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In astrology from the Islamic world, the moon is believed to travel along its own zodiac, known as "manzil al qamar" or houses of the moon. These houses are believed to contain powerful spirits/angels.

A thread on the celestial spirits of the lunar houses:
The first is Al Nath or Al Sharatain, it hosts Geriz who looks like a large black man with a grand black turban and a mighty spear. He is a spirit of duality, protecting journeys, blessing new endeavors, but also a spirit of death.

The angel Israfil watches over this manzil.
The second is Al Butayn, it hosts Enedel, who a king with a crown. He can destroy buildings, find lost treasure, drive away anger, or tear apart marriages. He pacifies and rouses.

The angel Jibrail is found in this manzil.
The third is Al Thurayya, it is the kingdom of Annuncia, a beautiful seated woman with one armed raised. She helps the supplicant acquire what is good. Here we see the archetype of the genie of the lamp. She is a granter of wishes.
The fourth is Al Dabaran home to Assarez, an armored man riding a horse, holding aloft a serpent in his right hand. He brings chaos, discord, and anger.

His appearance marks a time of testing of wills.
The fifth is Al Hak’ah or Almizen and is the realm of Cabil a head without a body who grants dreams and favors from monarchs and rulers. When the moon enters this station, it indicates favors from the powerful are on their way and be mindful of omens.
The sixth is Al Han’ah is the kingdom of Nedeyrahe who is depicted as lovers entwined in one another’s arms. This spirit bestows friendship and love

The seventh is Al Dhira home of Siely, who is shown as a robed supplicant. He marks abundance in trade & success in legal matters
The eight is Al Nathrah the abode of Annediesh a mighty eagle with the head of a man who portends victory in battle.

The ninth is Al Tarf is the realm of Raubel, a nude man with no genitals who has power over separations and calamities.
The tenth is Al Jabah and has Aredafir as its lord. This spirit eases childbirth and lifts sorrow. He appears as a great lion

The eleventh is Al Zubrah and hosts Necol, a fierce warrior riding a lion and holding a lance. He brings glory and strikes fear in the hearts of enemies
The twelfth is Al Safrah the domain of Abdizu who is depicted as a dragon in conflict with a man. His providence is harvest, but separations as well.

The thirteenth is Al Awwa home of Azerut a nude and erect man and blesses the supplicant with love, marriage, and pleasure.
The fourteenth is Al Simak the place of Erdegel who appears as a spectral dog who has caught its own tail. It causes moves and separation of couples.
The fifteenth is Al Ghafr where Achalich resides. He appears as a man seated on a great cushion holding scrolls. He brings friendship, good favors, and good news.

He also cures gas.
The sixteenth is Al Jubana and home of Azeruch who appears as a man on a throne with scales and has dominion over trade and commerce.

The seventeenth is Iklil al Jabhah hosts Adrieb a celestial monkey who safeguards wealth against thieves.
The eighteenth is Al Kalb the home of Egribel, a serpent with an upraised tail. This spirit cures ailments of the stomach & wards the home from other snakes.
The nineteenth is Al Shualah, realm of Annucel, who appears as a beautiful woman. She has dominion over the menstrual cycle of women & pregnancy.
The twentieth is Al Na’am, the palace of Queyhuc a centaur with a bow and arrow, a mighty and successful hunter.

The twenty-first is Al Baldah where you find Bectue, a two-faced man who dominion is over things sown and building of homes and destruction.
The twenty second is Al Sa’ad al Dhabih, the realm of Geliel a man with winged feet and a helmet who binds the tongue of gossipers.

The angel Azra’il is also found here.
The twenty-third is Al Sa’d Al Bula, where we find Zequebin a cat with a dog’s head who heralds coming conflict and the destruction of a place, but also the liberation of slaves.

The angel Mikai’l watches over this lunar house.
The twenty-fourth is Al Sa’d Su’ud, where the beautiful Abrine resides. She appears as a breastfeeding woman. She is a guardian of herds & marital issues

The twenty-fifth is Al Sa’d al Akhbiya, kingdom of Aziel, a spirit found planting trees. They are protector of flora &crops
The twenty-sixth is Al Fargh al Mukdin, residence of Tagriel, a long-haired woman w/ a beautiful vessel, she is a spirit of friendship & love

The twenty-seventh is Al Fargh al Thani, home of Abliemel who is a winged man holding a dish and who wrecks damage on ships & springs
The twenty-eight is Al Batn al Hat is the abode of Anusi a rainbow fish who brings good fishing.
These celestial spirits are fascinating in that they show Hellenic, Indian, and Mesopotamian influence on the Islamic tradition, an example of the cultural exchange and fusion at the heart of Islam's medieval intellectual culture.
Muslim astrologers went to great lengths to explain these beings. To some they were a type of wish-granting djinni to others they were angles, but others simply referred to them as ruh, or spirits/souls of the lunar houses.
A wise person could note the influence of such a spirit based on which house the moon resided in a horoscope. It could be used in natal charts, but more commonly for timing. A cunning person would time their actions accordingly.
For example, if someone wanted to propose marriage they’d do it when the moon was in Al Han’ah or the sixth station. Or a wise person would note that when the moon was in Al Sharatain to be careful on journeys
The sage would also use the stations of the moon in talismanic work.

For example to win a dispute in court, they’d fashion a niranj or niranak (charm) in the likeness of Siely when the moon was in the seventh station of Dhira with the proper fumigation and offerings.
Belief in these beings fell well outside of orthodox Islam, but was still part of popular and intellectual culture and a reminder of the importance of the Moon in astrology in the Islamic world.
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