THREAD: Let’s talk about the HOW. How do “trans kids” #transition from healthy children to cash cows for Big Med? Let’s break down the process. (1/13)
The first step is the “affirmative model” of #therapy. When a child claims to be or wants to be the opposite sex, well-meaning parents may seek answers from a therapist. An “affirmative” therapist automatically labels the child "trans." (2/13)
It’s important to note that “affirmative” therapists don’t examine children’s #mentalhealth or question their ideas before making a decision. Instead, they “rubber-stamp” children’s psych evals. Src: (3/13)
The job of “affirmative” therapists is to refer children to MDs for medicalization. Parents are often told (a lie) that the child is at high risk for suicide if they don’t comply. Misinformed, emotionally blackmailed, and terrified parents tend to comply. #misinformation (4/13)
The doctor prescribes GnRH agonists, which are marketed as #pubertyblockers. GnRH agonists have irreversible and debilitating lifelong effects, but the doctor promises that this is only a temporary, reversible “pause button” on #puberty. (5/13)
GnRH agonists halt the child’s growth, both physically and mentally. The child does not go through natural puberty, so does not have a chance to explore & come to terms with her/himself (body, #sexualorientation, personality) naturally as s/he matures. (6/13)
Parents, teachers & other trusted adults constantly “affirm” the child. Other kids are ordered to “be nice” & play along. Because everyone says the same thing, the child has no choice but to believe it—medicalization must be the right course of action. #brainwashing (7/13)
Sometimes, “being nice” really means allowing abuse & cruelty to continue.

Don’t just #BeNice. Be honest. Be cautious. Be aware of what’s happening around you and how it affects other people, especially impressionable children. (8/13)
After GnRH agonists, opposite-sex hormones (artificial #estrogen or #testosterone) follow. Then surgery. The child, who has been conditioned to believe that medicalization is in her/his best interest, welcomes each new intervention. (9/13)
A note on the gonads: GnRH agonists prevent them from maturing. If they had begun to mature before GnRH agonists were introduced, years of opposite-sex hormones render them useless. Then they are surgically removed. #malpractice (10/13)
FYI: Sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone) are required for survival. They regulate bone density, brain health, DNA repair, immune system & more. A child with underdeveloped, chemically damaged, or surgically removed gonads will require artificial #hormones #HRT for life. (11/13)
And the problems don’t end there. GnRH agonists weaken bones; this escalates into osteoporosis in early adulthood. The side effects from hormones often necessitate further medication. Genital surgeries require revision after revision. A win for #BigMed. (12/13)
#Pubertyblockers—sold as a reversible “pause button”—are a one-way ticket to a lifetime of health problems and medical bills. The only #transition taking place here is the transition from healthy child to cash cow for Big Med and #BigPharma. (13/13)

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