IT'S NOT DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE Liberal MPs turning cartwheels over this Op-ed.

But, no matter.

AS A FORMER @CPC_HQ #CPC candidate who once felt the 'cold blade on the back of his neck' for having supported Kingston's local Prison Farm #YGK ±

during 2015 federal election #Elxn42, I can say @JohnIbbitson DOESN'T approach the blight existing between the floorboards.

IN ALL FAIRNESS THOUGH - that is not the focus of @JohnIbbitson's op-ed. Column space is limited.

Far from being a welcoming "Big Blue Tent",
@CPC_HQ is riddled with a not-so-nice undercurrent of 'shenanigans and subterfuge' [polite description]. Actually, it could be said to be a type of rot.

The undercurrent (or if one prefers, rot) is resulting in a hemorrhage - a damaging loss of valuable people.
AND, It's a 'killing-off' [italics] and/or driving away good and much needed Conservative candidates (together with their supporters and by extension, desperately needed growth).

ONE SHOULDN'T EXPECT @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party to be reaching for the First Aid 🩹kit. #humour
UNLESS the bleeding is stanched - @CPC_HQ will continue to wither away, until one day it is so shrivelled, it risks all relevance and ceases to flourish.

☞ DURING 2019 #elxn43

I have come to the realization that I now use the adjective, ‘I am conservative’. I’ve stopped using the noun ‘a Conservative’.

AND, that says something.

#cdnpoli #YGK
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6 Mar
"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,...
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."
#Shakespeare Macbeth

WHEN @JustinTrudeau clasped the hand of @jzarif, ON THAT DAY Canada was (effectively) diplomatically neutered. Full stop.

#PS752Justice #cdnpoli
@OmarAlghabra tweets: "Canada will accept nothing less from the Iranian regime than a FULL and HONEST explanation of the circumstances surrounding this TRAGEDY"

Our choice of words matter. #PS752 - IT IS NOT a "tragedy". IT IS an "atrocity. (Attach)

"FULL and HONEST" [emphasis added] -

“You speak like a green girl / unsifted in such perilous circumstances.” (Shakespeare)

Nothing betrays greater a naivete than these most feeble of words.

@ps752justice @AvidehM @CouncilOfIC @NahidGhani #PS752WarCrime #PS752HumanShield
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20 Feb
There are specific linguistic tics that can signal deceit. Words reveal.

LOOKING AT WHAT @JustinTrudeau SAYS and focusing on one element worth taking a look at: namely, his use of the qualifier "extremely". It is a non-essential amplifier. Its repetition, weightage of ±
placement and in particular, the peculiar intensity with which he enunciates it. TRUDEAU uses it twice (0:10; 1:32), in a lengthy English response (1 min 27 sec).Like bookends, at the beginning of his response and again,at the end. His enunciation in each instance is unnatural. ±
To be clear, there are no absolute "tells" that can definitively (or singularly) indicate deception. THAT SAID, TRUDEAU's use of "extremely" taken with a cluster of features (i.e. pauses filled with utterances "ah" "um" "er" and "uh", vocal tension, postural shifts, head nods ±
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17 Feb
AS @JustinTrudeau hums and haws, chattering about alphabets - THAT he must ensure “all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed” before citing #China ...

«THOUGHT IMMEDIATELY OF ANOTHER WORD» that also has I's and T's and may be a suitable descriptor as PMJT averts his eyes. Image
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11 Feb
'Human error' ▫︎ 'Accidental' AND now possible 'Infiltrators'.

The denial by #Iran #IRGC with its "thousand possibilities" is ridiculous.

☞ *2 missiles* 30 seconds apart is NOT accidental.

Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), if the pilots survived the initial detonation, 1/2
would reveal the emergency transmission from a civilian aircraft under attack and audibly identifying itself in its last moments. The second missile silenced further communication.

Investigation will have to squarely address what (hellish) motivation would seek to destroy a
civilian aircraft, deliberately.

A thorough and objective investigation, competently conducted, cannot avoid the one looming question, the 'elephant in the room': «WHO» or «WHAT» was on board #PS752Flight that resulted in the decision to destroy a civilian aircraft with
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8 Feb
Any Liberal MP can't really say, "It's not a hill I'm willing to die on" given the most recent assertion by @JustinTrudeau that "We're very much on track" (1:20)

Now he faces glory or ignominy, something that will make or break his reputation. 1/3

#COVID19 #vaccine #cdnpoli

"But Canada is unlikely to get any doses from those three companies directly until at least April, and confusion about deliveries of vaccines has thrown Canadian confidence in the Liberal government’s vaccine rollout into a tailspin."


The Government has since backtracked on Trudeau's comments of 20M AstraZeneca vaccine shipments.

With little clarity, MP @MarkGerretsen #YGK now finds himself in a tenuous position as he dutifully (and mechanically) repeats this in a situation.

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1 Jan
It would seem so, Mr. MACDONALD @TypesAndSpells

* IF I MAY, I'm not unsympathetic with @MichelleRempel and her sharing how #pandemic has had a real impact on her life.

THAT SAID, I her reference to @CBCNews as "vulturous" was a bit much.

#COVID19 #lockdown #cdnpoli
** Ms. REMPEL-GARNER @MichelleRempel won't be seeing this tweet.
Should read: to @CBCNews reporters as "vulturous"
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