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1. Thread on Rihanna. It is clear by all the symbolism she uses that she is in the illuminati #Rihanna #Illuminati #Fenti #Bazaar Image
2. The excellent @vigilantfeed back in 2008 showed the Occult messages in Rihanna’s Umbrella which is about her making her pact with the Devil.… #Umbrella #rihanna #Occult #JayZ #Devil #Rain
3. Note in #Umbrella references to Let it Rain and chrome, similar themes to Gaga recent song Rain on Me on Chromatica. Maybe others can decode... As Rihanna has so many photos, I will include some every other tweet... #Rihanna #Satan #Illluminati ImageImageImageImage
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1. So I happened to be searching for the occult & Masonic #symbolism at the Hoover Dam b/c of Gematria connects, when I came across something I wasn’t exactly looking for. 👀😳
So I decided to run the numbers & they speak as well as #symbols ...
2. So there was a tragic incident, actually two, that specifically surrounds the Hoover Dam Project from inception. You may have heard of it. The first and last deaths officially recorded...
3. Meet J.G. Tierney. The 1st official death recorded on the Boulder Canyon - Hoover Dam Project.
👉🏻 Died December 20th, 1922.
👉🏻 Swept down River,
👉🏻 His body was never found.
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Nice @FLOTUS ! Highlighting the Punisher “Pain is Coming” T-Shirt in your #BeBest 2nd Anniversary video. 👏🏻👏🏻 #QAnon #PainIsComing #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #DrainTheSwamp
2. I want to share the Punisher - Pain is Coming QDrops for those new to #QAnon
3. More Punisher - Pain is Coming QDrops for those new to #QAnon
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Less than an hour in the life of a TI. The following events took place today btwn 11:53am&12:34pm.

What's a TI?

What zany things happen to good people born into dark CIA labrat programs for Artificial Intelligence? Documentary exceptions r noted.
I Tweeted the above at 11:53am. Shortly b4 noon I started hearing sirens approaching our house and documented what happened on video. Notice the lamp post & its position in relation to my room for later.
Events can be orchestrated by paid A-holes OR can be synchronous. Neither are positive & more often than not, are heralding an attempted EMF heavier, focused frequency ass-whooping torture event within the framework of 24/7 continuous frequency torture.
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“But you just might find, it will get you WHAT YOU NEED”
The song .@realDonaldTrump always plays at .@POTUS rally’s. Notice John Jr. signed his book “John Kennedy”-NOT “JFK Jr”
When someone asked “Is JFK JR” alive & #Q said “No” it’s because legally JFK JR is NOT alive,JK IS. 🤗
Corporations are spelled with all CAPITAL LETTERS. That is right... your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS is a corporation set up for you by the UNITED STATES Corporation. Another truth is that the Federal Government is a Corporation.
Your legal name is a name of a CORPORATION created under your given name. The government uses your legal name to attach you to a dead fictional character. This allows the government to identify you and do business with you. (JFK Jr)
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You wanna see the truth in plain sight — watch the tv series ‘WESTWORLD’ 👀

#NoCoincidences #Symbolism #HostBody #SatansKingdom
WESTWORLD — Season 1 — Ep. 3 — Dolores is given a gift, a book... “Alice In Wonderland” 👀

... listen to the word “CHANGE” towards the end of the clip, does it remind you of anyone... satan is using his propaganda machine ONCE AGAIN to display his ‘CHANGE AGENDA’

see last pic
Nope nothing to see here... Skull & Bones Symbolism — WESTWORLD — Season 1 — Episode 5

#FactsMatter #InPlainSight #Symbols
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2. Brice Taylor, a Presidential Sex Slave, abused by many Presidents, was programmed at Disneyland. Her disturbing account is here… . #Disney #AliceInWonderland #Alice #Disneyland #WaltDisney #IlluminatiSymbolism #HollywoodSymbols #Alice #MickeyMouse
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1. Symbols of "Hollywood" - Thread on Taylor Swift
Vigilant Citizen has for years been documenting the symbols that the hidden controllers use. First up - The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do… #HollywoodSymbols #TaylorSwift
2. The odd video might be chance but the more symbols the stronger the message - The Hidden Meaning of Taylor Swift’s Video “Style”… #HollywoodSymbols #TaylorSwift #CartelSignalling #Illuminati #Symbolism #Symbology
3. Music Awards are full of ritual and symbols - Taylor Swift, Queen of the 2018 American Music Awards… #TaylorSwift #HollywoodSymbols #CartelSignalling #Symbolism #Symbology #AMA #2018AMA
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Q has said the following:
"It's always been out in the open."
"Symbolism will be their downfall."
"Symbolism = END"
Why end? Because the elites use a language of symbolism: colours, poses, mythos, etc to hide from you in plain sight #Qanon
It's the end because when people learn this language we win. It's like this clip from They Live (We Sleep)

To see the world like this requires learning hundreds of symbols. An entirely new language, and thinking in a new way, it's not easy!
Colour Coding System
Orange/Sunset = End
Red/Fire = Punish
Blue/Water = Info
Tiffany Blue = Secret Info
Green/Trees = Ally
Yellow/Sunshine = Reward
Brown Dirt = Nourish
Purple = Communication
Pink = Weak
Dark = Hidden
Light = Visible
e.g. Dark to Light = To Make Visible.
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