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Sooo...did you know that SSRI's like apparently make teenagers into bloodthirsty maniacs?

Oh wait...

When I was 16 I went through a battery of different antidepressants and at one point was prescribed desipramine. It turned me into a rageful banshee

which was terrifying, like my brain was staging a coup.

I know that SSRIs come with exactly these types of warnings when it comes to teenagers and I know that the second STEM shooter, Nicholas Cruz, Adam Lanza and Eric Harris were all prescribed SSRIs.

But, correlation does
not equal causation. I can't prove that's the issue. But it's something to ponder.
*Just in case anybody needs to hear this...

*A lot of times when you're starting a new psych med regimen it takes 3 or 4 months to straighten everything out. I am just now getting evened out on my antidepressant and I can tell that in the long run we're going to have to
tweak it later.

If you start to have strange thoughts or crying fits or stay up all night or feel paranoid after you start a new medication, then the odds are you're having a reaction. What you're thinking and feeling isn't rational or valid and you need to call your doctor.
You need to do this for yourself.
If you ever start to believe that you should hurt someone for any reason then you need to call your doctor for the safety of the people that you fantasize about hurting.

If you are not currently seeing a doctor and are thing of harming
another person then I urge you to go to your nearest emergency room unarmed and seek immediate psychiatric services.

The mentally ill tend not to seek help when we are at our worst.
We do not believe that we deserve it. We self sabotage. We stop treatment because we
believe we're mysteriously cured.

It's like...having an autoimmune disease in your brain that makes it attack itself only on a psychological level. And when something hurts emotionally, it hurts physically too. And you learn to hate yourself and everbody else.
You don't have to feel like this. You are not meant to suffer in this way. Your life has value and one day I want you to be able to see that for yourself.

Please reach out to the people who can save your life.

Frankly in my last two days of research I have discovered some
things that I am loath to report on.
It is /pol/ after all and they can get quite creative with their conspiracy theories. Certain details need time to marinate.

So I'm going to still go a few propaganda examples & comments and then call it a night yeah?
Sorry this one is all over the place but this is what I expected...just one after the other. And every time I turn around and trudge back down into that nihilistic hellscape I just...😞

This account is no pleasure for me. I do it because I think I am accountable.
I think we're all accountable and ultimately we can work together to be better.

*Note that these are propaganda. They are the same post. Each time with a little "hype man" post tailgating it to draw more attention.
This is the part where I admit that I'm a coward and there's just some things I won't show on here here for the sake of propriety. But you get the gist. There are two screenshots in particular I'm pretty sure actually qualify as cursed images🤢
The name Alec McKinney was being thrown around 4chan before the press dropped it.

So was the information that this person is a mtf transsexual who also goes by the name of Maya McKinney.

It's important to address this for a couple of reasons. On the surface, Maya doesn't fit the narrative of what a lot if us have come to expect when confronted by a school shooter. I've touched briefly before on the pitfalls of narrative and it would foolhardy to ignore them
We can't just talk about these events when people are being murdered for racial reasons.

We are failing by doing that.
And it was a slight to the trans community to refuse to acknowledge Maya's roll in this. Hiding it implies that it should be assumed that all
trans people are therefore culpable or capable of something equally heinous by association.

No one knows what to do with this child. Who has a whole host of problems.

How do I know?

Try not to concentrate on the language. Pay attention to the story in the screen caps.

The OP's name drop was confirmed by a timestamp. He has prior knowledge of this kid's character and history. I would not be the least bit shocked to learn that she was on SSRIs but whether or not that turns out to be the case there is obviously mental illness present.
OP knew both shooters regularly frequented 4chan and confronted the thread. To be honest I've never seen anything like it.
I'll leave you with this. For some people struggling with mental illness the line between what is real and what is imaginary can become hazy.

Games, movies, music, the internet, they become an almost tangible escape, like another world.
I get that in a way. I've talked about how I sometimes think of the Internet as my home...

But when that illusion distances us from reality too much we miss out on what is truly most extraordinary about living. And it has nothing to do with this screen in our hand.
In some cases, when left unchecked that deviance from reality causes certain people to do truly terrible things and believe that they are entirely justified. Either this kid genuinely thought they were being percecuted or was cynically setting up a defense.
I've shown you what it's like over at /pol/ I have shown evidence of the claims in my thread roll.
And I am absolutely fucking miserable about it.

Yes Virginia there is a white supremacist propaganda machine on 4chan, yes the mentally ill are being steeped in weapons
grade nihilism. I should know, I'm one of them. I'm just sad about it. It's depressing af. It's a legitimate reason to be sad goddammit.

Ok...enough of my mouth. The next time I write another tweet which probably won't be for another week or so, I'll cover
more about what I think could a
possibly be done about it.

Contrary to the misconception of some, it is not my proposal to get rid of 4chan all together. But the garbage needs to be taken out for sure.
*Disclaimer time! All information was posted anonymously on public boards.

Noone's identity was compromised. Although OP does provide specific identifying details about his brother, so they would not be difficult to identify. They make it clear
anonymity was not the immediate forethought . Their goal was to call out 4chan and send a direct message.

*Disclaimer Continued!

Screenshots are for educational purposes only. No abusive Memes or language contained within them is endorsed by me.

If you've made it this far you are a legend and I salute you!

From the bottom of my heart I hate this account and I wish there wasn't any reason for it to exist. Bear with me.


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