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[#VictoryOfTheLight Thread]

After posting some evidence showing #Defango's #lightworker #starseed #newage #gaia #endoftimes beliefs and promotion in his youtube channel and #Steemit account... this was denied by Manny in his usual style [...]
This post written by #Defango was posted on May 16th, 2017

"@victoryofthelight Twitter account is Leaking Major Details on the Deep state on Twitter"

- Defango
#VictoryoftheLight was a Twitter account that got the attention of #4chan and conspiracy Youtubers due to the things it would post and another reason that blew my mind the first time I heard about it.

But let's take a look at what #VictoryoftheLight posted about.
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L'équipe de Johanna Rolland, maire de #Nantes, a versé plus de 20 000 euros pour des séminaires de coaching #politique avec un thérapeute promouvant la méditation d’Osho.
Ceux qui ont vu la série documentaire “Wild Wild Country“ sur le “gourou du sexe“ apprécieront.

Thread⤵️ 1/7
Au programme également : #trantra-#yoga, ying et yang, "pensée jungienne" et même "physique #quantique“.

L'article L'Express, paru cette semaine :…

Extraits : ...
#Physics #quantumcommunication #developpementpersonnel #NewAge #coaching #Management 2/7
« En 2017, Dominique Vincent était pourtant l'un des invités vedettes à Saint-Herblain (en périphérie de Nantes) pour le cycle de conférence "Nouveaux pouvoirs Nouveaux leaders" organisé par Jean-Philippe Magnen et son association Psypol. ... 3/7
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Who watched this and connected the dots? #VICE #QAnon #ageofaquarius #TheGreatReset #TheShift #BarbaraMarxHubbard #GAIA #DavidWilcock #GlobalMeditation #Psyop #Unify #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #IAM #SeanStone #Thrive
Same BS #TheHarmonicConvergence #Unify #LisaClapier #NewAge #Qanon #Wellness
Same Network #EdgeOfWonder #GAIA #Thrive #DavidWilcock
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Previously, I linked #BuildBackBetter & the #GreatReset to the #MauriceStrong network (mid-1970s but kicking off with the 1992 UN #EarthSummit in Rio). I also linked Strong to the #Rockefeller clan. We may have to go a bit further back in time.

Thread 👇
In 1972, The #ClubofRome published its '#LimitsToGrowth', using simulations to describe the impact of resource depletion on #economic growth. The Club was founded in 1968 by David #Rockefeller, the industrialist Aurelio Peccei & Alexander King.
Its computer-generated models of #doom were designed to impress but were based on simplistic ideas & dubious assumptions. The report, nonetheless, remains influential & illustrates the #Rockefeller obsession with population growth & #resource control
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In a previous thread (read first: ), I outlined how the #WorldEconomicForum's #GreatReset & #BuildbackBetter plans also have a #diet part, called the #GreatFoodTransformation.

Let's now look at where it's coming from; planned way BEFORE #COVID19! Thread👇 Image
The #EAT foundation -calling itself 'a Davos for Food'- has designed a #GreatFoodTransformation compaign to put the world on a so-called #PlanetaryHealthDiet, which is a semi-vegetarian diet (vegan also allowed) looking like 👇 (note that one can have more sugar than beef?!) Image
The '#GreatFoodTransformation' not only echoes Davos' #GreatReset but also the '#GreatTransformation' proposed in 2011 by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU):… Image
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🛡️#T3 - #T3OccultAstrology
An Event Like No Other
Welcome to the #AgeOfAquarius
#WinterSolstice December 21 2020 we will witness an astrological event that if the Illuminati have their way, the objectives they accomplish will alter the trajectory of mankind on planet earth.
You've heard by now the words uttered by Klaus Schwab of #Davos "#TheGreatReset"
⚠️Well, T3 has isolated the timing☑️
The global elite introduced #CV19 to accelerate the onset of an astrological alignment coming up. Everything they talk about here👇is written in the stars.
Let me unpack this for you. In the chart below, drawn for 12-21-2020 @ 1:20pm EST Washington DC shows the exact time that a rare Jupiter/Saturn align will take place. Inherently, it isn't all that bad, but if the forces of darkness use it against us, look out world.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/10/2020…
Psychological impacts of “screen time” and “green time” for children and adolescents: A systematic scoping review…

#GreenTime #ScreenTime #psychology
It has four incarnations every lifetime, can return from the dead and is the subject of an unlikely new bestseller...…

#EuropeanEels #LifeCycle #zoology
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The Jesuits & The Masonic Globe Earth Creation

Coincidences of Astrology calendars dates, agendas, and goals, connect the Jesuits to a massive deception over the true shape of the earth – all for the purpose of a multi-faceted end time delusion distraction
Copernicus was resisting appeals to publish his theory of a heliocentric solar system, the Roman Catholic Church was waging war on the new Protestantism. Catholics admit the “Counter Reformation” was “an effort to stem the tide of Protestantism by genuine reform within the ImageImage
Catholic Church.”The Jesuit order was established in 1534 under the approval of Pope Paul III—the very pope with whom Copernicus had corresponded regarding calendar reform and to whom Copernicus dedicated his book, Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies!
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My Rebbe by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz
(p. 172) Jean Sulzberger of NY Times fame went to the rebbe many times for counsel. She was also involved in Time Magazine, Parabola magazine, the Gurdjieff Foundation.
(p.84) Tsarist Russia sought to assimilate the Jews. Chabad was against this and led the rabbinic opposition. Chabad brought outside pressures to bear on the Tsar including international Jewish bodies and the Rothschilds.
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This is something that has been on my mind for a long time. A humble attempt at explaining why the average Pune 4 teenager has no clue who Pu La is, forget reading and listening to his work.

In the 80's and 90's Maharashtrian families in Pune 4 started

#PuLa #Pune #Marathi
getting their kids admitted in English and specifically convent schools than before. This was also the time the US immigration wave really took off and in the mid 90's it was almost impossible to find a house in the zipcode where at least one child was not in the US as an IT
engineer. I have spent time with Indians from all states in the US and for some reason, I found we were pretty much the only people who almost felt ashamed of Marathi and did not see anything wrong with their kids not knowing Marathi. In fact it was almost a matter of pride.
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Quando nasci e cresci a Gaoth Dobhair, un piccolo villaggio di pescatori nella contea di Donegal, quasi sulla punta nord dell’Irlanda, hai due possibilità: o vivere nei boschi come un elfo o prendere la via del mare.

1/9⬇️ Image

Eithne farà una vita piuttosto riparata, a contatto con la natura, soprattutto dopo che, grazie al successo discografico, potrà comprarsi una piccola isola tutta per se. Image

Musicalmente invece produrrà una serie di viaggi musicali, tutti però immersi in un’atmosfera rarefatta da nebbioso bosco del nord. Nella sua famiglia sono tutti musicisti. Image
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@threadreaderapp @Imlandris1 Relevanter Kontext: Auch Andreas Popp (es gibt mehrere Personen dieses Namens) scheint an eine Art #Zwergenreich (und auch an ein Abbrechen des Kontakts zu den Zwerge, durch Ermordung von Mittelsleuten im #Mittelalter) zu glauben: Ab 18m55s von sagt..
@threadreaderapp @Imlandris1 .. Herr Popp folgendes: "..die hatten Anbindungen. Das waren Anbindungen, die sie wahrgenommen haben, und die ihnen auch Dinge gesagt haben, und da gibt es ganz verschiedene, viele Wesen, die man wahrgenommen hat: Über WICHTEL [Hervorhebung von LG,I] über #Elfen, und über
@threadreaderapp @Imlandris1 .. sonstige Dinge [!], und die haben ihnen dann die #Information gegeben. Wir haben mal eine---ein---ich habe eine Berechnung mal machen lassen [Da wüsste ich dann doch gerne, WAS für eine Berechnung das war; vermutlich irgendeine ziemlich triviale
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...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
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It's time: #Godzilla v. #Destoroyah! Scientist 2 meddling kids: First u warn me to not make an oxygen destroyer. Now U want me to make one! #kidsthesedays @Elreynetwork #kaiju
I said I could make one. I didn't say it would be easy. #Godzilla v. #Destoroyah @Elreynetwork #kaiju
Ooh-this movie ha=is #graphic sensitive viewers' warning! @Elreynetwork on the scourge of magamonster violence. #Killitwithfire #Kaiju #cadmiummissles #Godzilla
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