know, Carter Burke was my personal first contact with the actor, so to see him doing comedy after this was frankly bizarre.
Weaver here for some weird reason reminds me of Keanu Reeve's approach to characters. Strange. But she's less mechanical, more real attitude.
The suit Burke wears is clever futurism. Just that little bit different. The colour is full 1980s tho.
Actors from first movie make an appearance by picture. They get money for that too.
"A creature that gestates inside a human host. And has concentrated acid for blood." The definition of capitalism right there, my friends.
Cameron trade mark sound effect: the typing of letters on the screen.
I am watching the Definitive Edition, so we are off to LV426.
IMHO the theatrical cut is superior. The pacing is much tighter, its a really elegant edit. The directors cut is for the fans, but its much more clunky. Fan service usually doesnt work out.
But I love the doomsday atmosophere on LV426, so I can still appreciate the extra footage. Plus we get to see the Juggernaut again.
The colonists exploring the ship are no cleverer than Dallas of course.
Ripley smoking. Hail the 1980s. In the novel they call it a narco cigarette, to give it a hint of SF.
"These Colonial Marines pack state of the art firepower..."
"And you, you little shithead...you're staying here..." Jones survives all the movies.
Best shot of the movie by a mile. Sulaco is still the OG of cool spaceship design.
"Hey Hicks. Man you look just how I feel." My go to line ever since I worked in mining.
Vasquez would go on to play foster mum in Terminator 2. Surreal character change but credit to the actress.
Bishop doing the knife stunt. I always had a vibe of a strong crossover between Aliens and Blade Runner, and Bishop is mostly why.
The decoration on this movie is incredible.
"A xenomorph may be involved." Why do they even have a term for the beings? I mean maybe its a super generic term but still...
"We have it on disc." 21st century IT: "What? Why?!"
The model effects on this film are absolutely incredible. The lighting is perfect.
We get a first look at the powerloader. Clever stuff, given its stop motion.
The APC. Height doesnt make any goddamn sense but the scene is set up so well, no one cares.
The APC was a real world airport tractor. Cameron is a goddamn genius when it comes to finding people who can make use of whats available.
"We're on ab express elevator to hell. Going down." Hudson meme's himself into the hall of fame of movie characters
"How many combat drops?" - ""Two. Including this one." We're getting a great vibe here.
Extended scene. Hudsons BS doesnt make much sense. "Independenly targeting particle failings." Mate wtf are you on about.
Approaching the colony. Its all a model filmed with a steady cam. Genius because it looks totally credible, maybe a little bit too much shake still.
Vasquez takes point with her MG42...I mean Smart Gun.
The infantry equipment still looks top notch. Yeah some details are dated but the worn look masks it well. Honestly this still gets a pass as sorta future stuff.
The lights on special shoulder mounts are hilarious tho.
We get an intro to the motion tracker. How could the hamsters survive for so long?!
"He's coming in. I feel safer already." The APC runs on a turbine. Bloody Abrams-lovers. Electric is the future!
"He likes you, Burke." Maybe its a she? Cmon man, think out of the box!
Intro Newt. They cast the actress with no acing experience. Simply because she was authentic. Decent choice, arguably.
The Newt-Ripley relationship established in this movie is why I will never forgive Alien 3. Even though I like the film stylistically, it threw out a perfectly good narrative as some sort of nihilistic philosophy token.
They keep the audience guessing re Bishop. Of course he turns out the opposite of Ash. One of the writing gems.
The Marine insertion is beautiful. They keep acting impressively just as drilled. Until they encounter stuff they dont understand and everything goes to shit.
The thing is yeah they have rifle ammo collected. But in context it wouldnt have made any difference if they hadnt.
Reviewers often tread it as a Vietnam-reference, but its obviously a lot broader than that.
"She's talking about a thermonuclear explosion." I guess the brief forgot a few things.
"10 mm explosive tip caseless." We are heading towards something like this eventually. Xenopedia suggests is 10x24. Interesting stuff.
The hive is waking up and shit is going down.
"Lets rock!"
I suspect Gorman may not be up to the job. Ripley takes the wheel.
Ripley drives about as well as I did on my first day in the simulator.
They never use either of the two turrets on the APC, which is my biggest regret about this movie by a mile.
Ripley demonstates why bouncing an APC sucks. You just punish the suspension. "You broke the transaxle" is a bit weird but maybe he means the driveshaft.
"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure." Ripley doesnt dig tactical responses.
Dietrich demonstrates why you need to fucking listen to your loadmaster.
"Thats it man, game over man, game over." And the sentence to end all multiplayer matches was born.
"Listen to me. We need you and I'm sick of your bullshit." The go to supervisor response in any office.
Remote sentry units. One of the things in the Directors cut. Cool stuff. Wonder why we havent applied it yet. The Koreans are dabbling in this tho.
Hicks gives Ripley a sorta 1980s Fitbit.
"My mummy always said there are no monsters. No real ones. But there are." You bet. Wonder whats out there between the stars on top of what we're dealing with among ourselves.
Ripley makes a promise that she will fulfill later on, laying waste to the entire site in the process. Mothers.
"I made a decision and it was wrong. It was a bad call." Burke being all the bankers in the world.
Sentry guns having a go. Just using a counter and sounds works fairly well.
On top of that the crew is facing a 40 MT explosion impending. When it rains...
"We're all in strung out shape. But stay frosty. And alert." Michael Biehn's fall in acting is a damn shame.
The M41A pulse rifle of course is the secret star of the whole movie.
Bishop retrieves the second drop ship. The IT hardware is so impressive.
Btw...never leave your rifle on the bed when you're sleeping under it.
The security camera is hilariously old school tho.
Good thing cigarette lighters are still a thing in the 22nd century, huh?!
I like how the lab window is actual safety glass. You ever had to smash some? I did. Its not that easy.
"They cut the power." - "What do you mean they cut the power. They are animals." I always liked any hint at how the aliens are actually intelligent.
The motion tracker picture looks like a the free basecap stand at Aeroindia this year. Sry defence industry joke.
Hudson going down like a champ. A dumb champ, and a goddamn senseless waste, but still.
Vasquez on the other hand is not in the mood for any BS.
Of all the losses I felt the worst for her. The one character who really didnt give a damn whether she lived or died.
I mean look at her.
Anyway. "You always were an asshole, Gorman." Thats one way to cover the rear.
Another absolutely incredible shot in the movie. Its just a guy in a suit but the composition and light absolutely nail it.
Ripley now jury rigs the M41A and the flamethrower into the ultimate infantry weapon.
I love how Bishop is both flabbergasted and obliging at Ripley's determination.
"Screw personal protection." Ripley assaulting the hive Taliban style.
I guess its a good thing she is apparently aware how long those flares last. Maybe just common sense but I dunno...
"I think we went the wrong way.".
Intro your eminence.
This movie is a masterpiece in set shots. A manga couldnt do this better.
The motherly face-off. Flamethrower vs eggs. Communication. Intelligence. Alien mum makes a bad move.
Did I mention Ripley doesnt believe in tactical solutions?
Its not really a tactical retreat. Its a "Look I need to go, but I'm gonna burn the place down before I do so."-approach.
Ripley thinks she's fucked. Let down by another machine.
Bishop has his shit together though.
Boom. There goes one hell of an investment.
Stowaways are normally a nuisance but this time its kinda more challenging.
The Queen is a masterpiece in animatronics but nevertheless after the hive showdown the pace feels like it goes down. Since the end is kinda predictable, I have mixed feelings about this part.
I mean does anyone seriously believe Ripley is going out of the airlock? Its another very cool set though.
Something on Sulaco runs on JP12 btw.
Well, the Queen is toast, Bishop managed to hit his weight loss goals, Ripley got a new daughter. We all pretend Alien 3 doesnt exist and all is well in the universe.
Aliens is a goddamn timeless film. Sure, it has aged a bit but frankly many effects hold up well. Composition is outstanding, you can still frame your way thru this one and its still great. Music is the cherry on top. IMO the best sequel made so far for any film. Thx for reading!
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