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Yes, ladies and gentlemen....I am now fully #Berned.

(cc: @BernieSanders, @GabbyQuinteros)
@BernieSanders @GabbyQuinteros How did I get to the point of finally pulling the trigger for the senior Senator from Vermont?

Two years of progress by him, and one night of being pushed over the cliff by his detractors.

An explanation follows.
@BernieSanders @GabbyQuinteros For the past 3 years, I've been more of an understanding critic of Senator Sanders from the Indy Left. There were things that I liked from him, like his economic populism and his legacy of being a social progressive...
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People are still insisting #sesta #fosta reduced trafficking by removing online advertising spaces. Sex workers said it would increase danger & trafficking but nobody listened.

So since y’all trust law enforcement, let’s look at what they say post sesta fosta passage. #Thread
“Reported crimes related to pimping and sex trafficking have more than tripled in 2018”…
“Running Blind: IMPD arrests first suspected pimp in 7 months
With Backpage gone, cases have dried up”…
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"Paris Is Burning" provides a rare glimpse into a formative moment of LGBTQ community and culture. It's a movie I keep coming back to, and it gets more difficult and heart-wrenching to watch as the years go by.
It's talked about as a landmark movie for LGBTQ+ people, and it is. But it's impossible to watch the movie and not realize that it's a movie about race, from start to finish.

People don't talk about that part as much, though.
Literally the opening shot of the movie - before anybody even speaks - is a news marquee: "White Supremacist Church Begins National Conference".

Yes, "Paris is Burning" is about race. It's about how queer PoC experience racism.
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"Kinks and fetishes don't belong at pride" - A thread by me, a kinkster who has been going to pride for years and has a few things to say on the matter. ❤️🏳️‍🌈
"Why?" is always my first reaction. What do kinks mean to you that you that kinksters don't deserve to be represented when our identities are so entwined with our kinks? Kinksters have been at the forefront of fighting for our rights since the beginning. We have lost people too.
"Kinksters aren't part of the LGBTQ+ community!" - Community is a flawed and overused word, but it's the best we have sometimes. Kinksters teach classes, do outreach, fundraise, and are accepting of all the intersections of identities that exist under LGBTQ+, where's the inverse?
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“We’re 5 whores at @Yale -It feels really good! We are used to being excluded from institutions & places of power & being invisible. We think of #sexwork as being totally separate from these kind of spaces & we walk among you every day and everywhere.” #RebLaw25 -@MissLoreleiLee
"We have to convince legislators that we chose this work in a way that no other workers have to." - @MissLoreleiLee #RebLaw25 #sexwork
"I've worked retail, too. I much prefer stripping." -@thotscholar #RebLaw25 #sexwork
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Now that Tumblr is shutting down all "adult content", will people finally start paying attention to #SESTA/#FOSTA (and hold the people who created it accountable)?

How many more attacks on queer people and sex workers do we need before people acknowledge that it's a problem?
It's after the election! You're allowed to criticize Democrats now!

Where are all the people who were calling themselves allies and promising that, after the election, they'd work to pressure anti-SW Democrats into supporting sex workers? 🤔
I endured SO much outright abuse - yes, abuse - from (white) liberals and "allies" all year for talking about SESTA/FOSTA.

So yeah, I'm sure as fuck going to call their bluff on the "we'll do the work after the election" promise.
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I was going to write a thread about #WorldAIDSDay and the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but between the news of Bush's death today and the recent deaths of friends/family, I'm realizing I just... don't have the energy. I can barely even bear to think about it all.
Properly explicating the history of the epidemic would require a lot of background on the gay & queer communities, and a lot of connecting of dots which are obvious to queer people but not for straight people.
The thing that my mind keeps coming back to today: HAART became available in 1996. PrEP was approved in 2012.

That's only sixteen years.

I fucking LIVED through both changes, and I still can't believe that timeline when I think about it. #WorldAIDSDay
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On Monday, a federal court dismissed our lawsuit against the Justice Department to block enforcement of #FOSTA. (1/5)…
The case was filed on behalf of two human rights organizations, a digital library, an activist for sex workers, and a certified massage therapist. The court did not reach the merits of any of the constitutional issues, but instead found the plaintiffs did not have standing. (2/5)
We’re disappointed & believe the decision is wrong. For example, the court failed to apply the standing principles that are usually applied in 1st Amendment cases in which the plaintiffs’ speech is chilled. The plaintiffs are considering their options for their next steps. (3/5)
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Something that is fascinating me in this moment?

How many liberals/leftists insisted that alex Jones was the canary in the coal mine regarding censorship on social media

But a lot of y’all never said shit about #sesta #fosta and sex workers freedom of speech.

Idk how many more bad bills, arrests in the community, how much more police harassment, how much more violence we’re supposed to suffer in the name of free speech.

Nazis can march with police protection. Liberals defend alex Jones getting ppl doxxed, but SWs can’t sell handjobs
What a time to be alive.

News pundits can lie, violent white supremacists can get march permits. But sex workers can’t even pass around a digital bad date list.

Some of y’all have some backward ass priorities.

Jones wasn’t the canary in the coal mine; sex workers were.
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July is critical for the UK sex work landscape with dangerous #SESTA #FOSTA #Nordicmodel frameworks advocated. Everyone is shouting loudly, often without evidence. This is an evidence resource thread to be shared, based largely on the hard collation work of @alisonphipps
Our Lives Matter: Sex Workers Unite for health and rights
By Anna-Louise Crago, Open Society Institute Public Health Program… Nordic: Sex workers can be displaced to outlying areas or more secluded times, for client protection, which creates additional risk
Abel et al. (2007) The impact of the Prostitution Reform Act on the health and safety practices of sex workers: report to the Prostitution Law Review Committee. Health Research Council and Ministry of Justice, New Zealand.…
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There have been a variety of ways oppression has seeped in since the rise of the Trump administration (and yes, even before), but I want to talk about some specific recent developments.
#FOSTA/#SESTA, a bill supposedly targeting sex trafficking online, passed the Senate and is expected to be signed into law by Trump. Though the bill was opposed by anti sex-trafficking groups as well as the ACLU and the Department of Justice.
The bill passed the senate with a vote of 97-2. The Nays came from Paul (R-KY) and Wyden (D-OR). Yeah, all your favorites including Bernie and Kamala voted //for// this trash piece of legislation that will kill people while infringing on your free speech.
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I finally have some energy after my surgery to talk a little bit more about #FOFSTA/#SESTA. Today, I want to talk to you about why a lot of anti-trafficking agencies were not able to say much against the acts publicly.
I don't know how many of you know that a lot of the federal #humantrafficking funding is tied in some weird political crap. While generally a bipartisan issue, there is a lot of conservative control of the way funding gets distributed.
One of the biggest issues with federal funding is that you have to sign an agreement not to promote engagement in prostitution or promote the legalization in prostitution. Not to be confused with the decriminalization of prostitution.
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BREAKING: Today is a dark day for the Internet. Congress just passed the Internet censorship bill SESTA/FOSTA. Text that reads,
SESTA/FOSTA will silence online speech by forcing Internet platforms to censor their users.…
As lobbyists and members of Congress applaud themselves for enacting a law ostensibly tackling the problem of trafficking, let’s be clear: Congress just made trafficking victims less safe, not more.…
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I've been researching the shutdown of sex workers accounts by Google for the last couple of days, and here's what appears to be happening.
Google is shutting down accounts that use Google drive to distribute porn. This means if you're using Google drive and setting up shares for customers to access your content, you need to stop.
Stick your content on a service designed to do what you need like @projectmaenad instead. Yeah, it's not free, but they won't shut down your account.
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Behind #SESTA is a nearly 20 year old coalition of lobby groups seeking to eradicate sex work. Meet them – and their grassroots opposition:…
Pushing #SESTA? @WorldWEUS, an anti-sex work group formed by @CATWIntl; religious right org @ncose; @IAmJaneDoeFilm Director @marymazzio.

Against? Grassroots sex worker activists; plus @TransEquality and @NCLRights; also @genderhealth @iwhc @ACLU @EFF…
#SESTA, a bill the Senate is considering this week, and what's at stake: here's what @marginalutilite and @KathaPollitt told me.…
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