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Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Elite confectionery products… <--- Recall of range of products including chocolate due to salmonella fears. So many of these lately. Yet they don't withdraw one thing causing most damage by far: 💉Why this looks like message for the elite.
#WestAustralian clearly run by occultist flogs. Look at this. Equates baby with burger. Note brown and black theme. Also, dude's badge. What's that an anagram of? Cannibal angle a joke, sure. But they have form for this creepy shit:… Image
You've prolly seen this excruciating clip of #HotAlbo at #Perth BBQ, tryna seem all dinky-di. Interdasting that he mentioned Marrickville Red Devils in it. As the Failing Terrorgraph said in headline next to him as Secret Agent Double Six Six, the "devil is in the detail". ImageImage
Another data point. Look at the menu above. It reads "black sheep". And what is the photo of just below that? Shorten describes the event as an "eye opener". Maybe coincidence ... But how many times before it's not? #symbolism Image
Princess Charlotte pictured in seventh heaven with pet dog Orla on birthday… <--- Could be another blue dog! That aside, blue featured. In another shot too. As well as black and brown theme, blue used often now. Significant those in the know, I'm sure.
Lately, heaps of blue-themed imagery in news reports involving slebs, pollies, royals etc. Does it refer to royal blue, and the next phase of globalist psyop? (Crown is dead, long live the corona.") Not sure. ImageImage
Whatever's going on, I think it has something to do with #slapgate and some shift in a vast hidden trade that is crucial to maintenance of #occultelite's power.…
This piece about #Perth businesswoman shows her wearing black. She's dark skinned, has hair braided African style in IG shot. Includes V-symbol too. Note pinky-purple directly behind her head in this photo. Not an accident IMO. #PerthNow Image
Dark skinned woman, wearing brown and black. Note background. Jessica Mauboy, also dark-skinned, in pinky-purple, threw shoe on stage. #Secretsocietywankers love that stuff. Note love hearts in eyes emojis. Hearts evoke blood. And she's from Ips-wich. Symbolic incantation. Image
Russell Crowe wears black shirt and dark glasses. Flashes V-symbol. #Albo wears black, blue background. Part of this pattern. #Auspol #Ausvotes Image
Note black and red and dark brown background and classic #occultelite hand signs. Royalty invoked. Image
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Alleged shooter at #MudbugFestival killed by officer… <--- First thought upon seeing headline was that mud seems to be part of this pattern. False flag unlikely, though possible. Wouldn't be surprised if it was. Related:
Meghan Markle is dark skinned. She wears black and a rose. #Netflix logo is red and white, like Red Cross. Part of pattern I reckon. A #pearl comes from the ocean. Maybe that is what the blue is about (islands; transport routes)? Related:… Image
Note blue behind #ScoMo. Cooked Sri Lankan curry. An island, obv. Undercooked *chicken* and FB users pointed out colour. What was that? Pink, natch. His update included alliterative catchphrase reminiscent of #buildbackbetter, which evokes fave #secretsocietywanker number. Image
From article: “Pray to god you don't get Salmonella eating the *pink* raw chicken. Eat Chicken responsibly,” one person commented of the *purple*-looking meat ..." Health risk from something pinky-purple? Fits neatly into my batshit #conspiracytheory:… Image
Clearly another part of pattern. Ham is pink, and you eat it. Sambo, not sandwich. Name of kid in book:… It's their fave MO: dodgy up story so they can drop symbols and/or comms in. Get message out, secretly savouring that masses none the wiser. Image
Speaking of ham: Here's another example in pattern from occultist flogs at the #WestAustralian. Note broken pink piggy bank on left. Main headline is about incarceration of kid, invokes hell. Note black and brown theme. "Schoolyard war" suggests violence involving children. Image
Tennis world erupts over Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal moment… <--- Nadal's shirt is pink. I think it's a #Nike too. That's a fave brand of #occultelite. Hero photo shows logo suggesting devil horns on blue. Looks like another symbolic incantation.
This editorial is about youth in detention -- that is, kids in cages. Suggests them being "hurt". Note the blue in the background. #WestAustralian Image
More pink, brown and blue in this #SkyNews tweet. And Annastacia's boyfriend is dark-skinned. Check out photo in story itself. Pink and blue again, with classic Masonic checkerboard flooring. It's #magic, don't ya know! Shots chosen for symbolism, I reckon. ImageImage
Speaking of #magic: This was from Failing Terrorgraph, April 20. Note pink plumes, red and white costume, brown and gold background, sun symbol (like blazing star) on floor. Dose is an interdasting choice of word, innit? Related:… Image
Brazil's Senate to investigate after alleged Yanomami rape… <--- Story is about dark-skinned child being raped. Note blood and mud in photo.
Speaking of mud and blood ... #occultelite #GreatAwakening
Christie Brinkley Sizzles on the Beach in a Crop Top and Reveals Her Health Advice on IG… <--- She "sizzles on the beach". Wanna have a guess at the colour she's wearing? Why, it's pinky-purple. Fancy that!
Speaking of "sizzling on the beach": #symbolism #occultelite #greatawakening
Photo chosen for this tweet seems to fit into the pattern described in this thread. Blog post with more examples:… #symbolism #occultelite Image
Andrew Symonds had no pulse and his dogs refused to leave him when couple tried to save his life… <--- He was dark-skinned (Caribbean). Two #bluedogs with him. Zif he would roll off road like that by accident! #Occultelite sacrifice no doubt.
The blue dog is symbolic of the blazing star, #Sirius. Big symbol for #secretsocietywankers. That's why there was a similar crash right near the building named after it in #Sydney:
Please watch above video. Even if you think my thoughts on "accident" batshit, check out where I talk about how car exploded into flames on Coat Hanger (1:50). Just at that exact point a fricken fire truck drives past! How spooky is that?
Note where's he's pointing. Eyes are fave #occultelite symbol. Wears purple cap, similar to top worn in Daily Mail story above. As with so many sleb deaths, "heartbreak; heart and soul" invoked. Lots of that related to Gudinski: Image
Another video about this pattern: #symbolismwillbetheirdownfall
"Heart-throb." Wears brown. Another data point. #symbolism Image
Naomi Campbell supports Kate Moss after model denies Johnny Depp claims… <--- Naomi Campbell is dark skinned. Note the stock photo they've chosen. Has those pink flowers in the background. Another data point.
Dark skinned kid survives shooting. Blood features in description. Note pinky-purple top worn by one of the kids. They're in front of car (traffic). This is comms. Underneath so much of what corrupt MSM calls "news" there's symbolic message conveyed to those in the know. Image
Police offer unbelievable excuse why they didn't enter Texas school… <--- Pinky-purple balloon right above the kid's head. Heart image in front of her. What are the odds?
Local data point: Dark skinned woman (of Indian descent, I think) interviewed re stabbing (blood). Photo chosen has her with pink shapes on dress. And #secretsocietywankers love Biblical imagery, but inverted. Here Good Samaritan murdered, coz we're on way to Hell, geddit? Image
Stolen kid's bike involved in this tragic event reminds me of Cleo Smith story. Several local lie factories made much of the fact that abductor noticed her bike. Pink featured, natch. (IMO whole saga dodgied up. Sinister Cabal psyop or something.)… Image
Firies free toddler trapped on train station bench… <--- Kid stuck on transport line, suffering. Given chocolate after. Hmm. Part of this symbolic pattern? Maybe ...
Story about "decadent" mud cake. So, there's brown and pink again. What are the odds? And check out all the imagery to do with mud and blood in another of Rupert's creepy lie factories:… #symbolism Image
Garbage man rescues newborn boy abandoned in bin bag… <--- Comms re child trafficking. Obv themes in story and link to another about kid in blue backpack. Blue theme big lately. Autoload video is about baby left at Clinton Hospital. What are the odds?
Mystery deepens after young boy's body found in suitcase… <--- Speaking of kids in blue bags: This blue theme is now big part of pattern that is clearly to do with #childtrafficking. Seems symbolic of water, air transport maybe. (H/t @oztrooper)
Simon Thomas' wife told she was 'suffering from stress' by GP before dying of cancer… <--- This guy was presenter of #BluePeter, which is a kid's show. His wife died of *blood* cancer. Note the themes as well as two sixes behind his head in main shot.
This is surely part of this pink and brown symbolic pattern. Her name is Coco (evoking chocolate) and she's married to black rapper Ice T. And this is at a water park, which ties into blue theme predominant lately. #symbolism Image
And here's another one. It's about gangs in Melbourne's Bayside (near ocean). Note blue theme in Judd photo. Gangs are overwhelmingly African. IG post in story shows Pali with pizza, and in this shot she has pink drink. What are the odds?… #Vicpol Image
Note colours of rapper's shirt (blue), and that of his daughter (pink). Symbolic IMO. Though she was an adult, still evokes childhood. Apart from anything else, was there ever a time when so many slebs and their rellies died suddenly? Something evil going on for sure. Image
'Hero' blue heeler saves joey dropped by eagle… <--- Chockas with symbolism: #Bluedog (Sirius). Joey is kangaroo kid. Note blue blanket. Coldstream Hills (water). Dog named Panda (eyes). "It's a *bloody* kangaroo!" Did this even happen? I doubt it.
‘Absolutely my honour’: Dwayne Johnson responds to fan who took his cardboard cutout to prom… <--- Star has dark skin. "Rock" seems symbolic of pink drug that dare not speak its name. Cut out dress theme often linked (4.50):
Note pink theme, reference to Love Island. Protaganist is of Palestinian descent, so dark-skinned. Part of pattern, I reckon. Image
Sad story behind 'heartbreaking' casket photos: 'Something special'… <--- "Heartbreaking" used, and there's blue casket in tweet grab. Reminiscent of blue suitcase several tweets up in thread. Pink one featured in story too. What are the odds?
Big Brother's Lulu exposes the OGs: 'Didn't have their sh*t together'… <--- She has dark skin. Heaps of pinky purple. Video title includes "heartless". Show uses one eye symbolism and is called #BigBrother: Royalty vs New *Blood*. FFS, so obv.
Drunk mother broke pregnant woman’s eye socket in brawl at children’s birthday party… <--- More one eye #symbolism. Also includes kid theme.
Danny Dyer welcomes royal couple to Albert Square in EastEnders Jubilee special… <--- More pinky purple and royalty. Note floral dress. Fave #occultelite symbol and colour can represent pink drug that dare not speak its name.
Pinkett Smith talks hair-loss 'shame,' outcome of Oscar slap… <--- Note what she's wearing, and pink flower in foreground. Related:…
Girlfriend's heartbreaking post after Melbourne man's body found… <--- Fave term "heartbreaking". Note pink in shot chosen. She calls him "handsome boy". His name was Kidd, geddit? Looks like another symbolic incantation to do with child trafficking.
Police officers shot at while trying to rescue baby in dumpster… <--- Shot included has bub in pink, of course! Happened in Brazil, so baby is dark skinned. These and other elements keep appearing over and over. Not due to chance.
Kamala Harris is dark-skinned (as is Rita Panahi). "Second grade" evokes kids. Pinky-purple background. I know it sounds batshit people, but this is a pattern. MSM's owners are occultists. Use the "news" to give shoutouts, comms, etc to creepy mates:… Image
Mike Tindall wears wife Zara’s hat and jokingly compares jubilee fashion to ‘Starburst’ flavours… <--- That colour featured again. Flowers too. They love those! And flavour evokes consumption (eg drinking).
#TheQueen’s relationships with her 14 prime ministers | The Independent… <--- Speaking of royalty and pink flowers: Interesting they chose this photo for story.
Princess found dead after shocking claims against ex-husband… <--- Pink flowers again, along with dark skin, child abuse, drugs.
Woman's surprising move after finding $49,000 in secondhand couch… <--- Each time I go back to Yahoo I see more stories like this. Note dark-skinned baby, pink dress. Cash theme. IMO many such stories total bollocks, just to throw in symbolism/comms.
Model's daring act on top of 30-metre cliff… <--- So many of these clearly symbolic stories in MSM now, I'm amazed more haven't noticed. What are they meant to convey and to whom? This one reminds me of #JBish on lithium mine:
Kate Middleton wears fuchsia pink Stella McCartney dress at Platinum Jubilee Pageant… <--- Interesting that she wore this on that occasion and also that MSM focused on it. I know they love her fashion sense but this pink obsession is off the charts.
Baby dies after 'dad throws her out of window during row'… <--- Again, pinky-purple. Kid is from Brazil (dark-skinned) with choc-topped cakes in pyramid shape. Symbolic incantation to do with child sacrifice. Occultist freaks own MSM, remember.
Sydney woman's telling message after terminal cancer diagnosis… <--- Note pinky-purple cap, which seems photoshopped to make it stand out, along with hand signs. And she's drinking pink cocktail. What are the odds… #symbolism
So you can see that pink and brown thing is right across MSM, look at this from #theirABC. Check out blog post with collection of similar imagery. #Perth story tweet fits into this pattern. Cannot be by chance:… Image
Sad new details as man and four grandsons killed by escaped prisoner… <--- Theme of kids killed, and check out shirts. Second paragraph mentions grandfather being 66. What are the odds? Journos keep choosing this imagery to feature. Why? #symbolism
Steve Harvey jokes about daughter’s breakup with Michael B Jordan as ‘heartbroken’ video of actor goes viral… <--- Has there ever been a time when word "heartbroken" was used in MSM headlines more often than it is now? I doubt it. Question is: why?
That colour again. For those who think it's batshit to point this out and whose only "argument" is "another coincidence!": I get that certain colours and keyphrases will be repeated occasionally. But there are so many, and often together. Here it's kids, eyes, hand sign. Image
Driver accused of killing cycling Met Police analyst Rachel Brown in Worcester Park crash… <--- Her surname is Brown, and they use photo of her in pink. What are the odds?…
Matthew McConaughey breaks down during gun reform after #Uvalde shooting… <--- Photo of killed teenager has her in purple. Actor describes heart drawn on toe of one of them. #Secretsocietywankers love shoe #symbolism, remember. Masons at it again.
OPINION - The Standard View: Britain faces huge challenges – Boris Johnson must show he is the right person to lead… <--- With blue featured again and wordplay on "dog", there's another #bluedog. And there's blood in the water. Hmm.
The Pink Stuff is the 'miraculous' cleaning product that works on anything… <--- IMO, frequent references to miracles and magic mean many of these stories are symbolic incantations about "pink drug that dare not speak its name".…
Surely another pink and brown colour combo. And it's from #theirABC. This stuff is everywhere. We know *all* MSM outlets get their big narratives (eg re 💉) from elite central authority. They get symbols and themes laid down from on high as well.… Image
This looks like another example tweeted earlier that same day. What are the odds? Image
This may even be another example. Note health worker's pinky-purple top and fact that he appears to be dark skinned. It's also for a chilling fake news story promoting the syringe stab for kids. So, the imagery comes with the evil lies. It's a package deal! Image
Imee Marcos releases sarcasm-laced video telling Filipinos where to migrate… <--- Article draws attention to colour she's wearing, and mentions that she's drinking coffee. Another pink and brown combo? Maybe ...
Another MSM update that's part of this pattern. Note how "#hell" is included in the headline. Related: #Lizzo #symbolism Image
Emma Thompson delivers takedown of modern beauty standards: ‘I greatly regret the demise of the full bush’… <--- On BBC, so why this shot? Coz of background (note hashtag). Many have noted that map o' Tassie forest removal has creepy rock spider vibe.
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Toddler's horrific injuries after being 'mutilated' by puppies… <--- Pink featured again, as is blood. And it's about violent attack on a kid. MSM uses that colour inordinately often. May seem insignifcant but it's not.
Barbie: Fans praise Margot Robbie’s ‘range’ after first look as fashion doll is revealed… <--- Pink again and associated with psycho character she played in another movie. As well as colour promotion, an example of duality #secretsocietywankers love.
Note the term "heart-throb". Pink theme is often used in conjunction with phrases including the word "heart", or #symbols of them. Image
Christie Brinkley, 68, Shares Lip-Plumping Gloss That Gives Her ‘Immediate Results’… <--- Story includes IG post starting with "it takes a village". Evokes Hillary and African kids coz last part of phrase is "to raise a child". Deep rabbit hole.
Alabama church shooting kills 2, wounds 1; suspect held… <--- There's that colour again ...
Woman's strange X-rated find cleaning out mother-in-law's home: 'XXL sized'… <--- And again ...
Kate Middleton's Mom Low-Key Stole Her Dress and Wore It to the Royal Ascot… <--- It never stops ...
Mother arrested after abandoning three children on an island and fleeing with boyfriend… <--- Kids abandoned on island. Note hair colour. IMO, stories with certain elements chosen coz they work as symbolic incantations for batshit cult that owns MSM.
Camilla reveals she plays Wordle with her granddaughter in rare interview… <--- Kids featured in article. Pink and purple behind her head. Intentional IMO. Also, main article has shot of her in striking blue dress. This colour used often lately too.
Thoughts about symbolic meaning of blue and how it fits into other dominant patterns in #MSM:… #occultelite #royals
Sopranos fans react to heartwarming James Gandolfini story revealed by co-star… <--- You see heartwarming and similar (eg heartbroken) inordinately often. Article itself says late star gave $33333 to co-stars. Fancy that! #secretsocietywanker
Pink sign. Obviously we're gonna see this colour from time to time in the MSM. But the frequency is so high now and these images are often associated with certain other themes, like death of babies. There's something vast and sinsiter behind this for sure. #symbolism Image

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#WillSmith vs #ChrisRock fight scripted. Message to elite globally. Jada Pinkett Smith. Pink, geddit? "Get my wife's name our of your f-ing mouth." IOW, spit out pink drug. Rock euphemism too. (Watch Aerosmith Pink vid.) Context:… #Oscars #whiterabbit
#Occultelite packing death re pink time bomb. Terrified that DC pizza parlor might return as issue. Note chatter about how Biden's SCOTUS pick presided over case of Q-tard who shot up that stellar restaurant. World now joining dots. Explains this:…
From Will Smith's IG before lobbing at #Oscars. Flat out says he's choosing chaos. Knew he would hit Chris Rock coz that was part of show. Classic #ordoabchao (order out of chaos). #Occultelite always tell you what they're up to, so karma is on you:…
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Singer Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' dies at 50… <--- Pink lipstick. Srsly, how often do women wear that? Uses one eye symbolism. Mentions light, kids. Surprised "heartbreaking" not in it. S'pose they included enough to please the Big Guy.
Another story in which (transgender) sleb is shown wearing pinky-purple lipstick. That is so distinctive, innit? (Also, what do you use to *blow whistle*? Lips, right?) Kid mentioned as well. What are the odds? #symbolism #occultelite Image
At 55, Halle Berry Shows Off Super Toned Legs in Bikini While Skateboarding in New IG Post… <--- We can be thankful she's not 52. Risky age for famous, esp in Australia. In any case, there's heart again in form of Lolita glasses. They look pink too.
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Mar 2
Photos: Ukrainian civilians prepare for war… <--- Many shots of people (often kids) in pink. Hard to know why but pattern exists. IMO symbolizes drug from child trafficking. At top of globalist death cultists' minds coz Putin destroying their evil biz.
These all from one issue -- Failing Terrorgraph, 27th of Feb. Look how often the colour pink appears, and stands out. Note how often kids wear it or are near it. What are the odds? Clearly means something to the sinister occultist flogs who own that lie factory. #symbolism ImageImageImageImage
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Jan 26
'Abolish #AustraliaDay': Captain Cook statue covered in 'blood' by vandals… <--- "Blood." This like so many stories now. Seemingly isolated act by "lone wolf" vandals. MSM "reports" on it. IMO it's orchestrated (at arm's length) by #Cabal for comms.
Another blog post about allusion to hidden trade that I think has so much to do with current madness.… Image
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Jan 20
In post I mentioned #Aerosmith's "Pink". Said it symbolized drug prized by elites. Here band member hints that it refers to something "all rock and roll is about". Lady parts comes to mind. Given rock's Satanic vibe same could be said of the drug tho.
Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles is another example. On one level it's obviously all about the ecstasy of mad shagging. But for "those in the know" the allusion is to this pink drug, I reckon. Harry even sings that "he can't do without" it.
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Sep 16, 2021
Girl, 4, dies of #Covid 'passed on by anti-vax mum'… <--- So many of these stories in #fakenews MSM now. It's like the 'rona is a vengeful god and will strike down unbelievers, and even those near and dear to them! Really is a full on #deathcult.
Mum and daughter die just two weeks apart after refusing vaccine… <--- Another vengeful 'rona story. Reluctant to tell of jab-related deaths, adverse reactions even tho thousands officially recorded. Always say conditions these folk suffer are "rare".
DUP councillor who shared anti-vax messages online dies after contracting Covid… <--- See, this is what happens people. If you don't get the jab the 'rona will come after you. And you'll go higher up his hit list if you are dissing it online.
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