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No evidence: the drug wore off, he used a condom, she woke up confused and drove home after the humiliating conversation. They were friendly the day before and she accepted his offer to stay over instead of taking the road so late. No witnesses. The perfect #crime. #FicFri
Overdose survived. She flirted with him until he invited her over again. She denied him nothing in bed, she was #obsequious. “I’ve got a surprise”, she said, and massaged his feet as he sipped the wine she gave him. He died of sepsis a week later. #vss365 #AmWriting
“He committed #treason against the sacred dojo. He disgraced the sport”, they said. “Perhaps. I am still going to the cremation ceremony. We must protect our art and not speak ill of a dead coach”, she said. “If he has a #soul, it will burn in hell”, they said. #FP #FridayKiss
“He was disgusting. Called all the girls #chicken heads. He had pictures of some he blackmailed into doing it.”, they said at the ceremony. “#Break their will and they are yours”, he used to say. She just smiled: “I made you immortal in disgrace”. #wffriday #FriTease
And she was right. Not even 12 hours passed after his crematory ceremony and a website with the title “Shame: dead but not forgotten” showed up. With identity protection, victims shared their experience. Her sacrifice was not #lost. #SunScribbles
Alone, at the porch, looking at the #stars, she wondered if there would be one night without a nightmare, one day where she didn’t scrub her skin raw because she could smell his stench on her. Would there ever be #laughter in her life again. #POVPrompt
Peter called. She used to have a #crush on him in what felt like eons ago. They were supposed to have their first date a month ago, the day she was raped. Peter was smart, funny and kind. Too nice for her now. #WIPWordSearch
She gave an excuse and dismissed him. It wasn’t properly a #breakup because there was nothing to break between them. Not even friendship. Did she have friends? No: she had secrets and a hungry darkness where a soul used to be. #lovelines
#Depression didn’t look it was going anywhere and PTSD was certainly there for life. She hung on to the violence of her revenge and the restoration of her self-respect. #FeelLines #AmWriting
A weak spark of #hope emerged in the dark abyss inside her as more and more stories of abuse filled the Shame website. Where would that lead? No clue #Thurds
One day, two stories were posted about how the “#villains had it coming”. All over the mainstream media, news about the impaled men with their genitalia removed and a sign: “RAPIST”. No evidence – the police were clueless. #BadWordSat #AmWriting #ShareWrit #SlapDashSat
If there was a #silver lining to the wreck her life had become was the number of rapists being tortured and killed as increasing. #SunWIP
She had no idea how many people were involved. Too many different MOs and the FBI was hunting on full power. They had #built a horizontal, self-organizing force. #salacioussun
The hashtag #GrabThemByTheBalls had spread like wildfire as the gruesome news of more rapists’ deaths were published. Prison guards whispered the R word to inmates as they threw men in jail. Some survived, but wished they hadn’t. #SeduceMeSunday
They were #cold, ruthless murders: men found drowned in toilets, hanging from the ceiling or poisoned. Nothing in common except that they were all linked to allegations of rape followed by the victim’s suicide, severe depression or addiction. #murdermonday #AmWriting
Amelia often wondered how many people suspected she was the original rape. Possibly, but he had made too many victims. Nobody knew what was #true and what was fiction except that he had raped. Who and how many were ashes like his bones. #WIPWordSearch
She had no #dream: just one recurrent #nightmare #TalesNoir #1linewed
One day her old Master came for a visit. “I need your help with the younger girls. When boys find out they are fighters, they are getting harassed because all the violence against rapists. There is a backlash”. Suddenly she felt #excited again. #WackyWed #AmWriting
She sat with the 9 teenagers on the mat. “I am not here to train you now. I am here to tell you not to fight out of the dojo and not to confront any male. They are stronger. Our bodies and minds are #ours. ‘Breaking’ means taking them from us. The second step is rape” #Thurds
“And what is the first?” “The first is gaining our trust. Playing mind #games with us. That way, when they rape us, we are so confused that we don’t react” #WordWorlds #AmWriting
All was #quiet as the girls #stared at the gruesome image: Amelia’s head stuck on a 10 ft pole, her body in inverted crucifixion and a rifle buried into her vagina.#fritease #vss365 #AmWriting
Beside her, an impaled policeman and a #doctor. “That’s what we do with rapist hunters”, said the sign. #scififri #AmWriting
A major FBI task force was organized. President Pelosi went on National Press Conference calling all American citizens, residents and civil rights organizations to join her in a peace operation. #SciFiSat #ShareWrit
“We understand that people had enough of unpunished sexual violence. But taking matters on your own hands is not #power: it is suicide. Yesterday, Misogynists, White Nationalists and Predators united in a war against all of us. #SciFanSat #AmWriting
Amelia’s #death only strengthened what now was clearly a movement. In one day, all white supremacist websites were hacked, displaying “We #survive – you die” with Amelia’s dead head laughing. #SaidSun #SunScribbles
By the end of the week, 37 Incels from all over the country showed up with “Incel Rapist” tattooed on their forehead. No memory of the past 48 hours. As they whined of never having touched a woman, “New #Games” flashed on Reddit. #sundayfict
“They are all monsters”, most thought. No: it was all #human alright, but with all its violent and sadistic nature. Nobody was safe. On both sides collateral damage was growing. #vss365 #AmWriting
“They are defending their right to rape and we will destroy all of them, until the final #victory”, flashed on screens at high security facilities. #PlugYourself
“Mom, I need to ask you to deny I’m here. There will be some funny bee-sounding things flying around the house. Don’t chase them. We’re going to…” “Dan, we know. Your father and I have been supporting you, but we couldn’t tell you” #AmWriting
They finished their tea in the 150 yr old #china cups. “Dan, whatever happens, we are proud of you.” “Mom, do you belong…” “Security protocols, love.” #vss365 #AmWriting
It was #nine the next day when Dan emerged. For thirty straight hours Incognito Glass has been working, in complete opacity and they dug deep. #vss365 #AmWriting
It was clear they had underestimated the predators technical skills but they were just slightly #inferior to theirs. #Thurstale #AmWriting
They scrubbed the #internet and although this was by no means a full investigation, they identified the node of the rapists’ network. They called themselves “Men First”. #vss365 #AmWriting
They took security measures to commit the three murders but, in their #delight, they made mistakes. Incognito Glass had all the leaders. #FictFri
They #protected their own network airtight, shut down Men First’s one, spread images and identities to mainstream and underground media and viralized the content. #WFFriday
Now they would lay low while the whole world went wild, the USA being the focus of the biggest sexual violence war in history. Patience, and wait for the #sideeffects . #SciFiFri
“Now it’s time to sit back and #observe”. The FBI made hundreds of arrests. Tips sent by Incognito Glass helped the Scotland Yard bust the most elusive human trafficking circle world wide. #vss365 #AmWriting
The FBI had to #release the single rapist hunter suspect they had in custody. #Waves of Male Supremacist demonstrations erupted, raging over the disproportion of arrests. #SunWIP #sundayfict
Although Men First launched a massive propaganda campaign to assure men would be free again to do as they wished with women, children and other men, the world understood #rapists would never be as #safe again. #martialmonday #AmWriting
Law enforcement world-wide knew resentment and fear were an explosive combination for criminally inclined minds but it was #doubtful it would ever be as before. #moodmon
Incognito Glass’ next target was prison #rape. They planned to spread the same terror among prison #rapists as they did in the #outside world. #WIPWordSearch
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