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Deep thoughts on Amos 7
*A thread on the plumbline*

I will share why to me this is more than a metaphor for building our "Temple" (personal body, actual edifices or social body [like the church]) to a celestial standard of verticality.

The root of the symbol is cosmic.
Consider the JST of Amos 7:6.

This part of the book of Amos is a sequence of 5 recorded visions in short paragraphs.

I will focus on these 2 visions
[4-6] & [7-9] for now - though I believe all are prophetic snippets and have Latter-day apocalyptic/cosmic applications
When the Lord God calls to "contend by fire", the wicked are consumed and made as stubble while the righteous, or those who repent and seek the covenant path are spared.

This fire is the same fire mentioned in all prophetic language that comes from HEAVEN - it is CAT-ASTRO-PHE
Cat-ASTRO-phe = STARS come down
Dis-ASTER = of the STARS - celestial bodies
Planeta = wandering STAR

In cosmic layers, keep these associations in mind - these "can" mean:

Star = Planet = Host = Rock
Heaven = Outer Space
Great Deep = The Ocean / Space
Fire = Plasma = Lightning
After the vision of the locusts and the fire - the Lord shows Amos his 'plumbline'.

Notice in v.7, the Lord stood upon a wall MADE by a plumbline, with a plumbline IN HAND.

So what is a plumbline?
First - let's define what a traditional Plumbline is:

It is a building tool, used to determine verticality or depth composed of a chord/line and metal deposit that hangs, usually lead. It is also known as; a plumb bob and a plummet.

Here's a great video
Here are a few more visual examples.

The plummet is often used in combination with a square and compass and a measuring reed/staff or rod.

This should peak your curiosity if you make and keep Covenants in the Lord's Holy House. This is ancient. This is important.
The name is derived from the fact that most plummets were made of lead.

Lead = Elemental symbol [Pb]

The Latin word for lead is plumbum, the French equivalent is plomb and the noun 'aplomb' is derived from the meaning of 'standing upright'
Back to Amos 7, the Lord is standing on a Wall that was made with a plumbline.

What does this mean given what we've discovered?

A generic interpretation for now is that His footing in Heaven is "plumb", perfectly upright according to Celestial rule, or law.
A crumb of a deeper look would be that he will stand plumb to the Earth at its pole and once again attach his line and Holy Cities [Planets and Bierkland current], his stairway to Heaven, a Tree of Life... more on this later.
He then asks Amos the same question we see many angelic ministers pose,

"What seest thou?"

The plumbline catches Amos' eye.

The Lord then explains that he will set a plumbline IN THE MIDST of his people.

I will not again PASS[over] by them any more.
Our Institute and Seminary manuals are all but silent as to what this all literally means - though they accurately explain the millenial judgment it ushers in.
Here is some commentary from a few other sources I enjoyed.

Some also compare the line or plumbline to the Word of God. The Iron Rod. Totally appropriate.
Jeremiah uses the same apocalyptic imagery but described as "the measuring line".

I also like his testimony of planetary ordinances and laws. They are alive too. They are actively participating in the plan of salvation through their obedience, and the Earth abides celestial law
Isaiah also uses the cosmic imagery of the master builder and his his plummet. In my minds eye, I see that Isaiah's description here is of the same thing Amos saw - but Isaiah is giving more context and description of what Amos called a "wall". The Savior is the Foundation Stone
A "tried stone" is one "made with a plummet" as Amos describes.

Here's where we take a cosmic detour again.

Where is the cornerstone of a circle? It is the center.

Now transfer this to the sky. As above so below.
The center of the wheel is the axle, the axis upon which the body rotates.

The center of the circle is a perfect square. "The stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner"

Peter understood this. He saw it. He has an intimate role in all of this.
I see our Temple steeples as the Earthly Zion's outstretched plumbline imitating the pillars of fire and glory that will descend as plummets to measure all of Israel from across the vineyard when Zion of Heaven descends from above.
Back to the Rock.
...The Celestial Rock.

It was a Rock that guided them.

[Remember, Star = Planet = Host = Rock]

The Angel of the host was Jehova. The Rock was Christ.

It was a new STAR[Planet] that appeared as the sign of his birth.

It was a planet that PASSED OVER at his death too.
But according to the words of the Lord to Amos, this time, his 2nd Coming - "I will not again pass by them anymore".

Moses as well calls the Savior the "Rock of Heaven" in the context of Zion.
For fun - here are a bunch of old masonic boards, look for the plumblines, the compass, the reed, the square and other prophetic symbols.

Like Joseph Smith said, they are a degenerate version of priesthood. Word to the wise.…
Here are some of the only pictures I can find that might help to vaguely illustrate what I am trying to convey.

The Earth will roll over on its side - the American continent and Adamondiahman will be the new pole - the root of the tree, where the line meets the plumb.
This has already been too long so I'll wrap it up.

Please share anything else you might like or know ir be inspired to study about the plumbline.
I highly recommend studying this all out for yourself. Think for yourself and receive your own confirmations.

Do not blindly believe me. The Lord still requires you to ask and seek for yourself.

I know that Jesus Lives.
He is coming back. Much sooner than most want.
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