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#France2 #JT20H Interview d'Elon Musk par Anne-Sophie Lapix. Le patron de Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla explique qu'il a pour objectif la #Civilisation. Il est "fan du Président Macron"... mais n'a pas encore donné sa réponse pour l'usine de batteries en France.
#France2 #JT20H Interview d'Elon Musk par Anne-Sophie Lapix. Il explique qu'il est pour la relocalisation de la production. Quand ASL tente de le coincer sur les émissions de CO2 des fusées SpaceX, il donne une leçon sur la production d'oxygène avec de l'électricité décarbonée.
#France2 #JT20H Interview d'Elon Musk par Anne-Sophie Lapix. Elon Musk pense que la France est le pays leader mondial de la production d'électricité par le nucléaire... la filière nucléaire française en écoutant ça :
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41/ La #Chine vise l'hégémonie en Mer de Chine
Fil de synthèse sur la conquête 🇨🇳 de supériorité militaire en Mer de Chine, dont la stratégie est d'écraser les revendications des Etats voisins en s'emparant d'iles et les transformer en bases militaires
41bis/ Iles artificielles 🇨🇳 militarisées :
un exemple animé ici de transformation d'un atoll en base militaire complète dotée d'un aérodrome et d'un port...
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مصر کے علاؤہ لاشیں حنوط (Mummification) کرنےوالے ممالک
اس بات سےشاید ہی کسی کو انکارممکن ھوکہ لاشیں حنوط کرنےکاطریقہ، بزنس اور رواج قدیم مصری نہیں!
400 قبل مسیح سےبھی پہلے یہ مصر ہی تھا جس نےنہ صرف انسانوں بلکہ جانوروں کی بھی لاشیں حنوط کرنے کاطریقہ متعارف
ظاہر ھےحنوط کاری ایک کامیاب طریقہ ھونے کے باعث اس کی شہرت دوسرےقریبی ممالک اور تہذیبوں میں بھی پھیل گئی اور یوں فن حنوط اپنایاجانے لگا جس کی فہرست کافی لمبی ھے۔
حنوط کرنے کا باقاعدہ آغاز قدیم ایتھوپیا (Ancient Ethiopia), گواناکو (Guanaco) اور افریقہ میں رائج ھوناشروع ھوا۔
اس کے علاؤہ جزیرہ پیسیفک (Pacific) میں بھی رائج رھا۔
قدرتی طور پر حنوط شدہ ممیز شمالی امریکہ، جنوبی امریکہ اور وسطی امریکہ میں بھی ملی ہیں۔
چند افریقی قبیلوں کیساتھ سوڈان، کانگو، مڈغاسکر، آئیوری کوسٹ اور آسٹریلیا میں بھی یہ طریقہ اپنایا جاتا تھا۔
ٹورس سٹریٹ جزیرے (Torres Strait
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Indian #Covid mess-Classical Gaslighting by an Ecosystem

Inflict wounds for millennium & poke them.If wounded cry blame,ridicule & humiliate more

#ChildrenOfCivilisation #Indigenous #Bharat presents scientific actual factual data

Thread co-authored with @IndiGenBharat

Indian population>total of Europe+Russia+US+Brazil+Canad+NewZealand+Australia

Our resources were ransacked by invaders & colonisers for millennium

Few pay taxes now

Monsters spread panic killing ppl & Vultures devour flesh #Covid

@Bdutt has bloods on hand & flesh on tongue!
Let’s have a look at the data of where the #COVID19 hot spots were before peak & which states where the Virus 🦠 was clustered

Also compare the response of Indian media & an ecosystem with ‘Rest of the World’
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21 lesson for the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari
@harari_yuval Image
Liberal political system has been shaped during the industrial era. today it finds it difficult to deal with the ongoing revolutions in information technology.
Humans have two types of abilities- physical and cognitive.industrial machines had already outperformed humans in the job's where physical abilities were required. Now the AI, Data algorithms are outperforming humans in the job's where cognitive abilities are required
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I don’t suppose you’ve ever made a mistake?
“Why would you ask that?”
Because I’ve just made one.
“Ah, I see… And you don’t like making mistakes, do you?”
“Want to tell me?”
“Are you sure?”
I’m sure.

It’s something you said.
You made me realise something.
“I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have intended–”
You said, “Is it ethical to have so many enemies? Is it ethical to see so many people as ‘enemies of the people’?”
“I said that–but that doesn’t mean– ”
But you were right.
I like to think I’m strong on ethics… So what you said was quite a challenge. It hit me where it hurts. Right on target.
A kill shot.

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*Father Of The Nation* they taught you. But the *True Fathers* Of the #Indian #Civilisation never appeared in our syllabus 👇🏼
1. Father of #astronomy: Aryabhatta; work - Aryabhattiyam
2. Father of #astrology: Varahamihira, works; Panchasiddhantika, Bruhat Hora Shastra @sattology ImageImage
3. Fathers of #surgery: Charaka & Sushruta, works: Samhitas
4. Father of #Anatomy: #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
5. Father of #yoga : #Patanjali, work: #Yogasutra
6. Father of #Economics: Chanakya, work: Arthashshtra
7. Father of #Atomictheory: Rishi Kanada, Work : Kanada sutras ImageImageImageImage
8. Father of #architecture : Vishwakarma;
9. Father of #AeroDynamics: Mayasura, work : Vastu Darpana
10. Father of #Medicine: #Dhanvanthri, first propounded #Ayurveda
11. Father of #grammar: Panini, work: Vyakarana Deepika
@SriRamya21 @Maha_periyava_ @HiteshAwasthi89 @desi_thug1 ImageImageImage
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#Thread on the Legend of Hun-t’ien (Kaundinya) and Liu-yeh (Nagi Soma) who founded the first Hindu Kingdom of Khmer in Funan (present day Cambodia).#Hindu #Hinduism #Cambodia #History #india #bharat #indic #civilisation #IndoChina #khmer #asia #legend #indian
As per the extracts from the works of French Sinologist Paul Pelliot who researched on Indo China history, there exists a strong historical link between India and the Hindu Kingdom of Khmer in Funan (present day Cambodia).
The research says about Hun-t’ien (Indian name Kaundinya) whom Indian legend regard was a great Brahmin who received his spear from Asvatthaman (Aswathama), son of Drona, teacher of the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata.
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#Thread on Ardhnarishwar form of the Divine Couple of Shiv-Shakti as recorded by Greek author Porphyry (AD 233-306) in 4th Book of his treatise On Abstinence from Animal Food, called Physica, i. 56. Gaisford’s Edition [based on the works of a Babylonian, Bardesanes (AD 154-..)]
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#Thread on Measurement of Time & Astronomy in Ancient India as observed by Hieun Tsiang (Yuan Chwang) (602-664 CE) in ‘Record of Travels to the Western Regions’👇 #History #india #bharat #civilisation #travel #time #measurement #astronomy #sun #moon #science
“the names of the months are derived from the position (of the moon in respect) of the asterisms.
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#Thread on Units of measurement of Length in Ancient India as observed by Hieun Tsiang (Yuan Chwang) (602-664 CE), the Chinese traveller, in ‘Record of Travels to the Western Regions’ 👇 #History #india #bharat #indic #civilisation #travel #math #measurement #science
“In point of measurements, there is first of all the yojana (yu-shen-na); this from the time of the holy kings of old has been regarded as a day’s march for an army....
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The Empirization of China

The #Chinese want to be an #Empire and that too in a hurry. But many perished in this quest. #GreatBritain is no more a empire. #USA is also facing heat in #multipolar world in #PostColdWar era.
@narendramodi @MEAIndia
1. With cunning and ruthlessness #China was well on track. It might have become a #GlobalEmpire within another 20 to 30 years. But its own shrowdy , anti democratic and #AntiHuman policies leading to its own #disaster.
2.However in their desperation and over eagerness, China it seems has overplayed its hand on many fronts. Now, by triggering, concealing and manipulating a #CoronaPandemic, China has not only made its dream of empire untenable, it will probably destroy China.
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#Burkas are like wearing a crusifix&should b defended,said Scots leader liberal+lesbian,irresponsibly ignoring that a crusifix is a symbol of #Christianity,which holds t western civilisation,while #nijab is a symbol of oppression enforced recently in #Islam by the #Saudi #Wahhabi
#Liberals accusing #Iranian govt of"oppressing women" who must wear a lose scarf,but do not protest against the #Saudi #Wahhabi reactionary dogma,while it's creeping as political #Islam to combat western #civilisation at the end.If it's sounds like fiction,think Saudi investments
Serious problem wth "western civilisation"mental health.Giving up easily to full veil wearing wthout asking what the cover symbolises,wthout questioning why it came from archaic #Saudi #Wahhabi #Sharia #Regime by force,is👉rejection of progressive western values.Period
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