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Millionen Netz-Nutzer*innen und 239 604 SPD-Mitglieder, die für die #Groko stimmten, sind heute von Angela #Merkel betrogen worden. Sie hat durchgedrückt, dass #Deutschland sich für #Artikel13 und den #Merkelfilter ausspricht - und damit den #Koalitionsvertrag gebrochen. 🤬
Danke für deinen Einsatz, @katarinabarley! Leider hat es noch nicht zum Erfolg gereicht. Jetzt ruhen die Hoffnungen auf @woelken und den anderen Vernünftigen im Europäischen Parlament.

Wer positioniert sich im Europäischen Parlament wie zum #Merkelfilter? Hier mal stellvertretend das Ergebnis aus dem Rechtsausschuss:
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On my way home from #MSC2019 - and reflecting on the debates, speeches and informal meetings of the past four days in Munich. Let me share my very personal summary - w/ a focus on the transatlantic partnership. Last year, I was quite pessimistic... 1/
So let me start with a bit of good news. In our #MSCreport, we asked who would pick up the pieces of a disintegrating global order. At least rhetorically, the Europeans and representatives of other like-minded liberal democracies have underlined their willingness to step up. 2/
Most attendees agreed that Chancellor #Merkel gave one of the best foreign policy speeches of her career. She really hit a nerve in the audience. Merkel forcefully argued that "all of us" had to pick up the pieces together. 3/
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Thread 2.17.2019!! Q Day!
He Knows My Name!
Eph. 1:4 He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy & without blame before Him in love!

#HeKnowsMyName #Chosen #Redeemed #Loved #QDay #QAnon #Pray @realDonaldTrump
President Trump and General
Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
!!NEW Q - 2745!!
00:39:30 EST
Information waterfall.
Buckle up!
#QAnon #Traitors #BuckleUp #InformationWaterfall @realDonaldTrump
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[thread] Il caso #Alstom #Siemens è la prova che l’Europa esiste, funziona e serve. Alcune considerazioni sul caso in sé, sulle reazioni e sulla posizione italiana #concorrenza #politicaindustriale #europa 1/n
I fatti: la francese Alstom e la tedesca Siemens hanno proposto un merger per creare un campione europeo nei sistemi ferroviari. Solo un’impresa di grandi dimensioni, dicono, può contrastare la concorrenza internazionale… 2/n
La Commissione Ue ha bloccato il merger sostenendo che esso avrebbe prodotto una posizione dominante tale da danneggiare la concorrenza (e a consumatori) in Europa senza determina sufficienti benefici… 3/n
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@RegSprecher on @mfa_russia claims: "Who puts such outlandish claims in the world, has little idea of Germany and little idea of the freedom of the press. Or he deliberately wants to put Germany in a wrong light, one way or another: I resolutely reject these allegations."
@RegSprecher @mfa_russia More German political reactions by @tonline_news (in German).…
#Merkel's successor as @CDU party leader @akk:
"The RU govt aggressively attacks GER media & journalists in harmony with populists from the right & left. Journalists & editors should not be intimidated. Independent, fact-based & critical journalism is a lifeblood for democracy."
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@ParthapratimKh3 @AkbAsis @barua_ashish @PaulGambles2 @RonnieChopra1 @Burke_Esq @mektronik @MonetaryWonk @askeamonn If people can only get into the US #Senate with millions of campaign-funds the system is broken. Also see the multi-million $-villas US career-politicians have.
The are really lobby-agents for their donors. It is a bought #democracy!
#US #Trump #Obama #Clintons
@ParthapratimKh3 @AkbAsis @barua_ashish @PaulGambles2 @RonnieChopra1 @Burke_Esq @mektronik @MonetaryWonk @askeamonn 2. #Obama has worked as a lawyer for a short time, thereafter politics, but is worth millions.
The #Clintons broke after Bill was no longer #president (legal fees), years later worth $200 millions (with $330 to 400K speaking-fees = bribe-money).
@ParthapratimKh3 @AkbAsis @barua_ashish @PaulGambles2 @RonnieChopra1 @Burke_Esq @mektronik @MonetaryWonk @askeamonn 3. The "lefty" #BernieSanders owns 3 villas.

This is a regime of lobbycrats serving mainly the 1%.

Only solution: Limit donations to an amount not exceeding $1.000. Also ensure that all business-dealings of active politicials are made public. Non-discosure mustcarry penalties.
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The German government on Wednesday nearly halved its 2019 economic growth forecast from 1.8% to 1%, citing #Brexit as the first among key reasons for the slowdown. The shock of no-deal Brexit is widely expected to cause a recession here and elsewhere.
The German minister for econ affairs @peteraltmaier said today that it is not really possible to prepare for a no-deal #Brexit in some sectors, also due to currency fluctuations etc
So the idea that the #EU is united in some sort of stoic view on no-deal #Brexit as highly manageable is not correct. In fact Chancellor #Merkel has spoken to Ireland's Varadkar about his intentions. Top politicians/officials here say it would be good if Ireland would reconsider
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#Breaking: French President #Macron and German chancellor #Merkel arrived in #Aachen!
#Update: Lots of german #Gelbwesten #GiletsJaunes arrived in #Aachen to protest against Merkel and Macron in Germany.
#Update: Even some French people arrived in #Aachen to protest, there are around 10 to 20 French people in #GiletsJaunes dressed. Even screaming "Macron demission" when French president #Macron arrived in front of city hall.
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In 2016 I voted remain and was disappointed that the remain vote lost. I felt then as I do now that it was a vote against UK politicians, by people who felt disenfranchised, The referendum gave them an opportunity to kick ass.
Throughout the last 2 years we have heard people say. I have changed my mind. I want a #PeoplesVote because I did not understand what i was voting for! Well in part I agree.,I voted remain because being in the EU was all that I had known I could not see any problems.
Today I am reconsidering my position and indeed if another vote took place I would be tempted to vote leave. So why the sudden change of heart? Well I have started to watch and read the thoughts of people who have been far better informed on the European Union than I am.
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1. My Predictions For 2019:
- #Macron will find it more & more difficult to hold onto power.
- #Merkel won't last until 2021 & her power will further decrease this year quarter by quarter.
- I expect that the #Brexit-Exit-date will be moved (most likely by 12 months).
2. My Predictions For 2019:
- The issues of mass-#migration (few real #refugees) will continue to haunt #Europe, especially #Germany & continue to put pressure on the GER #Groko-government (#CDU/#CSU & #SPD).
#Predictions2019 #Year2019
3. My Predictions For 2019:
- The trend of right parties gaining more power (2018: #Italy, #Austria, #Brazil) will continue: In #France #LePen (#FN) will benefit from #Macron losing power, in #Germany the #AfD will gain further support in Eastern Germany (tbc).
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La chancelière fédérale d'Allemagne Angela #Merkel a prononcé les mots suivants, 2018-12-12 dans le #Bundestag, le assemblée parlementaire allemande (cf. les sous-titres dans , qui sont PRESQUE correctes): ‹En outre, je trouve que..
.. votre soutien inconditionnel aux protestations des Gilets Jaunes (par le directoire de La Gauche) est scandaleux, car vous ne dites pas un mot sur la violence usée dans les rues là-bas, ..
.. et vous devez---clairement et nettement---prendres vos distances à l'égard de la violence dans le contexte des protestations.'

Une transcription exacte (en #Allemand) du discours de la chancelière est dans .
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2590...
Three links on how #Aus is protecting #PopeFrancis' chief financial adviser & Australia's most senior #Catholic.
#PedoPell's case has had a #SuppressionOrder placed over it to conceal his identity. As if we......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2590...
are all so dumb as to not know who it is that was recently convicted by a 2nd jury.
He will be reprimanded in Feb when he shows for sentencing [ ! ] [ ]…......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2590...……
Really wish #DailyMail wouldn't be linked to. These devices aren't very happy to go to them even with all of the safeguards & #VPN on. Besides, it's a rag!
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This is going to be my THREAD for all of the #QPosts for Wednesday December 12, 2018.
Dec 12 2018 00:29:24 (EST)
Date: 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 17
Time: 2 + 9 + 2 + 4 = 17
Can you feel it?
#QAnon #QArmy #POTUS #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #TrustThePlan
Google Executives Dumping Shares
Q !!
Dec 12 2018 00:29:24 (EST)

What a coincidence.
#QAnon = 7
#Google = 7
#QArmy = 7 Reverse Ordinal
#POTUS = 1
#WWG1WGA = 7 Reverse Ordinal
#PatriotsUnited = 7 Reverse Ordinal
#QAnon #Google #QArmy #POTUS #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
What Sundar Pichai Couldn’t Explain to Congress
Google's CEO struggled to explain the reality of his company's power to a House committee convinced of liberal conspiracy.…
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(Über-)scharfe Kritik auf #AKK durch Dr. Nicolaus Fest in
: »[...] ein ebenso zynischer Polit-Apparatschik wie ihre Freundin Merkel [...]« (Das ist seine Meinung.)
Dr. Fests Einschätzung lautet vollständiger so (Pos. 1:48 bis 3:27):
»[...] 229 der 246..
.. #CDU/#CSU [Das stimmt mit den offiziellen Angaben überein LG,I] stimmten für den #Migrationspakt. Sie stimmten für #offeneGrenzen, für #Multikulti, für #Islamisierung, für die #Vollversorgung aller #Migranten auf #Kosten der Deutschen (und gleichzeitig stimmten sie gegen..
.. die #Idee der #Nation, gegen das #Selbstbestimmungsrecht der Deutschen, gegen #innereSicherheit. In einem Satz: Wie schon bei der #EheFürAlle ließ die #Union alles #Konservative fallen. Mit der Wahl von #AKK hat die #CDU das noch einmal bestätigt. Darüber..
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A short thread on the significance of the #CDU election tomorrow in #Germany to determine #Merkel's successor as party leader [1/8]
The two front-runners are Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK), the continuity candidate, and Friedrich Merz, who wants to take the party back towards the right. Jens Spahn, a younger right-wing contender, stands less of a chance [2/8]
Polls are of limited use in predicting who will win. Most are of CDU supporters, but the party leader will be chosen by a set of 1,001 CDU delegates in Hamburg. #AKK leads among supporters but #Merz may have the edge among the delegates [3/8]
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#Merkel suffers paroxysms of guilt. As a preachers daughter, she genuinely thought she had the solution to the #German aging labor force. She did not realize they would take welfare & government handouts so readily. Germans WORK for what they have. Now she has a vast welfare
2/ state & she feels nothing but guilt. The have destroyed her beautiful cities, & her social engineering yielded NOTHING but grief & death. As a religious person she is hounded by her massive mistakes. Now she silences criticism not for refugees, but
3/ because SHE can’t take it. And she is finally on her way out. It will be a very messy process, but Germany needs first to ARM itself & begin the process of deportation. She has blueprints: Hitler deported approx 11M before any extermination’s began.…
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@ArminLaschet @drumheadberlin 1. Oder Herr #Laschet, will man sich keiner Debatte stellen, die die Schwächen des #Migrationspakts aufdecken könnte?
Es ist doch komisch das die #CDU-Fürsprecher einerseits sagen der Pakt sei nicht verbindlich, aber soll Helfen #Migration zu regulieren. Wie, wenn unverbindlich?
@ArminLaschet @drumheadberlin 2. Es wird auch unterschlagen das der #Migrationspakt Migration zum Menschenrecht erklären will - Was das für Staaten in der Ersten Welt bedeutet ist doch klar - Daher werden Staaten wie die #USA, #Australien, #Oesterreich, #Israel und viele mehr, den Pakt nicht unterzeichnen!
@ArminLaschet @drumheadberlin 3. Es ist auch auffällig das schon seit 2 Jahren an dem #Migrationspakt gearbeitet wird, aber die Öffentlichkeit erst jetzt davon erfährt - Echte Demokratie geht anders: Ein Pakt der die #Massenmigration begünstigt gehört öffentlich diskutiert.
#Migration #Merkel #Laschet #CDU
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Der möglicher #Merkel-Nachfolger Friedrich #Merz hat im @wdr5 »Morgenecho« über die #AfD gesagt, sie sei eine »offen nationalsozialistische« Partei, die »ständig mit antisemitischen Untertönen« auffalle. Das was aussieht, wie klare Worte, sind keine. Ein Thread.
Wenn eine Partei »offen nationalsozialistisch« ist, hat sie nicht nur »antisemitischen Untertöne«, sondern einen antisemitischen Grundton - um im Bilde zu bleiben. Wenn eine Partei nur »antisemitische Untertöne« hätte, wäre sie nicht »offen nationalsozialistisch«.
»Unterton« suggeriert, der Antisemitismus würde mitschwingen, sei versteckt oder eben: nicht offen. Wäre eine Partei »offen nationalsozialistisch«, würde sie ihren Antisemitismus nicht verstecken. Es bleibt also vollkommen unklar, wie #Merz die AfD bewertet.
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"Can we save Earth?" A thread. Fun interview of #Schellnhuber, the leading #climate scientist, with digital-utopia-creating philosopher @richprecht (#AI:…). Worth your time content- and framing-wise, if you… 1/n #ExtinctionRebellion
...if you know German (else here a translation of notes I made towards the end to update you on the climate-debates State of the art in German media:
– A key reform of the political system worth debating would be to limit politicians' terms to 8 years, to incentivize them to 2/n
care about our not their future (see #Monbiot 2017:…).

– We're experiencing the paradoxon of being unable to go on and unable to get off.
-- Wir erleben eine Unmöglichkeit des Weitermachens und eine Unmöglichkeit des Ausstiegs.

– We live in a society 3/n
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@AfD_HeikeThemel @jreichelt @BILD 1

"Sprach man" oder WELT sind keine validen Quellen.

Valide Zahlen registrierter Vorgänge oder Personen entnehme man bitte den zuständigen Stellen (AZR etc.):…

RICHTIG ist, dass man keine validen Angaben über nicht-registrierte Personen besitzt. NUR
@AfD_HeikeThemel @jreichelt @BILD 2

das war schon immer so, selbst vor #Schengen, als Personenkontrollen an den Grenzen noch nicht grundsätzlich untersagt waren.

Seit Schengen können Drittstaatsangehörige natürlich leicht unerlaubt nach Deutschland kommen und untertauchen. Mit dem Thema #Asyl oder #Merkel hat
@AfD_HeikeThemel @jreichelt @BILD 3/3

dieser Umstand allerdings nichts zu tun.
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1- Oggi avrei voluto fare un thread #sovranista per festeggiare il #contoestero, ma non c’è la faccio, è più forte di me...
La prendo larga per parlarVi di #Tav ma in particolar modo di #Torino, di #m5s e della #Appendino e del #nord.
Partiamo da #candidaturaolimpica
2-Prevista dal #Coni inizialmente con 3 città #Torino-#Milano-#Cortina e che invece nei sogni della #Appendino si doveva tramutare in una candidatura unica per bissare Torino2006.
Scontrandosi con il suo stessi assessori e la sua base votante che ricordiamoci essere #noqualcosa.
3-Dovendo però avere anche l’appoggio del governo per la copertura dei costi previsti.
Perché ricordiamo le #Olimpiadi generano un indotto enorme ma difficilmente coprono i costi sostenuti per l’organizzazione.
E qui entrano in gioco le sponsorizzazioni private, che le 2 città...
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Some thoughts on #Merkel, what happens next in EU/German politics & her legacy.

1. First off, she will remain as Chancellor for now. She will not seek re-election as Chairperson the CDU in Dec. But this prepares the scene for a fast-track exit only a few months into her new term
2. After the national election of 2017 in which both the SPD and CDU/CSU did terribly - the question of whether or not Merkel would serve the entirely of her fourth term was open. She was weakened tremendously by the last election result. So this is not unexpected.
3. Even more so when you consider that Merkel has been the Chairperson of the CDU since 2000, and served as Chancellor in 2005 (won 4 times.)
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