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THREAD You'd better believe Mexico is paying for the wall. And a whole lot more.

Recently, Democrats such as Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer have been criticizing the President, this time because the Pentagon signed off on Trump's request to use $3.6 billion for the border wall...
construction. On Twitter, Chuck Schumer accused POTUS of using the funding "to boost his own ego" for a wall that he promised Mexico would pay to build."
To my followers from Mexico:

This thread is not intended to offend you. It speaks of American strong-dollar policies. American conservatives support returning Mexico to the rule of law under its new President. We share your desire for justice in a new Mexico free from corruption
And so Chuck Schumer is out in the press, accusing POTUS of not delivering on promises, again. Yet his arguments are so factually imprecise, it's laughable.

One would hope that during Schumer's 45 years in politics, he would have picked up an economic advisor along the way.
Trump's campaign promised to put "America first." That is what an American president is supposed to do. Simple.

Many complex arguments are set forth in political debates. But that's not the point here. The point is, Trump promised to put America first, and was elected President.
Mexico's currency is the Mexican Peso. The cost to purchase U.S. dollars with Mexican Pesos reached its all time record high in early 2017, exactly as President Trump was taking office. Coincidence? Nope.

What is being seen in these price trends is a strong U.S. dollar.
Whenever I publish threads, a bunch of nice people take the time out of their day to send messages about missing sources or citations. So, here's an article for the "citation technicians" to use in your fact checking research.
To quote the previously referenced article, "Alarms went off...as Trump spoke about renegotiating NAFTA, tax remittances, and threatened to build a wall between United States and Mexico."

Therefore, even the mere -mention- of the border wall caused the peso to sink. (continued)
It is true the U.S. is still running a trade deficit with Mexico. However, despite net cash flow, Americans are paying, in many cases, ten to twenty percent less in American Dollars for goods imported from Mexico than they were before Trump took office.
Let's multiply those strong-dollar discounts using a low estimate for the sake of simplicity, with 2018's numbers from the above source

2018 imports from Mexico: $180 billion, $18 billion saved.
2018 exports to Mexico: $129 billion, $13 billion gained.

Net benefit: $31 billion.
And those numbers are rough, low-end estimates about the overall trade relationship favoring Americans, in the trading relationship with Mexico, for one year. We are in the third year of Trump's Presidency so it could be argued, again for the sake of simplicity, that
U.S. consumers have derived $100 billion or more in trade benefits with Mexico, thanks to @realDonaldTrump's strong-dollar policies, since taking office. Remember the initial reaction of the Mexican Peso in the international currency markets was caused by Trump merely mentioning
his proposed border wall -- many articles can be found that evidence the connection between the wall and the decline of the Mexican Peso vs. U.S. dollar gains.

It is incredibly significant to American consumers, and fulfills Trump's promise to voters to put America first.
Did you know that the Mexican economy is so large, powered by more than 130 million Mexican consumers, that Mexico became the United States' top trade partner this year? Disbelievers, read the article.
So if you're going to be winning in a trade relationship, how better than to win with your top trade partner? For data junkies and researchers who like to see the proof, here's another Mexican Peso vs. U.S. Dollar chart.

Note, again, the biggest spike was when Trump took office
My followers know I've written a lot about how the Mexican economy has experienced growth in recent years. It's true!

The "Peso" currency is a top world currency now. Ninth most traded currency in the world. Mexico people, you can be proud of that!
Consumer sentiment in Mexico has reached high levels recently due to optimism about Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), Mexico's new President.

So why do Mexican consumers feel like their economy is doing so bad?
According to the investopedia article cited above, "the Trump Presidency is having a detrimental effect on the peso..as of March 2017, had fallen by 12% since the U.S. election of 2016. Trump's rhetoric..is causing the currency to trade idiosyncratically"
International currency markets are a balancing act for investors, businesses and politicians alike. Trump checks all three boxes.

Few American Presidents have been sophisticated enough to advocate for a strong-U.S. dollar while at the same time carefully talk to the markets,
advocating for international trade with our partners in a way that stimulates global business favoring U.S. interests. This is no easy balance. What POTUS says on the daily news can, and often does significantly affect currencies. He knows what he's doing.
And so while Mexico's economy has grown to a record size, Mexican consumers have been feeling pressured at the cash register not due to lack of growth, but because Trump has been putting pressure on the Mexican Peso. This is clear data favoring the U.S. economy.
Now, understanding the data set forth by this thread, consider the statements made by Rep. Adam Schiff about Trump's border wall.

Rep. Schiff pointed to $3.6 billion authorized by the Pentagon, calling Trump's wall a "xenophobic vanity project". Schiff fails to understand
if his Democrats were in power, we would go back 3 years and erase what is probably in excess of $100 billion of economic benefits already realized by Trump just TALKING about the wall.

But at least Schiff and Schumer got their negative press quotes and weekly Trump-bashing in
These threads generally produce controversy, angry folks like to write and say it's all wrong (it's not)

Mexican followers, don't be discouraged. I'm sure this is all taking us to a good place in the future as our Presidents are restoring confidence on both sides of the border.
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