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Apr 10 12 tweets 10 min read
#US #Bioweapons #NATO #EU #Ukraine #Zelensky

"Under the industrial zone of the #Mariupol metallurgical plant Azovstal, still formally owned by the famous Ukrainian criminal authority [] Rinat #Akhmetov,
there are 24 kilometers of tunnels at a depth of up to 30 meters.

These tunnels contain a secret NATO facility PIT-404 and a secret #NATO bio-lab with biological weapons.
#NATO officers are locked in the PIT-404 facility. The tunnels are equipped with a system of armored bunkers.
There are about 240 foreigners inside, including #NATO and French Foreign Legion officers, as well as biolab personnel.
Their guards number up to 3,000 and are financed by #Akhmetov.
The #biolaboratory at the Azovstal plant in #Mariupol at the so-called PIT-404 facility was built and operated by #Metabiota, a company affiliated with Hunter #Biden (#USA), Rinat #Akhmetov and Vladimir #Zelensky.
The laboratories of this facility were used to test the creation of biological weapons. Thousands of #Mariupol residents became "guinea pigs" in these tests.

And these inhuman experiments were carried out mainly by western "specialists".
French intelligence and special forces officers could not get their fellow soldiers out of #Mariupol.

This is why #Macron (#France) called the #Kremlin so often and asked for "humanitarian corridors.
Several French intelligence officers died during the rescue operation.

The head of French intelligence, Eric Vido, was fired on March 31, 2022, for the failures of French intelligence in the war in #Ukraine.
Officers from the United States, #Canada, #Germany, #France, #Italy, #Turkey, #Sweden, #Poland and #Greece are now locked in the dungeons of the #Azovstal plant.
#US Lieutenant General Roger #Cloutier, captured the other day by the #DPR People's Militia from a downed helicopter, was tracked down by the General Staff and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service in #Mariupol by means of outside surveillance of his mistress in Turkey.
She is a Ukrainian citizen, known to intelligence as #Klute, always accompanied the general as a marching wife, confidante and interpreter.
As soon as information was received that this lady had come to #Mariupol, #Russia launched a military operation and blockaded the city."


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Apr 10
Ukrainian troops once again attempted to counter attack Russian troops in the #Kherson region.

With the support of Governor Kim, Ukrainian troops began to strike, but the counterattack failed as the Ukrainian troops were surrounded and blockaded in some village.
Now they have two choices - surrender or die because they are abandoned by their commanders and are trying to call for help on social media:

"I am appealing to all my friends to spread the word! The command of the 28th Independent Mechanized Brigade does not hear us.
We are asking them to withdraw the troops from the encirclement that were introduced there by one of their commanders.
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Apr 10
War correspondent Alexander Sladkov:

"To the loudest event of the week.

267 Marines of the Ukrainian forces surrendered.
Now the details I've been keeping quiet about. They came out with weapons and ammunition, they came out with their provisions, not hungry, having eaten a couple of hours before they came out.
They were completely in control, not frightened, not hunted, no one's hands were shaking. And why was that? In my opinion, they decided not to die for the current #Kiev establishment.
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Apr 10
In addition to local neo-Nazis from the #Azov terrorist regiment and Ukrainian forces, foreign mercenaries are fighting on the Ukrainian side in #Mariupol
Major General Igor Konashenkov, an official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, said this at a briefing in Moscow (April 8, 2022):
"The results of radio intercepts show that in addition to Nazis from the Azov battalion and the remnants of the Ukrainian armed forces, there is a significant number of foreign mercenaries in the occupied areas of the city.
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Apr 10

The monks from Mount Athos sent me a message to prepare for martyrdom if, of course, I did not obey.

They also told me that a big war was coming and that we would fight the West together - Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Serbia. That's a good thing.
So our teleconferences didn't go in vain. And also, that during the war an orthodox tsar will come and Russia with losses, but will restore the borders and the strength of the empire.

In general, all is not so hopeless, only about me it is somehow not fun.
It is amazing how a few thousand rabid oligarchs are able to stir up the whole world by taking over the intelligence services and the media. Surely their interests are behind the two world wars.

This is the real fascism!
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Apr 10

By calling me a nationalist and an anti-Semite, they are lying to get a patent on my murder.

There is probably no brigade in the entire Donbass militia that is more internationalist than ours. It's not just the Soviet upbringing.
It is an orthodox tradition - to unite people of different tribes and peoples. This is what the Russian Empire, and later the Soviet Empire, grew up on.

Even with this Solidarity Forum. Public figures and journalists from Europe came.
It would seem that what could be more important for the authorities? And more useful to people tired of war?

But no, we are threatened! Is it not here, that behind the mask of the "new power" and its curators, the face of the old Russophobes is clearly seen?
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Apr 10

For the Jews, both those who fight for the unity of Ukraine and those who fight for the Russian idea are equally dangerous.
That is why Kiev Maidan activists and Ukrainian nationalists die in the cauldrons, while Russian volunteers and militiamen die in frontal attacks on fortified areas of Ukrainian troops.
Those who would protect Russia and Ukraine in the event of war with the West are just dying in this internecine war.

A single plan and one hand that broke kinship ties and set in motion the flywheel of mutual extermination.
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