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Fresno City Council meeting April 4, 2019! Councilman Steve Brandau’s last Meeting before moving to Board of Supervisors. Council will have Special Election August 13 to fill his position. The Mayor’s gas tax ($172 million) allocation scheduled for today has already been called
“dead on arrival” and thus pulled. Other items to be considered : will allow employees to use Kaiser for health , BMG to provide emergency workplace loans for employees, Workshop on Recruiting a new Chief of Police, Councilman Paul Caprioglio to become Council President with
Brandau’s @stevebrandau resignation. Grizzly Fest is on the consent calendar. Doesn’t seem to be the raucous contention over that 2-day event happening at Woodward Park like last year’s Council meeting regarding it.
@Phil4Fresno and myself posing with Parker with @FresnoGrizzlies opening day coming soon! Invocation given by Will Stollet (sp) from Northwest Church. @District5Chavez absent this morning. Presentation of the SPCA Pet of the Month by Presentation of the SPCA Pet of the Month
Proclamation of “Red Cross Month” by Council President Brandau Over 100 years old, millions of meals provided, 62,000 disasters a year. 631 families in Central Valley last year.
Proclamation of “Grizzlies Opening Day”! Growlifornia ! President Derek Franks and Parker in attendance along with @MayorLeeBrand Million $ improvements at Stadium. Bredefeld was on Council when Stadium was approved.
@Esmeralda_Soria Approval of design-build for 1000 car parking garage for Fresno City College. Will help the surrounding residents. Block Party 12-3 this Saturday. Fresno High alley clean up. Thanks Era energy for STEM education in Coalijga. @D7Esparza met with City employees to
hear their concerns. 180 and Fulton grand opening in mid-April. Got a tour of some of the worse motels and the problems they cause to City. Human Trafficking fundraiser last Saturday. Sheet Metal workers demonstrations and apprenticeships for youth. Census 2020 count occurring
soon. Yesterday he was at Leavenworth Elementary Superstar parents and their alley clean up. @MiguelArias_D3 also attended motel tour. $700 a month for these poorly maintained facilities. Third world conditions. Magnet for human trafficking. City cannot met up on these owners.
City takes hotel tax from these owners. Makes City complicit in a way to these problems. @PaulCaprioglio touts Fresno State’s sports teams this year. @stevebrandau will make some comments when official resignation occurs later in meeting. Thanks staff for their help over the
years. Three new Dog Parks created this year in his district. All open now. Thanks PARCS. He will give $10,000 to Veterans Memorial that will be installed in front of City Hall. Give $100,000 to Multigenerational Community Center In @PaulCaprioglio District. Thanked by him for
money. Brandau asks City Attorney Sloan about Financial Audit Committee that he currently sits. Arias and Soria congratulates Brandau and wishes him well at Board of Supervisors. Many items pulled from Consent Calendar. 1-B: West Area Specific Pan Planning contract $400,000 for
EIR. 8 Steering Committee meetings have occurred. Technical details especially with infrastructure. West of 99 is major complaint from Brandau’s constituents. Poor traffic connections and shopping. Arias aka why lowest bidder wasn’t chosen. Staff said they were best qualified.
Arias wants to be sure awardee has a diverse staff. Soria said her Questions have been answered by staff. Staff says this will be back in front of Council in Spring 2020. 1-A Briadcast Microwave Service. Arias says we have been in this one year contract since 1997 but never put
out to bid. Chief Dyer says this will Be last contract. Axon will take over &who is developing a new program at no cost. They are currently embedded in PD but still need current company until that is complete. Axon will Be using FPD as a beta test so will provide it for free.
Arias asks if there are a number of software companies that can do this or is it more of a monopoly? Dyer says many companies. Due to Cloud technology they can connect with Clovis and Sheriff too. Soria asks about total cost and if in budget? Dyer says it is in budget. $113,000
will need to be added. AXON has provided free body cameras too. Approved 6-0. 1-C additional $200,000 to Accela System. Enhancements added to allow Council’s Money Back Guarantee says DARM’s Bonique Emerson. Soria says lack of employees and would like a report in 6 months.
Approved 6-0. 1-j Rejext all bids Permanent Asphalt Concrete Pavement Repairs. Utilities Head Carbajal says just technical changes. Arias agree. 6-0. 1-F by @D7Esparza Street Easement What is liability to City? Staff: Developers don’t have eminent domain so City does. Approved.
1-G @GarryBredefeld Grizzly Fest May 4-5 at Woodward Park  11 am to 10pm.Two stages, several bars and a Ferris Wheel Staff: This is part of option in contract from last year. Will be $60,000 rather than $100,000 last year since it will run until 10 pm rather than 11:30.
Bredefeld says only concern is it should be in Downtown Fresno and noise. Was 90 dbs last year. There will be a noise test this year. DARM (Planning) Dept Head Jennifer Clark says test will be down before and during: May 3-6. Traffic: Last Year was on Friday at rush hour. Will be
on weekend only. City Attorney says IAN group will have liability. @GarryBredefeld will vote NO because of potential noise and it should be in Downtown. Arias says Downtown welcomes music festivals but North Fresno should be able to enjoy it as well. Caprioglio says music fest-
vals help put Fresno on the map. He says PD officers last year said they were a bit bored as the crowd was so good. IAN Representative Thanks City for support last year. He has to compete with other festivals for bands. Already have been attracting fans from Visalia. He says 10
PM to help with noise. Neighborhoods were at 65 dBs at last event. He can’t do this event in Downtown. He gets interest from other Cities to put this on there but he is a proud Fresno resident. Fres Yes is a free event and much smaller budget. Can’t compare. Soria:thanks IAN for
the risk they are taking. Money is spent locally rather than going to Bay Area or LA for these events. Arias says no police incidents at Grizzly Fest or soccer matches. This City has proven itself. @stevebrandau says he had concerns with Grizzly Fest last year. He talked with
residents during the festival last year but they didn’t have any issues with noise or traffic. He went to Bredefeld’s District and it was louder but not overwhelming. He says he will Vote YES this year when he voted NO last year. Noise test will be done this year. Public comment
Diane Merril lives near Woodward Parks says parking and traffic last year worked out well. Caprioglio says commitment from IAN group will make it better this year and next too. Approved 5-1 with Bredefeld voting NO. Moving on to Unscheduled Communication. Many hear to speak.
Bob Mitchell thanks council for trying to reach those living in poor conditions. Addresses Steve Brandau @stevebrandau for speaking in a painful manner regarding SB 1 dollars. Brandau referred to “reparations” when speaking on proposal to ask SB 1 dollars to go to parts of town
that have never gotten sidewalks. Debbie Darden says Chavez, Soria and Arias press conference where they spoke about no sidewalks to get to school. Says Brandau is one who helps keep our city separated. A project that included 65 affordable units in North Fresno were defeated.
Darden says Brandau represents “what a racist is”. There will be a silver lining when Brandau leaves Council but unfortunately the black cloud will sit at Supervisors. Dottie Smith says reparation and slavery terms by Brandau at his press conference hurt many. Not enough to say
he is sorry but actions need to follow. This is a tale of two cities. There is a difference. As a college student and now it is still not enough been done. Those in South pay their fair share too. Sins of the fathers...
Next says South Fresno has been treated poorly in past. Golden Corral is looking for a location and West Fresno has land available. We need entire council and not just Arias to improve SW Fresno. Pastor Crier spoke to Brandau earlier by phone. Says City has never been as divided
as it is today. It was heartbreaking to here some of his Seniors of the hurtful words by Brandau or the sign that West Fresno was not neglected held up at Bredefeld press conference. Bringing up reparations was worse thing Brandau could say. Open your eyes and ears before you
open your eyes. Adam Foster says Council needs to tour West Fresno. He will give Brandau a personal tour.@stevebrandau says he would like that tour. Retired Mennonite pastor says council need to be for all. Brandau says it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone. He used a poor
Analogy. He went to press conference to support Bredefeld and suddenly he had a microphone placed in front of him. He will meet with Pastor Crier and Adam Foster. He Arias says he knows there wasn’t a bad intent but a simple apology was needed. Esparza says he doesn’t think he is
a racist but Esparza has to educate him on gentrification when they met for breakfast so Brandau needs to still learn from public. Caprioglio says Brandau was in “the heat of the moment “ comment. Only perfect person was put on a cross. Soria says she has worked with Brandau for
past four years and thanks him for his words today. Cautions him of watching himself in future. He has words like “poverty pimps” and make people feel attacked for being poor. You still haven’t apologize. Developers and Business people can afford to have representation but poor
but poor people have to have to rely on community advocates instead. Moving onto regular portion of meeting. (Brandau went into audience to meet with Adam Foster who offered to give him a tour of west Fresno.). 3-A agreement with AMS.NET, Inc., in the amount of
of $9,500,000.00. Arias and Esparza think this system feels antiquated. Staff says pieces are being put together to help upgrade. Arias would like our system to be as good as any in State. Can’t lead in nation if internet is so slow that smart meters can’t be accessed. Hopefully
Millennials on Council will see the need for this. Brandau says even those on Council like himself that isn’t a millennial will vote for this. Approved 6-0. 3-B appropriating $1,600,000 for the LED Retrofit Project in Public Works. This is moving well but minor changes need to
be brought forward today. It is under budget says Public Works Head Scott Mozier. Caprioglio laments he won’t be able to go up in bucket to change lights as often 😜Mozier says work will be done by December. 3-D rovide Anti-Slum Enforcement Team (ASET) Quarterly Report 
Follow link to see all the dilapidated buildings especially apartments and some of the success stories. Kellie Furtado Leading Presentation. Tou Lee in video says he is so thankful for the City for the great changes that have occurred at the apartment complex he lives in.
Staff Christina Roberson says one complex had $750 rent before inspection but now $810-1000 but still low for area. Another had no rental change as of this time. Arias asks if property owner can still charge rent while City has seemed condition to be poor? City Attorney says
State Law covers this and not City. One triplex in District 4 was not brought up to compliance by owner and this a receivership was set up to tskenit over. Brandau says this is a problem since he has been on Council. Somerset crisis. He got bureaucratic resistance when setting
up the ASET Slum team. This is a very effective program and helps all districts. This has taken a life of its own. City Attorney’s office provides teeth. Brandau’s repeatedly asked for Code Enforcement to be spun off of DARM. If so it needs to be “married” to City Attorney.
City Manager says May 2 will be a worshop to provide a couple of solutions. Arias asks if frequent users of City time like JD Rentals can be charges full price. City has by default become the property managers for their terrible properties. Staff says some property owners will
quickly fix the property once noticed by City. Arias asks what condition in receiverships to prevent any City insiders ? Why many of the same name show up ? Staff says court and receivership control which third entity buys it. Furtado says weekly list provides what property is
available. Arias asks if their any educational outreach to property owners so they know what is expected by City? Rent prices? Attorney Sloan says in Cities with rent control it is easier to find that info. Caprioglio says this ASET Project was Brandau’s and thanks him for that.
Council gives ASET team a standing ovation for their hard work. Soria thanks Code team and appreciates the list of what work they do in District 1 and the fact they highlight the new issues for her to see. “Make people’s lives better “ is what Attorney Sloan says a City does.
Bredefeld says ASET program shows why a mandatory rental inspection is not needed as only the 2% trouble makers should be inspected. He says that is cited for why rents have increased. Council to Lunch Recess. Back at 1:30
Back from recess. Arias and Esparza is urging Fresno City Employees Health and Welfare Trust to approve a Kaiser option. Esparza would like more PPO options in future as well. Arias says surprised City only has two options. One was no option at all. Second was good. More option
is even better. Kaiser is a large economic engine in Fresno too. Kaiser may not be best for some employees but for many younger employees find Kaiser is very integrated with technology. He doesn’t find Fresno to be in forefront of both technology or health care. Soria says more
options is the way to go. Family packages, vision, preexisting conditions would be helpful if we take on Kaiser. Mike Lima says Financial Health Board voted last month not to pursue Kaiser at this time. They would like to get a yes /no from employees for they would like Kaiser
He could then plug in the finances to see how it effects current health plan too and then make a decision. Arias asks if any due diligence was done last year? None but just brought up last month. Arias asks if survey would show what Kaiser cost ? Yes. What it covers? Not yet.
Arias says pricepoint shouldn’t be only part of question. Board only had one public speak against Kaiser. A few members of Trust wanted to wait. Brandau also thinks Kaiser should be an option. Lima says this will be a one year pause to see financial costs. Brandau thinks there
political agenda in being against Kaiser. Lima says City’s 3600 employees are offered to Blue Cross currently. If Kaiser added does Blue Cross raise costs due to lost customers ? Lima needs a few more months to figure this out and will miss this year’s enrollment period.
Caprioglio says he won’t support this at this time. Lima would like Survey to be out by August. Would have info from survey and see how financial effect by January. Bredefeld asks if other options too? YES. Other drug options? Drug Broker Integrated... but Lima didn’t feel it
not superior to current drug provider. Bredefeld asks Brandau what is political agenda ? He answers one of City Union groups think Kaiser can adversely effect its Members. Lima said his decision wasn’t effected by union’s decision. Esparza says we have only real option. Reads
letter from employee into record with their permission:. Wife had MS and was on Kaiser. Was diagnosed quickly and Kaiser got her to various doctors with little wait. Once MS got bad enough she had to quit her job and lost her Kaiser Plan. City plan took over and options were
much harder to find than under Kaiser. Are going City will start offering Kaiser for that reason. Fresno has a shortage of quality specialists but Kaiser can offer those. With those with chronic diseases like MS Kaiser is helpful. “ Kaiser Representative says they offer richer
benefits and cheaper costs. Kaiser will offer a concierge type phone lie for City Employees. They will also offer Guarantee of City costs for two year. Kaiser will work with City to give a balanced risk. Proud to offer it to City.
Esparza thinks Kaiser is a good possibility for City. Another public comment: we should have Better options for our citizens. She would like to speak with a live person and not a phone line. We need a higher level of service in this country. Passes 5-1 with Caprioglio vote NO
Arias says he hopes Health Board sees that only having two options is not adequate for a city of this size. Jeff Cardell leading WORKSHOP - Regarding the Recruitment Process for the Chief of Police.Teri Black Recruiting firm hired to lead. Surveys, Community Meetings, Panels.
Draft timeline has survey by April 11 and Committee meetings concluded by end of this month. Final interviews of recruits by August. Soria asks if Council see draft of survey before it goes out next week? Yes. Survey will be on City Website as well as hard copies. Can it be
be translated asks Soria. YES. Who will be on Community panels? Decision not made yet. City Manager says panel won’t be selected until Community Meetings. Soria asks if Council can suggest Members to be on panel? YES. Soria: has salary package range been discussed yet for new
Chief? Yes, $225,000 at top range. Staff thinks what is in place now will be sufficient to attract quality candidates. Arias: how will we know panel will be diverse and from all districts? Staff assures that will be the case. Teri Black firm did search for current Planning Dept
Director Jennifer Clark as well as former city manger Mark Scott. Arias asks what is Dyer’s exit ? City Manager says 30 day overlap. Arias wants to hear what survey says from constituents. Esparza says can we do Community Meetings by end of April? Staff says that is a target
date but not hard and fast. Soria: Community Meetings are by Police Districts but will it be by Council District as well? City Manager says YES. Arias: search firms often screen out minority applicants first. City Manager says she was part of five executive searches and she
looked at all 100 applicants even those that didn’t survive first cut. Arias: this is a LA firm and his research shows this firm hasn’t always done a good job. Brandau says Chief Dyer has left large shoes to fill. Brandau gets thoughts by Soria and Arias. We will need to find
the best candidate at the end of the day. On to next item: Agreement with BMG Money for Loans at Work, a workplace emergency loan program. Brandau says this works around the country and as close as Tulare. Employees who have financial problems and have to go to Pay Day Lenders.
Employees don’t always have assets to get a low interest loans from a secure banks. This is an option other than traditional bank and pay day lenders. Marisol Delarr of BMG money says this is a micro loan. Payroll withdrawal weekly to pay it off. $350 million loans have been
made with 70+ public sector partners like City of Fresno would be if approved. @D7Esparza says he has heartburn with this. His district has too many payday lenders and is apprehensive to bring it into City. 24% rate is still high maybe not payday lender high but makes money off
backs of hardworking employees. Arias says 24% and up to $5000 loans of BMG. What if employee gets fired /let go Etc? BMG says it makes it a monthly statement and not taken out of City paycheck. Arias: if there is a dispute? Employees can revoke it at any time and BMG and
employee will have to work it out. Arias says best way to keep employees from getting emergency loan from BMG or Pay lender is to give employees better pay and be benefits. Mike Lima says employees can use their leave bank to cash it out and get 0% interest. Up to 200 hours can
be used. Esparza says 200 leave hours would equal $5000 and zero interest. Brandau says ex Councilman Oliver Baines was always livid about Pay Day lenders. Brandau doesn’t think BMG is not one of those members. Brandau fails to get a second to his motion so it fails. Bredefeld
asks about getting recruitment firms to find a diverse pool of applicants. Are we looking for diverse pool or most qualified pool? City Manager says strongest. Staff says diversity is a plus too but we are looking for most qualified to sit in the PD Chief’s seat. Bredefeld is
looking for qualifications and not “identity politics”. Arias asks City Manager if most qualified candidate is mutually exclusive of diversity? NO. Bredefeld agrees. Arias says skillset needed for contract in West Area Specific Plan needed to be diverse and to speak to diverse
Population. Onto another round of unscheduled Communication. Gary says bus system is not safe. He isn’t mad at Esparza for what happened on Peach and Olive Route 35 and 32. Sometimes busdrivers are rude.
Election of Council President 
City Council. Brandau resigns after he nominates Caprioglio. Arias is Vice President but since he is in his first year on Council he cannot be. Bredefeld asks if this is “the Bredefeld rule”? Arias says yes for a good reason 😝 Bredefeld thanks
Brandau for his work on the Council and for his work on ASET and No Camping Ordinance. Caprioglio says he is first Italian American to be on council. Caprioglio jokes for a electronic vote to see he should be President. Arias says this is for Caprioglio ego so he voted NO
A smaltzy cheesey vidio tribute for his Brandau’s time on Council. Give him a gavel , photo and framed Name placard. Arias says he won’t miss his politics but his sense of humor. He will do a good job at Supervisors. Brandau says he is one of those who men who gets emotional.
Bredefeld jokes “snowflake”. Brandau thanks his personal staff who is coming with him to County. He also says entire City’s employees are excellent. Thanks the two Mayors he worked with as well as the City Managers. Thanks Community that taught him over the years. Almost all
the votes we take on Council covers the entire City and not just his own district. We need to work together. Has nothing but respect for his new colleagues. Says Esparza has quite strength. Says Arias has his act together up on the dais. Chavez says Arias is a Brandau from but
from the Left. Brandau has one more day at City. He s is leaving what is left from Make a Difference Day to Arias. He joins Supervisors this Tuesday. He says City Council and County need to work together. Esparza jokes he is glad Brandau is alive because after that cheesy video
made it seem liked Brandau died 😝. He didn’t always agree with Brandau but knows he will do well at Supervisors. Arias jokes Brandau is a friendlier @GarryBredefeld ands says Garry will be taken care of in his Little Corner. Arias respected Brandau for his beliefs even if he
didn’t always agree. Soria says they we able to have disagreements but could always be friends afterwards. Going to Closed Session now. Next  City council MetetingApril 11, 2019
10:05 A.M. - HEARING on the Housing Element Annual Progress Report. Here is Brandau cheesy video
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