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🧵 This evening I attended the premier of Holocaust Learning UK’s newest film ‘Out of the Darkness: Steven’s Story’ at @JW3London by @TapestryPics narrated by @jasonsfolly. The film is aimed at year 9 students learning about the Holocaust. @HolocaustLearn
The (free) 1h film is INCREDIBLE. Please please tell your #history departments all about it. I’ve been learning about the #Holocaust since I was 11 and learnt so much I didn’t know from this film, which centres on the impact of Nazis in Holland. @histassoc @HolocaustLearn
I didn’t know that 300,00 Dutch workers went on strike after Nazi roundups of Jews in Holland.
I didn’t know that Dutch resistance members sacrificed their lives to burn town records to try to protect the identities of their Jewish neighbours...…
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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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Come with me for a journey through the world of hypocritical, antisemitic, 'human rights' activism:

Thread 1/9
The world can sit by as #Afghanistan is lost to the #Taliban and millions of women and young girls have their future stolen from them - and the streets of Europe are empty of protests and demonstrations. 2/9
And our streets stay silent as nations like #Syria and #Turkey massacre #Kurds 3/9
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That's the validation of hypocrisy of West @majorgauravarya Sir.. It's not a matter to take it as elation. We've been discussing it from several years & you also have mentioned in several shows on the severe atrocities on #Uighurs.
But, as now US needed to encircle China....(1/3)
@majorgauravarya Sir,
....., they're trying to take each & every opportunity to portray China as #devil.Such kind of hypocrites can't be trusted.
I don't have any intent to play #devil's advocate but my point is that at least US can't claim to have a voice for humanity....(2/3)
@majorgauravarya Sir,
...or religious minority as they always turn deaf ear whenever in reality the global community wants their intervention as a superpower. Their only exclamation for human rights starts when they find it convenient for their political & economic interest.(3/3)
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Let me get this straight. The Chinese gov't says it can't share anonymized data about the origins of the pandemic due to privacy concerns while the same gov't is forcibly extracting genetic samples from #Uighurs, #Tibetans, etc. Hmmm.…
The collection of genetic data in #China "is being done without consent because citizens living in an authoritarian state have virtually no right to refuse." If anonymized data can be shared safely in democracies it can be shared safely everywhere.…
I encourage you to read this excellent report on genomic surveillance in #China, written by @ASPI_org.…
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1/19 I regret that my Epoch Times investigation isn't finished yet & I'm going fast as I can

With that said, this #thread is another teaser & I'm giving it early release because of its implication to the #UighurGenocide vote in #CDNpoli today & how MPs have been sorely misled
2/19 #CDNpoli #Uyghur #UighurGenocide

First off, the Conservative party pressure to force a vote in Canada is due to a campaign concocted by Steve Bannon, to squeak through his agenda (continuing Trump's agenda) to force a war with #China before Prez Biden can get up to speed
3/19 #UighurGenocide

They're capitalizing on right-wing ownership of most #CDNmedia to disinform #CDNpoli about the #Uyghur issue, without the threat of being fact checked

Our dystopian news climate is being used to manipulate @JustinTrudeau into painting @POTUS into a corner
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There are specific linguistic tics that can signal deceit. Words reveal.

LOOKING AT WHAT @JustinTrudeau SAYS and focusing on one element worth taking a look at: namely, his use of the qualifier "extremely". It is a non-essential amplifier. Its repetition, weightage of ±
placement and in particular, the peculiar intensity with which he enunciates it. TRUDEAU uses it twice (0:10; 1:32), in a lengthy English response (1 min 27 sec).Like bookends, at the beginning of his response and again,at the end. His enunciation in each instance is unnatural. ±
To be clear, there are no absolute "tells" that can definitively (or singularly) indicate deception. THAT SAID, TRUDEAU's use of "extremely" taken with a cluster of features (i.e. pauses filled with utterances "ah" "um" "er" and "uh", vocal tension, postural shifts, head nods ±
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AS @JustinTrudeau hums and haws, chattering about alphabets - THAT he must ensure “all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed” before citing #China ...

«THOUGHT IMMEDIATELY OF ANOTHER WORD» that also has I's and T's and may be a suitable descriptor as PMJT averts his eyes. Image
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1/4 I understand the #FakeNews print edition of #EpochTimes was delivered to mailboxes across Canada

It's important to know what to be concerned about, who's behind it & why they'd target #CDNpoli

See thread

#ONpoli #BCpoli #ABleg #SKpoli #MBpoli #polQC #NBpoli #NSpoli #NLpoli
2/4 See military history

1992 Li invents #FalunGong/Taoism…

2000 Tang invents #EpochTimes/Mercer-Bannon $$…

⚠️Li ruled Tang Dynasty/history repeats/#Uighurs⚠️

Li & Tang today
3/4 If you read those links in their entirety, you'll see it's no small propaganda op. We're talking about a nearly identical repeat of history, by decedents of the original Chinese Tang Dynasty via parallel political/military conditions that cover everything from Iran to Uighurs
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This tweet below has been rattling around my head all morning. @britsforuyghurs arranged a protest, calling for a stop to the #UyghurGenocide. The number of people in attendance fills me with a personal shame. Read their handmade signs.

We're not dealing in speculation, exaggeration or rumours here. We're dealing in facts.


Organs harvested. Hair shaved and sold. Why does that not shake us ALL to the core of our bones?

This respectfully asks President Xi, one of the most powerful people on earth, to stop a very public genocide. Xi's representatives sit on @UNHumanRights Council - his ambassadors tell us all to respect human rights - as China disappears an entire people under our noses.

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The #Uighurs are predominantly #Muslim Turkish-speaking ethnic group, primarily from #China north-western region of Xingjang. The have been Subject to religions and ethnic presecution by Chinese authorities
Thousands of Mosques in #Xinjiang have been damaged or destroyed in just 3 years, leaving fewer in the region than at any time since cultural revolution, according to report on #Chinese oppression of #Muslim #minorities
#ChinaStory #uighurlivesmatter
Around 2/3rd of the area's mosque were affected, and around 50% of the protected cultural sites have been damaged or destroyed, including destruction of Ordam Majar(shrine), an ancient site of pilgrimage dating back to 10th century.
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Xi is unfairly using early recovery from #COVID19 for external encroachment and internal consolidation. Chinese aggression in all domains will be rebuffed globally, led by powers suffering the most.
#ChinaVirus ImageImage
Xi Jinping''s over ambition and lust for power has been emboldened by mute tolerance in CPC and PRC. His adventurism is leading #China to disaster, unless the Chinese reins its leadership. Image
Atrocities on #Uighurs by forcing them to eat pork, to read Mao and not their holy book, to discard the veil, to drop their language and speak in Mandarin.
#UighurGenocide ImageImage
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#China #Xinjiang #Uighurs #ConcentrationCamps #UighurGenocide

In China a huge gulag system for Uyghurs has emerged in recent years and the world knows next to nothing about it.
According to a study, China has had more than 380 detention camps built for members of Muslim minorities in western Xinjiang province since 2017. At least 14 facilities are still under construction,
according to a study by the Australian think tank "Australian Strategic Policy Institute" (ASPI). The findings contradict Beijing's statements that the mass internment campaign in the region is being cut back.
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This is happening NOW

And we all need to wake up to it

An investigation “identified 315 sites that are currently being used as part of China’s mass detention programme”

Between Jun & Sept, more than 300 captives had been tortured to death”

Innocent people being dragged from their homes with no warrant

And why?

“They were charged with mainly two indictment:

1. The crime of creating disturbances i.e. they had too many kids. 

2. Disturbing the public peace i.e. growing long beard and/or long hair”
No lawyer allowed. No appeal.

“They were sentenced for 5 to 10 years in prison

“For the first 3 days, water was cut off, they were not allowed to drink, and the temperature was over 37

“Every midnight, the ambulances carrying corpses transferred them away”
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Very proud to learn that our reports on Hong Kong for @VICENews on @HBO have been nominated for an Emmy. Congratulations to the whole team @crystalwongcy @IsobelYeung @thomson_craig @Angadgsingh @DanielBateman @SamanthaMeiTopp @Tyrangiel @madhaeringer!
3 out of the 5 nominees for "outstanding investigative report" are pieces about the #Uighurs. Congrats to @IsobelYeung and @NicoleBozorgmir! Image
Here's the report that @Angadgsingh
@crystalwongcy @thomson_craig and I made about the weekend of the #HongKong citywide strike in August. It aired exactly a year ago today.
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