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DIFFICULT TO COMPREHEND what @queensu is thinking allowing this display on its campus of the capabilities of 3D printing.

IT SHOULDN'T BE NECESSARY to ask this given issues facing our culture with on-campus violence and gang-related violence on Canadian streets.

#cdnpoli #ygk Image
THIS DISPLAY effectively (and recklessly) 'advertises' the potential dark side of this technology.

[Location: Mitchell Hall, Dunn-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre (SPARQ Studios), and situated adjacent Student Wellness Services] ImageImage
THIS DISPLAY was brought to my attention by a concerned 'resident of City of Kingston'. He/She was shocked to see it and underscored ⟨in their words⟩ the "[institutional] hypocrisy" given the rise of untraceable '3D-printed 'Ghost Guns' (Frame 5)

FURTHERMORE, IRONY is not ImageImageImage
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IMPORTANT: As hospitals continue to navigate a surge of children experiencing respiratory illness from COVID, RSV & Influenza, KHSC is stepping up to support Ontario’s health-care system. KHSC has recently received 10 pediatric patient transfers from across the province. 🧵👇
As we did in 2021, when we accepted over 150 COVID patients from the GTA, we are again proving that we are a critical resource for the Ontario health-care system. KHSC is one of the few hospitals in Ontario with a full pediatric program, including a Pediatric ICU (PICU). 2/9
We will to our best to ensure that the children who need it, will get the highest quality of care here in Kingston, regardless of where they live. At the same time, we are seeing an increase of demand for pediatric care here in #ygk and southeastern Ontario. 3/9
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IMPORTANT: With a second weekend of unsanctioned Homecoming celebrations expected in #ygk, KHSC has put plans in place to support increased patient demand. However, we’re urging everyone to reconsider attending as these events put additional strain on hospital resources.🧵👇 ImageImageImage
We need to have a serious discussion as a community about the impact these events are having on our hospital. Large street parties like this take place multiple times per-year and are putting an extreme strain on an already overburdened health-care system.
We have shared with City Hall & Queen’s that within our current resources we can no-longer be considered the safety net for these kinds of large events as we continue to experience staffing shortages & very large patient volumes which is already leading to longer wait-times.
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#GerretsenShorts 🎥🍿S2E29

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ... @MarkGerretsen debuts as pious 'Sheriff Holy Willie' who condemns his colleagues who commit the same parliamentary sins. #RulesForTheeButNotForMe

Cc (Courtesy):@dckurek
#cdnpoli #humour #ygk
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#GerretsenShorts S2E25 🎁 Box Set (contains 3 Episodes)

NOT KNOWN FOR BEING soft-spoken, #LPC MP @MarkGerretsen tends to throw tantrums & have meltdowns quite a lot. One should wear a helmet in his presence.

Cc (Courtesy): @MikeBarrettON
#humour #cdnpoli #ygk
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#GerrertsenShorts 🎥🍿 S2E24

New Session of Parliament #HoC and ALREADY @MarkGerretsen 'forgets' [italics] about his own Point of Order from the last day of the previous session.🤦‍♂️


Cc (Courtesy): @JohnBrassardCPC
#humour #cdnpoli #ygk
With my compliments @MarkHar40004449 (Smiling)
Do you think I'd forget you? @LarrysSue17
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* First Quarter/Second Quarter Reports 2022 haven't been posted.

THAT SAID, Detailed Travel Expenditures Reports are clear. @MarkGerretsen ⟨IF⟩ he is benefiting from publicly subsidized fuel (electricity) is also claiming FULL NON-ADJUSTED Kilometre Rate. +

#cdnpoli #ygk

HOW WILL MP @MarkGerretsen, in light of these enquiries (AND in keeping with his own personal knowledge of this matter) approach his future claims for reimbursement of travel expenses?

WILL HE SEEK GUIDANCE on the proper adjustments to be made +
to the kilometre rate, in accordance with provisions set out in Members' Allowances and Services Manual (MAS)(Chapter 6-3).

IF HE HASN'T ALREADY, will MP @MarkGerretsen disclose to Board of Internal Economy (BOIE) and Financial Management Operations (FMO) ⟨IF⟩ he has been +
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"When a respected academic and grandson of Holocaust survivors publicly asked a question about this grant, he was smeared as a racist by a Liberal MP. @Chris_Bittle later apologized but only after a public outcry." @brianlilley


.@brianlilley continues: "He, as other Liberal MPs, take their cues from the guy at the top and it isn’t good."

The expression, 'a fish rots from the head down' comes to mind.

SO, FOR AS LONG AS MPs can smear or disregard others ⟨WITH IMPUNITY⟩ +
NOT UNTIL there is pushback, or an outcry - as @brianlilley observes - 'the BITTLEs' and 'the GERRETSENs' of this Parliament will continue to unceremoniously flip the un•parliamentary equivalent of the 'Middle Finger' at any constituents and/or Canadians they deem deserving. Image
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🚨IS IT UNREALISTIC to expect one's MP to answer a straightforward & reasonable question?

APPARENTLY for @MarkGerretsen it may be too much of an imposition.

He has NEITHER acknowledged NOR replied to essentially two (2) questions asked on 20 July 2022.(Frame 4)
#cdnpoli #ygk
Mr. Gerretsen has ⟨IGNORED⟩ ten (10) polite reminders/nudges to reply. Plainly, he has decided not to respond.

SO the questions remain unanswered - at least not by himself.

AND YET as recently as yesterday, he finds time to post nonsense like 'Honey Badger' tweet. (Below)
Air of nonaccountability (and unmitigated arrogance) encapsulated in his 'Honey Badger' makes it abundantly clear that the answers to these important questions must be obtained ELSEWHERE.

AS A RESULT, I will conduct my own follow up. His own constituents are waiting to hear.
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The following is a message to #ygk and the 500,000 patients we serve across SE Ontario. As #COVID19 measures have eased across the province, life is starting to feel a little more normal. But at here at #myKHSC it’s not business as usual. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 🧵👇
Thankfully we’re not yet seeing an increase in COVID hospitalizations. But, over the last two years many people have seen delays in care or have stayed home when they needed care. Now, we’re seeing higher volumes than ever before of very sick patients who need our help.
To complicate matters, like many hospitals across Canada we are experiencing critical staffing shortages, making it difficult to provide the same level of care as we did before. Currently more KHSC staff are calling in sick with COVID than at any time during the pandemic.
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Dr. Piotr Oglaza is giving an update to local media on the COVID-19 situation in the #ygk region.

I will be updating with relevant info below.
126 active cases with close to 500 close contacts the the health unit is following.

Oglaza says we have one of the highest case rates ever seen in KFLA, only seen back in the third wave.

Percent positivity is also one of the highest ever seen.
Over the past 30 days, rate of cases in unvaccinated populations is six times greater than the vaccinated population.

There are 5 cases in hospital, two people in ICU.

We have 7 active outbreaks with a cumulative 168 cases linked (some resolved)
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An anti-vaccine protest is taking place outside of KGH right now. Less than 50 or so people have showed up. Our reporter @LadnaM_ is on scene. #ygk
The crowd is shouting at a woman who came out of the hospital and told the group she has cancer. #ygk
Some people in the crowd said they are not there to protest vaccines. They are insisting that they should not be forced to be vaccinated against their wishes.

Note that KHSC has not mandated vaccines. See our story here:…
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MUCH HAS BEEN SAID about Sir John A. Macdonald and his place in Canada's history ... but, there's something (ugly) that hasn't been mentioned.

In 1763, Lord Jeffrey Amherst cold-bloodedly saw an opportunity in the gifting of smallpox-infected blankets to his

#cdnpoli #YGK
Native American adversaries.

THIS WEEK "Kingston [City] Council has decided to move the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald to his gravesite, pending Indigenous consultation." @PaulSoucyygk via @CKWS_TV @globalnews #YGK
THE HORRIFYINGLY RUTHLESS use by Amherst of this crude form of biological warfare was callous brutality and a crime against humanity.

AND YET Amherst Island, named in honour of Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst, and its
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🚨 MOST REGRETTABLY, some Canadian politicians have chosen to affix the label of 'terrorism' before the investigation has made any such determination.

This is one example.

RESPECT FOR the administration of justice would properly wait for the police agency with jurisdiction ... ImageImage
@lpsmediaoffice (assisted by @rcmpgrcpolice) allowing the time necessary to gather and evaluate the evidence.

SAID MILDLY, regardless of the eventual determination that will be made with respect to the appropriateness of "terrorism (-related)" charges in this horrific case ±
such a statement made by Members of Parliament, who are persons in authority, is at the very least premature and not appropriate.

THIS STATEMENT can be viewed in different ways. But regardless of how it appears,it contributes to a perception that the course and outcome of ±
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NEW: Interested in a BETTER conversation on parking, & a VERY different approach to municipal parking strategy, for much better city-building outcomes? Our game-changing new @cityofkingston Parking doc is a must-read. See our preamble: #ThePowerOfParking… ImageImageImageImage
MEDIA RELEASE: “There are few things we could do as a city that would have a bigger effect on whether we achieve Council’s strategic priorities than reconsidering how we do parking.” Kingston #YGK launches #ThePowerOfParking bold city-wide conversation:… ImageImage
“When it comes to the many benefits of rethinking parking, it’s clear that the biggest public interests come from less parking, lower personal vehicle ownership & fewer/shorter driving trips.”

Read this — Putting #ElectricVehicles in the proper policy context. #ThePowerOfParking ImageImage
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IT'S NOT DIFFICULT TO IMAGINE Liberal MPs turning cartwheels over this Op-ed.

But, no matter.

AS A FORMER @CPC_HQ #CPC candidate who once felt the 'cold blade on the back of his neck' for having supported Kingston's local Prison Farm #YGK ±…
during 2015 federal election #Elxn42, I can say @JohnIbbitson DOESN'T approach the blight existing between the floorboards.

IN ALL FAIRNESS THOUGH - that is not the focus of @JohnIbbitson's op-ed. Column space is limited.

Far from being a welcoming "Big Blue Tent",
@CPC_HQ is riddled with a not-so-nice undercurrent of 'shenanigans and subterfuge' [polite description]. Actually, it could be said to be a type of rot.

The undercurrent (or if one prefers, rot) is resulting in a hemorrhage - a damaging loss of valuable people.
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And now for some good news: the Awesome Foundation, made up of chapters all around the world, has officially given out over $5 MILLION in grants to over 5,000 local people, organizations, and initiatives! #Awesome5Million #ygk
Who or what is the Awesome Foundation? We like to describe our microgrants as funding for the unfundable. But everyone is eligible!
And we've had our own chapter right here in #ygk since 2011, giving out $1,000 microgrants one month at a time! Here's a throwback to our very first winner, Tympani Time!
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Any Liberal MP can't really say, "It's not a hill I'm willing to die on" given the most recent assertion by @JustinTrudeau that "We're very much on track" (1:20)

Now he faces glory or ignominy, something that will make or break his reputation. 1/3

#COVID19 #vaccine #cdnpoli

"But Canada is unlikely to get any doses from those three companies directly until at least April, and confusion about deliveries of vaccines has thrown Canadian confidence in the Liberal government’s vaccine rollout into a tailspin."


The Government has since backtracked on Trudeau's comments of 20M AstraZeneca vaccine shipments.

With little clarity, MP @MarkGerretsen #YGK now finds himself in a tenuous position as he dutifully (and mechanically) repeats this in a situation.

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Ok #ygk, I have a serious thread coming to end this series.

Part 3 of 3 focuses on what happens to people after they turn away from the church.

Most said they were shunned, excommunicated, and defamed by their former friends, even by some of their family members when they left.
In part 1, I described how people’s whole lives played out at the church.…

After leaving, they had to relearn how to live.

They never listened “secular” music or watched certain movies, some were even told to boycott Starbucks, because it supports Pride
Going back into the "real world" made one former member feel like she was "losing her mind."

Also, part 3 shows the extreme fear that some people had after leaving.

One person said she worried she would literally be struck by lighting if she spoke badly about the church. #ygk
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Hey #ygk, if you've noticed I've been quiet over the last several weeks, it's because I've been working on this series, nonstop.
I want thank all the people who came forward to tell their stories, some of which deal with possibly the worst and most traumatic moments of their lives.

As a journalist, telling stories like these is a great responsibility, and you just hope you can do them justice. #ygk
Secondly, I want to say local, investigative journalism can happen, but it takes resources.

I’m sure, like me, other #ygk journalists have wanted to dig deeper into many stories, but couldn't.

So thanks to @CKWS_TV and @globalnews for giving me the space to do this.
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"[@palkisu via @WIONews] Farmers in #India are protesting. And some politicians outside India have appointed themselves their spokespersons. Did the farmers ask them to? Most likely not. Are they helping the cause of the farmers? Certainly not."

WHAT FOLLOWS is embarrassing. /2
Loss of #UNSC seat bid by🌐PM @JustinTrudeau was a heavy blow, underscored by its intense and costly diplomatic push. It is not possible to enter the thoughts of the Prime Minister and know to what extent (if any) Canada’s latest candidacy for Secretary General of #OECD now /3
motivates his actions. Nothing happens in a vacuum. AND, in this instance, for whatever reasons @JustinTrudeau made the decision to not only speak out publicly, but to also brush off India's subsequent criticism. Doing so publicly reasonably equates with a desire to be seen. /4
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"Thank you, 'Ian Prittie'."

RECEIVED (albeit, unsolicitied). Nonetheless,it got me thinking ...

A type of Word Cloud emerged: "Williamsville Corridor Plan"•"lower parking ratio"•"modal shift"•"more carbon friendly"•"most progressive approach to parking management" ...
"Climate Change Emergency"•"policy direction"• "walkability"•"alleviate some pressure on housing market" and many more.

@MayorPaterson neatly sums up: "(1:28)the result will be more housing, increased affordability and a reduced carbon footprint."

Keeping this short,reasons exists for bona fide skepticism(i.e. savings from not constructing expensive underground parking will be translated forward into final unit cost). Not necessarily so. Don't be surprised, market forces will in all likelihood ultimately prevail.

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The 'Good Book' states: "let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

Yet MP @MarkGerretsen #YGK pays no heed himself to such and doesn't mention HE ALSO IS NOT FAULTLESS when it comes to respecting the rules in #HoC committee.

Here's ONE example:

#WEscandal #cdnpoli
☞ GERRETSEN interrupts MP @ToddDohertyMP [12:02:08] and then proceeds to interject again with a childish swipe during a formal Point of Order. [12:02:43]

Meeting No. 2 #PROC - Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (6 OCT)
THAT SAID, Mr. GERRETSEN dId not hesitate to angrily rebuke Mr. DOHERTY during the previous meeting for what he perceived as an interruption to his speaking time. [17:46:43]

Meeting No. 1 #PROC - Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (28 SEP)
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WITHOUT ANY EXAGGERATION, reaction to a Tweet by @MarkGerretsen has been (very) strong and overwhelming negative.

For someone who infrequently visits Twitter and who usually confines himself largely to #LPC talking points, he generally garners a dozen or so comments ...
this Tweet has already collected «724» comments. Reviewing several hundred, I counted eight (8) neutral or supportive.

Frame 1 presents a sampling in a collage of Quote Tweets and Frame 2, Comments. Many could not be used here due to their 'strong wording'. The reader
can make their own judgement. Suffice it to say, CDNs want Members of Parliament with emotional maturity. A modicum of humility is also seen as desirable.

Original Tweet
MP @MarkGerretsen Kingston and the Islands #YGK

🔗LINK (Twitter):
#cdnpoli #YGK
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