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What do you see, when you look at soap bubbles?
Have you ever payed attention to how much one can learn from them?
They are thinner than a human hair, follow #liquid #energy #dynamics.
They are #spherical, because it's the most energy #efficient #geometry there is
You can freeze them to reveal some of their secrets.
#Fractal ice sculptures, familiar #geometry known from #nature
Does the shape remind you of anything energetic we know that manifests such patterns?
#Electric #Discharge #Lightning
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Dollar vs EM currencies is as important if not more for EM policy space as Fed rates.

Great presentation by @HyunSongShin…
Capital flow intemediation has from banks to bond markets mostly held by institutional asset managers.
Local market development in #EmergingMarkets should have helped them to move away from the “original sin” @upanizza of borrowing in foreign currency. But holdings of local markets are significantly dominated by global asset managers.
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attention every1 in #primarycare #urgentcare #emergency care #EM or #ortho #radiology

Here's an injury that gets missed SO FREQUENTLY

but not by you anymore, bc now YOU'RE GONNA CATCH IT!

Hx: punched a wall, pain
#medtwitter #foamed
What's that? You want another view?

Think you spot the problem?

Keep scrolling!
#medtwitter #foamed

The MC5-hamate articulation is outlined in orange dots

Best appreciated on a 30 deg pronated oblique

Sometimes these are subtle on AP and LAT but always a dead giveaway on the oblique

#medtwitter #foamed
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"#Europaministerkonferenz (#EM) [...] 2017-09-28: [..] nie dagewesener Deutlichkeit [..] Errichtung eines autoritären [..] Zentralstaates nach den Vorstellungen Junckers und Macrons [..] Vernichtung der Nationalstaaten Ausschaltung [..] anderer Meinung
.. [..] Beseitigung der Meinungsfreiheit [..] Entmündung der [..] Bürger [..] zu #Untertanen degradieren"
Letzteres ist offenbar wahr. Mittel dazu ist auch und gerade die allgegenwärtige Ermutigung zur Beschleunigung des #Sittenverfall​s. Dies wird von den #Dunkelmächte​n
.. mit Bedacht und mit Hintergedanken getan, um die Bürgerinnen und Bürger zu korrumpieren. Bemerkenswert in diesem Zusammenhang ist auch, dass je nach Bedarf von den #Dunkelmächte​n dann urplötzlich doch wieder die #Moralkeule hinter dem Rücken hervorgeholt wird.
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I never thought I'd write about getting an IUD, let alone for @NEJM, but I did. During the Kavanaugh hearings I saw ugly, ugly power pushing down & down but I also looked up to see an immense, glittering kind of strength at every turn.…
A huge thank you to some amazing #women in #EM who gave me courage & advice when I was nervous to pursue this. I was worried abt writing on a sensitive topic esp during res interviews @LizSamuels @meganranney @choo_ek @darakass Thank you for making it so much easier to be brave
And thank you to @Jeff__Riddell and @TakuTaira, my mentors who I met at @lacuscdem who picked up the phone and called me immediately when I emailed them for their advice. I'm so grateful to be joining this specialty.
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Please read the whole thread - will start posting now...but eating dinner so will take a while to get the 30 to 40 tweets done

Given the two crashes in one year and the recent #FANG blow much cash do you think Mutual Funds are holding? How about the lowest ever!

More over their allocations to Stocks remain among the highest ever.

And how are those stock/equity investments postured?

We’ll very precariously as #NYSE and #Nasdaq #Composite show...completely stopped at major resistance...not only that there is the breadth question which we will address later and is terrible

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#demographics #militaries #economies #currencies
- Best demographics
- Largest military
- Largest economy
- Most used currency
- Liquid financial markets
- Open capital account
- Rule of law
- Best geography
- Can be self sufficient if required
- Not trade dependent
Top trade partners as of 30 June 2018:
- China: 15.2% (strategic competitor)
- Canada: 15.1%
- Mexico: 14.6%
- Japan: 5.1%
- Germany: 4.4%

The next 10 years could result in the below:
- Mexico (25%)
- Canada (20%
- Japan (7%)
- South Korea (5%)
- Great Britain (4%)
Bring the manufacturing (jobs) home while negatively impacting China's economy.………
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