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Best 15 Horror movies of 2022

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15. Pearl

Now #pearl is a cringey movie of a thirsty girl that would get down with any living and non living thing. Even a scarecrow!!!

Not to mention the movie gets bloody!
14. Orphan: First Kill

After escaping from a psychiatric facility in Estonia, Esther travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family. Yet, an unexpected twist arises that pits her against a mother who will protect her family at any cost.
#Orphan Orphan: First Kill
12. Sissy
11. Nope
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#ASH22 Bone marrow failure syndromes: diagnostic principles in 2022. Starting with Sara Lewis, a genetic counselor in hematology. Follow this tweet for more. 1/n
Sara reminds us that she feels patients think more about their family history as they see her draw the pedigree. Time for me to start doing this! #phodocs #ASH22 #pearl 2/n
Here are the options for diagnostic workup - genetic tests can be done from somatic genes or germline! #ASH22 3/n
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➡️ Martes 11 de Octubre 2022⬅️

Sitges 55è Festival internacional de cinema fantàstic de Catalunya.

⬇️ ¡Tráileres y Sinopsis! ⬇️ Image
Realizamos RESEÑAS sobre series y películas que vamos viendo a medida que se estrenan tanto en salas de cine, como en plataformas.

Todo ello, siempre desde la mirada del espectador.…
➡️ Anima't
➡️ 1 h 43 min

Tamaki Tsuru, estudiante de primer año, daña accidentalmente el planeador de un chico llamado Sorachi. Para pagar los daños, acaba trabajando como asistente en el club de aviación.

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With “X,” filmmaker Ti West has crafted A24’s very first horror franchise with star Mia Goth.

The actor played two roles in the first film and stars as the titular characters in its spinoffs, #Pearl and #MaXXXine.…
“It felt like a gift more than anything that this was even a possibility,” said Goth.

“Perhaps if it came to me a few years earlier, I wouldn’t have been ready as an actor with my craft to tackle something like that.”…
West’s pitch to A24 was daring but simple: The sprawling Texas farm set for “X” was already under construction in New Zealand, where production would take place because of the pandemic.

Why not stay and make two movies?…
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Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Elite confectionery products… <--- Recall of range of products including chocolate due to salmonella fears. So many of these lately. Yet they don't withdraw one thing causing most damage by far: 💉Why this looks like message for the elite.
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Ayana mapping to fingers. #Slow #Thread on #gemstones .
Moksha - Index finger. For people in the path of #Spirituality, no #gemstones are advised. #Spiritual path can get blocked. #anger comes into play.
cc - @mmpandit
Do RT for a wider reach.
Artha - Middle finger - Artha is all about #work, #money, and the accumulation of wealth. Be careful, as certain #Gemstones can disturb your focus while others can make your emotions high. The choice of gemstone must be aligned with #professional work.
Artha - Middle finger. Say one is in a profession that demands high focus/concentration. would a #Pearl (Moon) that heightens @emotions help? Contrary, if the profession is related to compassion, social work may be #Pearl would be fine.
cc - @HinduMediaWiki
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I want to start a new thread story. Not sure how long it will be and I may use different prompts: #vss365 #vssmagic #vssnature etc etc ... I love reading about legends and folk lore, and in my fantasy writing I often create my own myths. So this will be just a fun exercise...
According to #lore &myths of old,griffins nestled on these cliffs long ago. They swooped down on the unsuspecting;carried them off never to be seen again.
Griffins were not elemental creatures,but air & earth did have dominion over them; their only enemy -fire.
#vss365 #vssmagic
"I helped your troupe avoid #shadow and #gore," said the dark wizard simply, implying that he saved us from the mythical griffins. I gaped at him. "And now for what you promised."

"No," I was careful not to get trapped in words, "I said: after you summon her."
#vss365 #vssmagic
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Let's spend some time on a #dermtwitter #tweetorial on all things....


Even though there are 8 herpesviruses that infect humans, I'm going to focus on HSV1 and HSV2 today.

#medtwitter #medstudenttwitter #meded #FOAMEd
You know how we say that everything could be sarcoid? Well, HSV-1/HSV-2 (which I'll refer to as herpes for this #thread) would be a close 2nd, ESPECIALLY on the inpatient service.

While HSV-1 is usually thought to be oral and HSV-2 genital, this certainly is NOT always true.
The class exam finding for herpes is the "dew drop on a rose petal." In clinical speak, that would be a vesicle on an erythematous base. But often we don't see the vesicle intact.

For ex, the photo above shows intact vesicles, whereas here, we just see the resultant crust.
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1/365 - Starting this thread with one of the first Motorcycles to be built in India. The @royalenfield #Bullet350. A Motorcycle which was initially built for the Indian Army but with time found patronage amongst varying genre of people achieving a cult status over the decades. ImageImageImageImage
2/365 - After selling imported Vespas for a while, Bajaj Auto started manufacturing the #Bajaj150 under license in 1959. This was one of the first Scooters in India and certainly changed the 2-Wheeler scene as it was initially available at a significant premium in the market. ImageImageImageImage
3/365 Automobile Products of India (API) was the 1st Scooter maker in India and manufactured the #Lambretta Li 150 Series 2 under license from Innocenti at Bombay in the 1960's. This scooter was very popular and made appearances in a few famous Bollywood movies too. #BikerLife ImageImageImageImage
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1/#Morningreport @SinaiBmoreIMRes
featured a young patient presenting with abdominal pain X 2 weeks with a serum K=2.8.
There was also increased urinary frequency
some weakness and fatigue during the past 2 weeks
#DDX #MedTwitter #medstudents #FOAMed
2/The DDX for Hypokalemia requires consideration of a 3 pronged approach: 1)Decreased intake 2)Renal and GI losses and 3) IC shifts. Image
3/For the workup: Spot urine potassium and 24 hour urinary Potassium suggested urinary K wasting.
[UK] high (>40 mEq/L) =renal K loss
TTKG of 9 was concerning for renal potassium wasting
In hypokalemia (K⁺ <3.5 mEq/L), the TTKG > 7 suggests renal K wasting. Image
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1/6 @k_vaishnani discussed Cement PE recently and it reminded me of a patient I had with N/V due to a procedural complication that I was also not familiar with. A great learning point is to try to associate the procedure to the complication whilst trying to entertain other #DDX Image
2/6 The patient presented with a past medical history of DM and paroxysmal AFib s/p Ablation two days prior to admission.
One day after the procedure, she developed generalized progressive abdominal discomfort (+) persistent n/v, exacerbated with food intake.
3/6 The abdominal pain was diffuse and intensity was 6/10 Intermittent and relieved by vomiting.
It was associated with palpitations and diaphoresis. The team ran through causes of abd pain via @CPSolvers schema. Her labs showed met. alkalosis /dehydration from excessive vomiting Image
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1/x Summarized #pearls from @NEJM CPS from 3/5/15. Diagnosis will be spoiled at the end! For full case:…

Patient presented with pruritus. An initial approach involves asking:

1. Is the process dermatologic?
2. Is the process due to a systemic illness?
2/x Patient was found to have acute kidney injury, making uremia a likely cause of the pruritus.

Initial approach to AKI involves:
1. Pre-renal
2. Intra-renal
3. Post-renal

Framework from @runthelistpod, also from Penn Frameworks:…
Patient had a FENa > 12%, fatty casts, no dysmorphic cells and 24h protein of 22g. This + hypoalbuminemia + edema → nephrotic syndrome.

Imagine of fatty casts:…

@CPSolvers schema for intrarenal AKI:…
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Is there a difference in the pharmacologic effect of IV vs. PO amiodarone? 🤔

Yes..but how so?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Amiodarone is a broad spectrum anti-arrhythmic expressing VW Class I-IV activity, but varies based on PO 💊 & IV 💉administration!

👀 BELOW👇🏻…
Acute IV Amiodarone 💉
⬆️Class I & Class II effects
🚫Na+ channels➡️ Slows ventricular conduction
❌Beta blockade➡️ slows AV node firing 🔥

Acute IV Amiodarone
⤵️Class III (K+ & Ca channel effects➡️ minimal effects on repolarization 📈nor the QTc interval
Chronic/PO Amiodarone 💊
⬆️Class III & IV effects
🛑 ⤴️K+ currents ➡️prolongation of action potential ➕⤴️risk of QTc prolongation

#cardiotwitter #twitterx #pearl
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Clinical Pearl of the day:
#transplant #pearl

Drug-induced HTN is VERY common in txp-pts 2/2 Calcineurin inhibitors & corticosteroids. 💊

Dihydropyridine CCB (amlodipine/nifedipine) are tx of choice given they can ⤵️CNI induced renal vasoconstriction&↗️ graft function 👍
Although they do not cause nephrotoxicity, be aware of the compounded ADRs with CNIs & steroids with CCBs

🛑CsA+CCB⤴️gingival hyperplasia👄
🚷Steroids + CCB ⤴️ pedal edema

🛑 DO NOT USE NON-dihydropyridine CCBs (verapamil/diltiazem) ➡️⬆️⬆️CNI LEVELS ‼️

#cardiology #cards
Shout out to @stormigale for the amazing review on therapeutic drug classes for HTN in transplant patients last week in the @accpcardprn webinar!
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