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France abhors Islamic terrorisme on its soil but embraces ETIM Uighur terrorism in China.
France campaigns against Islamic separatism but advocates ETIM separatism of Xinjiang.
France sees protests against Israel's genocide of Palestinians as antisemitism. @VillaniCedric ImageImageImageImage
France resents the importation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts in France, but actively votes to condemn the fake #Uighurgenocide.

France forbids Pro-Palestinian demonstrations, has no love for Palestinian Muslims but loves Uighur Muslims.
France actively promotes secularism, forbids proselytising of Islam
and cracks down on mosques but condemns China of much milder efforts of assimilation...

This is called profound hypocrisy. Maybe the Muslims in France should put France's support for the Uighur cause to test.
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Do you think Jews would invite Nazi Germany to build their Grand Synagogue?

Algeria asked China, supposedly carrying out Muslim cleansing (#Uighurgenocide) to build world's 3rd Grand Mosque to last 500-1000 years which China successfully accomplished in 2020.
2/ Project Overview from China's CSCEC website:

On February 8, 2012, China Construction signed a contract with the Grand Mosque Construction and Management Authority of Algeria for the construction of the Grand Mosque project, with a main contract value of USD 1.5 billion.
3/The original design consortium is KSP-KUK from Germany and the current design institute is EGIS from France. The project adopts the cooperation mode of general contracting and implements European and Algerian standards.
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Whenever the US is particularly concerned about the human rights abuses of a country, it's a signal that it intends to mass murder the people of that country. US is hysterically concerned about Chinese people's (including Uighurs') human rights right now.
That means US madly wants to mass murdered the Chinese people if not for the nuclear deterrence. Chinese people are too clever too diligent. China is poised to surpass the US/White people in everyway. This is not allowed!

China today is surrounded by US missiles and
a belt of US military germ warfare biolabs. US nuclear powered aircraft carriers are cruising in the South China Sea and strutting up and down China's coast in the name of "freedom of navigation".
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If the color revolution had succeeded in China in 1989, what would have happened? Here's a ready example: Russia.

In 1991, the USSR disintegrated. At the advice of US experts, Russia went through a disastrous "shock therapy", ie, it went from socialism to unbridled
2/ extreme capitalism within 500 days.

US was wild with joy. It was a huge historical strategic triumph. US/UK banks immediately moved in as vultures & successfully looted the entirety of the wealth of USSR with a minimal capital of 10 millions US$. Propaganda, US think tanks,
3/US economic and financial advisers played an important role in the engineering of utter ruin of Russia by producing Gordon Chang style reports creating panic & destroying Russian people's confidence in their country's future.

Rubles went from 1US$ = 1.5 RUB to 1US$ = 10000 RUB
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The Indian psyche is puzzling.

The Indian consul-general in Hong Kong complained that the price of oxygen generators supplied by China has gone up and urged the Chinese government to lower the price. It's true that the price has doubled because Chinese companies are under
2/pressure to deliver the order of 60k oxygen generators within an extremely short notice. Prices of spare parts and raw material have gone up accordingly. Besides, as time is of essence, companies are working around the clock, they must pay over time or hire new workers.
3/China saw its economy grow 18% and its exports grow more than 50% in the first quarter, resulting in the phenomenon that it's difficult to find skilled workers now. The salaries have gone up too. There's no such thing as slave labor in China. Chinese companies must remunerate
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Disillusioned authentic American Baizuo (liberal) former diplomat:

"United States must make sure we do not have a peer competitor for our security. This is a brutalest philosophy. The proposition is that even if China were to change, adapted our constitution and laws wholesale,
we should still try to limit their growth, merely because we shouldn't have a peer competitor, even if it means pushing them back into poverty."

Cynical TV host: I don't mean this question cynically, sarcastically. What's wrong with that?
US hates China so much not because of the #UighurGenocide fake news It invented, but because China has become powerful enough to rival and overtake the US.

I'm sorry for the Baizuo diplomat who speaks fluent Chinese. Such a good man, having to serve the sinister US agenda...
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Anti-China Propaganda = Voodoo knife stabbing

To summarize the recent US anti-China Strategic Competition Act, US is hell bent on fouling things up for China in every way possible. There's no strategy at all. You think the anti-China propaganda is bad now, but it'll be ImageImageImage
2/ altogether another level of hysteria in the next few years. US will spend 300 m US$ a year to completely destroy China's reputation, and in particular to abort all the BRI projects. These are thousands Nordstream 2 projects which the US will stop at nothing to abort.
3/ US will instruct and train human rights NGOs, USAID, "independent" journalists etc to examine the BRI projects and hold China accountable... Propaganda (democracy/human rights/environment) is the WMD which the US intends to deploy as the virtual bombs to blow up
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#UighurGenocide serves all round western purposes to collapse China.

Since it's impossible to militarily invade China, US/West had the stroke of genius to launch the propaganda offensive of #UighurGenocide.

How to destroy China's international reputation? #UighurGenocide!
2/ How to destroy BRI and China's relationship with Muslim countries? #UighurGenocide!

How to destroy Xinjiang's economy and the employment opportunities for Uighurs in order to plunge the region into chaos and poverty? #Uighurslavelabor!
3/ How to destroy Huawei 5G? Huawei must be banned because it provides surveillance technology for #UighurGenocide!

How to justify sanctions and all sorts of anti-China aggressions? #UighurGenocide!
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West attacking China's "vaccine diplomacy" shows West doesn't care about saving lives.

One would think that China saving lives by providing 500 million doses of vaccines to 45 countries would be hailed by the West as a heroic deed.…
2/Nope. This is considered to be a threat to the West because China is gaining huge soft power.

West can't provide vaccines to poor countries itself and at the same time it is attacking China and Russia for so-called "vaccine diplomacy". This seems to be an abominable behavior.
3/In order to appease the West, the poor countries have to make a public statement: "It's not about politics. It's about saving lives". As if this is not self evident. This situation is grotesque. It only shows West can't care less about human lives.
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1/19 I regret that my Epoch Times investigation isn't finished yet & I'm going fast as I can

With that said, this #thread is another teaser & I'm giving it early release because of its implication to the #UighurGenocide vote in #CDNpoli today & how MPs have been sorely misled
2/19 #CDNpoli #Uyghur #UighurGenocide

First off, the Conservative party pressure to force a vote in Canada is due to a campaign concocted by Steve Bannon, to squeak through his agenda (continuing Trump's agenda) to force a war with #China before Prez Biden can get up to speed
3/19 #UighurGenocide

They're capitalizing on right-wing ownership of most #CDNmedia to disinform #CDNpoli about the #Uyghur issue, without the threat of being fact checked

Our dystopian news climate is being used to manipulate @JustinTrudeau into painting @POTUS into a corner
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There are specific linguistic tics that can signal deceit. Words reveal.

LOOKING AT WHAT @JustinTrudeau SAYS and focusing on one element worth taking a look at: namely, his use of the qualifier "extremely". It is a non-essential amplifier. Its repetition, weightage of ±
placement and in particular, the peculiar intensity with which he enunciates it. TRUDEAU uses it twice (0:10; 1:32), in a lengthy English response (1 min 27 sec).Like bookends, at the beginning of his response and again,at the end. His enunciation in each instance is unnatural. ±
To be clear, there are no absolute "tells" that can definitively (or singularly) indicate deception. THAT SAID, TRUDEAU's use of "extremely" taken with a cluster of features (i.e. pauses filled with utterances "ah" "um" "er" and "uh", vocal tension, postural shifts, head nods ±
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French writer Maxime Vivas is so disgusted with the #Uighurgenocide propaganda that he went to Xinjiang twice to do a thorough investigation.

The result is the book "Uighurs-to finish with the fake news". He is also the one who started the western "Tibetan truth fever ".
2/In 2016, Vivas went to Xinjiang with 40 journalists from 20 different countries. He went there again in 2018 with his wife .

They went everywhere and didn't see any signs of oppression. He saw a large Muslim population and the atmosphere and lifestyle was distinctly
3/Muslim & folkloric. He saw a lot of Uighur dances. There're mosques everywhere. There's no sign of genocide physical or cultural. He saw schools prepared Halal food for kids who studied both mandarin & the Uighur language.

Uighur fake news was first made by one person(Zenz)
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OMG, UK is using humans as little white mice to test vaccines!

This has received ethical and regulatory approval!

Imagine such a thing happened in China. How would BBC report it?

"CPC enemy of the Humanity testing vaccines on live humans deliberately infected with virus."
2/A worldwide media storm will be born with sensational titles of condemnation like:

"We unanimously condemn China's unethical use of humans for vaccine experiment"

"China challenges the bottom line of Western values. This can't be tolerated!"

"Boycott Chinese vaccines... "
3/ "Barbaric! China's unethical human experiment is an assault on human civilization! "

Then BBC will have all the female volunteers raped.

Then we will have an UN declaration of 39 "democracies" denouncing China's "deeply disturbing anti-human medical experiment".
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1. @ErinOToole is fixated on #China as a bad global actor.

That's fine.

However, on this issue, he keeps stupidly, demanding #PMTrudeau extend his neck for his (and Canada's) decapitation.

2. First, one never confronts #China, alone, walking in chin up/ass out.

You get knocked on your ass.

#CdnPoli #ErinOToole #ErringErrin #PoliticalSuicide…
3. Exhibit A: #Harper tried that already in '06 (he didn't show for the Beijing '08 ##Olympics Opening Ceremony)

A few years later, when that (predictably) didn't work, he went to #China tail between legs and, as thanks for his visit, China did this:…
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AS @JustinTrudeau hums and haws, chattering about alphabets - THAT he must ensure “all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed” before citing #China ...

«THOUGHT IMMEDIATELY OF ANOTHER WORD» that also has I's and T's and may be a suitable descriptor as PMJT averts his eyes. Image
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On top of the brick and mortar BRI, China is putting forward DSR, Digital Silk Road. US/West invented the #UighurGenocide to destroy the BRI. Fingers crossed they won't invent another genocide to nip the DSR in the bud this time. Image
2/ China's BRI initiative was a huge blow to the US and the West. The cake is big enough. China has graciously invited all countries to join, but the US not only refused but does everything it can to abort the gigantic unprecedented human project.
3/One day if life is wiped out on earth because of a nuclear war (not unlikely given the US belligerence), the built by China infrastructure left everywhere on earth especially in the desert which might be spared from nuclear attacks will testify to the level of civilization
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Western liars are walking into the minefield of the contradictions of their lies. On the one hand, these liars allege #uighurconcentrationcamp
and #Uighurgenocide. Uighurs, besides being mass murdered and detained, are also subject to slave labor, mass rape, beatings,
2/ torture of all sorts, enforced sterilization.. We learn Uighur adults are all locked up, kids are in state orphanages, Uighur girls are force married to communist officials. In short, Uighurs suffer from 360 degree persecution.

On the other hand we learn that Uighurs are
3/living a normal life. Their cultural rituals, ie, baby-namings, circumcision, funerals and weddings etc are going on intact. The only complaint is that these rituals are a bit changed. What's wrong with modernized rituals?

So Uighurs' biggest concern is not
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Uighurs and Afghans, living just across the border, both are Muslims but drastically different fate.

Because of the huge propaganda value of the Uighurs, latter have become the happiest Muslims on earth. In China they are protected as pandas, a rare species.. Image
2/Chinese government went to great lengths to raise everyone out of poverty, provided lucrative long term employments and every Uighur enjoys a series of privileges as part of a minority affirmative action program.

Western journalists swarm to Xinjiang Uighur region and
3/scrutinize the least indications of genocide... Failing to find evidence of physical genocide, it has invented additional cultural genocide.

Men's beards, women's scarves are counted, the content of their diets are pored over, "Are they forced to drink wine and eat Pork?".
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Art appreciation 101 for Scott Morrison of the cartoon painting by Wuhe Qilin used by Zhao Lijian

First of all, it's an artwork and not a fake photo. But the details are so vivid and striking that it could be easily mistaken for a photo. And given the powerful energy
2/ conveyed by a work of art, many people are disturbed by the visual image without exactly knowing why. These are symbols built into our psyches which are being called out to haunt us here.

To call this artwork a fake photo or doctored photo is like calling Picasso's Guernica
3/ a fake photo. Morrison asking Wuhe Qilin to apologize is like Nazi asking Picasso to apologize. Guernica is more "fake" than the cartoon image which is an authentic mild evocation of Aussie war crimes which are a lot more brutal and bloodthirsty.

The colors used are very
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A brief look at the tweet incident of @zlj517 on Aussie murders

The Aussie war crimes didn't receive the media coverage they deserved. It's on its way to being hushed up. Thanks to our whistleblower, the macabre cold blooded Aussie murders now receive int'l blanket coverage. Image
2/Bravo Mr. Zhao! I'm your fan now. China's Twitter whistleblowing about such crime to draw international attention is not a crime. It's a heroic deed speaking out on behalf of the silent dead who cannot speak for themselves. It's a successful PR stunt. Zhao Lijian should
3/do more of the same in the future to fill the media deficit left by the complicity of MSM with Anglosphere war crimes.

Wuhe Jiling is a powerful artist. We need modern Rodins Picassos to create works of ethos to shock people into the realization of the screeching horror of
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The present anti-China hysteria is profoundly racist. The Economist deems it's OK for everyone else to eat meat except the Chinese

I'm amazed at the number of anti-China journalists who are of Chinese origin, many of whom are beautiful Chinese women who have received elite
2/Western education. These are the most virulent toxic voices against China who blithely publish one big lie after another on China in western MSM. It's almost as if they are competing with each other to see who can best turn the world against China. I guess this is the type of
3/ Chinese people who haven't suffered from racism directed against Asians and as a result they are convinced that this Western anti-China hysteria is solely motivated by ideological human rights concern instead of down right sinophobia racism. Unfortunately
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Why I think China will have a decisive advantage over the West in AI.

AI is based on the analysis of big data and analysis is philosophy, the understanding of how elements and situations interact with each other. China designed algorithms are shown to be extraordinarily
2/ functional.

Jack Ma's AI is very powerful. His online company lends to the poorest 500 million people in China at the usury rate of 15-20% and nobody defaults. He beats largely the Wall Street sharks thanks to his big data analysis. (Sarcasm intended here 😥). TikTok is
3/ famed for its algorithm targeting consumers with unswerving precision. Twitter is a lot dumber than TikTok. It still thinks I'm a young boy of modest means and its ads always try to get me to buy bermuda shorts at 3 US$ a piece. It thrusts video games at me everyday.
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China! China has a problem. All Western democracies have failed to contain Covid19. Why should China have succeeded?

Macron and Trump were convinced that it's impossible for China to have succeeded. More people must have died. China must have been hiding something.
2/ Trump shouldn't have compared himself to President Xi. China makes him look bad. His PR damage control should have oriented Americans' attention to Europe. He should have compared himself to France, Spain Italy.... Scalewise, the Covid19 statistics are comparable.
3/ Besides the US cases are either local or imported from Europe. China is irrelevant to US Covid19.

To plead for Trump, the disastrous Covid19 response in the US is not just a Trump thing. If another president were in his place, the debacle would have been the same.
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Uighurs condemn Adrian Zenz as the imposter of the Uighur cause for inventing the #Uighurgenocide hoax.

Unless Uighurs are perverts, I bet nobody likes prisons, genocide, rape and torture as Zenz made out the lot of Uighurs to be. If Uighurs, the very

2/ people of his "humanitarian" concern tell him to fuck off, what better evidence is there that he's an abominable liar? He thrusts his lies of Uighurs on the world supposedly in order to liberate Uighurs and when they expose him as a liar, he says Uighurs have been brainwashed.
3/ What kind of shitty logic is that?

Adrian Zenz, when referring to Germans who love Nazi, he's obviously talking about Aryans who were not the objects of persecution. I haven't seen any Jew profess love for Nazis whereas overwhelming majority of Uighurs support CPC, to the
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