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Can a political campaign for Vice President of the United States be bought with Drug Money from Mexico?

We might soon find out. #ArizonaMafia #Corruption #URGENT…
Potential Joe Biden Vice Presidential Candidate, former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, head of the #ArizonaMafia political group..

Pictured here with Enrique Peña Nieto, framer. President of Mexico and PRI political party activist, under investigation for money laundering
Potential Joe Biden Vice Presidential Candidate, former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, head of the #ArizonaMafia political group..

Pictured here with former Mexico Chief Genaro Garcia Luna, arrested by the United States for taking bribes from Chapo' Guzman's Sinaloa cartel
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For almost two years, contributors to this account have been revealing the previously unknown story about Mexico's influence over the U.S. Democrat Party.

This article demonstrates (unfortunately) how accurate our inside info has been. #ArizonaMafia…
This is work of the Mexican PRI political party, who uses front-men to run their agendas:

Biden is an ideal puppet..can't remember his own name

Napolitano and her #ArizonaMafia/been in biz with Mexico for a long time

(picture below, Napolitano w/frmr Mexico Pres. Pena Nieto)
For some time now, we have been writing that the most corrupt political party in the past 100+ years of Mexican politics, the PRI party, was making a move to take over Arizona Government.

It is becoming clear they are not only targeting Arizona, but Washington, D.C., as well.
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🚨SIGNIFICANT UPDATE>>>>🚨AZ political op. #KevinSpidel recently found dead, was a founder of "V Digital Services" for Voice Media Group, owners of the "backpage" website, shut down in 2018 amid allegations of child trafficking

We have learned Spidel, previously a consultant to the DNC, was reportedly whistleblowing on alleged connections between owners of the "backpage" website operated by Voice Media Group where he worked, and members of Former DHS Secretary Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia political group
Napolitano lawyer Dennis K. Burke represented #NXIVM co-conspirator Clare Bronfman in the "#NXIVM" cult criminal case >>INFO IS STILL DEVELOPING REGARDING FACTS IN THIS THREAD>>…
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I will get right to the point. Many of you read over the past few years how I reported about former DHS Secretary & Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia group of political friends. I called them the "Strong-arm" of the Democrat party which is true. I used to be a
part of this group although I never held political office, was friends with all of them.

I reported over the past 1.5 years how the #ArizonaMafia was the link between the formerly dominant and always corrupt PRI political party of Mexico and the U.S. Democrat party, 100% true
I have been away from Twitter for some time but I am returning to post some highly important information for Patriots which I do not see being covered elsewhere.

Some of it is being talked about but not as it is linked back to Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia. Read on.
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LAWSUIT UPDATE -- COMPLETE VICTORY AGAINST THE #ArizonaMafia's RETALIATORY LEGAL ATTACK ON ME. Some of my friends and family, particularly those who followed my former career in Arizona, may recall I had been involved in a civil litigation lawsuit with former business partners.
This update is to confirm that this most recent legal attack -- and it was a bad one -- has recently been completely dismissed, with prejudice, by the Arizona court. (See screenshot at the end of this thread) With this awful chapter behind us, there are some lessons here.
First of all, it was the third time I have been attacked with an extortion-style civil business lawsuit by a former business partner. This time the attacker was none other than former (disgraced) United States Attorney Dennis K. Burke, a corrupt lawyer who was previously fined
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Ok, this is completely crazy, but it is a real story..trending in #Mexico

The former President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, currently outside of his country while under investigation for corruption and money laundering, has been spotted in New York, wearing a disguise
Enrique Peña Nieto and his friend Tania Ruiz were spotted at a restaurant in New York. They were seen dining Asian cuisine and enjoying wine, while wearing "discreet costumes" to avoid recognition by the press.
The stories about former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto seem to be getting stranger every week.

I can't tell you what's really going on here. I have no idea. But apparently, that's him. I'm quoting the Mexican press here. There's many articles about it today.
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Today, my one-time former boss, frmr Obama DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, & leader of the infamous #ArizonaMafia, announced she's stepping down as President of the Univ. of California system next year

Maybe she got a job working directly for the cartels?…
Picture: Janet Napolitano with former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who is currently under investigation for money laundering, corruption & affiliation with cartels by the Mexican Federal Attorney General's office
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The #ArizonaMafia is alive and well. Marco Lopez and Dennis Burke are thugs. They have become real, actual modern day thugs.

What a joke. My lawyer gets a call this afternoon from a blocked number, with another lame threat. (see screenshot of email from my lawyer, attached)
Marco is Mexican businessman Carlos Slim's United States advisor. Slim is the top business figure in Latin America.

Slim's United States advisor, previously my closest colleague of more than ten years, has turned in to a common day thug. What a joke.

I feel sorry for you, Marco
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On a Friday morning in 2017, Donald Trump told Mexico's then-President, Enrique Peña Nieto, "You have a bunch of bad hombres down there."

Trump was right.

These are the worst "hombres" of them all.
This headline, in Spanish, says, "the PRI cartel, committed to crime."

Technically, the Mexican #PRI is a political party. However its top figures are known to be deeply in business with and funded by plenty of "bad hombres" in Mexico.
The #PRI has launched several other political parties in Mexico, to conceal the true affiliations and loyalties of Mexican politicians.

These Mexican political parties are known as the PAN, PRD, Verde (green) and Alianza, among others. All considered puppet parties.
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Years ago, when I was running my big (40+ million user) bilingual Social Network, Quepasa, I got to know Jennifer Lopez. (J-lo)

In 2013, she introduced me to her Dad, David. When I had a falling out with my old #ArizonaMafia colleagues, they called him on the phone and
convinced him to give a defamatory quote about me to the Arizona Republic newspaper. When I sued them, (lawsuit going well), I sued him, too.

I feel good about my lawsuit against them, but kind of tentative about him there.

Shucks. Business is difficult sometimes. Am I terrible
for suing J-lo's Dad? I hear he's kind of broke recently and not doing the greatest. I'm considering dropping his name from the suit.

I don't want to feel like a terrible human being for suing her Dad. What do you think?? Tell me the truth. If I'm being bad I want to know.
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THREAD. There's so many charges dropping against frmr. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto it's hard to keep up. 33 new charges were reported by the government yesterday, this time from the Mexican "Secretary of Public Function" (SFP) office (continued)…
relating to a well known scandal in Mexico called Peña Nieto's "White House." This does not relate to the Mexican version of the Presidential residence, known as "Los Pinos." Peña Nieto's "White House" scandal involved a big white house previously gifted to him by the Chinese
who were allegedly offering bribes in connection with a transportation or other project (one of many such reports). The existence of the scandal has been known since 2014.

What has been reported now is that an agency of the Mexican government has taken the step of filing charges
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This is kind of interesting. Wouldn't have known this until now. As I've been receiving quite a few followers on my Twitter from Mexico this week, and because I speak Spanish, have some insight I believe few others can see.

Interestingly, seems like there's a lot of people ...
in Mexico who are on Twitter every day, talking about corruption and how they want to see their former President, Enrique Peña Nieto, arrested and charged with crimes for what is being revealed by the press as his corrupt time in office. Similar to how us Patriots are always ...
waiting to see justice with former figures of HRC and Obama's administration, among others.

Makes sense. There's 8 million people on Twitter in Mexico. And so..ironically, looks like we're not the only ones waiting for justice. Don't worry, this is not a "kumbaya", "feelgood"
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As the truth continues to surface about how incredibly corrupt former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was, his ties with Obama-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano (my former boss) continue to be more shocking, as time goes on. In the unprecedented Obama-era #FastNFurious scandal,
weapons were trafficked by agencies of the U.S. federal government to Mexican drug cartels, while Napolitano's right-hand man of many years, Dennis K. Burke, served as U.S. Attorney for Arizona, overseeing the operation.…
Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is currently under investigation for, and has recently been accused of:

▶️ $100 million bribe from drug lord "El Chapo" Guzman
▶️ Using laundered money to promote his campaign in the U.S.
▶️ Running an extortion network in Mexico
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As the bad news continues for #NXIVM members, the crooked Doctor who performed "human fright experiments" for the cult on hundreds of American women, has now lost his medical license. (finally!)…
This is only a small excerpt from the New York State Department of Health report.

"Between 2016 through August of 2017, as part of NXIVM’s Ethicist program, the Respondent performed human subject research on approximately 40 human subjects ... by showing them ... disturbing
or graphically violent scenes from commercials, short films and movie clips (video clips study). These clips included a video depicting the actual murders and dismemberment of five women and movie scenes showing a gang rape and a racially motivated murder of an African American
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The #ArizonaMafia doubles down -- 3 days after I posted a thread announcing #NXIVM and AZ mafia disgraced frmr. prosecutor Dennis K. Burke had been caught lying to 21 Plaintiffs and lawyers in a litigation matter, Burke, a top Democrat "fixer" @1marcolopez @medarizona @azcentral
has doubled down with the same defective arguments.

In a new court filing in United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts (Case 1:18-cv-12572-NMG), Burke's lawyers used the same defective arguments to argue the lawsuit against him should not proceed.
The federal court case sets forth the history whereby Dennis K. Burke, Marco A. Lopez Jr., and others, now work as connectors between persons associated with former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and the U.S. Democratic Party.
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THREAD. SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT -- #ArizonaMafia #2, disgraced #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney Dennis K. Burke, who is also Clare Bronfman's lawyer in #NXIVM, has been caught lying to 21 Plaintiffs and their lawyers in a litigation matter in a Arizona court @1marcolopez @medarizona
Those who have been following my lawsuit against the disgraced former #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney, Dennis K. Burke, will remember I first sued Burke and several of his #ArizonaMafia colleagues in Massachusetts federal court December 2018. The case number is 1:18-cv-12572-NMG
My $100 million lawsuit against Burke contains allegations Burke has been conducting a lengthy ongoing retaliatory campaign against me.

Many of Burke's retaliatory acts began after I declined to join ESP, later revealed to be the Mexican branch of #NXIVM.…
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Hear about the new FBI memo targeting conservatives; how it calls "conspiracy theorists" a threat?

For more than a year, I've been telling you about frmr. DHS Secretary Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia, strong arm of the Democrat party.

The FBI memo was from the Phoenix field office.
It's no joke, folks. I knew these people for a long time and I know how they work.

▶️ They use law enforcement as a weapon against adversaries;

▶️ Many "deeply entrenched" law enforcement contacts;

▶️ Napolitano (the boss) is close with Mexico (PRI), Obama and Pelosi
▶️ Napolitano's crew brought the former director of the United States Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, in to the courtroom in the #NXIVM case to try to help justify releasing Keith Raniere from jail;

▶️ #ArizonaMafia related figures involved in possible AZ election irregularities;
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On the left is former U.S. Atty Dennis K. Burke who resigned in the Obama-era #FastNFurious scandal with weapons trafficked by U.S. Gov. agencies to Chapo Guzman's Sinaloa Cartel. On the right is former Mexican President, Carlos Salinas. Burke now works for Salinas. #ArizonaMafia
years ago, a brave Mexican writer had the guts to publish the book you see above about the former Mexican President. The title is, in Spanish, "An assassin in the Presidency." Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas has a long, very well known history. You can find it on Google.
We are approaching the one year anniversary of when I first started publishing the truth about the very real, verifiable connections between Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia and the Salinas regime of Mexico. When I first started publishing this information,
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Have been tweeting about it for months, former boss Janet #Napolitano and her #ArizonaMafia...they were previously involved in weapons trafficking with Mexican Cartels in #FastNFurious, Obama's biggest scandal. Everyone resigned. Still a mystery. Now the Witch Hunt
I'm telling you, all roads are going to lead back to Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia, No-Name McCain, Dennis K. Burke (who I am now suing for defamation in Massachusetts federal court) #Mexico's fingerprints are going to be on the #MuellerReport. It is more proof of
Mexico meddling in U.S. politics like at no point in history. My former colleagues are their enablers, I've been writing about it here on Twitter for more than eight months now and many of my tips have proven true. Open your eyes...#Mexico is more involved than you think. #TRUTH
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#Ohr's good buddy Alan Bersin and my former colleague Dennis K. Burke who I am now suing for defamation were in Arizona constantly meeting with McCain and his people while Bersin had a multi-million $$ "consulting" contract on the new Mexico City Airport. Bersin is one of HRC's
best friends and was a Rhodes scholar with Bill Clinton at Oxford, he introduced Bill and Hillary to each other. He was also a director of INTERPOL and Marco Lopez's former boss at CBP, Marco (my former friend and biz. partner ~10 years) is now Carlos Slims's top aide
I have no doubt whatsoever it will surface that Bersin, Burke and others from Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia were involved in promoting or even conceiving the witch hunt on behalf of #Mexico. Ask around in AZ circles to people who know. Start chasing down these leads.
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Many of my followers will be familiar how for almost a year now, I've been exposing the truth about collusion between the Mexican PRI political party and Democrats in the U.S. Today my former boss, Janet Napolitano, "lashed out" against President #TRUMP…
Let me tell you about it you don't already know. As I have detailed for a long time now, Janet is the leader of a political group of friends known as the #ArizonaMafia, a characterization first presented by a article in the Arizona Capitol Times in 2013…
It's ironic!! the leader of the Arizona Mafia would criticize President Trump signing a executive order protecting free speech. Janet is technically a constitutional lawyer, she is supposed to be a Free Speech advocate.

In reality what she doesn't like is to hear the #TRUTH.
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#Maricopa County recorded Adrian Fontes is a native of Nogales, Arizona, a border town where #ArizonaMafia #4, Marco Lopez, my former friend and business partner, grew up with Fontes...Fontes handled vote count in Kyrsten Sinema's election where a "last minute surge" was seen
Considering the way #ArizonaMafia members work, their influence on the U.S. #Democrat party and otherwise, they are a hard charging, aggressive group. They use scorched-earth tactics themselves and through others ... everything they do is brute force.…
"Fontes responded angrily to [a] Goodyear [Arizona] voter, Nathan Schneider, who complained that the election date was hard for him and his mother to find on the mail-in ballot..."

Fontes responded by asking if Schneider's mother ran his campaign and writing "go F- yourself."
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#MAGA friends, as you know, I first spoke 2 you about #Democrat #Corruption in 7/18, when I revealed the existence of frmr DHS Sec. Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia. In July, I spoke of convs. I heard btwn DHS officials about visas. This has now been reported.…
"According to the government, Dennis Burke aided and abetted NXIVM with visa fraud. Burke was previously disciplined by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations for misconduct. It made national news when Burke resigned during the Obama-era Fast and Furious scandal..."
"where weapons were trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. There are reports on Frank Report of Burke allegedly intimidating or coercing NXIVM witnesses."
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Patriots, #MAGA friends, thank you for your patience and attention, we're going 2 want 2 ➡️re-tweet this thread⬅️ FAR AND WIDE about a 👉 NEW YEAR'S MIRACLE that has happened because it's an important one, please bear with me as I write it @annvandersteel @realDonaldTrump #NXIVM
It's an extraordinary story as to what's happened now and I believe a moment of celebration and joy for all #Patriots, as we get closer to the #TRUTH in our shared desire to fight corruption and dismantle evil in all its forms in the #USA
According to many of my trusted new #MAGA friends, a sequence of events has taken place in this case that are not only extraordinary but possibly signal divine intervention, please let me know your thoughts about that after you read the entire thread. It is truly remarkable.
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