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I’ve arrived at a very wet ☔️ High Court as the #twitterblades case continues. Just enough time to dry out before the case resumes at 10.30am. Blades’ chief executive Stephen Bettis is due to give evidence today. Updates to come on here and on our live blog @SheffieldStar #sufc
The case has previously heard claims that Mr Bettis' salary was stopped after he moved to LA.
Mr Bettis is now in the witness dock. Kevin McCabe, Scott McCabe and Simon McCabe are also in court. Jeremy Tutton is also here #twitterblades #sufc
I believe that Mr Bettis will first be questioned by Andreas Gledhill QC, on behalf of UTB (Prince Abdullah) #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Justice Fancourt comes into court and we're underway. A number of housekeeping matters first - Mr Gledhill QC is discussing the share valuation matters which will be discussed later this week #twitterblades #sufc
Stephen Bettis sworn in as a witness and will be cross-examined by Mr Gledhill QC #twitterblades #sufc
Apologies, he is now being questioned by Paul Downes QC, on behalf of SUL (McCabe) #twitterblades #sufc
Bettis tells the court he first started working as chief executive on a 'voluntary basis' at the beginning of 2016, working two or three days a week #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says he has a 'huge amount of respect' for Kevin McCabe and 'what he has done in business outside of Sheffield United and what he has done for Sheffield United' #twitterblades #sufc
He said when he first met Prince Abdullah he found him to be a little 'shy' #twitterblades #sufc
He said there was a feeling there had been an overspending and says he would not have approved the signing of John Brayford - at £2 million #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis said its one of his frustrations that the club was 'run as a football club, not a business' #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says he is not a 'yes man', adding: "I think that's part of the reason for the success we have had in the past few years." #twitterblades #sufc
He adds: "The reality is that both owners have invested huge amounts of money into the football club and I certainly wouldn't be spending my money and sitting back and letting it just be spent without control." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC now running through how Jim Phipps posted sensitive information on social media including the transfer policy. Mr Bettis said he 'didn't think it was appropriate for someone in his position' #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC now looking at emails from April 2016 when Nick Cox was offered a position as head of youth academy at Manchester United #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says he only met Nick Cox to discuss the issue at the 'fourth attempt'. He said: "Nick was very big with the admin side of the academy and less with the footballing side to the detriment of bringing players through, in my opinion" #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC shows the court an email where Kevin McCabe discusses Nick Cox's job offer from Manchester United where he describes Mr Cox as a 'sensible young man' #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes now running through an email from November 2016 which he sent warning that the club would be in a position where it would not be able to pay staff and players unless money arrived within 24 hours #twitterblades #SUFC
The cash flow was agreed at a board meeting in Paris #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes asks if Mr Bettis had started to make any preparations for administration. He said: "I always felt the money would arrive but it was just frustrating for me how long it was taking." #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Downes QC says the McCabes put in £600,000 to save the club from insolvency. Mr Bettis says: "I can't remember the exact details." #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Downes QC now running Mr Bettis through his understanding of the word 'bribe' and what effect it could have on the club if it proved Prince Abdullah accepted a bribe #twitterblades #SUFC
Just as a side - Prince Abdullah is not in court today #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Downes QC now running through what Prince Abdullah told the court about his role as the Saudi minister for sport #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says the email and transcript show there is the 'potential for a conflict of interest' between Prince Abdullah and Sela Sport #twitterblades #SUFC
When asked if he remembered the name Bin Laden being mentioned, Mr Bettis tells the court: "I can't actually recollect who said it and how it came up on the day myself but I remember it coming up and I remember it being said and it was a passing reference" #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC shows the court an email from Tareq Hawasi in March 2017, which described Mr Bettis' results as 'mixed'. Mr Bettis said: "I treated them with respect. In my opinion, I was doing a good job at the football club - we were successful on the pitch and off the pitch #SUFC
And with that we take a five-minute break. Another relentless morning so far #twitterblades #SUFC
We're back underway with Mr Downes QC now running Mr Bettis through his reply to Tareq. Mr Bettis said: "It was an emotional email in response to the one I received." #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Bettis says he felt Tareq was trying to use him as a scapegoat #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis said: "I think they [UTB] were trying to use me as a scapegoat for their inefficiencies." #twitterblades #sufc
In his email reply, Mr Bettis said: "I have never worked with such incompetent people as yourself and Selahattin in my entire profession. I am astounded at the tone of your email and your lack of professionalism." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC now running Mr Bettis through when he first met Kevin McCabe to discuss moving back to Los Angeles to focus on his business interests there #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Bettis said: "I think the way I expressed it to Kevin was that I would be spending far more time there [LA] but I was not going to leave him in the lurch and I was willing to do as much as I could to help him" #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Downes QC asking Mr Bettis about the meeting when he told Kevin McCabe he was moving back to LA. Mr Bettis said: "In my view, it was left open for further discussion." #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Downes now shows court an email from Mr Bettis to Yusuf Giansiracusa and Prince Abdullah where he states he was happy to continue in the role or CEO, with the appointment of a COO 'if that is what the owners/board would like' #twitterblades #SUFC
There is now a memo sent out to board members in May 2017 by Yusuf Giansiracusa which states Mr Bettis had offered to stay on a 'part-time basis' despite his move to LA #twitterblades #SUFC
A board of directors resolution was also sent out on May 21, 2017 which states Scott McCabe and Mr Giansiracusa would launch a search to identify candidates for the chief operating officer #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Bettis tells the court he is 'not convinced' he received an email from Mr Giansiracusa where he states that he would be 'blind copying' him on a number of emails #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes has now shown the court proof he did receive Mr Giansiracusa's email. Mr Bettis replied saying: "Many thanks for your email, the contents of which I agree with." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC now running through an email from Mr Giansiracusa sent on July 6, 2017 in which he states he was 'expecting to win the fight as far as [Mr Bettis] was concerned'. Mr Downes says 'the fight' relates to Mr Giansiracusa getting Mr McCabe to accept to keep Mr Bettis on
Quite a tense exchange between Mr Downes and Mr Bettis where Mr Downes QC accused Mr Bettis of 'switching sides'. Mr Bettis said: "I have never had a side." Mr Downes said: "I suggest to that by this stage you had been persuaded and you were very much in the UTB camp."
Mr Bettis denied that claim and said: "No, I had the best interests of the club. That was my sole position." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes asks Mr Bettis: "Are you completely neutral as to who wins control of the football club as a result of this litigation?"
Mr Bettis replies: "Yes."
#twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes suggests that by sharing an email exchange between himself and Kevin McCabe, Mr Giansiracusa was 'drawing' Mr Bettis into the row #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes again repeats his claim that Mr Giansiracusa was trying to create a 'war of attrition' but Mr Bettis says he 'didn't feel that was the case' #twitterblades #sufc
And with that the judge breaks for lunch. Back at 2pm #twitterblades #sufc
Full round-up from a very eventful morning session online shortly. Back in court at 2pm #twitterblades #sufc
Lots asking which 'side' Mr Bettis is on. He appears as a UTB witness but has consistently said this morning he was trying to act 'in the best interests of the football club'. In terms of court, Mr Downes QC cross examines him first then Mr Gledhill can re-examine #twitterblades
We're back underway, with Mr Downes continuing to question Mr Bettis. There's a round-up from this morning online - see @SheffieldStar for a link #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes running Mr Bettis through an email about the appointment of a chief finance officer #twitterblades #sufc
The court is now being shown documentation by Savannah who were asked to recruit a chief executive officer, chief financial officer and independent board director #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis denies Mr Downes' suggestion that an audit in December time was a 'bad time' to do it #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes QC says that being the CEO of an organisation requires 'availability and physical presence'. Mr Bettis says he doesn't entirely agree. #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says: "The fact of the matter was that I had an history with the football club and I had already built relationships with members of staff and I felt that with technology [...] I could have still been a value in that role to the football club." #twitterblades #sufc
Court now looking at the transcript of a board meeting om October 26, 2017, Mr Bettis said he offered his resignation prior to the meeting to Yusuf and Prince Abdullah but they said they'd discuss it at the meeting #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes says the ideal was that there was a full-time CEO in the UK #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis told the board meeting in October 2017: "I came here to help Kevin and I hope that Kevin sees that I did." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says that he left the board meeting in October 2017, he understood his position was still being considered #twitterblades #sufc
The case has previously heard how Mr Bettis' pay was stopped after he moved to LA. Speaking about that Mr Bettis said: "Kevin and I spoke man to man about it and I was happy about that. There's no hard feelings." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes now questioning Mr Bettis on when he didn't get paid #twitterblades #sufc
Asked about his involvement in November 2017, Mr Bettis said: "Ask Chris Wilder, who is the manager of the football club, if I was involved in November 2017 and know what his answer would be. Mr Downes QC said: "Well, he is not a witness in the case." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis says: "I wouldn't say I dropped the ball. I don't sit here and claim I was being a hands on CEO whilst in the US." #twitterblades #sufc
And it's time for a five-minute break #twitterbreak #sufc
Mr Bettis will continue to be cross-examined after the break and then reexamined by Andreas Gledhill QC, on behalf of UTB #twitterblades #sufc
And as quick as that we're back #twitterblades #sufc
Judge Mr Justice Fancourt has just told Mr Downes QC: "Mr Downes, I get the point. We're going over old ground." #twitterblades #sufc
Questioning now turns to Yan Van Winckel who Mr Downes said manager Chris Wilder 'was not entirely relaxed about'. Mr Bettis said: "No, he wasn't." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes describes Kevin McCabe as 'the sort of figurehead that most clubs would want to have'. Mr Bettis said: "Yes, absolutely." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Downes now running through what could happen in the casewin this litigation. He said: "If Prince Abdullah wins he would get 50 per cent of £100m for £5m and SUL would lose that for £5m." #twitterblades #sufc
If UTB wins the case*
Attention now turns to what could happen to Blades' manager Chris Wilder depending on this case. Mr Bettis is a close friend of the Blades boss. #twitterblades #SUFC
Mr Downes said: "Mr Chris Wilder is emotionally attached to Sheffield United and feels a great deal of love and loyalty to Kevin McCabe personally. Kevin McCabe has been attacked in this case and he [Wilder] is not going to stay is he if Prince Abdullah wins?" 1/2 #twitterblades
2/2 Mr Downes added: "If Prince Abdullah wins the result would be to cheat a lot of football fans out of fair value for their shares." He had earlier said around 9,000 #sufc fans have shares in SUL #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Justice Fancourt interrupted Mr Downes when speculating about Chris Wilder. He said: "Mr Bettis' speculation is not going to help." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Justice Fancourt said SUL had not called Mr Wilder as a witness to which Mr Downes QC said neither had UTB #twitterblades #SUFC
And that brings to an end the cross examination. Mr Bettis is now being reexamined by Andreas Gledhill QC, on behalf of UTB #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Gledhill QC is running through a number of signatures on the board resolution in June 2017 #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Gledhill QC reads an extract from Mr Bettis' witness statement which said: "When I didn't receive my monthylt salary, I called the office to find out what had happened. I was completely shocked an disappointed when I found out that I had not been paid." #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Gledhill QC adds that Mr Bettis felt he had a claim for unfair dismissal but didn't want to pursue it as he had a good relationship with Kevin McCabe #twitterblades #sufc
Judge now questioning Mr Bettis about the meeting in Dubai with Sela Sports. Mr Bettis says all he knew was they were going to meet 'someone interested investing in the football club' #twitterblades #sufc
Judge Mr Justice Fancourt asks: "How did you to come to hear the name Bin Laden?"
Mr Bettis said: "I an still trying to recollect either Prince Abdullah told us when we sat with him or Kevin told us after he had the meeting." #twitterblades #sufc
Judge Mr Justice Fancourt said: "Can you remember what was said about Mr Bin Laden?"
He said: "No, there was just a comment made that he was potentially someone involved with the transaction and I think we all expressed our concern or worries #twitterblades #sufc
Mr Bettis has now finished his evidence and has been released from the witness box #twitterblades #sufc
And after a brief bit of housekeeping, we're done for the day. I'll be back in court tomorrow as the case continues and there'll be a full round-up online later and in tomorrow's @SheffieldStar. Thanks for following #twitterblades #sufc
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