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29 Dec, 6 tweets, 4 min read
1/ A #bitcoin ETF will be launched in 2021
2/ $BTC will keep rising in price till the Fed stops their current round of quantitative easing, but IF/when it stops, people will be surprised at how negative it will be for any kind of assets despite a roaring economy
3/ Security standards for #token become more aligned globally and raising money via token that have equity-like rights will become a generally accepted way to raise early capital for companies
4/ $ETH will mark a new ATH in price, but scalability will become more of an issue
5/ #Binance, #Bitfinex, #Tether or #Bitmex will not survive 2021
6/ $UNI will be investigated as a security - the outcome is extremely hard to predict, but volumes on #uniswap won't suffer
7/ #Ripple will be convicted in court for securities fraud
8/ Armed with a win against $XRP, the SEC will finally tackle a lot of the large projects that have sold unregistered securites without a doubt
9/ #Yieldfarming either collapses due to a major hack or this decentralized form of a pyramid scheme will actually attract institutions
10/ The euphoria after #COVID19, coupled with low interest rates persisting till Q3 2021 due to labor market recovering slowish or EU member states unable to afford higher rates will lead to the biggest asset price bubble in history and #bitcoin won't "be the pin"
Not sure where the first tweet of this thread went, but these are my 2021 #crypto predictions. None of this is advice and my previous predictions have generally been very poor. So you can probably safely ignore these.

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27 Dec
Thoughts on #bitcoin price here in a thread

TL;DR: $BTC is caught between a tug of war of market manipulation by #tether, pushing price on low volume on one hand and undeniable fundamental asset price inflation driven by the Fed’s printing on the other.
1/ $BTC is up 22% in 5 days on ever falling, low volume in holiday trading. During this time it has defied every sensible signal. Leveraged funding is unsustainably high, futures are as far in contango as I can remember.
2/ #tether has printed $400m during the holidays, implying that either huge (and I mean HUGE) institutional investors have wired real Dollars over the period when they aren’t in the office or, as we all know it to be true: they are printing freely out of thin air.
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23 Dec
(Another) thread about $XRP, #Ripple & why what they did was so despicable. It's not about them getting a fee & walking free, nor about whether the token will go up or down in value. It's about people understanding what this organization did to them. #crypto #bitcoin #XRP
1 - #Ripple sold something to the public that the public could not get information about. There are regulations that ensure that investors can understand what is happening with their funds and what they are investing in.
2 – Due to the information vacuum, people who bought $XRP could not know for sure what insiders do with their holdings. There was no way to see that the only thing they did was sell.
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22 Dec
Yes, I am very much going to join the “I told you so chorus” here.

#Ripple is the biggest scam in the world IMO and their useless token $XRP absolutely is a security. I have fought the Ripple army in my articles since 2017.

Well done SEC. Hope its a strong case. Don’t settle.
And yes that means #tether is only the second biggest scam (because what could be bigger than printing $30bn and DIRECTLY giving it to yourself like XRP did?).

But 👏 regulators 👏 will 👏 come 👏for 👏 tether 👏too
And don’t let brainless $XRP buddies make you believe that this is an ‘attack on #crypto’. The SEC is attacking a company that built a centralized database nobody needs and then created securities if which it kept 80% to finance their business. #ripple then dumped on retail.
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21 Dec
#Covid19 #coronavirus #corona

To our politicians: Rapid testing exists since June 2020. Had we produced them in a state-mandated manner & done an explanation of how to use them on national TV, plus subsidized the purchase, we could have a #lockdown free, safe life...
... where you can buy a rapid test at every little shop around the corner for 2-3 EUR (that is the production cost) and you can go about your life. These tests are not hard to use, they do NOT require a doctor to use them and while they are "only" 90-95% accurate...
... PCR is at 97% and I'll remind you the vaccine is going to be around 90% if we are really lucky. And yet, the only thing we do is sit around and wait for the vaccine and lock out flights from other countries, when the likelihood the mutated virus is already in Europe...
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18 Dec
How do you know #bitcoin volumes are fake?

$AAPL has a market cap of 2,100 bn (2.1 trn)
$BTC has a market cap of 425 bn (0.4trn)

Yesterday, Apple trading volume on regulated exchanges was $10bn.

Bitcoin, allegedly, traded $66bn (CMC) or $59bn (Gecko).

Does not compute.
Messari has a page where they show „Real“ #bitcoin Volume as $10bn, which is still high given the above but plausible.

You have reported volume of somewhere between 59 and 66 billion $ as well as a crypto-native source saying only 10bn is real.

That means, about 85% of #bitcoin volume is fake and more than likely the work of #tether and wash trading.
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24 Nov
The question is not whether #bitcoin hits its ATH with the backdrop of #tether AND the Fed printing and stocks very strong.

The questions is whether Tether will then be content and cease their manipulations for a while or blast right on. $BTC $USDT.

Not advice...
...Note that I have been Bullish #crypto and #bitcoin personally since an end of July article, so I am not saying the entire rally was a #tether manipulation. Not at all.

However, we have to be honest: the last week or so tether and their cartel prevented any drop from...
...becoming more pronounced and protected $BTC from falling. Leveraged financing rates mean you lose 75% of your position over a year from sitting in longs if #bitcoin does not go up. That isn‘t normal, that‘s beyond euphoric and without #tether actions it will correct...
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