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Here we go! Warren gets the first question

Asked whether significant change will affect the economy. She responds that the economy is doing great for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. We need to call out corruption. Huge applause from audiende

Klobuchar gets the next question. Asked about college affordability. She responds first by attacking Trump. Then says that community college should be free and that everyone but top 10% should get help. She also said it should be easier to pay off student loans. Big applause.

Now Beto is asked about how much change the economy can take and about taxing the very wealthy. He responds half in English and half in Spanish. Economy is "rigged to corporations." Echoing themes raised by Warren.

Beto pivots to also voting rights. He went over time. Asked 70% individual marginal tax rate over $10 million (I think she asked). Yes or No. He would not commit to that. Dodged question.

Next is Booker. He is asked about breaking up companies. Talks about Pharma having "monopolistic holds" and an economy that is hurting small businesses. He says "I feel very strongly about the need to check the corporate consolidation and let the free market work."

Like Warren he says we need an economy that works for everyone. He was pressed to single out companies he said for taxes he would single out Halliburton and Amazon. But was not specific on antitrust

Now back to Warren. She is asked "Are you picking winners and losers." Warren explains who consolidation hurts. Small businesses, farmers, etc. We have the laws to fight back. "What has been missing is courage in Washington to take on the giants." That's corruption.

"I want to return government to the people" that means calling out the "names of the monopolists" and saying "I have the courage to go after them."

Now Julián Castro asked about equal rights for women. He supports the equal rights amendment and that women should be paid equally.

Tulsi Gabbard is asking about equal pay for women. She avoids answering and instead does a mini-stumped speech. Talks about her background and the arms race and regime-change wars.

Here we go with DeBlasio. He's asked about income inequality in NYC. He touts 15 minimum wage, etc., then pivots "this is supposed to be the party for working people." Supports free public college for young people, breaking up corporations.

Up next is Delaney. I know he is talking but I am a little bored. Now he says he created thousands of jobs. Said he helped 5,000 businesses and got an award from Obama for lending to disadvantaged communities

Inslee responds to how to deal with inequality. He gets hearty applause when he talks about strengthening unions. Discussing pay disparity between CEO of McDonalds and workres

Says wind turbines don't cause cancer, they cause jobs

Tim Ryan from Ohio is angry about jobs in auto industry. Top 1% controls 90% of the wealth and bottom 60% have not had a raise in decades. Lots of applause

Warren is asked about jobs. She proposes industrial policy. Worldwide need for green tech. "We need to go ten-fold in our research and development in green energy." Applause. Says corps can use this tech so long they manufacture in America. Said $23 Trillion market. Applause

Questioning is now about healthcare. Klobuchar claims an incremental approach is a "bold approach." Says she's afraid to kick millions of Americans over health insurance in just four years.

Now Klobuchar says Trump's pharma policy was "all foam and no beer." Said "Pharma thinks they own Washington, but they don't own me." Applause
Warren says, "I'm with Bernie" and Medicare for All. Says families go broke due to health care costs and that's those with health insurance. BIG applause when she says, "Healthcare is a basic human rights and I will fight for it."

Beto says he want to get to guarantee high-quality universal healthcare. He also mentions women making choices about their own bodies.

Beto went over again in terms of time. He was asked whether he would replace private insurance. He said no. DeBlasio jumped in to argue with him. Then
Delaney said everyone should get health insurance for free and also option to buy more. Delaney says hospitals will close with Medicare for All

Gabbard says she supports Medicare for All. Employers will recognize how much money will be saved with such a program

Booker said it's about kids, jobs, and employment. Says African Americans have lower life expectancy because they cannot afford healthcare.

Booker "There are too many people profiting off the pain" of others in America. "We can do this better."

Warren said insurance companies sucked $23 billion in profits and that doesn't count the money paid to executives or lobbying. "It's time for us to make families come first."

Inslee says he is the only candidate who has passed a law related to women's reproductive rights covered by their insurance.

Good for Klobuchar. Inslee was very boastful and she said, "There three women up here who have fought for a woman's right to choose."

Now Castro is asked would your plan cover abortion. Excellent answer, "I don't just believe in reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice." Big applause. Also mentions trans people in these rights.

Warren was asked whether she would put any limits on abortion. She says women should have all options. Said it's not enough to look to the courts to protect us. Says the majority of Americans support Roe v. Wade, so we should make it a federal law

Booker is asked whether pharma companies/execs (not sure what was asked) should be held criminally liable. He said yes.

Beto asked same question. Says more than 2.3 million Americans are behind bars. . . .Said, in contrast Purdue pharma has spent no time in jail. "We will hold them to account." Applause

Moderator is now talking about immigration and the painful image of Oscar and Valaria the father and daughter who drowned crossing the Rio Grande.

Castro said he would end the metering policy. The father and daughter went to a port of entry and were denied. Wanted to make an asylum claim. Said he would end that and put people on pathway to citizenship. Also we need a Marshall plan for Honduras, El Salvador

Booker is asked same question and responds in part in Spanish. Said he would end the ICE policy. Would reinstate DACA and pathways to citizenship for dreamers and some others

Booker says we should invest in the Northern Triangle. "We should not surrender our values" in order to get border security

Castro says he was glad Booker, Warren and Inslee support his legislation. He said Section 1325 must be repealed. Wants every candidate to support.

Booker said it's not just happening at the border. Family separation in cities.

Oh Lord. DeBlasio is interrupting again. Shouting over others. Though he does get applause.

Beto was asked and answered in Spanish. He's being interrupted by DeBlasio and Castro. Beto said he would not detain families fleeing violence. Said they would implement a family case management program. Also free Dreamers, etc. Invest in Central America.

Castro is pushing back, asking Beto why he won't support the repeal of section 1325 of the immigration law. Beto accuses Castro looking at a small part. They are getting into the weeds of the statutes

Now Klobuchar asked about Castro's proposal that it be a civil offense, not a criminal offense to cross the border. She said she's happy to look at his proposal, but wants to go after traffickers. (Yet there are as he mentioned).

Klobuchar said we need workers in our fields, factories, to start small businesses, we need their ideas. She said there's a bill she supported from 2013. Path to citizenship

Ryan also asked should it be a crime or a civil offense. Ryan agrees that there are other provisions in the law that allow for prosecution for drugs and trafficking. He said terrorist in Guantanamo get better care than these kids. "What kind of country are we running here?"

Booker is asked what would you do on Day 1 with families here that are currently in detention. Said "there is a humane way" to solve this problem.

Inslee is asked what he'd do on day 1. He said children should be released. They should have a hearing. He stood up against "Donald Trump's heinous Muslim ban." He said Trump tried to threaten him by sending refugees. Inslee said that's not a threat. Diversity is a strength

Topic is moving to national security. Iran shooting down the unmanned drone. Asked who would sign on to the 2015 nuclear deal as it was originally negotiated.

Booker said it was a mistake to pull out of the deal. Said "we need to renegotiated." He said he would leverage a better deal if he can

Klobuchar said it was a good deal for the moment. If she could she would negotiate longer sunset provisions. Said Trump promised a better deal and didn't get it. "He made us less safe." He gave unlimited leverage to China and Russia, she said

"I don't think we should conduct foreign policy at five in the morning in our bathrobe, which is what he does" Klobuchar said to applause

Gabbard discusses her opposition war with Iran. Applause. She said the deal was imperfect, but we need to get back into the deal. Asked for her red line. It would be an attack on our troops. She condemns Bolton, Pompeo.

Oy. DeBlasio shouting again, but cut off because it's a commercial break.

Woot! Now it's Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd. Explaining what the rules are. Too bad this was not done earlier.

CT asks Warren about guns. But there's some trouble with the mics. Is there a role for the federal government to get guns off the street. But there's still trouble with audio. Hearing the mics from previous moderators. Need to take a break.

Warren is asked about teenage activism in Parkland. Said even with assault weapons ban, what about the other guns out there. Does the federal government have a role.

Warren's answer is gripping. "Gun violence is a national health emergency in this country." Applause.

Said, we need to double-down on research. To keep children safe. Such a good answer. Distinguishes between gun collectors and guns on market that kill children every day

Booker says where he lives it's a daily reality. Tired of "thoughts and prayers." He wants bold action and a bold agenda.

Maddow asks Castro about active shooter drills in schools. What will turn around this problem of gun violence. Says we don't have to accept this. Said January 20, 2021 we will have Democratic President, House, and Senate. Said Parkland students inspired so many

Ryan says shooters need mental health treatment

Todd asks Beto about guns. Not sure what he is saying though. A little rambly

Todd asks Klobuchar about gun buybacks and calls them confiscations. She would not call them that. She praises Parkland kids and power of young people to persuade parents and grandparents

Booker says "if you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to buy a gun." Also said, we are going to get the 50 votes in the Senate and more so we can "balance the Supreme Court" to pass an aggressive agenda, which most Americans agree with

Go, Maddow! She refused to let Delaney cut in. Twice he tried to. So, she moved to DeBlasio and asked him about McConnell. He decided to answer another one. Talks about his son Dante. We have to talk about policing. A little applause.

DeBlasio keeps shouting.

Chuck Todd asks Warren, do you have a plan to deal with Mitch McConnell if you don't have a Democratic Senate majority.

"Do you have a plan to deal with Mitch McConnell?"

Warren: "I do." Applause

"The fight still goes on." Said we have to push from the outside. "Make this Congress reflect the will of the people."

Delaney is also asked about how he'll get along with McConnell.

"We need real solutions, not impossible promises."

He created a straw man suggesting that some candidates want to make private insurance illegal.

Booker talked about the First Step Act. Says he can take on tough problems and get things accomplished even in this political climate.

Maddow asks Inslee about climate change. "Does you plan save Miami?"
He said take the filibuster away from McConnell.

He said this is a climate crisis. Said his plan in Washington state is the "gold standard." Only candidate who says this has to be the top priority of US

Todd asks Beto about how to respond to voters who don't want to be told what to do when it comes to climate issues

Todd asks Castro about people building houses that are at risk. Castro said his first trip after announcing candidacy he went to San Juan. Applause. Also said as mayor of San Antonio he switched to some renewables

Castro would sign executive order to recommit to Paris Accord

Ryan said whether it's climate or guns, "we have a perception problem with the democratic party." He said party is coastal, elitist and ivy league. Said we need to get those workers back on our side. "This better be a working class party."

Chuck Todd lets Delaney scream his way in. He wants to introduce a dividend on carbon -- this is an interesting plan, but he shouts too much

Todd is asking Gabbard about gay rights. She said no one in government should tell people who to love or marry. She said for six years her record reflects that. Said she grew up in a conservative home. Views have evolved. Mentions her military service again.

Booker jumps in. Says, "this is not enough." Said we need to stop lynching of African Americans. Good. Talking about murders of African American trans people.

Maddow is asking Klobuchar what she's done for Black and Latino voters. Her response was a general one about economics and stem jobs. Not specific to those communities.

Her answer is getting better, recognizing the problem African American women face with health care providers not taking their concerns seriously

Is economic justice agenda enough to mobilize voters, Maddow asks Castro. He says we need racial justice too.

Now Lester Holt is reading from questions submitted by audience at home. He asks Beto. Said we need to work with allies

Guess who is interrupting again . . .yep DeBlasio

Said we need Congressional approval even in case of genocide for intervention

Maddow asking why are we still in Afghanistan. Ryan said he's been in Congress 15 years. Said "you have to stay engaged in these situations."

Gabbard and Ryan are fighting about war.

Each candidate is asking about major threats.

Some say China, Climate Change, Russia, etc.

Okay. Now the impeachment question.

Todd asks Beto what he'd do to address the potential crimes outlined in the Mueller report.

Wut? Beto is talking about artwork.

Beto favors impeachment, but will possibly prosecute if he becomes president.

Delaney says no one is above the law. But, he said impeachment of Trump is not what people care about. They care about healthcare, jobs, infrastructure. He said people "never ask about the Mueller report."

Klobuchar jumped in saying if we don't do something about Russian interference we won't be able to do the other work we want.

Chuck Todd said a break was needed. Commercial time

Time for closing statements.

Delaney first. Grandson of immigrants. Said we need "real solutions and not impossible promises." Boy, that's not an exciting campaign slogan.

DeBlasio. Said we need a candidate who has seen the face of poverty. . . "It matters" is is mantra here. "Putting working people first, it matters."

Inslee. Talking about his last day on earth. Wants to protect the future generations from climate crisis. Said he's only candidate who wants to make climate the top priority. "This is our moment."

"There's nothing worse than not being heard. There's nothing worse than not being seen." Said it's time for the working class to come together. Tent city in LA, homeless people. Across the country. "You will not be forgotten."

Gabbard said "service above self" is what our nation was founded on. Said his government "is of, by and for the rich and powerful." Said "our White House will be a beacon of light. Clean air and water. Healthcare. Good paying jobs. Green economy.

Castro said in Spanish that my name is Julián Castro and I'm running for President. Healthcare, education, job opportunities. "We'll say adios to Donald Trump."

Klobuchar says she listens and acts. She also can win and beat Donald Trump. Says she's run every race she's won. She can win in red states. Says doesn't have political machine. "I'm going to govern for you."

Booker says his family was denied a home because they were not white. Said he's taken on tough fights. This is a referendum on him and on us.

Beto said he's on the stage for his daughter and for other children who are sleeping on concrete floors under aluminum blankets. We need a new kind of urgency. We need to renew our democracy. "Join us. This is our moment."

Warren. "I am in this fight because I believe we can make our government, our economy, and our country work for everyone. And I promise you, I will fight for you as hard as I fight for my own family."

It's a wrap.

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