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15 Nov, 8 tweets, 4 min read
#tether watch!

This time, captured it LIVE! (just happened to realize i was checking at the right time).

Top numbers took longer to update, so added em myself. +33 mil tonight, interesting.

Think that's cause it's a Saturday. Markets are quiet. Image
In order to buy bitcoin for tethers somebody's still gotta trade the #bitcoin for tethers.

Currently they're fine that as #Tether's become the medium of exchange between #crypto.

Point is, with less market participants, less people willing to sell their crypto for Tethers.
BTW i'm also suspecting them of generating much of the bitcoin and tether volume in dollar terms themselves. If they'd move #crypto between accounts the they own on the exchange, it'd show up in the charts as volume. Since trade volume is low, they'd be pretty big block trades.
No way to prove that though unless i start tracking the ledger itself and THAT is a step too far xD

HOWEVER! To keep things fresh, i do have another way to keep things in perspective:

With this large a market cap, small changes in the coin's value quickly make BIG numbers.
SO! Let's see what happens when we calculate the circulating supply of 17,83 billion Times a $0.02 price move as depicted below. And we get:


And what did they print again? $33 mil worth of Tether?

Isn't that just *awfully* convenient? Image
Correlation doesn't have to equal causation.

But it's starting to look like Tether's *positive* price action is mainly caused by #Tether themselves. AKA - they're using their #dollars during the day to support the price then swap tethers for #BTC/#USD during the night.

Behold: Image
That's the price action on the 13th, GROSSLY simplified.

There are many more bounces then those arrows but i don't wanna go crazy typing zeroes so i isolated the major moves. I'm pretty sure if you isolate smaller ones too you'll find the missing ~30 mil.
Meanwhile, add the downward price action and the number vastly exceeds the numbers printed, so that ain't it.

I'm not gonna do that for every day. I made my case i'm fine with conjecture and waiting for the movie at this point :D

But i gotta say. Quite the coinkidink.

• • •

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15 Nov

Think we're getting close to the end boys.

And that's why you take screenshots.

#tether #BTC #fintwit #link #Ethereum #bitcoin #FRAUD Image
Ahhhh there we go it's back.

Nevertheless, that's yet another glitch to add to the pattern.

Keep in mind that they've been playing with underlying data now! Otherwise stuff like this won't happen!
I'm just gonna go ahead and say that's a pretty major thing to happen to the number 3(!) crypto currency.

At that point, and *certainly* with a market cap of nearly $18 billion, your automated systems are *on point* or something's up.

And since i dunno how long it will stay up: Image
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15 Nov
I'm 192 cm tall. Weigh 80 Kilos. Sit behind a PC ALL day.

My secret?

Not having Pizza or Icecream 2-3 times a week. I eat french fries once every 2 weeks.

I only eat ~12-16 slices of bread with butter and strawberry jam daily (cause of longcovid).

Just don't stuff your face.
And before any of you start i had my stomach checked recently (which turned out to be stress/not being cared after getting the virus) and my heart looked at and full bloodwork done.

Just a vitamin D deficiency. Otherwise, picture of health. Couldn't find anything wrong.
And i paid a personal trainer 1200 euros for an hour of dedicated training every week for 6 months to absorb as much knowledge about muscle movements and nutrition as i could.

Turns out; it all doesn't matter much. Just keep to "junk food is a treat, not a meal" and you're fine.
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13 Nov
Time for a BIG thread and for me to return to where i made my bones: #Covid19.

This time with a prediction that will end up hurting A Lot:

#Europe will stay in lockdown until March/April 2021. If it doesn't, the virus overwhelms hospitals and forces a lockdown anyway.

1/x (50)
First, some background, as i know many of you are new to the channel (Welcome!!) and to show i'm not "just some guy on twitter".

While you probably found me because of #silver or #Tether, I made my bones correctly predicting #Covid19 would turn pandemic.

Around January 11th 2/x
Before the Virus, i was trying to become an inventor. On the 7th of January, me and my Russian friend had just ended up with a quote of about 15k to build an app i designed - but we were broke.

The plan became for me to sell a small invention to raise capital for an alpha. 3/x
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13 Nov
Wanted to make a post for the (cow)boys ^_^.


That said, here's some credible info for once.

Here are top 10 Alt coins (Iota = "control")

The pattern reveals all....

$ETH $USDT $XRP $LINK $BCH $LTC $BNB $ADA $EOS #Fintwit $BTC #Bitcoin

#Tether's pumping up #bitcoin due to it being perfect for the scam, but they can't put all their eggs into one basket. They've bought some Alt Coins too, so those will follow the same pattern as Bitcoin.

Naturally, #Ethereum is 2nd in line.
So, the same pattern that reveals the #bitcoin scam; A Parabolic curve up combined with a continual Reduction in Trading Volume as measured in Trades; Also reveal which other coins are affected by the same scam.

Lined up side to side by Unaffected #Crypto; the pattern is obvious
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12 Nov
Small update - I'm bushed. My hallway is filled with trashbags, and i'm not nearly done.

But my apartment is an order of a magnitude less cluttered already.

And it feels... Weird. Not entirely right. My head doesn't feel this clean... yet.

But forward we must push :D
I have a TON more space now and i've got plans for an workout corner.

Not that i need it right now though. Going to the store for an hour today felt like i was floating through the isles.

My legs are killing me, and i've gotta go assemble a heavy duty storage cabinet lol.
Today's split between gaming (relaxing) and more cleaning, tomorrow's downtime i'll use to set up streaming stuff and dig into the podcast site.

I've selected a game for a test stream real soon :D Offworld Trading Company. Lightweight *economical* battles :D
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12 Nov
1. You missed #Tether.
2. Scarcity alone isn't enough. Only Utility is. BTC's only utility is Transactional capability - better alternatives exist already.
3. It isn't. Lightning network is a pipedream due to vested interests otherwise it'd be implemented; It's old already.
4. The dumbass energy argument again. Turn off 99% of BTC miners. Artificial difficulty adjusts down, just like it can adjust up. You retain the same transactional capability with 1% of the energy. Shut down 99% of all gold mines watch the price soar. Where's the energy?

Volatility = how far a price can move within a given timeframe. The shorter the timeframe + the bigger the move, the "higher" the volatility.

5.: Image
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