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Good Morning Precious StarSeed Warriors, Beloved Ones, Galactic Travelers, Protectors, Guardian Executioners (Earth & Galactic) & Guest

Wishing Everyone Beautiful Moments with Beloved Ones in Pure Love to All!
DeCode Precious Ones that is One day Late A-1
It pertains to an in plain sight Evil multicom made by the tick embedded enemy combatants regurgitating [their] negative Galactic Overlords the "Hidden Evil" that is the true plague: Reported by One of the known corrupt talking Comms "The Washington Post": The article was A-2
Located by a Team Member Beloved in combination with another Triangulation confirmation multidimensional multicom noticed by the Team Member via Twitter feed: Will begin with the first point of the triangulation confirmation of the multidimensional A-3
multicomm from the Enemy Combatant "The Washington Post" article quoting Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C. To assist in All your continued training Blessed Ones: Take note of the numbers for they are the Triggers in this multidimensional connector A-4
[They] quote the Heinous vile creatures projecting a Dark Spell programing upon the innocent Masses that too is a repeated multiple times to create Loosh "Negative Energy" for their Overlords to consume from the population's spiritual energy being manipulated into Fear, A-5
Anxiety, hysteria, etcetera for mark my Words [they] are All being starved from multiple perspectives of a variety of resources [they] all require to exist: Back to the Dark Spell [they] desire all to repeat: The vile creature is quoted, "The 1918 pandemic, caused by an H1N1 A-6
(Notice how the attention is drawn to a specific pandemic date of 1918 to draw people's attention to a past event that transpired versus this situation that PAY-ATTENTION-EVERYONE is COMPLETELY-FABRICATED: In truth whose to say for the others may have also been artificially A-7
fabricated historically as well, now that we All have awakened to the direct heinous Machiavellian, negative Galactic interference that has been ARTIFICIALLY imposed upon mankind for thousands of years in one Time Line alone:) is estimated to have infected 500 million people A-8
worldwide and led to at least 50 million deaths, with about 675,000 occurring in the ..." Where? I refuse to repeat it for by now you are aware that it is an Negative Decree being made that [they] want everyone to read and perceive in an Evil attempt to have the innocent A-9
people unknowingly utilize their pure spiritual Conscious energy (misqualified) due to Lack of Appropriate Conscious awareness & under developed mental, emotional & physical discipline: That for those who located this energetic frequency early know the essential Zero (-0-) A-10
balancing via self control of all mental & emotional energetic charges that we are each alone responsible & held accountable from the moment we draw our first breath: Back to the Evil one's multicoms: The number "500 million" may Trigger some of you immediately to make the A-11
connection to another "500 million" amount mentioned upon the Georgia Guidestones… : Let's See (John 9:25) now I Spy with My Third Eye "what number is that for Number One"?

1) Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

The A-12
Seriously disturbed disclosed [their] heinous anti-life satanic - luciferian low energy lives to perpetuate upon the innocent masses: Due actually to own [their] serious FEAR/Anxiety of the negative Galactics awareness that by a specific energetic momentum [they] are A-13
seriously in danger of being completely overthrown: Now you See (John 9:25) multiple connections there are more: First Triggers disclose immediately the [DS] syndicates orchestration of parroted projected Dark Spell to Trick the innocent population to a destructive spiral A-14
while simultaneously generating due to lack of sufficient Conscious mental, emotional & physical discipline:*Take Note this is where One as myself an Energetic Guardian, Protector & Executioner have come into embodiment to Enforce Energetic Law! For this Type of interference A-15
is against the Cosmic Universal Law: Oh and [they] know it! Yet it requires specific experience & momentum to entrap [them] & hold [them] accountable: Zero Joke:) Further the vile creature Burr is an entrusted oversight fiduciary administrator documented abusing that trust A-16
in multiple ways & [RB] along with The Washington Post are documented to be part of a heinous syndicate that have premeditatedly orchestrated the planned Genocide of 500 Million people connected back to the Georgia GuideStones by [their] heinous Own admissions:The additional A-17
proof is the fact we now know this COVID-19 is a patented virus:
mentioned as Marked in a Fictional book copyrighted 1981 *which means planned considerably earlier the written:💥
Connect back to the Georgia Guidestones A-18
that is further connected to specific US PERSONS, 1) [BG&others All shown ] are 2) Enemy Combatants
, whom either created the known COVID-19 virus (and/or are Accessory after the fact… ) along with those A-19
whom had direct knowledge & invested in specific Pharmaceutical companies among other to Profit from the KNOWN Patented Virus & ALREADY-EXISTING-CURE!!! DISGUSTING! The other Triangulation of heinous premeditated RICO historical documented intentional Tort abuse by Burr & A-20
pertains to the other Notification multicom catch by the same Team Member of a marvelous catch by @ChuckCallesto regarding direct knowledge = premeditated criminal intent of heinous Genocidal murder, injury, sedition & treason & Intentional Tort along A-21
with others whom have now been documented having same insider knowledge regarding specific investments: Posted by @huckleview & replied by @Dmess16 & pertaining people whom also entrusted oversight fiduciary administrators in A-22
government demonstrated RICO collusion of premeditated intent to directly injure the entire Global population, subvert world wide government & civilizations operations ALL for heinous PROFIT require All these vile creatures to be expediently arrested for premeditated murder A-23
Genocide, sedition, treason, Crimes Against Humanity intentional tort injuries to historically known tax exempt Living sovereigns: Comprehend this is unlimited liability arena, Those that know only the Living may enforce the Law: It will take time to appropriately comprehend A-24
Those who of you in Ground Crew comprehend further the context of how the existing "presumption of death" operational realities create another artificial overlay combined with the voluntary agreements people have made in advancing Credit into the system that the fiduciary A-25
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