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1.Expand, deploy and train competent workforce.
2. Make sure that every suspected case is diagnosed.
3. Ramp up production and availability of testing.
4. Identify, Adapt and equip treatment facilities for isolation of all the cases.
#wisdom Steps ahead for #covid19 @DrTedros
5. Develop a clear plan for ensuring the quarantine for contacts
6. Refocus the whole of the Government for #covid related work.

I am also happy that @drtedros used physical distancing as the preferred phrase over #socialdistancing. #Covid19India #covid19
Break the problem into regional and local problems, find the appropriate evidence-based solutions to local problems. @DrMikeRyan

Although this was mentioned wrt #coviditaly ; Something very important to for every country to do #covidindia
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#NEW A new publication from Indian Journal of Medical Research presents a mathematical model for #COVID19 in India, #coronaupdatesindia #Corona #COVID19 [Thread]
The mathematical model seeks to capture various aspects of a future trends in India considering two contrasting scenarios
While the study considers variables such as failure and success of airport screenings, quarantine measures, it doesn't explicitly has global spread variable (US, Europe) and domestic lockdown (since it was submitted in Feb, when the speed of pandemic was unknown
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threadreaderapp se news chapatwata hoon 😂 /1
Thali bajane ke kuch fayede : corona phle behra hua /2
Number 2 - kuch der baad use dikhaye nhi diya
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#mentalwellbeing in the time of #coronavirus
#thread Here are few things I am doing while in #selfquarantine. You might be doing some or all of this already. Bear with me.
1) Exercise. Do find a corner in your house and ensure you sweat it out for at least an hour.
2) You might be at home for a while, so try and form a routine. Eating at the same time, sleeping at the same time etc. Routine lends a sense of purpose to slower days.
3) Try and do your chores yourself. Do ask your help to refrain from commuting and do ensure they get paid for the days they stay at home.
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Update: Impact of 100+ volunteers of covidindia grps
In 2 days: the WFH effort: leveraged our resources

Gathered data on 90 companies, w total ~5L employees in India, where founders started WFH decisively.

Also gathered requests from 650 employees in a bottoms-up fashion..
across 480 companies, with combined valuation of USD 250 billion+, combined employee strength of 10L+ across India, where the management needs more help re. figuring out how to enable WFH and how to best deal with the challenges.

5 of our volunteers worked tirelessly
3/n #wfh
to help and persuade these managements, and share best practices between companies

Resulted in decisively enabling WFH across 6 additional major businesses and educational institutes in India.

Helping them to #leadboldly through this transition and testing time
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Like many I'm in disbelief at the low infection rate in India and trying to make sense of it. India started screening passengers as early as Jan 22,earlier than many other countries. It kept adding countries going along. Could this have made the difference? #covidindia
Of course this assumes screening was done correctly and the low infection rate reported today is actually correct.
When I returned from Canada via Munich Feb 28, there was no screening in Munich,and in Mumbai no screening of passengers coming from Germany. But the Munich flight has people connecting from Europe, US, including Italy.
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Thread : Disability & #COVID2019india

Putting disability-related Coronavirus action points in 1 place.

1st, as told to @ndmaindia , crisis comm from @MoHFW_INDIA and states is classist and ableist. Bilingual, responsive, multimodal content pls. #A11y
We've had to defy Govt rules on approved content, in the interest of serving the disability community in India by making a resource for a range of specific needs of PwD in India - sign language, AAC, media description, EasyRead... #DIDRR
Shame @MSJE_AIC !
What about sustaining other regular life-saving interventions in the time of #covidindia ?
Blood for those who are transfusion dependent and disinfection protocols for those who are dialysis dependent for a start?

Again, individual organising as rescue!…
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@JasonYanowitz यांचा (इटली) मराठी अनुवादित थ्रेड!
जर तुम्ही अजूनही मित्रांसोबत सहजपणे फिरत असाल आणि निष्काळजीपणे वागत असाल तर तुम्हाला आता तुमची सर्व अक्कल वापरायची गरज आहे.

पुढील थ्रेड एका इटालियन नागरिकांने जगासाठी लिहले आहे.

तुम्हाला माहित नाही की तुम्ही कशाला सामोरे जाणार!
तुम्हाला माहित असल्याप्रमाणे इटली आज बंदिस्त पडली आहे.

उर्वरित जगाला वाटतय की आपल्याला काही होणार नाही. मला माहिती आहे की तुम्ही हेच विचार करताय कारण आम्हालाही असच वाटलेलं.

आम्हीही यातून गेलोय त्यामुळे हा थ्रेड पूर्णपणे वाचा.

चला आता काही STAGES पाहूया.

⚫STAGE 1 :
तुमच्या देशात पहिला कोरोना वायरसचा केस येणार.

एक 75+ वर्षीय मरण पावणार.

आपण तर तरूण आहोत आपल्याला काहीच होणार नाही. आपण सुरक्षित आहोत. चिंता करायची गरज नाही. सगळे अतिरेक करतायत.
मी सामान्य जीवन जगतोय.

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This advisory was issued by council of Architecture on March 16th. It clearly suggests shutting institutions and work places for 2 weeks as a precautionary measure to inhibit the spread of the virus. 1/n
I work in an architecture firm which has sent the following mail to all us employees today:
"As per the directive of Head Office, we will not be enforcing any work from home policy amidst the current Covid -19 spread situation. We request the team members to avail their leaves..
"We request the team members to avail their leaves in case of sickness and not come to office, while also being responsible in taking precautionary measures in maintaining personal hygiene.."
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Very important findings from @TheLancet article:

1. SARS-CoV-2 is transmissible in community settings beyond household clusters. Importation and limited local transmission can occur before the lockdown.… #covidindia #covidー19uk #covidinus 1ofn
2. SARS-CoV-2 is transmissible in community settings, & local clusters can result due to spread before travel restrictions. Enhanced surveillance & contact tracing is essential to minimise the risk of widespread transmission . #covidindia #covidー19uk #covidinus #COVID19 2of3
Enhancing detection and containment of local clusters of #COVID19 through surveillance of individuals with general pneumonia or influenza-like illnesses, and of people who have been in contact with unwell travellers is important. 3 of4 #covidindia
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Realized how companies living in denial about the potential risk #COVID19Bangalore could pose when I worked on this copy. #COVID2019 #covidindia #Covid #SocialDistancingNow
To ensure that companies offer WFH options to its employees, a group of my well-meaning friends from came together to collect the data on companies who are not offering WFH for its employees.
#COVID2019 #covidindia #Covid #SocialDistancingNow
If you feel you can work from home and your company is not letting you or being vague about it, fill this form:
#COVID2019 #covidindia #Covid #SocialDistancingNow
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The number of #COVID19 infections in countries that're not testing extensively might be much higher. There are 2 main strategies

Option.1: Test all suspected & quarantine ( #SKorea)
Option.2: Strict quarantine & Contact tracing. (#Singapore & #HK) 1ofn
The #UK is following neither of these options. #India has a combination of two but partial implementation. As a result, both these countries will have more infections, only without confirmation. While #UK has stated that they aim to have herd immunity. #India hasn't said so. 2ofn
Managing #CovidUK is major #natural experiment that a country, that too a developed one is trying. I would argue that it is #unethical to continue this strategy. Aim of #Publichealth is to prevent deaths and minimise morbidity. The current strategy in #UK defies this goal. 3ofn
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#Covid19management Among #COVID19 cases in #US , secondarily infection was most likely in
•Patient’s family
•Health care personnel
•Community members who spent 10 minutes within 6 ft of a patient
•Community members exposed in hospital… via @CDCgov
The overall symptomatic secondary attack rate of #Covid_19 was estimated to be 0.45% for close contacts and 10.5% for household members in the #US #covidindia #covidmanagement
Median duration of viral shedding in nasopharyngeal samples is 12 days. 5 individuals treated with lopinavir-ritonavir; In 3 of 5 patients, fever resolved & supplemental oxygen requirement reduced within 3 days, but 2 did deteriorate… #covidmanagement
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On Covid-19 Cases in India

#coronavirusindia #COVID2019 #covidindia
Case 1,2,3 -

Kerala, 3 Students who returned from China in early februray.

All 3 have recovered.
Case 4,

(Mar 2)
Hyderabad, techie working for a bengaluru firm who returned from Dubai

Case 5,

(Mar 2)
Delhi, Person who returned from Italy
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