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#Explosions and #gunfire is heard in Pul-e Khumri City, the capital of #Baghlan Province. Image
Pro-TB sources reported that an #ISKP hideout was targeted by the #Taliban in Pul-e Khumri City of #Baghlan & a clash is ongoing in the area.
Meanwhile, pro-NRF sources said that the house of a former Afghan Local Police (#ALP) commander was raided by the TB in Pul-e Khumri City. ImageImage
#Taliban's spokesman for Ministry of Interior, @Takor786, confirmed that an #ISKP hideout was targeted by the IEA security forces in #Baghlan.
Some short video clips from the incident scene, available in SM, are showing that clashes continue in the area.
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1. I am going to start an endless thread calling for the uni fee increases to be undone.

It will start very respectful. I’m very hopeful @JasonClareMP et al will do the right thing, on this and many other issues.

But I will not let the issue slide away like last time.
2. My welcome to government let’s get it done greeting belongs in this endless thread:
3. And this one. That the LNP did this to our kids and young adults despite what they went through the past couple of years was intolerable.

But I know Labor know this and anticipate a fix is close.
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Dr Anne (Azza) Aly, Aussie politician

Anne actively supports the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) narrative & has a background in "counter-terrorism" & "counter-radicalization". Anne isn't part of the solution rather she is a Trojan horse within our faith community ... #1
Why certain personalities within the daw'aah, charity & academic spheres ignore this speaks volumes!

The "fruits" of Anne's support of Obama's CVE "initiative" are laid bare below 👇… #2
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1/12 Australia hasnt ratifd Interntnl Covnt on Civil & Political Rights OHCHR.Neither have #AUKUS partners.Article 20: Prohibits by law,any advocacy of national,racial,religious hatred that constitutes incitmnt to..hostility,violence(IE prohibitd to use propgnda to incite war)
2/12 Cld there be a more perfect Article? Isnt that a wonderful prohibition? Well,3 #AUKUS Nations haven’t ratified. #Murdoch & assoctd oligarchs want it that way. We’re owned by him & defence industries who profit enormously from WAR. That’s why we we’re partners! We’re ownd!
3/12 Together we were mobilisd into #Iraq & #Afghanistan. Now conservative think tanks,funded by #Murdoch & defence industry companies are banging the ‘drums of war’ vs #China! If it sounds like we’re spoiling for a fight, it’s because our Govt wants that!
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I am seeing murmurings on social media about a possible Greens/ALP coalition.

If the #ALP and the #Greens could overcome their mutual antipathy (and it is indeed on both sides), they could become unassailable.

Thread 👇
#Auspol 1/5
Australia is so used to having a big centre-left/progressive party that can govern in its own right, but that is clearly becoming increasingly unlikely as party membership declines and as the ALP's base shifts and fragments.

The left needs to stop assuming that the ALP is sufficient on its own to get the numbers to govern and gnashing its teeth when it fails to get over the line.

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I have a proposal. The #Crossbench, the #ALP & the #Greens in both the Reps & the Senate should join together & announce that they will pass no government legislation till the Coalition government enacts laws for an independent commission against corruption. #AuspolSoCorrupt 1/3
And that is a commission that is truly independent, that can take referrals from the general public, that has the subpoena powers of a royal commission, that has retrospective powers & can make binding declarations of corruption. 2/3
Nothing less is acceptable if we want to save Australian politics from the most reckless and feckless government in living memory. Corruption is now the norm and we cannot let it continue. 3/3
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Bizans'ın yüzbin kişilik iki ordusunu da Malazgirt ve Miryokefalon'da dağıtan, Haçlı Seferlerini bozan Selçuklu, nasıl oldu da 20 bin kişilik Moğol ordusuna teslim oldu?
Dün paylaştığım ve bilgiselin 4. Maddesinde hata yapıp üçüncü maddeden tekrar yazdığım için bilgisel 4. Maddede kesilmiş göründüğünden
Bu bilgiseli biraz daha genişletip, yeni bilgiler de ekleyip, bilgiseli buraya aktarıp, şimdi buradan tekrar tamamlayacağım.
2-Sultan Alaaddin zamanında her şey çok iyiydi. Ortalık günlük gülistanlık ve her yerde bolluk..
Bu Gıyasettin meydana çıkalı giderek daha da hissedilmeye başlayan bir sarsıntı vardı.
Huzur ve barıştan çekişmeye; bolluktan kıtlığa bir geçiş olabileceğine kimse inanmıyordu, ama,
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Imagine the social segregation of not being able to attend your best friend's 40th Birthday party because it's held in a restaurant that doesn't accept #indue #CashlessDebitCard
Imagine not being able to take your mum out on Mother's Day or dad on Farther's Day for lunch or dinner because local businesses aren't pre-registered for #CashlessDebitCard #indue
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#QUESTION = Are ALL Politicians absolutely LYING to the Australian Public about the Issue of -; #MIGRATION ??

See the Below Thread & Judge for Yourself

#REMEMBER = To make an informed choice for Voting requires ALL information to be presented
#QUESTION = Has that Happened ??
#ALP = Increasing Australia’s annual humanitarian intake of refugees to 27,000 by 2025 to address the global humanitarian crisis
Providing $450 million in funding over three years to support #UNHCR both globally and in South East Asia and the Pacific;
#GREENS = Full implementation by Australia of 1994 UN International Conference on Population & Development Program Action
+ Increase overseas aid budget to #minimum of 0.7% of GNI
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