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1/10: Black history is not a separate entity.

It is a vital part of the very fabric of American history and it continues to play a role in shaping our country’s future.

This thread will help illustrate that point by diving into an important piece of history – the arrival of…… ImageImageImageImage
2/10: In August 1619, about a year before the Mayflower’s voyage, a ship arrived in Point Comfort, Virginia carrying the first enslaved Africans to English North America.

They were captured from Angola, in present-day West Africa. #1619Project #Juneteenth2023 ImageImage
3/10: The “20 and odd” Africans, as historical documents refer to them, arrived on the “White Lion,” a ship that had captured them from a Portuguese slaver.

They were sold in exchange for food and some were transported to Jamestown, the first permanent English colony.…… Image
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The main points of the Glassnode newsletter of 5 June: Image
1/9 🧵@glassnode Insights: Stagnant digital asset prices and underlying indicators suggest a shift towards risk-off capital rotation, with an increasing preference for stablecoin capital. #CryptoMarket #RiskOff #Glassnode
2/9 Despite flat $ETH price since mid-March, beneath the surface, growing divergences hint at a risk-off environment, with depressed trade volumes and automated DeFi usage. #Ethereum #DeFi
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Heute vor 5 Jahren wurde der OMV-Gazprom-Vertrag bis 2040 verlängert, obwohl er noch bis 2028 gelaufen wäre. Das Foto 📸 zeigt einen Tiefpunkt der österreichischen #Energiepolitik, die planlos agierte, und zu dem Zeitpunkt von russischen Interessen gekapert war. Ein #Thread. Image
Die damalige Einschätzung wurde von der Realität nicht nur überholt, sondern mehrfach überrundet. „Ein Meilenstein für die Sicherung der künftigen Energieversorgung Österreichs und Europas“, der Vertrag war alles andere als das.… Image
In der Realität nutzte Putins Russland via #Gazprom die Marktmacht bei Pipeline-#Gas aus, um Europa zu erpressen. Bereits lange vor dem Kriegsbeginn wurden #Gazprom-Speicher leergelaufen, um die Versorgungslage zu destabilisieren. #Daten📊:… Image
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„An der Gasleine.“ Es ist schon bemerkenswert, in welcher Klarheit die Energieagentur das #Energie- und Energiesicherheitspolitische Versagen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte benannt + aufgearbeitet hat. Und wie schwer sich die Regierung tut, daraus zu lernen. Ein #Thread.
Der ehem. wissenschaftliche Leiter der @at_aea hat gestern ein Papier präsentiert (im Original 150 Seiten, der Executive Summary ist hier zu finden ➡️…). Das zeigt mehr als klar auf, dass uns die Abhängigkeit von Russland nicht "passiert" ist.
Politische Fehlentscheidungen, massives russisches Lobbying und auch Naivität als Reaktion auf Warnungen haben dazu beigetragen, dass Österreich heute mit Milliardenzahlungen ein Regime stützt, das in Europa Krieg führt. Siehe #Thread hier:
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.@karlnehammer war in der #ZIB2 bei @MartinThuer und hat dabei eine bemerkenswerte Klarstellung gemacht, imho. Ein etwas längerer #Thread (ihr seid vorgewarnt). #Gas #Unabhängigkeit #Russland
Worum gehts? Lange hat die Regierung gesagt, sie wolle aktiv von russischem Gas unabhängig werden. Angesichts der Sicherheitslage und der offensichtlichen Erpressungsversuche aus Moskau verständlich.…
Nach einer Krisensitzung im Juni angesichts der Lieferdrosselung durch Russland sagte etwa Leonore Gewessler, dass man die Diversifizierung bei den Gaslieferungen vorantreibe, "um uns Schritt für Schritt unabhängiger von russischem Gas zu machen".…
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It took me a few days to realize it, but what we are seeing on Twitter is an example of 'counter-convergence'. It is happening across media platforms (& the US economy), and I've seen miniature versions of it for a few years. /1 #thread #CCV @esglaude @AOC @nhannahjones
Convergence is the way media scholars described the emergence, and coordination, of multiple media twenty years ago. Harry Potter was a major example of this pattern where books, films, & architecture 'converged' for global profit. /2 #CCV
This specific pattern became a dominant feature of the world economy after 2009. The rise of Netflix, Facebook, Google, SpaceX, Uber/Lyft, and Twitter all leveraged convergence alongside thousands of conglomerates struggling to keep up. /3 #CCV
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You get up at whatever time you need to get up. Maybe it’s early because you go to bed early and want those morning hours for yourself or maybe it’s later because you’re more of a night owl and thrive in the evening hours.
You grab some form of breakfast. Sometimes it’s whatever you can throw together. Sometimes it’s something you prepared in advance. Sometimes it’s drive-thru.
You get anyone other than you ready for the day ahead. Maybe it’s your partner at home. Maybe it’s your partner (or partners) at work. It could be your children. It could be your colleagues. It could be anyone but you.
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I have a "time ownership" challenge for you.

Read through this short thread if you're up for it.
STEP 1: Identify ONE area where you excel.

Prince excelled as a musician, which is pretty broad. But he was also a tremendous guitarist (Eric Clapton called him the best guitarist in the world). Figure out your one area and write it down at the top of a sheet of paper.
STEP 2: Write down three small things you need to do to get even better at that area.


STEP 3: Write down three small things you want to do to add even more skill/expertise to this area.
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I’m not a fan of the term "to do" (or "to-do"). It just doesn't resonate with me. I know the term is clearly a part of the lexicon, but I'm at a point where I'd like to adjust peoples’ vocabulary when and where I can. I think I can start with these 3 alternatives. 🧵 1/13

This is probably the easiest to adopt because it's already used by different apps and tools that help you get things done. The interesting thing about the word "task" is while it can mean a single item it can also mean a single item with many variables inside of it. 🧵 2/13
In essence, a task can be a project when defined that way. For example, here's how Robert Greene uses the word "task" in his book Mastery: “Your Life’s Task is to bring (your uniqueness) to flower, to express your uniqueness through your work.” 🧵3/13
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#Thread on the memeification of the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial:

Alright, so I know I'm going to get hate for this thread, but I'm a bit fed up of seeing the hundreds of (mostly Heard) parody videos + memes from the trial, and I'm a bit sick about what they represent.

First: everything I know about the trial, I know against my will. I've never sought out, read up on, or watched videos of the trial - until it started seeking me. Until I wasn't able to escape it. Until it became pop culture the same way Trump did, *before* he was elected.

Second: I'm not going to get into the facts of the trial, because at this time, everyone has their own facts (her truth, his truth, the truth).

Irrespective of the trial's outcome, Heard has already lost. She's not a survivor, she's not even a perpetrator, she's a meme now.

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Naval warfare was transformed in the late Middle Ages by the adoption of guns. But was this a gradual or sudden process? Read this thread to find out more… #thread #navalhistory #gunpowderdan
This change can be illustrated by looking at two 15c. English warships. Henry V’s great ship, the Grace Dieu, completed in 1420, of 1,400 tons, was the largest English royal ship built before the seventeenth century but possessed a grand total of…3 small guns
By 1497, Henry VII’s slightly smaller ship, the Regent, of 1,000 tons, had as many as 225 guns for an expedition to Scotland
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A thread about vaccines and why vaccinated people are catching COVID-

The vaccines that were developed were against the original (alpha) strain of the virus that causes COVID-19. Unfortunately, by the time we ramped up vaccination efforts, a mutated strain (delta) took over…
Luckily we found that the vaccines still worked pretty well against delta, and the overwhelming majority of breakthrough infections (vaccinated people that still got sick) were not severe and did not cause hospitalization or death…
Things were going well until data from other countries suggested that immunity seemed to drop a bit over a time, but boosters could “re-up” that immunity. Things were improving, and then in walks omicron…a variant with over 50 mutations (viruses are really good at mutating) 😱..
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Spain industrial production down 0.9% yoy in October.

"Robust recovery" Image
Spain added value by sector.

"Robust recovery" according to the government. Image
Spain retail sales.

"Robust recovery" according to the government. Image
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I keep thinking about the 23-year-old software engineer from IIT Hyderabad, who has been caught and jailed for giving a rape threat to Virat Kohli's infant daughter.

I'm glad he's being held accountable - but it's disturbing and tragic to see: this is who we are now.

His background seems antithetical to his actions:
- He studied in a premiere Indian education institution
- He worked at a top-tier food startup
- He is a software engineer who was studying to do a masters in the US
- He is from a higher socio-economic background
- He is 23!
And yet, why would a young Indian, who was well on the path of achieving the Indian 'middle-class dream', peddle in and pursue such horrific hatred?

What's more disturbing is: this is not even a question being asked, because of how normalised and endemic this hate has become.
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#Thread on 'Commodification fatigue':

I haven't been able to write much since the second wave. Initially, it was the emotional toll that led to, what is called, 'compassion fatigue' (aka, I was dead inside). But I realise now it's more than that: it's 'commodification fatigue'.
2/ I'm exhausted. Of seeing how the internet has turned every thought, feeling and action into a commodity. And worse, we have now started ascribing value to people based on whose emotion - in the shortest, smartest, snazziest way - can fetch the most likes, shares & validation.
3/ So there is a performance pressure on everyone to 'build in public':
From startup founders to estate agents to doctors, everyone has to now be a content creator, to stay relevant.
And from engineers to lawyers to artists, everyone has to now be a commentator, to feel relevant.
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While we're having fun being exasperated by the heat. We want to put it into context. The Rogue Valley is forecast to see max Temps at or above 100 degrees for 9 days in a row (starting yesterday). There have been only 3 times in our history (since 1911) where this has happened.
Two of the streaks reached 10 days (August 1967 and July 1962). The 3rd reached 9 days (August 1990). The other important part of this, is that our overnight low temperatures will only reach into the mid to upper 60s to 70s. This does not give people a chance to recover at night.
Please check in on your neighbors and friends throughout this heat wave. If you know someone who has a broken A/C (or no A/C), invite them over for a cold beverage (be safe with COVID, please). If you're working outside, take frequent breaks in A/C.
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ReconAfrica – No Oil? Pump Stock. Viceroy's latest report is now live

@viceroyresearch is short Reconnaissance Energy, a oil junior specializing in stock promotion & insider enrichment. $RECO is a bad operator, on the ground & in the markets.…

#thread 1/
RECO’s mining assets are not highly speculative: they are borderline imaginary. Once it’s promotional veil has been pulled back, we believe $RECO will revert to trading as a speculative, but highly unimpressive, penny-stock. $RECAF $0XD:FRA 2/
$RECO consistently markets its exploration allotment as a potential shale (unconventional) play, highlights the drilling campaign is to confirm “organic rich shales”, showcases a scenario valuation based on shale, and commissions engineering reports on unconventional basis. 3/
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#Thread on "Don't spread negativity"

Since the pandemic began, a lot of citizens raised their voices online to try and hold our governments and media accountable to doing better by us in this time of crises.

Here's what we were countered with online:
Do we know how the money we donated to the government funds is being used? Is it being used to build medical infrastructure?

"Don't spread negativity"
Should we be allowing such massive crowds in cricket matches? Should we be opening up stadiums in Gujarat for people to gather in such huge numbers without any social distancing?

"Don't spread negativity"
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Since i've been talking about FDI, let's start a thread on investments in data centers in Malaysia.

1) In Feb, at the launch of the Msia Digital Economy Blueprint, PM TSMY announced the conditional approval for Google, AWS, Microsoft to build datacenters…
2) These "cloud service providers (CSP) are expected to invest between RM12-15 billion during the next five years, equating to approximately US$3-3.7 billion."

I haven't checked but I am not aware of any of these companies making public announcements of such commitments.
3) As far as I'm aware, these tech companies are still concerned abt the cabotage policy imposed by @weekasiongmp on the repair of under seat cables. @anthonyloke objected strongly to this policy in parliament last year.…
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1) Going to start a thread on why I urge the govt to allow cinemas to reopen again, slowly and carefully


@GSCinemas @TGVCinemas

Please RT if you agree with the points I will make in this thread
@GSCinemas @TGVCinemas 2) If you are not aware, GSC and TGV cinemas have been closed since the start of the MCO 2.0. MBO, a smaller cinema chain, announced the closure of ALL of their cinemas last Oct & the company has gone into liquidation.

The industry has suffered greatly under the COVID crisis.
@GSCinemas @TGVCinemas 3) But wait a minute, you crazy ah, want to go an sit inside a cinema, an enclosed space for up to 2 hours (maybe more if you are watching Avengers Endgame). You want to start a cinema cluster ah? Bodoh punya orang... doktor apajenis ni?
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Ordered @DoorDash because I am tired, kids are (kind of) doing school remotely, and it was a hard day (this is relative). I walked out with a mask on to grab the food. A mom, a dad, a baby and toddler brought my food. It's almost 7pm. #Thread
On the one hand, I am glad for people that we have a new economy available where people can make money through an app to deliver food and other good to people who need said food and other goods. On the other hand, as I watch the middle class shrink and
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer history tells us this doesn't go well. Also, as a mom whose greatest gift is her two kids (now teenagers)...I look at those babies in the back of a car who maybe should be in bed, warm and cozy and off to sleep
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.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#thread Dear Mr. President, I want to start this series of tweets by saying I am neither Republican or Democrat. I'm not excited about a Biden Presidency because the cynical nature in me says no matter what party is in power, it's business as usual.
I believe power truly comes from the people, and it is a population's responsibility to be educated in the process of government, understand the differences between a democracy and republic, how the legislative system works on all three levels, and have a basic... (cont.)
...understanding of civics from the most local of levels to the highest in the land. You have spent a large amount of time on this platform and I thought this might be the best way to get this message to you. I believe in America, its people and the process. (cont.)
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Heute war der #Corona-Massentest für alle betroffenen Schüler & Lehrkräfte an der Schule des Sohnes. Ein Musterbeispiel für die Effektivität* einer Unternehmung wenn drei Institutionen (Schule, Gesundheitsamt, Rotes Kreuz) daran beteiligt sind. #Thread

*das völlige Chaos
Einbestellt waren alle auf 11:00 Uhr. Nun würde der naive Leser ja erwarten, dass zu diesem Zeitpunkt etwas vorbereitet sein sollte ... mitnichten. Weder war irgendwas aufgebaut oder jemand vom DRK vor Ort, noch war irgendein Vertreter der Schule anwesend um Informationen...
weiterzugeben, wie das ganze ablaufen soll. Also standen etwa 40 Kinder plus Eltern planlos auf dem Schulhof rum. Natürlich fingen alle Eltern & Kids sofort an in Gruppen, mit Masken zwar, aber deutlich unter 1,5 m zusammenzustehen um sich ausführlich auszutauschen.
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On December 23, 2019, Breonna Taylor tweeted about how happy she felt about paying off her debt. She would start 2020 debt-free, and that accomplishment "makes my whole heart smile."⁠

Today I cannot read that without my heart breaking.⁠

[thread] 👇🏾
Look at her Twitter handle, "Pretty N Paidd."

She should be alive today, tweeting about paying off debt, telling stories about budgeting and saving, on Zoom calls with the debt-free community, launching the Pretty N Paid Podcast.

She should be here with us today. /2
So -- What can we do?

The Marshall Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that specializes in journalism about criminal justice. ⁠

Its extensive reporting "establishes facts, exposes failures and examines solutions for a criminal justice system in crisis." /3
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