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City Council March 21,2019 
Among items: 3 pm item penalizing donating to panhandlers, Districts Women of the Year including Debbie Darden, Pat Brown, & Stephanie Booroojian,Free park admission for military & law enforcement, fire fighters.
Council District 1: Marina Magdaleno - Sponsored by Councilmember Esmeralda Soria
Council District 2: Kacey Auston-Tibbetts - Sponsored by Council President Steve Brandau 
Council District 3: Debbie J. Darden - Sponsored by Council Vice President Miguel Angel Arias
District 4: Deborah Adishian-Astone - Sponsored by Councilmember Paul Caprioglio 
Council District 5: Patricia Brown - Sponsored by Councilmember Luis Chavez
Council District 6: Stefani Booroojian - Sponsored by Councilmember Garry Bredefeld 
Council District 7: Margarita Rocha
Nick Monsma, Pastor of Fresno Christian Reformed Church with invocation this morning. Andy Morales with National Anthem this morning. She is an intern at Maddy Institute. @PaulCaprioglio began the Women of the Year four years ago.
Gift Certificates for honored Women provided by Offices of Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Diane Feinstein, State Senator Melissa Hurtado, Assemblyman Jim Patterson and State Senator @AndreasBorgeas. Council District 4: Deborah Adishian-Astone of Fresno State.
Council District 2: Kacey Auston-Tibbetts of Tower District’s Studio 614 and Auston Consulting- Sponsored by Council President Steve Brandau. Austin-Tibbets’ daughter passed away last year. Choking thru tears Brandau explains why he chose her for this honor.
Council District 3: Debbie J. Darden - Sponsored by Council Vice President Miguel Angel Arias. Owner of Golden Westside Planning Committee. Alumni of Edison High. She keeps everyone accountable no matter level of office. Gaston Middle School and now Westside Community College
Darden thanks her pastors and family especially her mother. Organizations BWOPA and Golden Westside Planning Committee.
Council District 1: Marina Magdaleno sponsored by Councilmember Esmeralda Soria @Esmeralda_Soria She is Labor Representative, International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 39 which covers a lot of City employees. “A fearless advocate” says Councilmember Soria. Graduated
from Roosevelt High School as well as a veteran of US Army. Involved in voter education as well as several campaigns. She led the fight against the Measure G campaign which would have privatized residential trash service says @Esmeralda_Soria Nominated by Dee Barnes.
Magadeleno says her fighting spirit came from her mother who crossed the Texas border. Both deported from Fresno back to Mexico via Greyhound Bus. They returned with all four children getting college degrees. “Work with your back or your brain?” her mother instilled in her.
Council District 5: Patricia Brown - Sponsored by Councilmember Luis Chavez @District5Chavez who is a member of Fresno County Democratic Central Committee. She is passionate about her community. Daughter Vanessa graduated from Sunnyside High. Working with SEFCEDA to get soccer
fields in South East Fresno covering 48 acres. Husband David present this morning. Female mentors include Soria, City Manager Wilma Quan, Dee Barnes & Janet Miller among others.
Council District 6: KSEE 24 News Anchor for 37 years ago Stefani Booroojian - Sponsored by Councilmember Garry Bredefeld @GarryBredefeld Winner of 3 Emmy Awards. Been to Armenia four times. BuddyCheck 24 program. Graduate of Fresno State. Changes in broadcasting for women.
Council District 7: Margarita Rocha - Sponsored by Councilmember Nelson Esparza @D7Esparza She is Executive Director of Centro La Familia Advocacy Services for over 25 years. She was very surprised to be honored. Thanks her staff for all their help. Graduate of Edison High.
Comes from a family of immigrants. Her career was set when she acted as an interpreter for her Spanish speaking mother. We need healthy a community and families.
Council meeting will resume after a small reception for the honorees
Consent Calendar 
*Approving the Final Map of Tract No. 6165  between South Sunnyside Avenue, South Fowler Avenue, East California Avenue and East Church Avenue. 2019 NEW TRAFFIC SIGNAL LOCATIONS  including 
Cedar and Woodward traffic signal near Sequoia Middle school
Funding request from California Department of Transportation Low Carbon Transit Operations Program Increased Frequency Weekend Bus Service ($867,000)and Extended Night Service,($300,000) purchase and installation of real-time bus stop displays,($395,000). Dr.Ram Nunna (Dean
of Engineering at Fresno State) to the City of Fresno Capital Projects Oversight Board.
1-G @MiguelArias_D3 in three year grant for bus service. Arias wants to know if Service to Veterans Home. Not at this time. Passes 7-0. 1-H $35,000 Construction contract of Recycled Water Transmission. Delay caused by asks Soria. We require our staff to be on time. We need to
to do the same with contractors. Carbajal says delay was dealt with in Closed Session. Pipeline already completed. Passes 6-0. 1-J concerning hiring outside counsel in personnel matters. City Manager Quan asks if this is ok ? City Attorney Doug Sloan says yes. Passes 5-0
Continuation from previous council meetings: 26.92 acres of property located on the northwest corner of West Shaw and North Grantland Avenues to be annexed, with 163 lot single family homes. Sewer and water connection language has been corrected. Representing church says
verbiage has been worked out and they are satisfied with outcome now. Home Contractor Thanks Council for their work. Staff is thanked by @stevebrandau. Passes 7-0. 3-A Staff Scott Tyler on Weber /Shields traffic signal $755,000. Passes 7-0. 3-C pass Economic Expansion Act with
no discussion. Unscheduled Communication now. Julie Dudley- City’s media marketing JP Marketing has a conflict with ONME media service that she represents . She feels her civil rights are violated by preventing her from speaking to Councilmembers. Delays in payment to ONME.
Darrel Wilson says communication to Fresno’s citizens needs to be better. @MiguelArias_D3 would like these representatives to speak with City Attorney staff. City Manager takes their info to make that happen. Now 4-A to allow free regional park admission for active and
for active and retired military, law enforcement, and firefighters. @GarryBredefeld says Mayors’ Staff would like survey for three months to see what the numbers /costs that are involved. @District5Chavez asks what about senior citizens ? April-June will be surveyed and back
to Council in July. @Esmeralda_Soria would like to not pick winners and losers. Children should have access to parks for free as well. Would like staff to survey that as well. Do we only allow Fresno City PD? Or Clovis PD as well. @GarryBredefeld generates $2 million cost to
Regional Parks if all vehicles with kids, law enforcement etc are allowed in for free. Would have to be made up somewhere else. @MiguelArias_D3 doesn’t want certain public workers (law enforcement etc)to be considered more important than teachers, Carpenters, doctors etc
and have to subsidize the free cost of others. Otherwise “all free to enter park or none are free” says Arias. @stevebrandau $2 million generated at the three regional parks. Does children include 16-year old driver to Woodward Park count ? Soria says if vehicles has a kid in it
than they are free too. Brandau says maintenance fees will be not paid for if half are getting in free. @GarryBredefeld says yes all workers are valuable but he does think military and law enforcement are special much like they get discounts at various commercial establishments.
If Council is worried about park costs hurting their constituents. He feels Measure P would hurt low income citizens more as it is a regressive tax. Soria asks can it be discount rather than free. Arias asks cost of maintenance of regional parks. Staff says those fees help fund
all the other parks. Arias says with Balance Budget Act we need to find where the $2 million will be replaced by. Arias also says public teachers have suffered from mass shootings much like law enforcement. This will it be voted on today but will come back in July after survey.
Council going to Closed Session with items including:
Lowell Community Development Corp., v. City of Fresno; Fresno County Superior Court Case No. 18CECG01885 

Darling Ingredients, Inc. 
Under Negotiation: Price and Terms of Payment 
Will resume 1:30 pm.
Council back from Lunch Recess. 2018 Caltrans Excellence in Transportation Award for the Fulton Street Reconstruction Project. @MayorLeeBrand @MiguelArias_D3 sponsoring. Paving company finished on time. Public Works Director Scott Mozier says it is a special honor as they are
CEQA challenge prior to construction. It was estimated to take 3 years but finished in 9 months. Measure C dollars plus TIGER grant. Companies include Provost and Pritchard were local civil engineering firm, American Paving, Teeter, Suzanne Bertz-Rosa (way signage etc)
@MayorLeeBrand with the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission to present a Carnegie Medal to Cregg Jerri for performing an act of heroism who disabled a person with a Handgun/knife at a local Starbucks. He is one of few nationwide to receive this medal. Also Cregg Jerri Day in Fresno!
Only 18 awards given out nationwide. Incident occurred year and half ago. Cregg Jerri said he didn’t plan it out too well but it worked out well for him and Batista. (Jerri suffered a neck wound)
@stevebrandau thanks for Mr Jerri for his courageous act of bravery. Moving on to another agenda item Fulton Street reconstruction contract change order with American Paving Co. These are zeroing out one order as well as settlement for delays due to weather or utility issues.
@PaulCaprioglio asks about finding sources : Measure C , Tiger, Downtown Partnership and one other. Approved 6-1 with Caprioglio voting in the negative. Council going to Closed Session until 3 pm item to prohibit giving to panhandlers. Should be a contentious issue.
Safe Transfer of Objects to Pedestrians (STOP) about to resume from Closed Session. (3:30 pm now). Sponsored by @stevebrandau @PaulCaprioglio @District5Chavez Brandau says he has worked hard on this issue for 18 months. Knows it will be controversial. Major intersections are
an issue around town. “This is a public safety “and Brandau has pared it down from more expansive. This is “not a manifesto on poor people or to prevent people from helping but just not doing it from a median. You can still pull over and donate. There will be an infraction that
won’t show up on your car insurance. First offense is $75 then $150 and finally $300 for third. Chief Dyer often prefers to give public a chance to be familiar with a new law. Perhaps he will give out warnings first. No more than $200 from intersection and a place where cars can
pull over. Brandau makes motion with these changes : City will use it s portion of fine for traffic safety, Request for Funding HEAP and $100,000 to be given to homeless work program. Also it will be a sunset clause. “ @District5Chavez says this is not an attack on the needy.
This council has dedicated money to homeless including $1 million for homeless tent. Police won’t be doing staking out with binoculars trying to catch violators. Asks if HEAP funding can be used for helping homeless who are fined can get priority for these jobs. Mayor was in
Sacramento yesterday looking for more homeless funding “ @D7Esparza needs to leave soon so is working now. “He first heard about this proposal 72 hours ago and amazed how quickly the public came together on this. At a press conference yesterday says this is embarrassing. He says
he will vote NO on this next time it comes up (he needs to leave on train soon). Esparza implores @GarryBredefeld to abide by the words he helped put on wall behind council “In God We Trust”. “ @PaulCaprioglio thanks everyone for coming out. He asks that everyone be respectful.
This is a proactive bill that will prevent injuries, traffic accidents. Distracted drivers are more likely to be in an accident. He has heard from many about the near misses caused by this. He doesn’t think this bill is a First Amendment violation. Lots of calls relate to home-
lessness and fines will help with traffic safety. HEAP funding will be used for homeless work program. People can always donate to programs like Food Bank” Going to Public Comment now. Says veterans suffer from homelessness. Urges Council to vote NO. We need homes.
Pastor says “this bill punishes for being homeless. This law hurts and humiliates everyone involved. Affordable housing is needed. Asking for help isn’t a crime. Not shame. “
Ellis Vance from UU Church says most people on Street are miserable but are we trying to make it so hard they will leave Fresno? Other cities try to help feed the hungry. Don’t punish them. “
Brandau says permitted activities still can occur like Kids Day. Fresno County Democratic Central Committee Chair Michael Evans finds it hard to believe this is about public safety especially when exemptions are made for organizations council likes. He is embarrassed that two
Democratic Councilmembers (Caprioglio and Chavez) are in favor of this.”Next person says she has never seen an accident due to giving out to homeless.Texting is a larger issue. People need home , place to shower. Salt Lake City and Modesto is doing good things but this is not
a good ordinance. (Michael Evans previously had mentioned this ordinance was not more about grandstanding than helping ). Next person says District 2 has more issues than this problem. Drag racing Etc. Child Joseph O’Neil says he gives waters to homeless. Been helping them since
he was four years of age. God made us for this. “ (Joseph gets a loud round of applause. )Joseph spends his birthdays giving out waters. Dez Martinez says this is all about getting money for Councilmembers. She won’t stop helping even if she gets fined.
Kathleen Miles says there are a lot of homeless in her 35 years of living in her neighborhood. She has never seen a homeless that are in good enough shape to be employed. She says she feels a “lift”’when she sees others giving to homeless. Many of these lifts can help community
Fresno State person says to Vote No. we the public know this isn’t about Public Safety. Jordan Fitzpatrick says He is “appalled “ by this. He doesn’t think everyone is capable of working. Do they have to prove their worth to get help? This council has shown they hate the poor”
Emily Cameron says “bill states pedestrian are not allowed to loiter around signaled intersection. Council should own up to this at least and not deny it. “
Marisa Morasa this will not effect any core issues and punish the vulnerable and poor. There are better solutions out there. Dallas Blanchard says he lives in Chinatown says some Councilmembers have vendetted against homeless. “Brandau is a bully”.
Next person says this is turning us into a “fourth world country where previously a country with power becomes poor”. “Council is drug addicted to money”
Tim Curley of Valley Childrens Hospital would like to see in writing that this ordinance won’t adversely hurt Kids Day. Thanks Council and Community for their help with Kids Day. Nancy Greaser says this is “a lipstick on a pig ordinance. Will have to pull officers to enforce this
Daniel O’Connell says this “is offense and immoral and a White Solution. This will be supported by whites on Council. Brandau doesn’t speak for the poor. “ Next says more would be wearing these yellow tags in their shirt but they have ran out of them
Diocese’s Jim Grant thanks the Mayor and Councilmembers who realized this is a mean ordinance. We need to think more deeply on this. UU church pastor says “we have yet to hear someone in favor of this. Our ERs are packed but not from traffic accidents caused by panhandling.”
God asks what have we done for the least of our brethren. In God We Trust behind you. “ Mary Curry quotes Jimmy Carter to never stop helping people. We need to build trust” Any facts on traffic safety from panhandlers, Kids Day , Filll the Boot? Council came with an empty bucket
Mary Curry will break this ordinance if it passes. I will never pay a dime in fines” First Public to speak in favor. “People have changed this from a public safety issue to a attack on homelessness. We have charities that can help them. Too much to pull over and donate that way?”
Brandau urges those in chambers “no cat calls or applauding “. People clapping already. “This is bad Law. 200 yards is two football fields. Where can I donate to them?? Quotes MLK about unjust laws. “
Carmen Zamora of Latina Democrats is against this ordinance. This will eventually effect everyone and just a way to solicit funds for the City. Implores @GarryBredefeld to vote NO. Next says we need to make our city more bike friendly before we worry about this. Let’s look at
this before we make a solution. Next says homeless don’t want to work or go to Poverello. In favor of this. Chuck Krugman says this is hypocritical ordinance. A small donation can be a way to make a connection to homeless. Fill the Boot etc causes more accidents despite getting
a permit. FAX system needs to be fixed if they really want to help traffic safety. Sukaina Hussain from CAIR says they are against this. This is will not create positive change. Our lowest income earners spend 50% on housing. Don’t penalize those trying to help those who are left
behind by this Council. Stacy says we need to be proactive like Modestomis doing. She knows Chief Dyer doesn’t want to be giving out fines to people giving out water and the chief& her are never on same side! Dr. Denice Curry is against this. She says it was convenient they wait-
they waited until after Kids Day was over. We need to focus on being Good Samaritans as well as the God We Trust Behind the Councilmembers. Faith in The Valley says helping people is part of our religion.
She is confused why Council says this is not an attack on homeless but then exempt Kids Day. Homeless have rights like everyone else. Next says not all homeless want to spend donations on drugs.
Councilman Bredefeld is the swing vote. Public knows he is a good man and asks Bredefeld to follow “In God We Trust” that he helped put up at Council chambers. Next person says Salt Lake City has done a good job with this issue. Chief Dyer comes up. He says there is large amount
of pedestrian deaths but they don’t know stats for panhandlers. Only one that could be recalled was in 2009 of someone soliciting for funeral expenses. Dyer says this ordinance puts an unrealistic expectation that PD will be enforcing this very much. Already understaffed. Trust
from Community can be worn away if PD cites those trying to help others. This ordinance is so controversial and probably won’t get enough community support for this. Breaks his heart to see this divide today. Believes Brandau is doing this from a good place but this won’t be a
high priority for PD. (I have to go to another meeting and will finish this up later. 😩)
Bredefeld asks Dyer it sounds like PD won’t give out this fine? Dyer said perhaps for repeat offenders. Median Resolution from a few years ago was educational by Traffic Officers and you do see a reduction in that offense. Bredefeld states that homeless advocates often say giv-
ing money to panhandlers is actually bad for the panhandlers as they will use it for drugs/alcohol and keeps them homeless. Dyer says Poverello / Fresno Rescue Mission has a video saying just that. Obviously some may use it for food too. Back to Public Comments. Ismael Smiley-
Caulderon just moved to Fresno says this ordinance is misguided. Chavez/ Brandau both said today that this causes traffic backups but this hasn’t been seen in actual data even according to Chief Dyer. Not a good idea to go against the will of people trying to do good. Tony Mar-
tinez of Shaw Ave Group is for this ordinance. He will give/buy food for homeless but not money. Begs Soria to vote in favor of this ordinance. Another member from Shaw area says this has been hijacked today. This is a blight on the city. Shows photo of human feces left. Please
Vote YES in this ordinance. Caprioglio asks for a ten minute break due to his bladder will burst. Soria has a Women of the Year event so she can’t wait the ten minutes. Arias points out Caprioglio left for the restroom so let’s get going. Soria said she was only NO vote on camp-
Ordinance last year. This will punish people trying to do good. Education as Dyer said is way to go. Are we just political grandstanding today? Something to use in a political ad someday? Soria points out Brandau used Camping Ordinance in a political ad even though it was found
to be Unconstitutional but Brandau’s maiker said the ordinance was working. Soria said ACLU letter states they will sue over today’s ordinance which means taxpayers’ dollars will be spent. Many of my Council colleagues talk about using money wisely. Voting for this today is
To spend money in court. This bill isn’t about public safety. Soria says her mother would quote from Book of Matthew Chapter 7 “this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing “. On surface this is about public safety but in application it is on our most vulnerable. Kids Day and others can
spend money on permits which can cost up to $400 which hurts those who don’t have money. Sacramento had to defend something similar to this in court. She asks Bredefeld to look deeply into his heart. She knows he respects Chief Dyer who just said he would vote NO on this as it
won’t change anything. Is this for political purposes? Is this just so we can go back to our constituents and say see: no more panhandlers! When we know that won’t be the case. These panhandlers have to go somewhere. We are building homeless structures. Let’s see how that plays
out before we go onto this. We need the time to do this. Do we want to criminalize kind people??? A vote for this will only take this to court. 100’s of examples of other cities passing similar bills and all went to court. We do need to lift people out of poverty and good jobs.
Soria said if this would solve the problem she would proudly vote YES but this won’t . Real solutions are needed. Round of Applause. She needs to leave for her event she started 40 minutes ago. If this passes today it will come back and she will vote NO then. (Ten minute break)
Arias thanks crowd for letting them get a snack. Asks Counsel Sloan if any deaths from panhandling or traffic ? Sloan says No. Arias says SB 1 will give $10 million for road repairs. This ordinance won’t. Other items that Distract drivers are large campaign signs, people in cost-
umes, furniture discounts. What are rules of those people doing that? Sloan: covered under constitution with First Amendment. Arias: what is cost for Kids Day and Fill the Boot campaigns? Sloan: $87 per intersection. Special events: March of Dimes, Fill the Boot etc $380 Arias:
8000 volunteers for Kids Day. What would repercussions to City if this Bill passes in court? Sloan: First Amendment grounds. 50/50 that it survives trial. Arias: He went to Poverello function fundraiser as well as bought tickets for House of Hope. But he also gave money to home-
less as well along with his kids as he took them to school. He says it is disconcerting if he has to tell his kids that they can only help homeless by buying a $1000 ticket to Poverello event or drive to Herndon to buy raffle tickets. If officers gave a ticket to him and his kids
Would his kids or himself be fined? Sloan: driver. Arias says he notes the “In God We Trust” Sign above him. He “isn’t the best Christian or Catholic. When he goes to church he is reflective. He never thought he would be on dais attempting to pass the most anti-Christian Measure.
He isn’t saying this to say something negative of his colleagues. We are all trying to do what is best. But this hasn’t been thought thru well, it is immoral, unconstitutional. This finds us fining Good Samaritans. Doesn’t protect public safety. Arias says to Bredefeld that we
need to send a clear single message. Every year kids hit the street for Kids Day or Fire Fighters. Even he and his colleagues are out there. We were a potential traffic hazard. This is supposedly not about homeless but we are targeting only panhandlers. He looks forward to voting
this item down. Councilman Chavez says he was a co-sponser of this Bill but he just heard our Police Chief day he is against it. Chavez is pragmatic and wants to get items done. Because of what Dyer said he will withdraws is support. If there is anyway to solve anything else he
he would like to here it. Brandau makes motion and asks Caprioglio for a Second. Caprioglio says we need more time on this item to review it. He won’t Second it. Bredefeld appreciates everyone coming down today. We all desire to help homeless. Allowing people to sleep on streets,
defecating, using drugs, leaving mentally ill in streets is not humane. This can’t continue. We need solutions. We are doing what we can. Brandau’s camping ordinance was an excellent bill. Sleeping on streets is not good. There are plenty of places to get help. Research has
shown that giving money to homeless keeps them homeless. (Interrupted by a few in audience) 1800 homeless in Fresno. Everyone has rights to not have home broken into. Outreach Centers will also help. He wished those from Poverello were here today to give their Expert advice.
Bredefeld says since cosponsors have pulled their support so he won’t Second the Motion. Brandau says item dies for lack of a motion. Arias does make Second to get vote on record. Fails with Chaves in abstention :2-3-1 and Esparza absent. Round of applause.
Will take up last item on Voters Choice Act. Caprioglio says this will allow more days to vote, better educated staff. Will take out item on free bus fares for voters to Voting Centers. Will reappear but for Statutes reason need to pull that portion for now. Mayor Brand lends
his support. Public also lends her support. Arias would like to find resources to educate voters as we make this transition. Caprioglio says Brandi Orth will have a Public Meeting in This soon. She won’t wait for State but is getting ahead. Approved 4/0 with Brandau, Bredefeld
And Esparza absent. The Council adjourns. @threadreaderapp unroll
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