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It has been five months since the #Covid_19india has started to grow. It has been 130 days since the first #lockdown was imposed. From 606 cases on the first day of lockdown, we have now 17.50 lakh cases. A thread on how it has progressed so far....
As on 1st August, 2020, Recovery rate in India is 66%, active cases stand at 32% and casualties are 2%. Great news is that, India reported highest recovery yesterday of 51,255 cases. This ensured that active cases increased by only 2627 yesterday. Image below:
The Western part of India (Madhya Pradesh included) currently shares 33% of the case load, which is an encouraging sign if compared to previous months. A look at the case share of the west:
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Did analysis of #COVID when we crossed 1/2,1,2,3, 4,5,6,8 million cases
As we cross 10 million

Summary of findings from Johns Hopkins data
on global & #India trends
Stay home, stay safe!

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India #Covid_19

Global #COVID2019 cases has increased to over 10 million (1 crore): 1,01,45,791 as of 28 June

We see from log chart ie. rate of increase in confirmed cases is steady
but accelerating in June

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India #Covid_19 ImageImage
Global daily new cases seem to be range bound
around 80,000-100,000/day for the last 2 month
Spiked to 1.2-1.4 lakh/day & now almost 2 lakh/day-- 1.92L on 26 June

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India #Covid_19 #coronavirus #COVID2019india #coronaupdatesindia Image
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Did analysis of #COVID when we crossed 1/2,1,2,3, 4,5,6 million cases
As we cross 8 million
Summary of findings from Johns Hopkins data
on global & #India trends
Stay home, stay safe!
#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #Covid_19india #COVID__19

Global #COVID2019 cases has increased to over 8 million (80 lakh): 80,34,461 as of 16 June

We see from log chart ie. rate of increase in confirmed cases is steady
but accelerating last week

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #Covid_19india #COVID__19 ImageImage
Global daily new cases seem to be range bound
around 80,000-100,000/day for the last 2 month
Spiked to 1.2-1.4 lakh/day now!
record 1.38 lakh infections 11 June!

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #Covid_19india #COVID__19 #coronavirus #COVID2019india #coronaupdatesindia Image
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Private hospital in Maharashtra charging exorbitantly to treat Covid19 patients defying state order to charge as per rules. I report from Pune! @rajeshtope11 @CMOMaharashtra…
#SaifeeHospital charge Rs 9000 for #PPE per check up by doctors. This charging Rs 27,000 per day to one patient just for #PPE against govt order that PPE amount to be divided among all patients in the ward! @sanjaynagral #JanSwasthyaAbhiyan
Nobel Hospital in Pune charge gave Rs7.98 lakh bill to family of the patient after he dies due to #Covid_19india! @MahaDGIPR @Info_Pune
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through Charts - World & India #Covid_19 #COVID19India #COVIDUpdates
World Confirmed Cases " Slowing Down"
World on Path of Increase Recoveries compared to incremental Confirmed Cases
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The good work by Governments doesn’t get recognized often. Here are some of my observations. Please add yours

Amazing work by @gokRDPR
The preparedness of the RDPR including GPTF to combat #covid19 is amazing.
Congratulations @lkatheeq @readingkafka and team.
The response by @DHFWKA @Comm_dhfwka @iaspankajpandey @BBMPCOMM ensured that Bengaluru is least affected when other major cities in India are having higher burden. Bengaluru’ has emerged as a clear leader in #COVID19India response. #goodworkofGovts
The Andhrapradesh response seems to be much under appreciated. Leadership of @RameshPV2010 Mr Jawahar Reddy has ensured AP to mount one of the best response in short time; syndromic surveillance, enhanced testing, mobilization of volunteers & better containment: #goodworkofGovts
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. @CovidIndiaSeva I beg your kind attention here ! If we look at proportion of #Covid_19india patients on #ventilator support, it is 0.4% to 0.5%, which reflects ARDS due to Pneumonia due to #COVID19 as cause of death (COD) ( @WHO code: U07.1/2)... 1/n
So, around 150 deaths in 3000 projected deaths are actually due to #Covid_19india Epiphenomenon: People with diabetic complications, advanced cancer etc where the main COD is underlying health conditions, but #COVID19 can only be a contributing cause .. 2/n
Vast majority of #COVID19 deaths in India could be an epiphenomenal death only, considering #BCG vaccine induced trained #Immunity (Nature paper link at the end of this thread) that offers protection from severity of #Covid_19india . Why I am saying this is more important.. 3/n
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What are MSMEs? And why did the #Government set aside ₹3.7Lcr ($49bn) for #MSME support?

As the name suggests, #MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) are small businesses. Their definition varies by country.

In India, the definition was changed last week.

Previously, MSMEs were defined according to investment in plant/machinery (if they were in #Manufacturing) or investment in equipment (if they were in #Services).

It went like this:

Last Wednesday, @nsitharaman announced a new definition for #MSMEs. Manufacturing & Services were clubbed and a new parameter - annual turnover - was added.

Now it goes like this:

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Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code:BIG
●Debts related to #Covid_19india will be excluded from default under IBC
●No fresh insolvency proceedings for 6 months (1yr)
●Special insolvency framework for MSMEs u/a 240A
●Minimum threshold for MSME insolvency raised to Rs 1Cr via Oridnance
●Most sections in Companies Act related to technical violations to be decriminalized

●Amendments via Ordinance to drop 7 compoundable offenses + 5 others.

Details of IBC and Cos Act.
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FM @nsitharaman begins her press conference on the final tranche of the #EconomicPackage. #Covid_19india #COVID2019india #COVID19.
I would like to start by quoting some words of the PM's words today. My announcement today is pegged to that aspect of the speech. "As a nation today we stand at a very crucial juncture. Such a big disaster has brought a message and an opportunity.": FM
In last four days of announcements, we have had several reforms addressing the land, labour, liquidity and laws. We will be continuing that series: FM
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My covid-19 experience.
A thread.
I live in Anna Nagar West, Chennai.
Only my mom goes out twice a week to buy groceries within 500 m radius.
She took utmost care by wearing mask and avoiding crowded stores.
But as life is unfair, she got the symptoms on the night of 9 May.
She had fever, cough and body pains intermittently and was convinced it's cuz of her eating a chilled mango. My bro too had a fever during a night but recovered soon. On 11th night, she had a temp. of 102 which prompted me to take her to a pvt lab to get her tested for covid-19.
We were sure it'd be -ve but the lab sent an email saying she is POSITIVE. We were devastated cuz we didn't know how she got it. We are a family of 4. Mom ,grandma, me and my bro.(And a dog). We were more worried about grandma cuz she is 81 yr old diabetic and heart patient.
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Rahul Gandhi ~Stop #COVID19 Outbreak
Modi ~ m busy with Delhi Elections

Rahul Gandhi ~ Control #CoronaVirus
Modi ~ Namaste Trump

Rahul Gandhi ~ Fight Corona
Modi ~ First Topple MP govt

Rahul Gandhi ~ Provide PPE, Masks to doctors n med staff
Modi ~ Taali bajao Thali bajao

Rahul Gandhi ~ Give Ration to poor
Modi ~ Batti bujhao,Diya jalao ,Mombatti jalao

Rahul Gandhi ~ Give money to poor
Modi ~ Donate to PM Care Fraud

Rahul Gandhi ~ Stimulus for MSMEs
Modi ~ Forceful Takeover of MPLAD Funds for 2 years

Rahul Gandhi ~ Implement NYAY
Modi ~ Central Vista

Rahul Gandhi ~ Provide free travel to migrant labourers
Modi ~ Charge more than original train/bus fare

Rahul Gandhi ~ Decentralize Decision making
Modi ~ All Credits of good work mine, all criticisms for state govts

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KL has flattened it at least for now. RJ, MP, UP, AP, shows good improvements. TS numbers, though seem to suggest a flattening, is suspect due to very low tests. Major spikes in TN, TR etc. DL numbers come with one day lag. #Covid_19india
Doubling time is close to 11 days for India now. But, it is only about a week or so in Bihar, TN & MH where cases are growing rapidly. #Covid_19india
WB, MP, TS & PB are doing very low number of tests per million population and the percentage of tests turning +ve is high there. They need to do more tests. Else, the actual number of cases may be under reported. #Covid_19india
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Hey guys I wrote a little something and I drew a little something. Hope you guys enjoy it.
14 days of quarantine: Love in the time of Corona
#extendlockdown #COVIDー19 #Covid_19 #mentalhealth #loveinthetimeofcorona
I have come back. into chaos. Just returned from the Holi holidays. First day into work after seven days. And they put me in quarantine. I hang my white coat.

It doesn’t feel the same

#lockdowneffect #Quarantine #spreadloveinthetimeofcorona
2/When I went home there was only one suspected case.

The Pandemic was mostly in Italy and US.

We were laughing how HOD have the most to fear before the holiday

Older age group.

#covid19nfld #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona
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Pan-India COVID-19 status update: Image
The number of coronavirus positive cases in #Agra has doubled in 13 days. On average, at least one #Covid_19 patient has surfaced in district every hour in last 10 days. Till Thursday, 44 new cases were reported in Agra, increasing the district tally to 468. #Covid_19india
Agra #COVID19 figure is now 474
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Kerala HC is hearing the batch of pleas filed over data privacy concerns in the Kerala Govt's contract with US-based company Sprinklr for management of data COVID-19 data of its citizens.
Apart from the plea taken up last hearing (Balu Gopalakrishnan v State of Kerala), at least 2 more PILs in filed by Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala (Congress) and BJP State president K Surendran against Kerala being heard today. Advocate Asaf Ali has argued for Chennithala
Advocate Asaf Ali argued for Chennithala that data was taken from ignorant persons by Asha workers and shared with Sprinklr without their consent.

Advocate Mathews J Nedumpara now making arguments.
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So far, actuals are tracking estimates.
I anticipate Total cases to hit 30,000 by around 27/28th, by which time the total Recoveries will cross 8000.
Okay,so the Delhi data is validating an earlier hypothesis: Curve on Active Cases [Green line] starts flattening at ~4% growth rate in Total Cases [Blue line]. Starts reversing if sub 4% is sustained for coupla days

Hv to check if this is the case in TN as well.
#Covid_19india Image
Checked for TN. Pattern holds.
Active cases begin to plateau out & drop when the growth in total cases falls to 4% and below.

So then,per my estimates for #India [see tweet above in the thread], we should see the plateauing out of active cases sometime around 7th May.
#Covid19 Image
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Wonderful effort taken by Erode District Admin & Police. Warriors on the frontline, risking their lives to save to save us. Have no words to appreciate, you all our real hero’s and we are thankful and praying for you and for your families @erd_smc @CMOTamilNadu @Vijayabaskarofl ImageImageImage
Updates from Erode, Tamilnadu:-

Final batch of 28 person who were reported as postive for corona virus were sent back to their home after they turned double negative in last two stretch of swab tests.
District administration wished them well 💐💐💐💐💐and gave advice and awareness on how to proceed forward regarding hygiene, social distancing, etc for the coming days.

Entire team of health worker, revenue, police, local bodies wished them well for their future. 💐💐💐💐💐
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CM #UddhavThackeray addresses state: We are all waiting for this war to get over. Like I had said earlier, if we could have seen our enemy, we could have won this war a long time ago.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra #Coronavirus #CoronavirusLockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak
CM #UddhavThackeray: But this enemy is invisible. And another factor is that this enemy is using our own people to spread its infection. Determination, strength, patience all of these will stand us in good stead.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra #CoronavirusLockdown
CM Uddhav Thackeray: Tomorrow we will complete 6 weeks since we have been in a #lockdown. Many are constantly looking at numbers and raising questions so I want to place some numbers in front of you.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra
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How do you manage #CoronaVirus anxiety?
We tell you how in this THREAD ⬇️
#RT it to help someone in need :)

#covidresponse #mentalhealthtips #coronavirus #pandemic #Lockdown2 #Covid_19india
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Thread: If you want to help out people facing economic distress at this time, these are some of the organisations you can support:
1. Spacewell Foundation: Helping provide RATION PACKS to Daily Wagers during #Covid_19india lockdown. #HelpTheHungry
2. Akshaya Patra Foundation: Providing food relief across multiple states in India.…
3. Aajeevika Bureau: Raising funds to help migrants and daily wage workers in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat with healthcare facilities, helplines, food and livelihood support and more.…
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MHA guidelines on #Lockdown2

-Wearing of masks compulsory in public places across country in wake of COVID-19 situation

-Industries operating in rural areas to be permitted to run from April 30 with strict social distancing norms

#CoronavirusPandemic #Covid_19india
-State/UT govts shall not dilute lockdown guidelines in any manner; may impose stricter measures as per local requirements

-Services provided by self-employed electricians, IT repairs, plumbers, motor mechanics, carpenters to be allowed from April 20

Exemptions given from April 20 will not be applicable in COVID-19 hotspots or containment zones

Highway 'dhabas', truck repairing shops, call centres for govt activities to remain open from April 20
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The government is mulling a cash transfer scheme for migrant workers affected by the national lockdown amid growing restlessness among such workers across the country. #Covid_19india #MigrantWorkers #coronavirusindia #COVID__19…
Last week, the central government had told the States to collect the data of migrant workers, including their bank account and Aadhaar details. The exercise had also sought to map the migrant pattern.…
On Monday, the Union labour ministry held a meeting with labour officials of states asking them to expedite the process of collating the data. The labour ministry sent another reminder to all states on Tuesday after PM Modi’s address to the nation, according to govt officials.
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WATCH: Police attacked, crude bombs hurled, stone pelting as administration reached Churulia in Asansol #WestBengal to quarantine 5-6 locals to contain #Covid19 spread. Police & locals injured in clashes. Situation tensed. #Covid_19india #IndiaFightsCorona
UPDATE: At least 27 #WestBengal policemen injured in violence unleashed by locals in #Asansol.The OC has been brought in after both his legs were broken by locals! This is how we are thanking our #CovidWarriors for risking their lives & protecting us. No arrests yet. Shameful!
BREAKING: @Cpadpc ACTS AGAINST GOONS WHO ATTCKED #CovidWarriors. 7 arrested including 4 women. Criminal case filed,sections 147/148/149/188/325/326/307/332/333/186/354/353/379/427 IPC & 25/27 Arms Act, 9 (b) IE Act, 9 MPO Act, 3/4 DP Act, 51 (b) Slapped.
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