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Rodney Mullen
DaeWON #SONG LZ ImageImage
10/23/2000 (99 00 01)
( #COMMS LEFT IN TIME ) Using the life of NOT A good man, the life of A #GREAT MAN …

#Transition 2 GREATNESS ! ….

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•13. 13.

.@taylorswift13, let’s talk about the number 13.
13 is not actually ImageImage
You’re favorite number, you’re favorite number is 2 & 4 (42) (24) …
Let’s talk about the Jersey number 24, #LAKE ..
Let’s talk about The 🖕 MIDDLE #FINGER Award ..
Let’s talk about every photo that I allowed someone to take of me, why do you think I always chose the Bird?
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We just published as preprint our RCT on convalescent and vaccinated plasma.
Importantly the trial showed that in a selected group of patients with hematological and oncological malignancies, SARS-Cov-2 antibody containing plasma is a effective…
In fact, it not only reduced time to discharge from the hospital (primary endpoint) but also survival (secondary endpoint). While these results should be confirmed in a separate study, the effect size is convincing.
Note that the study confirmed findings of other studies, that showed no effect in unselected elderly patients and patients with laboratory findings suggesting higher risk of severe disease.
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#Layer2 Scaling is a concept that is used in the #Ethereum communities with some believing it represents $ETH future.

What does this truly imply? 🤌🏼

How does it operate and why do we need it? 🧐

Today we will deep dive into non-custodial solutions ⬇️
1/ Over the past years, #Ethereum popularity has resulted in a massive rise in transactions and, therefore, #network traffic.

With several users competing for faster #transaction processing, a bidding war occurs, resulting in very expensive gas fees for each user.
Once new scaling solutions arise in the #blockchain space, it is always necessary to consider:

- how much they inherit #Layer1 #security and network characteristics

- if they impose stricter user requirements compared to the underlying #Layer1
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What saved my brother when all hope was God was #plasma. He responded to the 1st unit given to him & the 2nd one got him off oxygen support. Many suffering under this strain have recovered with/after #PlasmaTherapy. Is this coz there's a shortage? #COVID19 #CovidIndia @PMOIndia
Making #PlasmaTherapy illegal is liking tying the hands of our docs & telling them to save lives. Are you trying to kill people? First no oxygen supply & now this!

I ask you, is it harming anyone? Are there any sideeffects? The ministry talks like they have it all figured out.
Shortage of a medicine in the market doesn't render it unnecessary as the govt would have us believe. It doesn't have to be a miracle cure. First, rem's not needed (now DRDO will save us all). Then, why Delhi needs more 02 than Mumbai (asked in SC. new, more virulent strain?!)
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Delhi High Court will today continue hearing petitions to deal with issues arising out of #COVID19 in the national capital.

Hearing to take place before Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli.


@CMODelhi @LtGovDelhi
We've come across an order granting bail.. we'll point out the lacuna : adv Praveen K Sharma mentions.

We're not going to look to bail ... scrutinize the judgement: Court


Sharma says a note on oxygen concentrators has been given.

We understand that Surpreme Court matter is not there. If all parties are here, we can take it : Court
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📡Live Now 📡

So you become #COVID Positive, What's Next?

For answers, watch our webinar and post if you have any other questions/doubts on #COVID19 here👉
I think there is a greater responsibility on patients too.

Doctors say, 80% effort has to be from patients. If a patient does not follow #COVID19 protocols/instructions given by Doctor, panics then it will be more difficult

- Prof. Raghuram, BITS Goa
#StayHome, do not go outside unless absolutely necessary, do not challenge the administration - it is one of the social service which we can do during this time

- Prof. Raghuram, BITS Goa

Live Now :
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Thread for #COVIDEmergency2021 support resources/fundraiser links. NOTE: I'll only be *collating/consolidating* links I find on credible handles from across social media, on this thread, in an attempt to make sifting through platforms a little easier.
A guide with links to home isolation resources in #Chennai.

Instagram Guide link here:…
@UbaidU on Instagram has two comprehensive guides with pan-india #COVID19India support links. Linking both below.…
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#NewAIIMSGuidelines (22.04) for #COVID19India Mangmt

Small but IMPORTANT thread for ALL.
Pls amplify. 🙏

#Plasma #TOCILIZUMAB & #REMDESIVIR are NOW in EUA/Off-label usage under CERTAIN circumstances ONLY !

Pls Understand🙏
Plasma & Remdesivir benefits HAVE NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF ( Tweeted many times on this)


Instead, LEARN #Proning .Recommended by doctors also.

Video shared
Some basic pointers on #COVID19
In non medical language . I have shared my experience & some Do's and Don'ts - HOW TO WEAR MASK , WHICH MASK etc (* again cross verified by doctors)

Pls read this
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"Plasma is Sunil Gavaskar"
-sharing my personal experience on Plasma treatment in Covid19

Nov-20, My mother-in-law was admitted in ICU in a Delhi Hospital. Doctors were asking us daily to arrange Blood Plasma from ex-Covid patients for a possibility of recovery 1/n @Harneetsin
She was on ventilator and We had treating Doctors telling us Daily to arrange Blood Plasma as the only hope for a recovery as things were not improving, For them they have tried everything except Plasma, so we need to get it anyhow for a possible recovery 2/n @SufiyanaSoul
Since my father was on Ventilator too in Jaipur, my brother-in-law was running around entire Delhi to arrange for plasma as only hope. Plasma center was 2.5hrs drive from Hospital. Thru his office network My Brother-in-Law arranged for many donors, but none worked. 3/n @vicramb
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It’s the biggest mess possible, Covid 19 is spreading like wildfire, the only two suggestions I have is : Double masking is critical and avoid attending any social event, people are still doing marriages and engagements. There are no beds, but we will still try @CharityBeds_
*Update 1*
17th April : 10:05 am

*No Beds available* at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Near Metro Station Jain Muni Guru Ramkrishan Marg Block C, Shivaji Park, West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, 110026

Contact : 01140777777
*Update 2*
17th April : 10:15 am

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre, 1, Mehrauli - Badarpur Rd, Tughlakabad Institutional Area,
*No Beds available immediately, but can get after some waiting time*

Please contact 01129902001 or @charitybeds before going there.
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Thread on Hospitals, Medicines, Plasma Donors etc for Delhi:

Hospital Info below: Image
Refer to this Page for Plasma Donors across in Delhi:…

- please DM her
2. Cipla Med Gautam Enterprise - 9868124105
3. Mitesh Shah - He is not a supplier, he is finding the injection on demand as a social cause, and he was helpful

I request you to only text and not call them.
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++ #COVID: 'CON #PLASMA IPERIMMUNE -65% MORTALITA' IN RSA', STUDIO A #MANTOVA. Gli autori, 'virus eliminato nel 90% dei casi, bloccata diffusione nelle strutture' Milano, 17 feb. (Adnkronos Salute)
L'Asst di Mantova annuncia i risultati dello studio 'Rescue' sul trattamento con plasma iperimmune dei pazienti Covid anziani residenti nelle Rsa. Il lavoro è stato pubblicato su 'Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovations, Quality and Outcomes' e presentato oggi alla stampa.
"Sono stati identificati 22 residenti con Covid-19 di grado moderato/severo - riferiscono dall'Asst - e sono stati trattati precocemente con unità di plasma iperimmune ad alto titolo. Il plasma si è dimostrato sicuro (non si sono riscontrate reazioni avverse)
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⚠️#Ocular #MRI Findings in Patients with Severe #COVID19: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study
All patients had nodules in the macular region, 8/9 (89%) had bilateral nodules, 2/9 (22%) had nodules outside the macular region. Screening needed. Image
⚠️🔝New-Onset #IgG #Autoantibodies in Hospitalized Patients with #COVID19
An international team of researchers studying COVID-19 has made a startling and pivotal discovery: The virus appears to cause the body to make weapons to attack its own tissues. Image
⚠️🔝Patterns of myocardial injury in recovered troponin-positive COVID-19 patients assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Damage to the heart found in more than half of #COVID19 patients discharged from hospital who show raised levels of troponin. Image
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#UnAnnoFa il #genoma di "un #coronavirus" ricavato da un caso relativo al "focolaio di malattie respiratorie di #Wuhan" veniva pubblicato su #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#UnAnnoFa... "Il focolaio di infezioni ha indotto timori di una potenziale epidemia dopo che la Cina ha dichiarato che il virus che lo ha causato è sconosciuto, ma proveniente dalla stessa famiglia di virus che ha causato le epidemie di #SARS e #MERS".🧐
#UnAnnoFa Diventa improvvisamente chiaro che il nuovo virus viaggia velocemente... in aereo. Nessun campanello di allarme in giro per il mondo? 🧐 #covid19…
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#Plasma from recovered #COVID19 patients with high levels of #antibodies appeared to delay / stop progression of illness in mildly ill older adults infected with #SARSCoV2, a study published in @NEJM concluded. 🧵…
Researchers at Fundacion INFANT in Buenos Aires, #Argentina, led the small randomized, controlled, double-blind #clinicaltrial of the effects of infusing #convalescent #plasma in 160 older adults within 72 hours of symptom onset, half of whom received the treatment.
The patients were either 75 years and older with or without underlying illnesses, or 65 to 74 years with at least one underlying condition. The trial was stopped early because #COVID19 cases substantially declined in #BuenosAires, precluding continued recruitment.
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@DrOliverKaram talks to us about plasma products @WFPICCS #wfpiccs20 #PedsICU

Not all plasma products are created equally: some still have residual cells, and some are better than others...
When is plasma indicated?

Major trauma is a clear indiction.

But use in prophylactic head injuries seems to worsen development of lesions

Use of plasma products in children is associated with multiorgan dysfunction - do you really need to give this?

So why are #plasma products given?

You can see some children given just to correct INR - not that big a change obtained overall, but the higher the INR at transfusion the bigger the effect.

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It's condemnable the way Punjab govt has handled #COVIDー19, with @capt_amarinder trying to manage it through remote from the comfort of his farmhouse. CM's #MissionFateh is mere propaganda. Punjab is losing 100 lives a day & has surpassed Maharashtra & Gujarat in fatality rate. Image
#Congress govt's own health advisor Dr KK Talwar has indicted it for not conducting contact tracing & failure to manage micro-containment zones. Health minister @BalbirSinghMLA should take responsibility instead of attributing the high mortality rate to Punjabis' lifestyle.
CM needs to take the bull by its horns to contain the damage. All critical care centers must be upgraded immediately. The poor must be treated without charge; testing & #plasma treatment must be stepped up to win back people's trust in govt med institutes to reduce fatality rate.
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#livertwitter #GITwitter #MedTwitter #tweetorial
#Cirrhosis, right lobe atrophied, relative hypertrophy of left lobe
📌Splenic/superior mesenteric vein blood flow changes👉distortion of liver structure, re-routing hepatotropic substances to left, less to right➡️ Rt atrophy
1/ Image
❓But in #BuddChiari #Syndrome, caudate lobe enlarged
📌"#laminar flow’ theory"👉 larger redistribution of nutritients,hormones,hepatotropic factors to left hemi-liver at caudate level, most portal branches supplying caudate lobe from left portal vein #MedStudentTwitter
2/ Image
#Fatigue primary biliary cholangitis (#PBC)
📌cholestasis, #endotoxemia, systemic #Inflammation👉dysautonomia, central/peripheral neurovascular dysfunction, sympathetic overactivity, impaired baroreflexes, low peripheral #muscle perfusion, lactic acid mishandling, fatigue
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After 6 months of #lockdown and #lab shutdown I spent a full day 9 am-8 pm in lab doing experiments! New #grad students in #lifesciences: There is always light 💡 and #fluorescent images at the end of the tunnel! Filing a #patent on my #invention from #phd work soon @OrganOnAChip
This is an Organ on a Chip platform that enables mimicking #tissues and #organs in a high throughput manner! The main focus will be towards developing #mucosal organs with tissue resident #immune cells and lining #epithelial cells for #testing #COVID19 treatments #covidvaccines
I recently gave a talk at #oooc2020 organized by @GVNlab at @Columbia. In the talk I demonstrated the #ease of fabrication, #functionality, and #modularity of this platform.
We’re open to #collaborate with interested #researchers! Interested to learn more:
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1. two weeks ago,we published #PlasmaFiles, an international investigation coordinated by @TheSignalsNetw (English)… We asked some basic questions to the Italian health authorities: they are NOT replying at all
2. in Italy and in most countries around the world (except US, Germany etc),donating #plasma is a pure act of generosity:donors do have the right to know whether #plasma machines are completely safe.Italian health authorities at @MinisteroSalute and @CentroSangue refuse to reply
3. I worked on the #PlasmaFiles investigation partnering with 7 international media: they asked questions to their national health authorities and got answers. Italian health authorities at @MinisteroSalute and @CentroSangue are silent Image
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