Here's a thread for all the annoying repetative questions I get about #PrisonAbolition.

1. Abolish prisons?! Where will we put criminals?

A. Prison abolition is not strictly about removing prisons; it's the idea that the CJS as a whole must be rebuilt from the ground.

1B. There are better places for offenders than prison. Therapy and education programs do far better at treating "criminal" issues than isolation and incarceration (which actually make them worse).

2. So then, you're just going to release a bunch of dangerous criminals on the street?

2A. This is a loaded question, and it says a lot about the person asking it.

2B. Only ~1/3 of persons incarcerated are there for violent ("dangerous") crime.

2C. Yes, but not immediately, and not just on the street. Current incarcerated persons would be released into rehab programs on a case by case review of needs. These would be outpatient programs to be served under community support, supervision, and integration.

3. Ok, by what about the REALLY dangerous ones; the murderers, rapists? You can't release them the same.

3A. True, these are among the most despicable crimes, but they're also the least likely to be repeated, even without CJS involvement. These crimes have <6% recidivism.

3B. Persons who commit such acts are the ones best rehabilitated by therapy, education, and life restructuring programs.

3C. Community programs give these people a chance to give back for the harm they've done; a needed restoration that prison won't allow.

4. But what about those who are irredeemable? We have to have a place for them.

4A. No one is truly irredeemable, and it shouldn't be a goal of the CJS to ever assign such a label, as this is how we fall back into the hole we're in today.

4B. But you're right... >
4B.> A place is needed for those who pose an immediate danger that restorative justice cannot prevent right away. This would be for terrorists, serial/repeat offenders, and participants in ongoing, organized, dangerous crime.

4C. In the Neo-CJS, prison would be reserved for these persons. They will, however, be granted the same education and therapy programs on the inside as they would receive on the outside, and success would be rewarded with earned release credits.

5. This sounds expensive and I don't like paying taxes. How are we supposed to afford this?

5A. Bad news is that you're probably playing additional taxes already to cover fines charged to your local prisons/police for human rights violations they don't want to talk about.

5B. The good news is, not only would those fines and violations go away with Neo-CJS, it turns out that the US adopting the same CJS model that Sweden uses would save the US around $20billion each year AFTER adjustment for population.

In other words, your taxes go down.

6. But this is a lot. How are we supposed to get there?

6A. By priority. First, no new jails or prisons should be built. Facilities at or beyond capacity is a sign that the system needs to change, not expand.

6B. Then, abolish criminal registries, repeal SORNA, FOSTA, and...>
6B.> the '94 Crime Bill.

6C. Ban private prisons - modern institutions of slavery.

6D. Federally legalize marijuana, and decriminalize drug addiction issues. Instead, provide healthcare and addiction therapy where applicable.

6E. Reduction/demilitarization of police.

6F. Close the migrant concentration camps!

6G. With monies save from the above, institute state provided education and therapy programs.

6H. Divert all new, applicable convictions to these programs while starting the review process for release of the incarcerated to the same.
6I. Add funding to public defense programs, and pre-trial services in favor of eliminating pre-trial jail and bond.

6J. As the prison population falls, repurpose prisons for manufacturing plants or community centers depending on location (get an economic return).

6K. For the ~1,000 persons who remain incarcerated, institute the same education and therapy programs on the inside, and authorize earned release credits for progress.

6L. Protect the new restorative justice system as a right with legislative/constitutional policy.

6M. Yes, this is going to take a while, but it's proven to reduce crime and recidivism, and additional support along with felon voting rights and restoration of probationer/parolee rights will help us get to that safer, progressive tomorrow much faster.
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