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Here are some problems of Pune's MSME industry I could note after meeting them.

* Maximum skilled workers were migrants and all of them have returned.
* The process to create new skilled labours will take time and that will affect the production quantity and quality both.

* Many small factories here had almost 70-80% migrant workers working on important tasks, so their functioning can't start without them.
* The production they did for last 3 months is lying in the godowns as there is no demand in the market.

* There are 11,000 MSME companies in PCMC of which about more than 5000 have started functioning but many are still unable to start since they don't have skilled workers to handle important tasks, some unable to complete every task as their skilled workers have run away.
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Now that we have entered #Lockdown4point0, let's talk about a section that was the 1st to be thrown out of employment & will be the last to bounce back. With their savings exhausted, many artistes in Mumbai are struggling to pay bills & even buy 2 square meals #Lockdownextention
I know many artistes who came to Mumbai with dreams in their eyes but are now forced to consider leaving the city or look for any alternate job for their survival, be it hazardous. Most of them have parents to care care of. These are the artistes who make Mumbai the city it is
Some students of @KMMC_Chennai have started catering to artists in the city who are struggling with basic requirement of food. If you can, please help them so that people who worked tirelessly to keep us entertained and sane don’t have to sleep on an empty stomach today
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Hey guys I wrote a little something and I drew a little something. Hope you guys enjoy it.
14 days of quarantine: Love in the time of Corona
#extendlockdown #COVIDー19 #Covid_19 #mentalhealth #loveinthetimeofcorona
I have come back. into chaos. Just returned from the Holi holidays. First day into work after seven days. And they put me in quarantine. I hang my white coat.

It doesn’t feel the same

#lockdowneffect #Quarantine #spreadloveinthetimeofcorona
2/When I went home there was only one suspected case.

The Pandemic was mostly in Italy and US.

We were laughing how HOD have the most to fear before the holiday

Older age group.

#covid19nfld #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona
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In the last 3 days, I’ve had to walk in the shoes of the #FrontLineHeroes

And I must confess that wearing the PPE alone for just very few hours was super uncomfortable.

The struggles of the frontline workers is real o! Let me share with you some of the harsh realities

Asides from dealing with exhaustion from increased work load, the frontline workers also experience:

➡️ Adverse skin problems resulting from wearing the PPE— face masks, goggles, face shields, gloves for long hours— skin problems like Acne, irritation, infection...
And, in extreme cases, the development of ulcers, like decubitus ulcers on the skin.

➡️ Psychological injury- such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other similar conditions as a result of dealing with #COVID-19.

➡️ Contracting the Virus and worse - Death 💀
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Day 8489 of #Lockdown2
Liver biopsy result - " Baby Pink in Color,
death due to detoxification is possible"
Day 9337 #LockdownExtended

Accidentally liked my 10 year old crush's 5 year old post on instagram.

Now she knows what I have been doing for the entire time
Day 11237 of #Lockdown21
Trapped a pigeon in balcony. Cooked it for breakfast.
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South Africa's relatively low number of #covid19 infection & mortality rates, is the only reason why there is debate regarding the merits of lockdown. Its initiation - as elsewhere - was an unprecedented measure to best preserve human life which its achieved to date
Its relative effectiveness has now become its primary point of contention. Those slating lockdown due to its economic impacts, hardly credit it for its role in possibly preventing a pervasive outbreak many anticipated would occur & which could've led to widespread social disorder
So now, the argument presented is that lockdown will still end up delivering the very societal breakdown which it was aimed to mitigate. These narratives continue to play out with the recurring theme that South Africa's black poor will seek out any opportunity to create anarchy
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The Good Doctor : Continuing Lockdown will devastate India

Lockdowns are a privilege which only a minuscule percentage of Indians can afford. Those who live a day to day existence will be devastated and will suffer from starvation…
Most experts who are not on the payroll of govt agree that #Lockdownextention is wrong. From Professor @ProfPCDoherty to other most renowned public health intellectuals are of the opinion that lockdown will be counterproductive.…
Social distancing prevents infections, but how long? Where will you hide from viruses?

Isolation is known to cause among other things heart disease, depression & can precipitate dementia.

This lockdown is out of fear & zero scientific thought leadership…
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Hon @PMOIndia Sri @narendramodi has interacted with Chief Ministers on tackling #COVID__19. An overwhelming opinion is in favour of continuing Lockdown further. Otherwise, they fear, the gain we have made so far, may slip away.…
ಪ್ರಧಾನಿ ಶ್ರೀ ನರೇಂದ್ರ ಮೋದಿ ಅವರು ಮುಖ್ಯಮಂತ್ರಿಗಳ ಜೊತೆ ಕೊರೋನಾ ಸೋಂಕು ನಿಯಂತ್ರಣದ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಇಂದು ಚರ್ಚಿಸಿದರು. ಬಹುತೇಕರ ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯ #LockdownExtention ಪರವಾಗಿ ಇದೆ. ಇಲ್ಲದಿದ್ದರೆ, ಈವರೆಗೆ ಪಟ್ಟ ಶ್ರಮ, ಗಳಿಸಿದ ಮುನ್ನಡೆಗೆ ಹಿನ್ನಡೆ ಆಗಬಹುದು ಎಂಬುದು ಅವರ ಕಳವಳ.
@BJP4India @BJP4Karnataka @BSYBJP
Hon @PMOIndia has reassured the nation that there is enough stock of essential medicines in the country. Further, he has sent a stern message against black marketing & hoarding
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: The #coronavirus quarantine is no radical departure for #Palestinians, who have lived in a state of ‘lockdown’ since the 1940s, though not at all voluntarily. In #Gaza, it's called a ‘siege’, also known as ‘blockade’.
By: @RamzyBaroud…
Under this #lockdown, the Palestinian freedom of movement was curtailed to the extent that Palestinians required permits from the #Israelimilitary to leave the Occupied Territories or to return home, to move about from one town to the other.
By: @RamzyBaroud
In #Palestine, we don’t call our imprisonment a #lockdownextension, but a ‘military occupation’ and 'apartheid’.
As for ‘shelter-in-place’, in Palestine, we have a different name for it. We call it a 'military curfew’.
#GoodFriday2020 #COVIDー19
#FridayMotivation #StayHome
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How prepared are you Post-Covid-19
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Good morning from #Pokhara.
Day 8 of #covid19 #lockdown
Day 9 of #lockdown. No mountains seen. #Pokhara
Day 10 of #lockdown. #covid19.
Good morning from #Pokhara
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#LockdownZim Diary 📔 To keep myself and the kids sane in these 21 days, we will be looking for Bugs, Pests and Beetle in the garden 🐜 🐛 🕷 #Covid19Zim
Day 1
Scary hairy caterpillars. Almost started WW3 with neighbor becoz they hatch in a large Strangler Tree in my yard! ImageImage
Day 2
She’s a beauty, isn’t she? But could turn out a pest when she molts 😬. There’re lots like that 🤣😜 Image
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Lockdown Day #1 (with bae)

Things seem fine and manageable.
Navratri starting today.

Pic of Fast Food. #21daysLockdown #NAVARATRI #LOCKDOWNDIARIES #Covid19India Image
Update on Day #1
We are discussing whether to keep a dog 🐕 or something like fish.
Day #1 contd.

ICSE student in my room was flaunting how they have read classics like Mcbeth and Great Expectations in school. The KVian and CBSE pass out in me has started reading it already. We don't flaunt and we aren't easily impressed. Image
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