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Tonight! Our one shot party of fighter/monk/bard faced off against the evil raising the dead! Poor johnny rested on the altar, chained down as a wicked wight chanted above him, wielding a dark and sinister looking dagger. Our heroes get first strike!
Galas gets a kensei shot on the weight while quentin fires a crossbow bolt at it as well. Both combined softened the wight, causing him to take cover behind the altar! Galas was the first to reach this wicked being while wivar goes for the boy. Quentin is last to reach the boss.
Galas raced around the altar and proceeded to deal a flurry of beatdowns on the wight, holding his attention while Wivar picked the locks on the chains. Success! our hero sneaks the boy back while the wight is distracted! It looks back and howls a curse in a foreign tongue!
We had saved the boy, but the evil had to be destroyed! Quentin, realizing time is of the essence, raises his magical warhammer, dropping his shield as he brought it down upon the wight's head! TWO BLOWS CONNECT! The heroes succeeded in stopping the wight, but wait....
The blade still floated in air, even as the wight fell dying. The wicked man's body became smoke as it's pulled into the dagger. The dagger begins to fold upon itself infinitely, until it disappeared! A flash and glow of green light launches from the cathedral... then... silence.
Our heroes, had stopped the ritual and saved the town from what possibly could've been a horrible fate. They also saved the boy but their aasimar bard Wivar was worse for wear. Quentin picks up his weak ally and all 3 begin to stealth through the Necropolis!
As they make the trek back to the gates, they came across fallen weapons and armor. Dust sat in piles where the gear had dropped, indicating that the undead had returned to the earth, no longer risen and poised to strike out at them! They reached the gate unscathed!
After some bickering with one the guards, whom thinks the party is undead, they are finally let out of the necropolis and back into town. Wasting no time to bring good news to the mayor, the 3 heroes and the boy reach the mayor's house.
Upon opening the door and embracing his son, the adventurers enter the abode & the mayor proceeded to reward them plus extra, for returning his son. Questions were had but few answers were given, about the light and what happened. The bard tries to charm the mayor. Fails. Leaves.
The party is told that they have free stay at the inn, as thanks from the mayor. After Quentin and Galas sit down at a table while Wivar talks with the Barkeep, Wivar tries to charm the barkeep. Much to the misfortune of Galas and Quentin, Wivar succeeds.
By then, the 3 had gotten keys to the rooms for the night. Quentin had also divided up the share of the 300g, both quentin and galas realized what Wivar had done. Only thing Wivar got, however, was the admiration of the barkeep of the bard. This can't end well.
So, in efforts to 'get some fresh air', Quentin and Galas try to leave the inn, and Wivar tries to catch up with them. Thus concludes the one shot of Galas, Wivar and Quentin. All 3 got their share of 300g, Galas and Wivar kept the split of 100g and they move onto the next story.
In this next chapter, Wivar had bid farewell to Galas and Quentin and the two continued on to the next town. This one had a festival being prepared, and the main showcase was the town's apple cider. This year saw an increase of bandits & silence from the orchard, which is unusual
So the moon elf and human fighter -- now joined by a new half orc wizard named Holg Shumpson -- as the group talks with the leader of the town about a job to help out. Bring back 10 casks of apple cider, get paid 50g a cask. Accepted & given a cart and horses to ride out with.
Quentin, familiar with training with horses, took the driver seat -- while Galas took watch and Holg relaxed. We ride out of town and down a path to the orchard, only to be stopped by a single bandit firing a bolt past our heads, yelling at us to yield & surrender.
Before anything could be done, our wood elf monk raised his bow like "Like this?", readies an arrow and one shots the damn bandit. Bugger gets all the fun. Over half dozen more crossbowmen bandits and their captain pop out of the sides. BATTLE IS UPON US!
Galas was the first to act, taking cover by a nearby tree, after firing off another shot at a different bandit, using the tree as cover from the crossbowmen. Holg and Quentin weren't fast enough and two crossbowmen almost drop our new Wizard and barely scratch Quentin with bolt.
Holg takes cover behind Galas while Quentin hops out of the drivers seat & charges into the thick of the bandits. He dashes in & held there attention, as Galas snuck along the stone wall and assassinates the farthest right bandit, pulling it behind the wall and taking his place.
Before Galas could get over, the captain spotted him and nailed him with his second dagger -- after missing with the first -- but hardly did much damage. Galas' shirt suffered more than he did. Meanwhile, back at present, Galas and Quentin held the line while Holg fired missiles.
Missiles of the arcane variety, at the captain and firebolts at the bandits. Each bandit fell quickly to Galas while Quentin held the line as the bandits struggled to stop this two-man army. Down to 2 bandits and the captain, Galas duels the captain while quentin gets bandits.
Bandit #1 gets beaten down by Quentin and at this point, it's just the last bandit and captain. Galas boasts to get them to surrender and both captain and bandit #2 try to flee. After the second bandit had hit him, quentin realized it was the one that shot him earlier.
He whips out his crossbow and loads a bolt, yelling,"THIS IS HOW YOU FIRE A CROSSBOW!" and the bolt goes through the bandit's skull, causing him to fall forward and the bolt going back into the head. Galas finishes off the captain in a similar fashion, only with a good beat down.
After checking the bandits and getting some extra coin [with 3 bolts recovered from their quivers, for quentin's own quiver] the party continued on to the orchard. The front was decorated with scarecrows and pumpkins but it seemed more dreary than festive. Party short rests.
Quentin took watch so they could rest in peace [he's doing okay for now, on health]. They continued on foot, across the bridge, and 3 scarecrows come to life! One gets advantage on Quentin... fails. Other two miss. BATTLE ONCE MORE COMMENCES!
Holg firebolts one scarecrow, causing it to jump from the short bridge into the water, to put itself out, before coming back to the bridge. Several rounds of slicing, punching and hammering lead to one scarecrow getting it's head sliced off, another kicked off the bridge....
By the time they got to the third, the wizard had also set it on fire. What does it do? It suicides on the bridge, blowing up and causing the bridge to catch on fire! But it's still standing up! Quentin catches on fire from the blast, having to jump off to stop, drop and roll!
Holg proceeds to firebolt it a third time. Crits! and it goes down. He then uses his ray of frost cantrip to put out the bridge but turns it into an icicle. At least it's saved, right? Quentin gets back up, takes a deep breath and second wind's himself for a breather.
Our monk, at this point, had enough of the scarecrows and proceeded to cut off the heads of the rest of them. None of the rest reacted, so they weren't animated. We stopped at the gate to the orchard... and that concludes tonight's session! The party got enough xp for level 4 but
That requires a long rest to complete the level up. That is for next session in "Quentin's Undead Adventures: A Case of Bad Apples!"
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