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Given the importance of wage bills to the likely success of football clubs, I thought that it would be interesting to look at wages for the Big 5 European leagues in the 2019/20 season (the most recently published accounts). Some thoughts in the following thread.
As a technical note, I have converted wages from Euro denominated leagues to GBP using the 1.14 exchange rate from the Deloitte Money League. To facilitate comparison, I have provided figures for each league in both Euros and GBP, though the overviews are only in GBP.
In England the highest wage bill in 2019/20 was #MCFC £351m, followed by #LFC £326m, #MUFC £284m, #CFC £283m, #AFC £225m and #THFC £181m. It is worth noting that some clubs’ figures were inflated by changing their year-end date, which meant the accounts covered 13 months.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant adverse impact on football clubs, though it is important to distinguish between money that has been completely lost to the game and income that has simply been deferred. This thread will analyse what this means for the Premier League.
Many clubs have listed the revenue impact of COVID-19 in their accounts, while others have not quantified the amounts. In the latter case, I have made assumptions consistent with those clubs who have provided figures in order to estimate the impact.
On the face of it, Premier League revenue held up quite well in 2019/20, though there were only 3 months impacted by the pandemic that season, as 4 clubs reported revenue above £400m (#MUFC £509m, #LFC £490m, #MCFC £478m & #CFC £407m), while all but one club was higher than £100m
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THREAD: #Ramsdale to #Arsenal

It will be interesting to see how #Ramsdale gets on at #AFC & how his game evolves.

One thing #AFC know they are getting is a quality 1v1 stopper!

My model suggests #Ramsdale’s 1v1 prowess saved #SUFC ~3 goals more than an average #PL GK would’ve!
In comparison #Leno was average at stopping 1v1s last year & given the brand of football #Arsenal wish to play maybe this was in their thought process when they scouted #Ramsdale.

My model has #Ramsdale as one of the top 5 1v1 stoppers in the #PL & potentially can still improve!
#Ramsdale’s strength vs close range 1v1s is down to his lightning fast speed of thought & speed off the line in combination with his wonderful bravery & tidy spread technique.

This save vs #Wolves is a good example

Rambo creates a huge barrier & snuffs out an excellent chance!
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#WatfordFC 2019/20 financial results covered a season that the club described as “unique and challenging”, as it ended in relegation after they finished 19th in the Premier League and they had 3 managers: Javi Gracia, Quique Sanchez Flores and Nigel Pearson. Some thoughts follow.
#WatfordFC swung from £10m pre-tax profit to £36m loss, as revenue decreased £28m (19%) from club record £148m to £120m and profit on player sales fell £4m to £18m, while expenses increased £9m (6%). Prior year boosted by £4.5m Marco Silva compensation. Loss after tax was £32m. Image
The main driver of #WatfordFC revenue reduction was broadcasting, which fell £24m (20%) from £119m to £95m, while match day dropped £2.0m (21%) to £7.3m, commercial decreased £1.2m (6%) to £17.4m and player loans were down £0.9m to £84k. Image
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Queens Park Rangers 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished 13th in the Championship, an improvement on the previous year’s 19th place, though the campaign was disrupted by COVID-19. Some thoughts in the following thread #QPR
#QPR loss widened from £10m to £16m, as revenue fell £16m (47%) from £34m to £18m, though expenses were cut £11m (24%) and profit on player sales increased £3m to £6m. Also impacted by £4.5m write-off of previous training ground development.
The main reason for #QPR £16m revenue reduction was broadcasting, which dropped £14m (62%) from £22m to £8m, as parachute payments stopped, though gate receipts were also down £1.4m (25%) from £5.4m to £4.0m, while commercial fell £1.4m (19%) from £7.2m to £5.8m.
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Swansea City’s 2019/20 accounts covered a season when they finished 6th in the Championship under head coach Steve Cooper, thus reaching the play-offs, but were eliminated in the semi-final by Brentford. Some thoughts in the following thread #Swans
#Swans swung from a pre-tax loss of £7m to a profit of £2.7m, despite revenue falling £18m (27%) from £68m to £50m and profit from player sales dropping £12m (41%) from £30m to £18m, as total expenses were reduced by £40m (38%). Profit after tax was £1.7m.
The main reason for #Swans £18m revenue reduction was broadcasting, which dropped £13m (25%) from £52m to £39m, mainly due to lower parachute payment, though commercial was also down £2m (26%) to £6m and match day fell £1.7m (26%) to £4.8m. Player loans were down £1.7m to £0.2m.
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Liverpool’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they won the Premier League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup, but were eliminated in the last 16 of the Champions League. Finances adversely impacted by the pandemic. Some thoughts in the following thread #LFC
#LFC swung from £42m profit before tax to £46m loss, as impact of COVID-19 resulted in revenue falling £43m (8%) from £533m to £490m, while expenses increased £31m (6%). Profit on player sales fell £18m to £27m, but £4m gain from sale of Melwood. Loss after tax was £39m.
The main driver of the #LFC revenue reduction was broadcasting, which fell £59m (23%) from £261m to £202m, while match day dropped £13m (16%) from £84m to £71m. This was partially offset by commercial rising £29m (16%) from £188m to £217m.
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West Bromwich Albion’s 2019/20 accounts covered a season when they finished 2nd in the Championship, thus securing promotion to the Premier League after a 2-year absence. Manager Slaven Bilic was subsequently replaced by Sam Allardyce in December 2020. Some thoughts follow #WBA
#WBA pre-tax loss widened from £7m to £23m, mainly due to promotion bonuses and COVID. Revenue fell £17m (24%) from £71m to £54m, while operating expenses increased £19m (22%), partly offset by profit on player sales rising £19m to £29m. Loss after tax up from £6m to £21m.
The main reason for #WBA £17m revenue reduction was broadcasting, which dropped £12m (23%) from £53m to £41m, mainly due to lower parachute payment, though gate receipts also decreased £2.5m (34%) to £4.8m, while commercial was down £2.4m (22%) to £8.4m.
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#Henderson’s shot prevention has been class in his first 8 #PremierLeague games & its played a big part in #ManchesterUnited’s success!

He is preventing 3.07 chances occurring per game corresponding to ~0.44 ExG per game!

That’s double #DeGea’s ExG prevented per game!
Here I will compare #Henderson’s cross claiming & sweeping (the two branches of shot prevention) so far this year to #DeGea’s & discuss how this has affected #ManchesterUnited’s defence.

I will use my shot prevention model as sadly mainstream models miss many important actions!

#Henderson’s sweeping has been highlighted after his tidy display vs #THFC & it wasn’t a one off!

So far this year for #ManchesterUnited he has prevented 11 opposition chances occurring by sweeping which corresponds to preventing 0.15 ExG/90 (#PL avg is 0.10 ExG/90)
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Burnley’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished in 10th place, the club’s second highest Premier League finish, securing a fifth consecutive season in the top flight. Some thoughts follow #BurnleyFC #twitterclarets
After these accounts closed in December 2020 ALK capital acquired a majority (84%) shareholding in #BurnleyFC. Long-term local owners Mike Garlick and John Banaszkiewicz remain at Turf Moor as directors, working in partnership with new chairman Alan Pace.
#BurnleyFC profit before tax dropped from £5m to break-even, mainly due to COVID impact, including an additional month of expenses. Revenue fell £4m (3%) from £138m to £134m and expenses increased £9m, though profit on player sales rose £8m to £15m. Profit after tax was £0.5m.
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Sheffield United’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished 9th in the Premier League following promotion and reached the FA Cup quarter-finals, which was described by the club as “a respectable achievement”. Some thoughts follow #SUFC #twitterblades
This is the first year under new #SUFC owner Prince Abdullah after the High Court ruled that Kevin McCabe had to sell his 50% share to the Prince. This also triggered an agreement whereby the club had to purchase the stadium, training facility, gym, hotel and offices for £38m.
Following promotion #SUFC swung from £21m pre-tax loss to £19m profit, a £40m improvement, as revenue shot up £122m from £21m to club record £143m, though profit on player sales fell £10m to £4m and competing in the Premier League increased expenses by £72m. Profit after tax £18m
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AFC Bournemouth’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season when they finished 18th, resulting in relegation to the Championship after five years in the Premier League. Finances were significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some thoughts in the following thread  #AFCB
#AFCB loss almost doubled from £32m to a club record £60m, largely due to revenue dropping £36m (27%) from £131m to £95m, partly offset by profit on player sales rising £20m to £23m. Expenses increased £8m, while other operating income (mainly player loans) fell £1m to £7m.
#AFCB revenue decrease was mainly attributable to COVID, which contributed to broadcasting falling £35m (30%) from £116m to £81m, though match day was also down £1.5m (29%) from £5.0m to £3.5m. These reductions were partly compensated by commercial rising £1m (9%) to £11m.
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Nottingham Forest’s 2019/20 financials covered the third season under the ownership of Evangelos Marinakis (80%) and Sokratis Kominakis (20%), when they narrowly missed out on the Championship play-offs, finishing 7th, their highest position since 2013. Some thoughts follow #NFFC
#NFFC loss improved by £9m from £25m to £16m, mainly due to a £5m loan write-off. Revenue slightly increased from £25.3m to £25.7m and profit on player sales rose £0.7m to £11.3m, while expenses were down £3m (5%).
There was “significant lost revenue” due to the COVID-19 pandemic (ticketing, retail, catering and hospitality), but #NFFC noted that the impact is not immediately visible, as the club had been “on track to report a record turnover” before the season was suspended in March.
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Deloitte have published the 24th edition of their annual Football Money League, which ranks the world’s leading football clubs by revenue, this time covering the 2019/20 season. Some thoughts in the following thread.
The 2019/20 season was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a £1.0 bln (12%) fall in revenue of the top 20 Money League clubs from £8.2 bln to £7.2 bln. Broadcast and match day fell £822m (23%) and £227m (17%) respectively, though commercial rose £87m (3%).
In terms of Euros, match day fell €257m (17%) from €1.5 bln to €1.2 bln, driven by matches either being cancelled or played behind closed doors without fans. Match day revenue is largely derived from gate receipts (including ticket and corporate hospitality sales).
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I had a request to look at transfer spend in the Premier League, so I have analysed this over the last 5 years (up to 2018/19, the last season when all clubs have published their accounts). As a Christmas bonus, I have also included the EFL Championship.
In terms of the infamous net spend, the two Manchester clubs have spent most on transfers (#MCFC £639m and #MUFC £590m), followed by #CFC £440m. #AFC fans will be appalled to discover they have spent around the same (£329m) as champions #LFC £337m.
It is striking how low #THFC net spend was, only £63m in the 5 years up to 2018/19, though worth noting that they then splashed out £136m in 2019/20. Lowest spend unsurprisingly at clubs recently promoted from the Championship, i.e. #LUFC £4m and #SUFC £(13)m.
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Thread - Rhian Brewster #sufc

The 20 year old striker earns a club record move to the Blades. Here's what Blades fans can expect to see with Brewster's strengths/areas of improvement highlighted and what i feel he'll add to the Blades front line.
Using @insightMrkt player profiles tool we can see that based on his small time at Swansea Brewster was a clinical & accurate shooter. Over performing his xG by a large amount considering the sample but still getting into good enough areas and getting a lot of shots away Image
Brewster is very different from the current Blades crop. He isn't a striker who waits for big chances in the box only, as soon as he has a sight of the goal he strikes ball. His ball striking technique is excellent, often on target and with power so that GKs have to parry.
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Rhian Brewster is reportedly close to a move from Liverpool to Sheffield United. At first glance, the 20-year-old's stats from last season with Swansea don't look too impressive at a Premier League standard. But read on...

1/4 #LFC #TwitterBlades #SUFC Image
Brewster was involved in a surprisingly high share of Swansea's goals while on the pitch despite being part of less than 40% of its shots. One reason was his finishing, which was well above par and partly made up for his low underlying output in attack.

2/4 Image
As Brewster's smartermap shows, he was active all over the attacking half for Swansea and got into good positions to shoot. He liked to shoot head-on from the GK's right and at more oblique angles from the GK's left. Overall he was more active in the right channel.

3/4 ImageImage
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A THREAD! 👇 Leeds won their second Premier League game from three with a victory over Sheffield United. Our coaches reveal the tactical strategies used by both Chris Wilder and Marcelo Bielsa from the fixture 🔴 #SUFC #LUFC
🔍 Sheffield United set up in a 3-5-2 formation when in possession; George Baldock, John Lundstram, Sander Berge, Ben Osborn and Enda Stevens played across midfield

🔍 They used a 5-3-2 when out of possession, through Baldock and Stevens dropping back to form a back five alongside Chris Basham, Ethan Ampadu and Jack Robinson

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Following the government announcement that plans to allow fans to attend football matches from 1st October would not go ahead, I thought it might be interesting to see how this could impact the revenue of Premier League clubs this season via match day losses due to COVID-19.
First of all, a reminder of how much match day income each Premier League club generated in 2018/19 (the season with the most recent published accounts), including estimates for clubs that have been promoted from the Championship since then.
In 2018/19 Premier League clubs had around £700m of match day revenue with #MUFC leading the way with £111m, followed by #AFC £96m, #LFC £84m, #THFC £82m, #CFC £676m and #MCFC £55m. At the other end of the spectrum, clubs like Burnley, #WBA and #SUFC had less than £10m.
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Football clubs generate most of their cash from revenue they earn from gate receipts, TV deals, prize money, sponsorship and merchandising, but often they need additional financing, either from their owners or the banks. This thread looks at financing in the Premier League.
This analysis will cover the last five years from 2014/15 to 2018/19 (the last season when accounts are available), looking at the 20 clubs currently in the Premier League, i.e. including those promoted last season.
In the last 5 years, the 20 Premier League clubs have benefited from £1.9 bln net financing with most of the money coming from their owners £1,569m (81%) and another £366m (19%) sourced from banks. However, there is a big difference between business models at individual clubs.
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So Oli Burke arrives at #sufc and there's alot of sniggering from other clubs!

Here's his 19/20 (at Alaves) and 18/19 (at Celtic) profiles. Certainly didn't enhance his name last season in Spain but promising signs in a dominant Celtic team under Rodgers from @insightMrkt ImageImage
So where will he play and what will he bring?

In short - PACE and POWER.

I think he lacks technically & tactically but from a physical standpoint we don't have anyone like him. Over 6ft, raw pace and acceleration and physically very strong.
Sheff Utd lacked the ability to create shots out of nothing and dribblers last season. We had to work our attacking patterns to extreme to fashion a chance. Burke has ability to drive with ball at speed with directness
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Sheffield United have raided Derby for their fullbacks, reportedly for £11m total. Let's start with Jayden Bogle, who was featured in our Ultimate Second-Tier XI a while back:…

1/8 #SUFC #TwitterBlades
Bogle is a smarterscout young prospect, which means our algorithm flagged him to star at a higher level. Here are his stats at a Premier League standard – already above average in our model ratings at RB, but mediocre so far in duels. Defending quality improved in 2019-20!

2/8 Image
Bogle used a lot of short passes on the right flank, but as he got close to the box there were more dribbles and longer passes thrown in. That's usually good for a fullback – cross if the defender steps off, take him on if he's in close.

3/8 Image
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A THREAD! 👇 Ahead of the new Premier League season, we're going to be asking one tactical question which each club faces ahead of the 2020/21 campaign. Image
First up, the reigning champions... 🏆

Will a creative midfielder unbalance Liverpool's team?


🔴 #LFC Image
Have Crystal Palace finally replaced Aaron Wan-Bissaka?


🦅 #CPFC Image
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So #sufc bring our boy back home.

@AaronRamsdale98 returns to the Blades and i've highlighted some of his key strengths with some quick video that i feel show what he does very well.
Rambo is excellent at holding his shape in 1v1s. Maintains good size & positioning, closes the angle. Makes himself big and has good reactions too.
I like his speed off the line. Times his decision to aggressively charge down the forward perfectly here right on the 1st touch to make him panic. Comparing him to Deano may be unfair overall but in this area i think Rambo is more aggressive and decisive
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