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I will be posting my thoughts on Ramayana as I read it. Would love to know your response. RT would be appreciated.

This is Balkand Ch. 1. In this Sarg, DevRishi Narad narrates the Summary of Ramayana to the readers via Sage Valmiki.
This chapter is like Synopsis or short Summary of whole Ramayana. As it is evident from last verse, There is no restriction on any person any Varna from reading Ramayana. Any person who reads it will Excel in his specific field of work.
@gopugoswami @AkshayChaitanya
This summary as said by Narad Rishi talks about Rajyabhishek of Lord Ram. His Ram Rajya. But no mention of Luv kusha or Sita going forest. Why would the author miss this detail? Was this chapter written when luv kusha were not born? Or was Uttar Kand added later?
In Chapter 2, While Sage Valmiki is going for a bath at Bank of Tamsa River with his Disciple Sage Bharadwaja, He encounters the hunter killing a male bird while mating with his partner. Enraged by this, Valmiki curses the poacher to not enter the forest.
Point to be noted here is that These chapters are written as if some third person is narrating the series of events when Valmiki started writing Ramayana. So it might happen that one of his disciples added these initial chapters as a forward to main Ramayana
5/n .......
In third chapter, we know that Most parts of Valmiki Ramayana which Sage Valmiki wrote himself were written when lord Ram was being coronated in Ayodhya. So, probably the first 4 chapters are added later by disciples due to Shruti Tradition in Sanatana. @seriousfunnyguy
Lav and kush narrate the Ramayana written by Valmiki as title "PaulatsyaVadh" meaning Killing of Ravana (he was born in clan of Sage Pulatsya) So, It's also evident that Valmiki wrote only Ramayana till Ram coronation. Uttar Kand was not written by him. @ExSecular
In the very Fifth chapter, When The Ikshvaku dynasty is being mentioned, It's clearly said that Ayodhya is capital city of Kosal Kingdom situated at Bank of River Saryu. So those woke liberals saying Ramayana must have happened somewhere else should introspect.@Aabhas24
8/n .....
Fifth Sarg of Ramayana talks about the condition of City of Ayodhya under king Dasrath. We always talk about city planning. This Sarg explains in detail the condition and Architecture of big cities like Ayodhya in detail in 12300 BCE.
@Aabhas24 @Tejasvi_Surya
Some interesting info from Balkand Sarg 6. Ayodhya is major city of India in 12300 BCE. There is clear mention of musical instruments, domesticated animals. Very detailed depiction of tree breeds and animal breeds that too imported from neighbouring countries. @Aabhas24
Sarg 7, Balkand
The chapter discusses in detail about the 8 ministers of King Dasrath among whom Sumantra is chief. The duties and responsibilities of ministers in the kingdom is explained. See how there is even intelligence unit.
Chapter 8, Balkand
Since, King Dasrath has no kids till now, he decides to organise ashwamedha yagya. Read and put a tight slap on #RicebagResearchers who malign Ashwamedha. Clearly mentioned to leave horse for Yagya. Also note the names of Sages & Vashishta
Balkand, Ch-9
Sumantra is telling Dhashrath about a Sage RishyaShring who is grandson of Sage Kashyap and son in law of King of Anga Rompada. He has been a Naishtik Brahmchari for quite a time before getting married. Imp. Point for Ayappa Devotees.
Balkand Ch 11
In this chapter, Sumantra is telling Dhashrath the story of Sage RishyaShring and Rompada. A notable point is that most imp minister of Dhashrath is termed as Soota. This asserts that Soot was term used for Sevak and Kshatriya can be Sevak too.
12th Chapter deals mainly with planning for Ashwamedha Yagya. What should be noted is that both "Santan" and "Putra" word are used for child which is desired by Dhashrath. Does this imply that he wasn't specifically asking for a male child as propagated by left?
Chapter 13
Sage Vashishta is saying to citizen about preparing for Yagya (1 yr after they had planned for it)
Check how detailed Valmiki has explained the different types of services viz architect, writers, dancers. Writing was known. Brick was known too. @desimojito
Balkand Ch 14
ATTENTION!!! This is very important. This 14th Sarg is mainly explaining the process and conditions of Ashwamedha Yagya. This chapter is highly misunderstood. So note down next few things I'll point.
Link: archive.org/details/HindiB…
Queen Kaushalya is yajman of this Yagya. She worships the Sacred Horse with full process as prescribed by Sages. I have borrowed this as from below link. This busts the myth of leftists that Animal sacrifice was given in Vedic Yagya. @WindsOfChange72
In this Shloka, Sages are guiding all ladies to touch (आदर से स्पर्श करना) the sacred horse. (महिषी) Kshatriya Queen, (ववाता)Vaishya lady, (पारिवृति)Shudra all ladies Touch the Sacred horse. @ExSecular
Chapter 14 Balkand (verse 34-37)
Sages give हविष्य of अश्वकंद pulp a special fruit. They give हवि in बेत की चटाई where as in other Yagyas the havi is done by पाकड़ wood.
Note: Please read Gita Press translation as it is most accurate and reliable translation. @kshukla778
Chapter 14: Balkand
Ashwamedha Yagya is completed with due process and all type of visitors and Sages are rewarded accordingly. everyone is satisfied. Let's go to next Chapter.
Chapter 15: Balkand
After Ashwamedha Yagya, Sage RishyaShring starts the PutraKameshti Yagya for desire of Kids of king. Here Sage is telling that he will do Yagya as prescribed by Atharva Veda. This is clearly meaning Atharva Veda was present before Ramayana.
Chapter 15-16: Balkand
During PutraKameshti Yagya, All deities which are present to take havishya are talking to Lord Brahma and then Lord Vishnu. They talk about Ravana and his Atrocities. I don't want to look like unscientific but Are Deities real and different from God?
After Yagya, Yagya Devta gives special Prasadam to the King. Kaushalya gets 1/2 part, Sumitra gets 1/4 and 1/8 part and Kaikeyi gets 1/8 parts. An important and interesting observation is that Happiness of Queens is compared to position of moon during Sharad Ritu.
Chapter 17: Balkand
Since Lord Vishnu is incarnating as Rama, Lord Brahma directs all gods to incarnate as Vanaras. I chose to understand Vanaras as tribe in central India who were physically more strong than Normal Humans. Please ponder upon Scientifically.
Chapter 18: Balkand
This Chapter is associated with birth of Lord Ram and his brothers.
Firstly There is a gap of 6 seasons and 12 months b/w PutraKameshti Yagya and birth of Princes. According to Ramayana too, The three queens become pregnant at regular but quick interval
Chapter 18: Balkand
This is first and major astronomical evidence. All the Indic Researchers have used this evidence to date Ramayana and birth date of Rama. There are major positions of Nakshatras given. @NileshOak arrives at 29 Nov, 12240 BCE for the same.
Not only Ram but Nakshatras associated with Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughn are also mentioned. This is the achievements of Our advanced Vedic Science that Our Sages were using astronomy to note down the major epoch making events. जय गुरु वाल्मीकि 🙏
@gopugoswami @fmfdharma
Balkand, Ch 18
After birth of Rama and his brothers, Valmiki briefly explains the qualities of the 4 Princes. They are very much intelligent, have knowledge of शस्त्र और शास्त्र. They all are pride of King Dasrath.
@Aabhas24 @gopugoswami @NileshOak @kshukla778
Chapter 18: Balkand
On one fine day, While Dasrath is discussing the possibilities of marriage of princes, Sage Vishwamitra arrives. Sage Vishwamitra is termed as राजर्षि and ब्रह्मर्षि। Previously he was a king, Son of King Gadhi who turned a sage later.
Ch 18: Balkand
Sage Vishwamitra is famous for his ability to create a virtual Swarga for his disciple #Trishanku who was denied Swarga. How much of this story is true, I have not gone into original texts. Will update you guys later in thread.
@vibhor_anand @Payal_Rohatgi
Sage Vishwamitra is also known to be creator of legendary Gayatri Mantra which is:
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥
This Mantra is interpreted by all type of Sages and philosophers and Tantriks.
@MisraNityanand @mahan_saria
Balkand: Ch 19
So, Sage Vishwamitra arrives in Ayodhya to take Ram with him. During his discussion, he tells King Dasrath that His Yagya is failed when Asuras put Blood and meat in his Yagyavedi. This further asserts that meat was never used for Vedic Yagyas.
Chapter 20: Balkand
King Dasrath is not willing to send his son with Sage Vishwamitra to fight Asuras. Here is a direct textual evidence that proves Ram was 16 years old during his marriage, not 12 as many fake "mythologist-historians" claim.
@davidfrawleyved @erbmjha
Balkand Ch- 19-20
King Dasrath is pleading with Sage Vishwamitra to not take Ram with him to fight the Asuras. Here, Two things to focus on.
1. Lineage and family of Ravana is discussed.
2. Dasrath is 60 years old when Ram was born.(Ignoring 1000 as अतिशयोक्ति) @ExSecular
Balkand Ch 21
After Sage Vishwamitra is enraged, Sage Vashishta explains the abilities of Vishwamitra to Dasrath. In this chapter, we if think logically, come to know that women were Researchers and they made divine weapons. Sage is himself a weapon Engineer. @vibhor_anand
Balkand Ch 22
Ram and Laxman leave Ayodhya with Sage Vishwamitra for his Yagya. They stop at Sarayu river bank for rest. Here Sage is about to teach Ram & Laxman Bal and Atibal Vidya. These are Yogic ability which can be learnt by Yogis with help of an able Guru. @bhootnath
Balkand Ch 23
Sage along with the princes reaches the junction of River Ganga and Saryu. There are many Ashrams of Sages doing Sadhna there. This evidence of Ganga Saryu Sangram further falsifies the claims of Leftesticles that Ramayana happened somewhere in middle East.
Balkand Ch 23
One thing quite interesting to notice that word Sahastrani is used at many places to describe the yrs. See here.
My take: Is it possible that the word is like "उपमा or अतिशयोक्ति अलंकार" used here as the history is in poetic form? @Aabhas24
Balkand Ch 24: Sage Vishwamitra along with the princes Crosses the Saryu-Ganga Prayag to enter the Forests. We get the brief idea of vegetation and zoology of that time. This forest was center of meditation after Indra performed Sudhhi of his Atman here.
Balkand Ch 25:
This Chapter deals with the story of a यक्षिनी named ताड़का who is wife of an यक्ष सुंद. She was cursed to be demon along with his son मारीच. We get mention of Sage Agastya who resided in this Forest before he went towards South.
Balkand Ch 25:
Here when Sage Vishwamitra is reminding Ram about duties of a Kshatriya, he tells him to protect every Varna. How can such a prince resort to kill a Shudra Shambuk? This verse contradicts Shambuk Vadh and we can say later is a distortion.
Balkand Ch 26: As ordered by Sage Vishwamitra, Ram urges Tadka to march towards him with his धनुष टंकार. When She approaches, Both Ram and Laxman fight with and kill her. Indra and other deities are happy and request Sage to teach divine weaponry to the Princes.
Balkand Ch 27:
Sage Vishwamitra is teaching Ram all the weapons he possesses. The list is long and very detailed. @idreamofghouls would be happy to Research on them and add the names into his list. These अस्त्र शस्त्र are called upon by specific Mantras.
Balkand Ch 28: Some more weapons are given to Ram and Sage tells the prince the Mantra to destroy those weapons when required. All the weapons reside inside the mind of the person who learns them and he can recall them just with thought. Indeed Research topic. @SwetaSinghAT
A thought just hit me. We all have read नागराज in Raj Comics by संजय गुप्ता। Many different snakes and इच्छाधारी नाग and नागिन reside in his body. Don't you find it interesting. Sanjay Gupta was indeed fascinated by our Sages & warriors who could hold those
weapons in similar manner. Remember, These Vidyas of Astra and Shastra are given by a Guru to His Shishya with mere Diksha that is giving him beej mantra. But before this, both Guru and Shishya have their Kundalini awakened. They're stored in subconscious mind of the person.
Balkand Ch 29:
All three reach the area called सिद्धाश्रम present day Buxar (Bihar).
Asura king Bali had done immense तपस्या here. Lord Vamana had incarnated from Sage Kashyap and Aditi. Vamana too had resided here and done his Tapasya for long duration.
Balkand Ch 29:
Note: When Sage Vishwamitra enters Sidhhashram here is an astronomical observation recorded by Sage Valmiki. Can this help us in dating Ramayana? Discuss.
"Moon is in Punarvasu nakshatra and season is Sharad Ritu."
Cc: @NileshOak @Aabhas24
Balkand Ch 29:
Sage Vishwamitra performed Yagya for 6 days. On the sixth day, when मारीच and सुबाहु try to malign the Yagya with blood and meat, Ram along with Laxman fights them. They use मानवास्त्र, आग्नेयास्त्र and वायवास्त्र।
Point to note here is: The मानवास्त्र doesn't kills Mareech but sends him towards ocean 100 yojans apart. Now we know for sure Mareech was near Nashik when Ravana approached him for help in Aranya kand. Subahu and other demons are killed. @getmesomelatte @IndianInterest
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