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@godless_mom Heaven is just a fairy story for those afraid of the LIGHT
#TheoreticalPhysicists prefer to believe in the heavenly fairy tales they can concoct themselves.
#cosmology #Heaven #GOD #Truth #StephenHawking #NeildeGrasseTyson
@godless_mom Don’t know if they buried #StephenHawking in a black hole, like most people, but he said: "If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out."… #Hawking #BlackHoles #MythMath #cosmology #NeildeGrasseTyson #atheist
@godless_mom Imagine there’s no #BlackHole heaven.
#StephenHawking didn't know what to believe about the NOTHING of #BlackHoles.… #atheists #cosmology
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CERN: A seventeen-mile tunnel/circuit that contains nine-thousand, six hundred super magnets; propelling protons and ions just under the speed of light, producing one hundred and sixty-four thousand collisions per second.
Completing eleven thousand-two-hundred and forty-five circuits per second.

Fully operational, the Large Hadron Collider is one-hundred-thousand times hotter than the Sun.
Future of CERN, the AI Beast System Computer by D-Wave, and what is Digital DNA. A critical lecture to listen to and understand if readers and listeners are interested in reversing the plans of the False Gods.…
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.03 - Act 1
Previously on Dark Matter: The crew teams with Anders and the G.A. to seal the rift, the black ships' power source. THREE and SIX return. Wexler stays. Ryo uses transfer transit to reboot himself as FOUR. #DarkMatter 1/11
A Reynaud Industries press conference. CEO Alicia Reynaud's brilliant young daughter, Carina, is delivering a speech about her mother's company when - smoke bombs go off. Chaos! Her bodyguards hustle her through the back and down a corridor where - #DarkMatter 2/11
They are jumped by two masked men. Carina breaks free, turning a corner and coming face to face with - FIVE who informs her that she is her sister. There's no time to explain. Suddenly, O.S. shots ring out! FIVE gives her the Raza's transmission codes. #DarkMatter 3/11
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Project Raven, a clandestine team that included more than a dozen former US intelligence operatives recruited to help the United Arab Emirates engage in surveillance of other governments, militants & human rights activists critical of the monarchy.…
a group of ex-NSA employees to work in UAE in support of UAE signals intel service, under the name of #ProjectRaven. Later, the Project Raven team was transferred in some fashion from Cyber Point contract to a contract with UAE-based firm #DarkMatter.…
[2015] So why is Cyberpoint listed as a “partner” to Hacking Team, the Italian company under fire for selling spyware used by repressive regimes across the world?…
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A New Age of Warfare: How Internet Mercenaries Do Battle for Authoritarian Governments…
NSO Group, Mr. al-Qahtani spoke of grand plans to use its surveillance tools throughout the Middle East and Europe, like Turkey and Qatar or France and Britain.…
Today even the smallest countries can buy digital espionage services, enabling them to conduct sophisticated operations like electronic eavesdropping or influence campaigns that were once the preserve of major powers like the United States and Russia.…
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Okay UK government I’m with you on this one.

In case you’re wondering, it looks like the image is a modified snapshot from a simulation of how galaxies form in clusters and tendrils of #DarkMatter in the Cosmic Web. More on how these simulations work: A poster that says “SCIENCE IS GREAT” with small text “BRITAIN & NORTHERN IRELAND” below it. In the background is an image of a wispy-looking web of light-colored material on a dark background, with bright lights along it sort of like fairy lights. On one side of the poster is half a Union Jack. There’s small text on the bottom with the URL and at top “Artist’s impression of the Universe, Durham Uni”
How cosmic simulations are done:
1) Write code to simulate mass & gravity for little bits of dark matter
2) Set up their distribution based on tiny fluctuations we see in THE LITERAL AFTERGLOW OF THE BIG BANG
3) Let code run for a while & it looks like what we see in the sky 🌌
To emphasize how cool this is: we are starting with tiny tiny variations in microwave light that comes to us from when the cosmos was still basically ON FIRE from the Big Bang and we use some math and out comes THE DISTRIBUTION OF ACTUAL GALAXIES IN SPACE 🤯
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Here we go, time for my first thread about a new paper, out today on your local arXiv server! #sciencetwitter #physics #hepph #darkmatter #cosmology #earlyuniverse #plasma…
1/ Backstory: we've been looking for dark matter for a long, long time and we haven't found it. We're pretty sure it's a particle based on the concordance of evidence from a wide variety of astrophysical environments, but we're not sure what kind of particle it is.
2/ Since we've been looking pretty hard in a couple of particle mass ranges (most notably we've been looking for dark matter particles that are heavier than a proton) and since we haven't found it, folks are starting to wonder if other dark matter masses are possible/interesting
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I'm really excited to tell you about a new paper I've completed here @UniofOxford @OxfordeResearch and @RUastro. The paper has been published with @AandA_journal. It describes a theory that could possibly unify #DarkEnergy and #DarkMatter. A thread… 1/17
First of all, you can find the paper here: Let me tell you a bit more about it! #NewPaper #PeerReviewed 2/17
Dark energy & Dark matter are normally considered as two separate problems. Dark energy causes the expansion of the Universe to accelerate,while Dark matter modifies the rotation of galaxies. The nature of these two unknown “Dark” components generally appear to be unrelated. 3/17
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So.. In 2018 at Budapest Airport, it is apparently okay to provide a #dysfunctional service where your customers get #overcharged, while not replying to their complaints. For a year. Am I right, @WizzAir? Cc: @budairport #YearLongComplaint * thread *
My brother lives some countries and an ocean away, so we bought #WizzAirCoupons for our mother as a present. She wanted to visit him, but the site failed to give her the discount. The coupon can no longer be used, so she wrote you an email. This was on the 1st of November, 2017.
She got the first - and to this day, the only - reply at the end of that same month. My mother asked a few questions to which no answer was ever received. #TerriblePenPal
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.02, Act V
Our story so far:…
The G.A. shuttle streaks towards the rift, evading weapons fire from the alien ships. As it draws near -
Another ship exits the rift. It's the Marauder!
Onboard The Raza, Android detects the Marauder. SIX's voice comes over the comm channel, requesting permission to dock. As a jubilant FIVE responds, Android directs The Raza on an intercept course, providing cover fire for the Marauder as -
The G.A. shuttle is struck and begins to lose structural integrity. It drifts towards the event horizon and - detonates in a blinding flash, taking down out the rift and a handful of alien ships.
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#DarkMatter Episode 4.02 Act 4
SIX drifts wide of the mark. He begins to run Tash through the piloting sequence that will get her through the rift when suddenly, his progress is halted. REVEAL Tash, secured to a lifeline, has snagged his ankle, literally "catching her lift".
Commander Vandermeer pays a visit to the imprisoned TWO, THREE, and Wexler. TWO makes a pitch for the white hole bomb so that they can target the rift and, hopefully, deal the looming alien invasion a critical blow. Vandermeer is unconvinced...
Inside the G.A. facility, Wexler tells the security guards outside the door that he'll detonate the bomb if they don't back off. The scientist confirms that it, has intact, been armed. Wexler reminds them they are clones and have nothing to lose. #DarkMatter
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.02, Act III
Act 1:
Act 2:
An unconscious TWO is cuffed as Anders, THREE, and Wexler are pulled out of their transfer pods and arrested. Their clones are still active - but not for long….
Inside the facility, Anders gets on a computer and deduces the bomb has been moved to the R&D lab, two floors down. He, THREE, and Wexler are on the move. #DarkMatter
Back at the Ferrous shipyard, Tash informs SIX of his options. Option #1: He jumps and hope this trajectory carries him to the other side. If he miscalculates, he'll drift wide and float off helplessly...until his oxygen runs out. Option #2: See Option #1.
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.02, Act II
Act 1:
The Raza drops out of FTL at a space station.
At the airlock, Lieutenant Anders is welcomed aboard.
In the mess, they discuss the op to steal the white hole bomb. It's being held in a heavily-secured facility. But there's a way in. Guards travel to and from the station via a dedicated transfer transit station. The crew of The Raza will get into that station with Anders' help.
Then he, THREE, and Wexler will transfer to the facility while TWO stays behind to guard their defenseless bodies. Once they secure the bomb, they'll steal a GA shuttle and fly it out of the facility and back to The Raza that will drop out of FTL and pick them all up. Simple!
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.02 - Act 1
Previously on Dark Matter: Wexler forces the alien out of TWO, but not before she glimpses a clue to the whereabouts of her daughter. THREE turns the tables on a Alt. Portia. Ryo informs Android he wants to remain onboard...
FIVE mourns the loss of SIX - who, it turns out, is alive and well but trapped on the other side of the spacetime rift with Tash. A plan is hatched to use Traugott's white hole bomb to destroy the rift - but we discover that it is now in the hands of the Galactic Authority.
Establish: A Galactic Authority Outpost
Anders access a secures section of the facility. "I'm in,"he informs someone on his comm link. It's Mission Impossible time as he makes his way down a corridor then into a control room where he relieves the guard on duty.
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.01, Act 4
FIVE contacts Anders. He knows nothing about the GA's heist of the white hole bomb and is reluctant to investigate for fear of risking his career. FIVE reveals SIX sacrificed much more. Anders, shocked by this news, vows to help.
FIVE, Android, Ryo and Wexler discuss what appears to be their only option for ridding TWO of the alien: torture.
But FIVE can't bring herself to do it.
And neither can the Android.
While Ryo deems it dishonorable.
They turn to Wexler who shrugs: "Sure, why not?"
THREE and Portia banter as the search for a way out continues. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Boone whose face flashes up on the security monitor. He just received an automated alert to someone accessing his stash. He is enroute and will deal with them when he gets there.
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.01, Act 3
Picking up where we left off, THREE and Portia trapped in Boone's vault. Without the passcode, they are screwed. But maybe not! Portia pulls out a small explosive device and informs THREE she'll simply blow the door.
THREE: That won't work.
Portia: Yes, it will.
THREE: No, it won't. All it's going to do is cause a lot of damage, to this place and us.
Portia: My nanites will heal me.
THREE: I don't have nanites.
Portia: And what's your point?
THREE appeals to Portia's pragmatic side. Let him search. Maybe he can find something to force the door that will allow them an exit without damaging any of the goods. And by goods, he means all of Boone's swag. Also, yes, select body parts. Portia tells him to start looking.
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#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.01 - Act 2
Establish The Raza in sublight...
Ryo, alone in his quarters, receives a transmission from Teku who informs him that loyalist troops eager to see him back on the throne of Zairon await his command.
But Ryo turns down the opportunity to lead, informing his old friend that he is not fit to rule. He has let down his people, his friends. And now, his future lies not on Zairon, but on The Raza. A shattered Teku attempts to convince him otherwise, but Ryo ends the transmission
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The Raza and its allies start taking fire from the alien armada. It's a battle for the ages and they're getting their asses kicked. One by one, the allies abandon the field of battle - first Truffault then Teku, leaving FIVE, now in command, to decide their next move.
As The Raza comes under heavy fire, FIVE reluctantly orders a retreat, haunted by the thought she is abandoning SIX. Despite the dire situation, she believes he is still alive, somewhere on the other side of the interdimensional rift.
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I want to tell you a short story about #DarkMatter and how the search for it sometimes leads us to beautiful and surprising things. (thread)
One of the ways we look for (invisible) dark matter is through "self-annihilation." Idea is: when two dark matter particles love each other very much, they might (with some small probability) annihilate and create stuff we can see.
We haven't (yet) found conclusive evidence for dark matter annihilation. But we're searching! The main way to search is to try to find weird signals of light or cosmic rays that are hard to explain with what we know of astrophysics.
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