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Few strategic destructions done by #ModiGovt to help two of his Corporate friends

#BSNL was not allowed to bid in for 4G so that Modi ji’s #JIO enjoys a free run

(1/8) Image
#AAI bids for the new airports were rejected with no reason so that Modi’s #Adani takes away all new airports

Note: Adani has no prior #aviation experience

#SBI was pushed to give $ 1 Bullion debt to Modi’s #Adani to purchase #CoalMines in Australia.

Takes money from Indians & makes money by selling it back with huge profits! Wah Modi Wah

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#important Our institute has released a significant and legally-reviewed report detailing evidence of how Russia is inciting genocide in Ukraine. Tremendous work in @NewlinesInst - coverage of the report in @nytimes here
.@CNN has an exclusive story on this landmark report.

Leading experts accuse Russia of inciting genocide in Ukraine and intending to 'destroy' Ukrainian people | CNN…
Russia has incited genocide in Ukraine, independent experts conclude - The Washington Post…
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I wrote this thread to counter the misinfo. spread by Mandal, neither Rajputs objected to it nor Marathas (not even JMJB Gang to which the original tweet was addressed).
Ones who tried to spread filth on my tweet are those who call themselves repositories of Hinduism.
While I understand their pain and helplessness, I won't give them the satisfaction of unnecessary engagement.
This tweet is objected towards the Rajputs and the Marathas:
There's no need of this newly found animosity between the two groups,
one should understand that the groups who use Shivaji Maharaj's name to pitch him against the Rajputs don't do this for the glory of Marathas or SM, it's for their own good.
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We have another skittish little #bunny! Our beautiful Tony here is v #shy about sharing #sources, and since I am v #gentle, as an act of #goodfaith, i’ll go first and see if we can ease him in!

A #funfunfun "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours" game for #SundayFunday🎀
Before we really get going... #Muffin were you aware that #Omicron is leading to a big increase in #pediatric hospital admissions?…
#Bunny, you weren’t #serious about #Covid re: children, were you?

Researchers "have found elevated levels of a biomarker related to blood vessel damage in children with SARS-CoV-2 infection, even if the children had minimal or no symptoms of COVID-19."…
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President of India Ramnath Kovind to inaugurate the two-day national conference on “Mediation and Information Technology” at Ekta Nagar, Narmada, Gujarat.

Chief Justice of India Justice N V Ramana to be the Chief Guest.

Event to start shortly @rashtrapatibhvn #SupremeCourt Image
Dignitaries rise for the national anthem.
Seen here: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, President Ramnath Kovind, CJI NV Ramana

#SupremeCourt @KirenRijiju Image
Chief Justice of Gujarat HC, Justice Aravind Kumar: we are the place of tallest statue, the statue of Unity, of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Mediation is one of the most cost effective dispute redressal mechanism Image
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The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022, prima facie, fails to satisfy the tests laid down by the Supreme Court in the landmark decision in K.S. Puttaswamy (2017).
#CriminalProcedureIdentificationBill2022 #LokSabha #surveillance #privacymatters
The collection and processing of sensitive personal data such as biometric & biological samples for the purposes of identification do not, satisfy the test of proportionality.
The absence of any opportunity of hearing for persons refusing to allow their measurements to be taken highlights the failure to meet the State’s aim for promoting justice, as provided under Article 39A of the Constitution.
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A thread on Bucha incident.

Particularly events on Yablunska Street presented by Ukrainian as a deliberate massacre of civilians.

Please 🔁RETWEET. Image
Article has appeared in NYT.

Using Maxar satellite images the precise date on which killing took place were found.

March 11 for the incident with highest number of victims and March 20 for the second incident on the same street. ImageImageImage
During this time the area (according to public sources) was firmly under Russian control.

This is also supported by the fact that some civilian victims were wearing white sleeve bands, which they wear in Russian controlled areas. ImageImage
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Thread on recent Ukrainian propaganda photo. Implying execution of civilians. It does not mater how much we talk about, the lie has been spread.

1. Here is original post (thread) :

Here is a short video of the same place.
Here is the long video, we can see clearly that civilians on the street were caught in a midst of recent fighting during Ukranian counter-offensive on the street.
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Below, Not for Anons.

.@USNavy, #BOX 123 .. 🍎
#RED 1 #RED 2 [3][456]
KeySecured When?


23(3) John F Kennedy
[4] HELLO George
Fire Breaks Work

Barry, Knock Knock ..
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👉 #Stop_the_link_share
क्योंकि the kashmir files की लिंक वायरल करके आप हिन्दुत्व की ताकत को नुकसान पहुंचा रहे हैं_
#Important 👇👇सोचिए 🤔🤔
अचानक से सभी व्हाटस एप ग्रुप में the kashmir files की लिंक वायरल होने लगी है। लिंक के साथ एक डिस्क्रिप्शन लिखा जा रहा है कि इसे खुद देखे और परिवार को दिखाएं। अब सवाल यह है कि यदि एक बार आपने फिल्म को अपने मोबाइल पर घर बैठे देख लिया तो फिर ऑप थिएटर नहीं जाएंगे।
फिर कोई भी कितना कट्‌टर हो, यदि उसने एक बार मूवी देख ली तो वो सिनेमाघर तो नहीं जाएगा। और फिल्म पहले सप्ताह में ही सिनेमाघरों से बेआबरू होकर उतर जाएगी। फिर कहा जाएगा कि यह फिल्म बुरी तरह फ्लॉप रही और देश के दर्शकों ने इसे सपोर्ट नहीं किया।
👇👇👇तों फिर
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Below are all user(s) CONFIRMED to be scammers. We provide beyond a reasonable doubt that such information is wholly truthful and accurate. Such CAN be confirmed quickly through evidence. Information provided here is not to be used for solicitation or harassment. #habbo
🕵️‍♂️ BEWARE: The user AntFood is a known quick trade scammer, please be cautious while trading with him. He's scammed many & continues to do so. RT to spread awareness.

picture credit: @number24_habbo

#AntFood #habbo #scams #habboscammers #endhabboscams #EHS #scammer #ScamAlert ImageImage
🕵️ BEWARE: The user ashwinb11 many user(s) paid for his "giveaway" and when people started to win he then :kickedall. RT to spread awareness.

picture credit: @ReeceGamingTV

#ashwinb11 #habbo #scams #habboscammers #endhabboscams #EHS #scammer #ScamAlert ImageImage
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पूरा थ्रेड आख़िर तक ध्यान से पढ़े। सभी बाते सबूतके साथ रखूँगा।

हमारे एक हिंदू भाई किशन भरवाड़ पर हाल ही में पीठ पीछे हमला और उसकी हत्या कोई सामान्य दुर्घटना नहीं है बल्कि एक सुनियोजित हमला है।

इसका एक ताजा और जीवंत उदाहरण मैं आपको देता हूं।
Step 1:

यदि आप हिंदुओं के लिए आवाज उठा रहे हैं, तो इस सिंडिकेट का एक आदमी अपने आप आपके इनबॉक्स में आ जाएगा और आपको "भाई क्यू सबको भड़का रहे हो" "क्यू जहेर फेल रहे हो"। "वो तो एक इन्सांकी गल्ती थी" वगैरह जैसी मीठी बातें देगा। .... और आपको दोषी महसूस कराने की कोशिश करेंगे।

यदि आप उसके जाल में फंस जाते हैं और कहते हैं "मैं यह केवल उसी के लिए कह रहा हूं" "बाकी आप सभी मेरे भाई हैं" "मैं सेक्यूलर हूं" तो उसका काम वही ख़त्म हो जाएगा।

उसने आसानी से एक हिन्दू युवानको नामर्द बना दिया।

उसका काम हो गया है और वह चला जाएगा नया शिकार खोजने।

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#Palantir $PLTR explained by one of the co founders of palantir. @JTLonsdale
Great explanation of their purpose. Thx #Palantir for supporting the fight against #terror and help the world being a #Safer place. 🌍✌️
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Le mois dernier, le président #Biden jurait qu'il n'y aurait pas de fuite en hélicoptère des toits de Kaboul comme à Saigon en 1975. Le désastre en cours face aux Talibans est tel que, pour la presse US, désormais rien n'est moins sûr...
2. En tout cas, selon Politico, l'ambassade US est sur le point d'être complètement évacuée face à l'avancée des Talibans et @JenniferJJacobs de Bloomberg confirme le début de destruction des archives sensibles.…
3. #Miseàjour #important
Ce soir face à l'avancée des Talibans, le président #Biden publie 1 long communiqué: avertissement en cas d'atteinte aux troupes US évacuant les civils mais sinon zéro regret: les #EtatsUnis devaient partir. Plus son affaire.
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According to information, exclusively obtained by @BILD, Chinese internet company #Tencent is trying to buy German games developer #Crytek for more than 300 Million Euros via a European subsidiary.
Crytek supplies several western armies with military simulation programs.
Multiple employees of Crytek, based in Frankfurt, are afraid, that if their company is sold to China, their software will be used for military purpose by the PLA or China will use its ownership of the company to spy on western militaries and arms manufacturers, using CryEngine.
According to our investigation, Tencent - claiming to be an independent company - is highly pro-CCP and already in 2017 promised to the Chinese leadership that it will raise its party member share sharply from 23% at this time - especially in leading company positions.
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[CA Exams 2021] Hearing in Supreme Court today on granting opt out [LIVE UPDATES]

#caexams #caexam #SupremeCourt

The Bench will assemble at 10.30 am. Read LIVE UPDATES from today's hearing here:
The Supreme Court had made it clear yesterday that it will not postpone the exam but will only pass directions on granting opt out.

#caexams #caexam #SupremeCourt

Read more on that here:
ICAI has told Supreme Court opt-out option in CA Exam will be granted for those who "recently suffered" from COVID or have after effects

#caexams #CAExams2021

Read more about ICAI proposal here:
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#important Dr Reiner Fuellmich On The Global Covid Response: "It's Not About Health" Full video interview
#Alert #COVID19 #Lawsuits #Exposed #PCRpieceoftrash #Nuremberg2 Image
Special Session: International Legal Offensive against WHO, Governments, Davos Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Drosten PCR test, CDC etc... for crimes against humanity - Part 1
Special Session: International Legal Offensive against WHO, Governments, Davos Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Drosten PCR test, CDC etc... for crimes against humanity - Part 2
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An excellent debunking by @MickWest.
However, the wizards of disinformation have a follow-up maneuver now. What they will do is *actually* insert a "dead cat microphone" into a breaking video which does not originally have one of those microphones.
They will move fast to use the altered video with an inserted dead-cat-mic in highly targeted, 1-to-1 end-to-end encrypted ephemeral messaging (like WhatsApp or disappearing Signal messaging)...
in order to quickly show the altered breaking news video to target persuadables who are on-the-fence about whether or not the media can be trusted and are not tech savvy enough to have any chance of actually preserving or saving the video they are shown.
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Months ago a WhatsApp link was circulated in Kerala and its stated mission was - One India, One Pension. Each senior citizen would get Rs 10,000 pm

The message asked them to join a WA group.
This message was targeted at people above 55, including my parents.
Many people like my parents, who have mostly lived in Kerala, where the Govt works decently, believed ‘One India, One Pension’ is possible.

They said that other countries have it, so why not? True. Why not?

But Kerala is not India. India is not Scandinavia.
Being a journalist and having known of similar groups in other states, I warned them that this is a BJP/RSS-funded group.

They refused to believe that it could be BJP/RSS backed. I told them that they will begin to propagate soft BJP opinions closer to elections.
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The Director of the Drugs Control Dept. will direct pharmacies to make emergency contraceptive pills available for OVER THE COUNTER purchase. The Dept. will clarify to all pharmacies that ECP’s are LEGAL/NOT BANNED, must be stocked & sold
Those of us who stock ECP’s and give out to people need/can't find them WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. So yes, ask if you need the pill, but before you do, PLEASE CHECK PHARMACIES IN YOUR AREA. If it’s not available at a pharmacy let us know so we can inform the area drug inspector.

On Wednesday, Nov 11th at 9 PM, I sent out an email representation drafted by an amazing bunch of lawyers regarding ECP’s being unavailable and inaccessible for purchase in TN to 5 state departments: Drugs Control, Health, Home, Social Welfare, Women’s Commission.
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#Important- Church hand clearly visible in nationwide court orders banning firecrackers! Soul harvester #ConversionMafia would jump in to feed unemployed #TamilNadu workers in cracker industry. CH in #FCRAViolation strike recovery mode @by2kaafi @Indumakalktchi
(Cont) Image
Odisha Govt restricts use of #Diwali diyas, just few days ago diya processing kilns seen destroyed by local officers citing #NGT order.
Again force villagers out of ancestral small busyness then feed them n convert #ConversionMafia in full swing
(Cont) Image
Earlier @OxfamIndia had run vicious online campaign defaming #AssamTea industry citing labour issues. Aim was to kill tea industry n then trap unemployed labours in Church net. For it @oxfamcanada pumped money in India! @himantabiswa #ConversionMafia
(Cont..) Image
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#AmericaIsOnTheBallot "Every democracy or many democracies in their histories have taken a flier on a populist fast-talking con man. I come from Minnesota, we have a governor we took a flier on like that, it happens in history. You can do it once but when you do it twice, then 1/
it's no longer about who he is. It’s about who you are. The whole world will look #differently at US if we were to reaffirm & re-elect this man, because then the world will actually start looking at us really how it looks at Russia & China. Just another #transactional country. 2/
They’ll look at us as a country that #decided to #change the #StatueOfLiberty from “give me your tired, your poor, those seeking & yearning to be #free, to get the #hell off my lawn… & that will affect the whole world. The world likes to make fun of America. 3/
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What does an average #Sindh #youth look like and what does an average Sindh youth #aspires for?
Find more about the #Hopes, #aspirations and #attitudes of Sindh youth through public opinion polling conducted by Gallup Pakistan.
Full Report:
According to past and latest consensus by PBS, #Sindh is a #youthful #province with #young people under the age of 19 make up 50% of the #population
Accounting for only 23% of #Pakistan's total population, #Sindh makes up 33% of #national #GDP, 70% of country's #incometax, 62% of country's #sales #taxes, and half of country's #seafood #export.
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#Important Info

#Germany #Berlin #RKI #Coronavirus #Study

The federal government is concerned about the development of corona infections in Germany.
The Federal Chancellery in Berlin is therefore in close contact with the federal states in order to advance a common line in the fight against the Sars-CoV-2 virus.
In a conversation between Chancellor Helge Braun and the state secretaries, the confidante of the Chancellor apparently warned that the increase in the number of corona cases could also be due to the different approaches within the republic.
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