Insight into #Russian #fascism (really just #narcissism/#NPD on a grand scale). English translation a pro #Russia blogger- usual dehumanization of #Ukrainians ("evil, not to be thought of as humans"). Notably, this monster lives in #Europe teaching #Russians how to hate & kill us ImageImageImageImage
Ofc it's characteristic of these propagandists - they preach #Russia, "#Russian world" its #fascism, oppose #Europe's values, teach #Russians of horrors of democracy, yet prefer to abuse the same #Europe's values.
How exactly some of the Western #Europe (well, not geographically, #Germany also is included) can allow itself to patronize &"teach" Eastern Europe on problems of #Russian aggression at their borders, when they do business with Russia and have no issue enabling such propaganda
Shame is not available to #Russia #fascists - they fear as and will do anything to avoid it. Has #West #Europe also lost its shame? I get it that in their eyes #Baltics & #Ukraine are not as rich and important as🇷🇺 whom they'd rather see as a single business partner in East...
instead of these "tiny" Eastern nations, each with own culture and interests - very inconvenient, one big soviet abstraction was better. Yet #Russia is not even #soviets - it's a mafia state with primitive criminal culture, and can only terrorize and blackmail. Time to wake up.

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Apr 17
So basically #Russia fascist and simply buffoon #Medvedev openly threatens #Europe with #Ukrainian refugees - the refugees who flee #Russian-perpetrated genocide of #Ukrainians (yet at the same sentence pretends that Russia is not to blame). Warcrimes, blackmail and threats... Image
And this is really a part of Russian criminal culture and mentality. I'm writing about it every single day. Russia is fascist MAFIA state. Their psychology is of a Russian gopnik, the only way of communication for them is threats. Cowards themselves they try to be intimidating Image
Now, if we Ukrainians fell for those threats - we would have Bucha in our every home and the world wouldn't simply know about it (how the reports of horrors in occupied villages around Kyiv were not really paid attention to until Russians were driven away and journalists arrived)
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Apr 17
🧵Interesting, just how much #Russia's imperialism and genocidal policies are enabled in the west by stuff like "Czech Republic? It's kinda Russia or something, right?". Ofc for centuries so called #Russians (marginal, easternmost Slavs) tried to replace "Slavs" with "Russians"
And to the west it was apparently rather convenient with the realities of the #soviet union. Even after it collapsed, there's still to much of this "#Ukraine is part of #Russia that is not Russia now" spirit. And globally, even in memes, they replace "Slav" with "#Russian gopnik" Image
Among all the Slavic nations, most of the Slavs are integral part of #Europe, most of Slavic nations are either #EU members or strive to be #EU members and rather oppose #Russia. But, in pop culture - they're all basically #Russians. Very convenient.
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Apr 17
A🧵thread on #Navalny so that hopefully it is clearer to Westerners why Ukrainians are sceptical of him (and no, Ukrainians aren't fools who need stuff explained to them !NEWSFLASH! our opinion kinda matters). As a teaser: twit by the man himself criticizing arms support for 🇺🇦 Image
Peculiarly, despite criticizing #putin, #Navalny somehow supports #Kremlin's strategies, first, most obvious, his stance on the matter with #Russian annexation of #Crimea (our "#Sudetenland" if you will) is pretty clear - he supports it! Image
One thing on Crimea annexation he's not happy with - he would like to legalize it internationally (and indeed he'd a handy figure to do so, after toxic #putin is done).
Although, he isn't really as liberal as Russian propaganda paints him (hm.. why would they do it, huh?) Image
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Apr 16
🧵1230+ hrs since #Ukrainian Patriotic War of Independence was started by #Russia full scale attack & 2977? days since #RussiaInvadedUkraine.
Almost same as last time.. #Russia terrorizes us with more missile strikes but really that will never bring their #Moskva back...
Really, the more I read into topic the more I see that it's not something they'll be able to recover from. #Soviet fleet sucked but #Russians are even dumber than soviets so building a replacement for #Mosvka is out of scope.Not to mention their image is destroyed, now only nukes
But what really important is that stringy viscous depressing feeling awaiting the further bloodshed, senseless, without hope for victory for #putin - just to destroy, destroy, destroy. They're already using strategic bombers against #Mariupol (already besieged by their troops)
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Apr 15
I could write something like "#Russian culture" here, but really it's not it. It's not even that much cult of war these days as more of a cult of crime (although #fascist militaristic frenzy is there, yet, it's criminal "ethics" and culture that penetrates all spheres of 🇷🇺life) Image
🧵No, #RussianCulture is not "tanks, balalaika, bear, matryoshka" as may be made fun on in the West, neither it's "Tchaikovsky&Tolstoy™". It's endless stream of sleazy dumb criminal shows about criminal cops and mobsters, the gopnik "ethics" and culture, the cult of crime. ImageImageImageImage
There is some cult of "Great Patriotic War" in #Russia, for sure - but it's really a couple of cheap, cheesy shows about that war and only for the May holidays, not even mainstream in so called #RussianCulture ImageImageImageImage
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Apr 15
Thread of threads on #Russia's #fascism.
PS: No, it's not just #putin
Yes he uses #Russian chauvinism to implement his #facsist mafia state policies
But he didn't invent it, he only enables it. It's not even the first genocide against #Ukrainians in last 100 years.
Read 8 tweets

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