John Minford, #SunTzu 9: 13 "When rains upstream have swollen the river, let the water subside before crossing."
You'd think this would just be common sense, right? Swollen river from rains upstream, you have to wait a bit. We'll look more closely at this, and at Giles on this verse, but before we do, what about that common sense thing, and patient waiting?
Off and on, I've been reading Michael Pillsbury's phenomenal book, The Hundred Year Marathon about China's plan to attain total global domination. In it, he describes the following unbelievable reality. Every department in the federal government has a rule.
The rule is that in any regulation that in any way affects China, the decision MOST favorable to China must be made. He explains that the thinking was, China is weak, and is therefore dangerous. So, if we but strengthen China they'll join the community of nations gratefully.
I also recently watched an interview with @StephenBannon where he outlined America's average GDP before and after China's status as favored nation was granted in the World Trade Organization in the year 2000. He tells us it was halved.
@StephenBannon We've discussed the 70,000 factories that have been lost, gutting America, ever since the trade policies of globalism wiped out the economic foundation of our nation. And yet, before @realDonaldTrump, no Republican or Democrat leader saw the rains falling upstream.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump We’ll come back to that, but let’s look at Giles version on this verse, now. “When, in consequence of heavy rains up-country, a river which you wish to ford is swollen and flecked with foam, you must wait until it subsides.” Flecked with foam. Awesome.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump The logical steps required are:

1) Pay attention to rain in the high country.
2) Note that the river you want to cross is swollen.
3) And rushing water? Come on, pay attention.
4) Get your patience on.
5) Wait till it's safe, flooding gone before crossing over.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump What was the rain in the high country of America? It was the obvious dislocation, the destruction of the heart of the greatest economy the world had ever seen. It was the slowly pouring rain of truth, reality, and understanding that Americans needed to awaken to.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump How many employees are there in the average factory? How many family members are supported by their incomes, each one of them? How many businesses depend upon the patronage of all those workers and families? How many of those went bust?
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump Repeat the calculation. How many employees were there in the average business that went bust due to the lost factories? How many family members? How many other businesses went broke rippling out in concentric circles from the factory that got relocated to China or Mexico?
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump Finally, when the river was so swollen with bordered up factories and lost towns that the water was completely flecked with foam, raging, roaring rapids, HRC showed up and thought it was her turn to cross the river. She showed neither common sense nor patience.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump And what are the same people pitching us now? In the face of Venezuela they're pitching us socialism. Bernie, Warren, even Joe Biden signed on for the Green New Deal. Their lack of common sense tells them that 2016 was an aberration, certainly the water will subside by 2020.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump And Medicare For All, a really tricky way of getting to Single Payer Healthcare, which will require 180 million employees give up their company paid health plans and we wipe out the entire private health insurance market once and for all. Sure, those millions won't mind, at all.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump If crossing the swollen river weren't so deadly dangerous, it would all be laughable. And if so many other millions - remember HRC did win the popular vote - weren't so easily tricked into stepping right into the rapids on faith, we might not need fear. Alas, we must.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump Turn back now to Master Sun's wise general, who follows his advice, and pays attention to the five simple rules above. There's a deeper level of mind he must employ. It's still simple common sense, but it demands the real use of intelligence. Cause and effect thinking.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump It rains in the hills, the rivers in the valleys swell. The rain doesn't last forever. Swelling past, the rivers go back down. Rain the hills = cause. Swollen river = effect. Cessation of rain in the hills = 2nd cause. River receding to safe fording = 2nd effect. I know, simple.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump Yet once again, think how few $1,000,000 a year news anchors have that much intelligence, let alone common sense. Now, listen to any current Democrat leader. And imagine how their followers' minds have been polluted, clouded.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump But don't give up hope! A Democrat friend said to me today, "Didn't I hear that Donald Trump was completely cleared and exonerated?" I about fell out of my chair. I never dreamed he'd discover that or bring it up to me. Facts matter, and so do cause and effect relationships.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump Just calmly keep talking to your friends. Calmly point out the swollen river with its flecks of foam. Calmly point out that we can rebuild our factories, our towns, our entire economy and that, in fact, we are. Common sense, cause and effect intelligence. It works.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump And soon, with rebuilt and thriving communities from country to town, from farm to inner city, and with rising wages for all, the river will recede, and we can all cross it together, safely.
@StephenBannon @realDonaldTrump 241 verses completed, 197 to go.

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