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For a while I wasn’t gonna touch this with a 10 ft pole, but after a depression sleep, a few thoughts came to me about Nessa’s white washing controversy. This issue is shockingly reflective of burnout than any of us realize—even for people initially upset believe it or not.
See, I remember how controversial Archie was growing up and I didn’t understand the controversy myself when I was younger. I didn’t understand why Archie was suddenly a symbol for gay rights, admittedly enjoyed the fujoshi doujin material and shrugged it off.
Why is Archie relevant? The same exact dynamics are at play. I only realized it when I was old enough in 2014 when Omega Ruby & Sapphire came out that the gay rights claim on Archie was challenged again. This time was when GamerGate happened. I did not like “SJWs” at that time
I was perplexed at why people were upset over art, over a video game, over anything not related to material well being and what I equated as “social justice” to that of MLK and figureheads in Women’s Rights. I didn’t see the need for feminism as it is. I didn’t understand much
So, in 2014, I was incredibly transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racist and just a complete asshole with a lot of issues that I didn’t even realize I had until a few years ago. I was dismissive and hardened my heart to what the criticisms even were.
I surrounded myself with other bigots that agreed with me. I wanted nothing to do with these “SJWs”. I just listened to my favorite Skeptic YouTubers and had a lot of hate and confusion for the current events
So when I saw Archie again being presented the way he was despite liking the hentai, I joined others in circlejerking that “the left is so hysterical at everything”. I had no evidence of this despite what was going on at the surface. I never actually talked to a leftist.
I did this with every issue imaginable. I never had a single conversation with somebody from the left, let alone even try to reach out and understand why somebody felt the way they did. I did not try to understand the context surrounding issues myself. I relied on others for that
Things happened and I grew out of that. It was a phase for me. I eventually learned how to talk to others, how to research, how to be analytical not just about the surface level discourse, but about what’s not being said outright and what power structures are at play, etc
Since coming out as trans and really working on myself (and also not being as politically active as I had been for the past 4 years), I’ve taken a step back at things and really dove into social issues and learning more about the process of how these things unfold
From February onward, I’ve seen controversy after controversy, give my takes bc others who follow me enjoy my takes and learn, but ultimately I’ve observed trends and effectively relived what I had experienced from 2014 from the other side of the equation
What did I learn? I learned that there is at least one or more reasons why something so incredibly trivial and inconsequential can mean so much to somebody. Why would Nessa being a lighter undertone upset a Black person? That is a question only born from curiosity, not hate.
Similarly to this and how poorly this person handled pushback, some signals spoke to me about behavior in both cases between this and Nessa: minorities are on high alert and can’t help but feel defensive and paranoid
As a trans, Hispanic woman myself who is keenly aware of what goes on in the world and systems, power and exactly who and what keeps us down, I understand that there are people with a vested interest to make my life a living hell. Had I not had great therapy, i might not be alive
I can’t say the same for people who “fix Nessa” when they see a lighter undertone or for trans people who just want to enjoy the “X Says Trans Rights” meme. I can’t read minds and neither can you. You don’t know who is at rock bottom and can end it all tonight.
I also refuse to accept the “why can’t everybody be nice” naïveté stance either. This response doesn’t understand who’s really bringing unnecessary mental harm in an area that doesn’t call for the level of hate, harassment, and terrorism that comes with being a minority online
The point is this: minorities online have just cause to be as defensive as they are. I wish the way in which they go about expressing themselves could be less toxic, but my response is empathy and a helping hand through these trying times, not “white washing to trigger the libs”
So when I see artists I really like and respect be so incredibly immature with “le trolling”, I don’t feel anger, instead I feel incredibly disappointed instead. I’m tired of being constantly disappointed by people I like. I want us to act like adults.
With that kind of constant disappointment, I’m sure it goes around everywhere for any issue of the day. With events like this happening so often for so long evenin recent memory, being desensitized is expected. But also, how we respond to one another is like de ja vu everyday
Reactionaries have their hearts hardened and they radicalize more further to the right, people who are “apolitical” further drift into never ending frustration and confusion as to why things are the way they are, leftists have to play clean up of the mess. That’s what I observe.
Do you think I want to dislike people and organizations who are problematic? I try to find nuance with every issue case by case. But I have to confront reality every time and like the Great Queen Marie Kondo once said: “If this doesn’t bring you joy, then throw it out”
I don’t actually like politics. In fact, I hate it. I involve myself because I must and I know I am actually contributing to discussions when I actually give a shit about something. I’m proud of the results I have under my belt as a community organizer, but also as a commentator.
At first I believed that the Nessa controversy was beneath me bc GF and Nintendo weren’t involved. But then given time, I looked at the developments and reactions and feel the need to chime in despite telling ppl privately I wanted nothing to do with this.
The way that everybody handled this shows me that we’re at this point in time now where the current state of social issues is at a tipping point. More people are being politically active nowadays and I know I serve a role to guide people
This is symbolic of burn out bc most of the responses ppl have for an issue like this is “We gotta deal with this bs again?” People who want white washing to stop have this reaction too: “Can you just not be problematic for once? My requests aren’t unreasonable”
Main lesson over all is this: if you find this issue to be tiresome and sad, consider exactly why people are upset. Perhaps ask them exactly why they’re bothered by that w/o debating them. Just shut up and observe.
For those concerned about people “fixing Nessa” to be darker, that really didn’t happen a lot if not that 1 time. In which case, we all should offer an ear for people like that. Chances are they have lots of issues they need to take care of and likely need support.
I will admit in retrospect to how the issue first developed, I enjoyed the color theory workshop that the art community effectively did out of debate. It was interesting. Anyways, I’m sure this thread won’t do much of a dent rn, but I got things off of my chest anyways. /end
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