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Down at Fresno County Board of Supervisors April 9,2019 Among the items:
Administering of the Oath of Office to Supervisor Steve Brandau;approve alcohol license for census tract already almost double it’s suggested number;$2.8 Million for new voting system &equipment;
resolution on Consent Calendar to favor State SB 230 over AB 392 regarding use of force by law enforcement. (Letter to Fresno Bee in favor of AB392 signed by multiple local clergy). AB 392 would narrow the scope of legal circumstances for justifying the use of deadly force by law
enforcement. (Letter to Fresno Bee in favor of AB392 signed by multiple local clergy). AB 392 would narrow the scope of legal circumstances for justifying the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. SF Chronicle article:”Under existing law, homicides committed by police
officers are justified when committed in arresting a person who’s committed a felony and the person is fleeing or resisting arrest.
AB392 would narrow that justification — homicide would be justifiable for self-defense, the defense of another person, or when preventing a fleeing
felon’s escape for the purpose of preventing death or serious injury.
The bill would also bar officers from using a justifiable-homicide defense if their own actions for causing the death were found to be criminally negligent. “
(UPDATE:Twitter was not connecting this morning so I am tweeting the rest of the meeting about three hours after its conclusion. Going off my notes I took) Invocation by Elizabeth Diaz from Public Defender’s Office. Sheriff Mims leads swearing in of Steve Brandau. @stevebrandau
Brandau thanks those who came out to support him. He had asked Mims to swear him in several months ago. He brought his own Bible to be sworn in on. He jokes his mother probably prayed him in to office. He says he was a late bloomer and is glad his parents are here to see this.
Was raised in Selma. Then a decade in Clovis followed by Fresno. Ten minute recess for cake etc. item 9 pulled. Item 36 pulled from Consent Calendar and 33 has been removed. Brandau will abstain from voting equipment as he wasn’t part of that discussion at last meeting.
Proclaim April 7 through April 13, 2019 as Crime Victims’ Rights Week in the County of Fresno. Kirk Haines of Probation Office Thanks Supervisors. Recovery of crimes by victims didn’t have much support in past. Services are now provided. 7,600 victims helped in 2017. Karen Roach
introduces victim advocates/volunteers. New quilt unveiling with ten new patches. 500 patches since 1994. Fundraising Event tonight at Plaza Ballroom tonight.
Proclaim April 2019 as Child Abuse Prevention Awarness Month in Fresno County Delfino says Annual trip to ask Supervisors to highlight this issue. 11 neighborhood resource centers. New one in Kerman and soon along Motel Row. (Video being shown). Environmental and Poverty can be a
leading causes but also Social Support has shown to help prevent/lessen. Substance Abuse by parents is a primary cause of child abuse. DA office’s Jeffrey Prague(sp) says all agree it needs to be eradicated but may not agree how to get there. @BuddySupervisor says County is a
huge apparatus but if Departments work together great things can happen. Receive update from the Commission on the Status of Women. Gail Gaston present! She is In an At-large position. The Chair of Commission Simran Kaur as well as Yasmin Mendoza who is one of the student Com-
missioner ! Goal and logo has been developed this past year. Eight commissioners now. Now represented at State level too. Pathway of Hope at Fresno State. A space on campus to honor those victims. They are not a funded commission so hard to do programmatic work. Hoping to create
a central space. Zip Code determines more then economic level. One of nine babies born premature. Gates Foundation helping with some funding.5000 domestic violence calls received by FPD. Since they are a County Commission they would like funding and help in Commission recruitment
Magsig says Fresno Rescue Mission has a program that may be of help to this Commission as well as Marjoree Mason Center. Mendes asks if they have Minutes of their meetings. He would like them forwarded to board.
Proclaim April 15 - 26, 2019 as High School Voter Education Weeks in the County of Fresno
Brandi Orth Thanks Pacheco. Andrew Baba engages High School students. When students turn 18 they will automatically become registered. Those with 3.5 gpa can be paid to work at polling
stations. Reyona Garcia from SOUL worked at a polling station. It is a long day but she enjoys it and the paycheck is a bonus! Cationa Souna from Edison has worked to register fellow students as well as worked at polling stations. Liz Shields of League of Women Voters says voter
They emphasized education and registration. Education on the new Voter Choice Act model will Be emphasized to students and hope they will tell their parents as well. Consent item 33 execute Agreement #18G30110 with the State of California for reimbursement funds for replacement
Consent item 33 execute Agreement #18G30110 with the State of California for reimbursement funds for replacement of voting system and related equipment ($2,886,500); Brandau says he met with Former Supervisor Susan Anderson. He doesn’t have time to go thru this enough to try to
to try to persuade the supervisors opinion. Magsig says this is only to accept State money to purchase the equipment as we have already accepted Voters Choice. We would have to buy two sets of equipment otherwise. Brandi Orth says in May Equipment vendors will present their wares
Pacheco says he was in opposition to this two weeks ago. He will take high road and vote in favor since this needs 4 votes in favor to pass . 4-0-1 passes. Consent Item 36:Waive competitive bidding process. Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors Team. CAO Rousseau says he participa-
ted with many agencies on this issue. Fresno is Only 8th County to have passed to have their own team. Cluster of suicides in County a few years ago. Three community based meetings occurred and from that the collaborative was formed. Lost Team provides “post-prevention” to help
who have survived someone who has died by suicide. Immediate outreach. Active response by local responders by sending suicide experts. Delayed response can be done if family can’t be reached. Mental Health’s ACT funding will provide resources. Sole source with Hinds Hospice.
@stevebrandau Brandau asks why are waiving bidding process. Rousseau says Hinds is only provider. Brandau: If we don’t go to bid how do we know this is only provider? Brandau thanks this group. He would like metrics on outcome indicators. Staff: # of calls , how many victims take
take advantage etc. Number of calls to Hotline, demographics to see which race, gender etc. use it. Brandau would like an overview or audit of these metrics before this comes back for extension in three years . He would like to hear about this annually. Public: Sam Lucio says he
here to celebrate that Hinds is doing well. Mendes says “CAO can monitor this for Supervisors. CAO is there because three supervisors want him there. Supervisors are closer to CAO than Brandau had with City Manager or Mayor while at City Council.” Approved 5-0 with extension in
in three years with metrics looked at that time first. 7Receive presentation from Paul Yoder and Michael Corbett,State lobbyists, regarding legislative
actions. Corbett: focus on Homelessness and Housing this year in Sacramento. 200 bills just for housing as well as Governor’s
State $2.2 Billion behind in revenue. May not make it back this year. New Trump Tax Act is forcing many Californians to take extensions when filing taxes. Asks legislators to pare back these ambitious bills. Water is Major Wildfire and Water Act will be on ballot. $4 billion to
water supply and water quality ($600 million) . $200 million for ag more compatible with climate change. Yoder says bill $400 million for Friant-Kern canal repair due to over drilling. Many of these bills will die over time. 15%
For ongoing projects and 85% for one time new
new under Gov Newsom. Tree mortality has money from Cap and Trade. Behavioral Health may hurt Valley if they don’t have enough mental health providers or will be audited. 8 counties want to have meeting with Governor to provide their priorities. Williamson Act is important.
Pacheco says “In Home Support is importantly you can see from large crowd here today of SEIU. We can not sustain a cut “ Mendes says amount is actually rising and a cut won’t be sustainable. In past cut to In House Support hit Fresno County especially hard. Still trying to make
that up. Delfino says Mental Health was hurt in order to help In House Support. Transitioning to Agenda item #8 which is related:8.Adopt recommended changes to the Fresno County State Legislative Platform; authorize the Chairman to execute letters of support, or opposition,
n accordance with the platform; and authorize the County Administrative Office to work with the County’s State Legislative Delegation, Sacramento lobbyists, and/or other necessary parties to support, or oppose, legislation in accordance with the platform. @BuddySupervisor asks
if Brandau wants to hear entire presentation . Mendes trusts his staff.Brandau is comfortable. Pacheco jokingly asks why @AndreasBorgeas Andreas Borgeas has not got us any money yet? Passes 5-0
Accept presentation by the Children and Families Commission of Fresno County on the Commission’s FY 2017-18 Audit Report and State Annual Report by Alex Hillis on First 5. On November 3, 1998, California voters approved Proposition 10, the California Children and Families Act
The Act increased tobacco taxes to provide funds for early childhood development and smoking cessation programs. The passage of this Act created an unprecedented opportunity for Fresno County to mobilize its many resources and create an integrated, coordinated system of care
that supports and enhances the lives of children from the prenatal stage up through age five and their families. The intent of the Act is for all California children to be healthy, live in a healthy and supportive family environment, and enter school ready to learn.
The Fresno
County Board of Supervisors created the Children and Families Commission of Fresno County (Commission) on December 8, 1998, under the provisions of the Act. The Commission consists of up to seven members appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. The Commission is a public
public entity legally separate and apart from the County and is considered a component unit of the County due to the operational relationship between the Commission and the County.
Passed 5-0
Receive Mid-Year Budget Report for Fiscal Year 2018-19 from CAO Jean Rousseau.
on this mid-year review process, the CAO projects the General Fund Budget to be in a positive position going into the last quarter of the fiscal year. Carryover fund balance (revenues and fund balance in excess of expenditures) is expected to exceed the structural level necessary
to end the current fiscal year in preparation for the upcoming fiscal year budget process.
As of December 31, 2018, overall General Fund Revenues are 38% collected, which is the same as the prior year. The majority of the General Fund revenues are collected in the second half of
the year, with a large portion coming in the last quarter.
Expenditures are approximately 40% of budget as of December 31, 2018, which is 5% lower when compared to the prior year. This can be attributed to the new process of recording expenditures on an accrual basis in the fi-
nancial system. Prior year expenditures that were paid in the current year were accrued in the prior year and reversed in the current year. In the past, these expenditures would have been recorded in the financial system on a cash basis inflating the first quarter expenditures
resulting in lower fourth quarter expenditures. $6 million for Board Chambers Upgrades, $1 million for Animal Control Facility and $6 million for Sheriff Substation and $10 million for Budget Mitigation. Allocated first of two years for Public Defender’s Office staffing increase
Budget for Last three years mid year is fairly comparable. $8.9 million is break even point and should easily hit that mark. Assessed value growth is everything. Growth in housing and commercial markets continue at steady rate. Majority of unions have already been negotiated with
This with Public Defender staffing increase Will probably exceed growth in ongoing discretionary revenues. Rousseau says SB 1 road work and school construction may insulate us from any downturn. Prop 172’s 1/2 cent Public Safety Sales Tax has saved us. Governor’s budget is same
as last year with 86% to pay down pensions , discretionary reserves, temporary programs. Tree mortality and flooding is important for Fresno County. $500 million going to homeless like No Place Like Home. 4% CPI instead of 7% IHSS $600 million from SB 1 for County roads. Budget
will be brought to Board in June 2019. Brandau says “difference between City and County budget is toughest part for him and will Have largest learning curve for him. “ We have a True reserve and a flexible reserve asks Brandau? YES. CAO says budget is still using Colbalt and
and takes longer. Only one person knows how to run it and Cobalt programmers are hard to find. is being replaced slowly. CAO says money to Sheriffs Dept due to lawsuit. Mendes “would be happy to sit down with Brandau. County’s revenue is property tax and if a recession hits it
it will be immediate. “ Public says many in business are not paying their business tax or license. If caught County only goes back three years. Is that fair to others ? If property owners doesn’t pay their property tax they will have their home taken after five years. Law # 338
Approved 5-0
Approval of the recommended action would amend the Salary Resolution to increase the auto allowance for appointed Department Heads (not including Elected Officials) from $513 per month to $650 per month. Not increased since 2001. Doesn’t apply to electeds like
Supervisors Approved

$140,000 salary increase to recruit head Librarian now vacant. This will put Fresno at median salary. Passes 5-0

14. *The recommended actions adjust the regular hourly rate due to increased salary and benefits costs and operational costs for the positions
14. positions listed as follows: 9% for a Purchasing Technician I, 6% for a Purchasing Analyst, and 5% for a Purchasing Analyst III. Approved 5-0
15. Vacate portion of a dead end part of Wilson Ave. Will return at future meeting as well. approved 5-0. Board Comments
@BuddySupervisor Kings River flood release. Quintero: clean up in Fresno High alleys along with Kiawanis and their Action Club and Esmeralda Soria. Also November will be Educator of the Year. Greg Berigan was nominated by Quintero for teaching welding to Juvenile Hall. Brandau
is looking forward to working on this Board. Jokes it is a bit of relief after his past two months! Thanks staff for the helping him in transition. Brandau jokes he would trade River Conservancy Board spot for Any other three boards ! Pacheco, Magsig and Mendes name a few
re-appointments to various Commissions. Public Comments: ICE out of Fresno group. A Truth Forum needs to help again as community didn’t know about it and held in the evening. Hoping Sheriff Mims to answer questions. Would like not being interrupted when providing info like last
time. Truth Forum hasn’t been helpful by having it in day time prevents many. No Transparency. People have to live in fear. 7-11s have been raided by ICE. Next: Home Provider has been staying home to take care of his mother. He himself after long pneumonia coma has taught him
that care at home for his mother is superior to that he received in Nursing Home. Next SEIU: We are passionate to take care of our sick family members but we don’t have health insurance and Below minimum wage. What happens when we get sick? Sam Reynolds Cares for his mother who
It is hard to care for her but his care for her is better than nursing home. 17. The State would be burdened if it wasn’t for at Home Providers like us SEIU. State would have to take on more patients in nursing homes or even on the streets.
Going to Closed Session now.
Next Board of Supervisors meeting is April 23,2019. @threadreaderapp unroll
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