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Name the five books you've read the most times.

1. Invisible Man
2. A Different Mirror
3. Wildseed
4. Souls of Black Folk
5. Crabgrass Frontier
I posted this tweet after seeing a thread about frequently watched movies. The stark contrast between the books, movies, tv shows (serial video), and music as immersive experiences fascinates me. /1 #shortthread
Resonance was Neil Postman's word for the affect of powerful media, but Marshall McLuhan and others have engaged this analysis. This overnight exercise took me to Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan as important influences that I often overlooked. /2
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Il #FrancoCFA costringe le banche africane a non prestare soldi alle imprese, quindi non si produce e si importa tutto. Salari bassi e prezzi alti. Non c'è attività economica, trasformazione di materie prime, creazione di lavoro, generazione di ricchezza.
Qui uno speciale di #NightTabloid del 19/11/2018 di @AnnalisaBruchi sul tema #FrancoCFA: il servizio è diviso in due parti, ho lasciato il dibattito in studio perché è interessante osservare la forte critica alla Francia, alla UE e alla BCE.
I benefici del #FrancoCFA (alias: eurone africano)

Tasso di interesse per prestiti: 15-24%
No credito a imprese: denaro serve per mantenere il cambio
Costo elevatissimo delle merci importate (barattolo di nutella €10)
Salari bassissimi: €120-220 al mese

Emigrano per necessità
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#LabourAntisemitism: Gaslighting.

Apply the same rules to a Tory MP as you do to Jeremy Corbyn:

1. If a Tory MP ‘liked’ and defended a islamophobic mural you would label him/her a racist. And you would be right to do so. #Thread 1/9
2. If a Tory MP laid a wreath at the shrine to far right terrorists who had murdered Muslims you would label him/her a racist. And you would be right to do so. 2/9
3. If a Tory MP continuously engaged in anti-Islam conspiracy theories you would label him/her a racist. And you would be right to do so. 3/9
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Will be tweeting some thoughts on my visit to the Malaysia China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP) here today. Please RT if you are interested in reading about this project (it's more than just the so-called "Great Wall of China"!) #MCKIP
Whenever the Kuantan Industrial Park is mentioned in popular conversation, the discussion inevitably gets steered towards the so-called “Great Wall of China” that surrounds the massive Alliance Steel complex.
Yesterday, I visited the Malaysia China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP). The masterplan 4 this area is much more than just the ‘great wall’. If done well, the investments in this industrial park has the potential to transform the whole of Kuantan into a thriving city of industry.
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Quando i libtard vi mostrano i loro grafici da €pitechi per dimostrare che gli altri paesi vadano bene e solo l'italia vada male, in particolare quando indicano Francia, Spagna, etc., mostrategli cosa pensino i cittadini di quei paesi.

Mentono sempre. Ricordatelo: SEMPRE.
Il 51% dei tedeschi e il 50% degli italiani ritiene che l'immigrazione comporti un maggior rischio di terrorismo nel proprio paese.

I disinformatori seriali, in particolare libtard e piddini (le 2 categorie tendenzialmente coincidono perfettamente), dicono sia la PERCEZZZIONE.
In Europa occidentale, il 71% delle persone ritiene indispensabile, per il bene della società, che gli immigrati adottino usi e costumi del loro nuovo paese.

Persino nella iper-politicamente-corretta Svezia, dove però la percentuale è del 61%.
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Ricerca "Crimine e immigrazione in Italia", del prof. Luigi Solivetti:

Indice di sovra-rappresentazione:
- immigrati dall’estero (inclusi i cittadini italiani), imputati: 2,45
- solo stranieri, denunciati: 3,92
- immigrati dall’estero, condannati: 3,32…
"Per gli immigrati dall’estero, inclusi i cittadini italiani, l’indice per il totale delitti è pari a circa 2,5: il che significa che gli immigrati sono due volte e mezzo più numerosi tra gli imputati rispetto alla loro numerosità nella popolazione residente in Italia."
"L’indice per i soli stranieri presenta valori sempre più alti: per il totale delitti, la loro sovra-rappresentazione è poco meno di 4 volte. Questo significa che la sovra-rappresentazione degli stranieri è assai più alta di quella degli immigrati."
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Time to tweet out some of my past media statements on the budget and govt debt to set the context on how much 'cleaning up' we need to do with regards to the govt's balance sheet.
The most recent statement shows how much of debt repayment is 'hidden' in payments other than debt servicing including the infamous Pembinaan PFI.…
For those who can't remember, Pembinaan PFI was actually a 'creative' way for the govt to hide DEVEX so that its borrowings won't appear as official govt debt:…
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Going to start a thread on the Youth and Sports Ministry / Kementerian Belia & Sukan. This is NOT an attempt to lobby publicly for a position. At the end of the thread, I will give my views on who I think is the most suitable replacement for @Khairykj as the Minister of Y&S.
First of all, I don't think you need to be a sportsman / woman to be an effective Minister for Y&S. But you have to be interested in sports (or at least some sports) for you to understand what it would take to develop & grow sports in Msia.
For example, if you like playing basketball, u would be able to understand better how the game progresses from the school to the district to the state and finally to the national level. U would also be aware of the various semi-professional 'leagues' around the country.
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Tiba masanya utk memberi satu contoh 'approach' saya utk memahami dan cuba menyelesaikan masalah tempatan di kawasan #P102Serdang selepas saya menjadi ahli parlimen di tahun 2014 #startthread
Pada awal tahun 2014, kawasan Balakong & Hulu Langat mengalami gangguan air yang sangat serius, ada tempat takde air utk 1 minggu. Selain drp tindakan pengagihan air yang diketuai oleh ADUN Balakong @eddiengtienchee, saya telah cuba utk memahami punca gangguan air.
Berdasarkan laporan SYABAS, sebab loji rawatan air Batu 14 Cheras terpaksa dihentikan operasinya ialah kerana pencemaran ammonia di Sg Langat…
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Saya nak mulakan satu thread baru utk memberi huraian yg lebih lanjut mengenai ciri2 kerusi parlimen #P102Bangi yang mungkin tidak diketahui orang ramai... Harap pengundi di kerusi ni boleh RT...
#P102Bangi adalah P102Serdang sebelum persempadanan semula yang baru2 ini telah di'bulldoze'kan dlm parlimen Msia... Di bawah kerusi P102 Serdang, ada 3 kerusi DUN iaitu N26 Bangi, N27 Balakong dan N28 Seri Kembangan... Pada PRU13, jumlah pengundi P102 Serdang = 133,139 pengundi.
Di bawah kerusi #P102Bangi skrng, ada 3 kerusi DUN iaitu N25Kajang, N26SungaiRamal (sblmnya Bangi) & N27Balakong... jumlah pengundi bertambah kpd 178,790, kerusi parlimen yg terbesar sekali di Malaysia dari segi jumlah pengundi...
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Going to start a thread on how runners were not given their prize money in a BN-UMNO organized running event - The Sungai Buloh Night Run 2018.
On the 10th Feb 2018, a no of BN-linked organizations including (i) Sekretariat Guru Aktif 1 Selangor (GA1S), Paya Jaras (ii) Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Penduduk Parlimen Subang & (iii) Koordinator Pembangunan Persekutuan DUN N38 Paya Jaras organized the Sungai Buloh Night Run 2018.
This event was also supported by the Ministry of Education (Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Gombak). (See image below for the full list of organizers and supporters)
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Remember this dwarf galaxy that was presented as lacking dark matter last week (van Dokkum et al. 2018)? #thread
Since extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, my student @Nico_Longeard and I decided to have a look at the claim of very low velocity dispersion and M/L in NGC1052-DF2 and, how to say…
Turns out that sampling a distribution function with 10 tracers is tricky. Small number statistics are a pain and the uncertainties on the velocities of the 10 globular clusters studied in the paper are of order the intrinsic velocity dispersion. #tricky
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Have just transcribed Joshua Boyle's statement to Pakistani military, recorded on video and released moments ago. Quotes to follow. #Thread
"We all thought that day I wld be released wld be happiest day of my life. To be certain that was true."
"But what was surprising was the handling of the situation by the Pakistanis [...] It has been incredibly professional. I have been amazed."
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Gonna post some political cartoons I have saved in my camera roll #thread
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Un petit thread pour commenter l'enquête décennale de @MinistereCC sur les bibliothèques que je vous encourage à lire et faire lire
Cette enquête est disponible ici…
Premier point : la poursuite de la tendance à la fréquentation des bibliothèques par des usagers de plus en plus non-inscrits
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